Highlights: Los Angeles Lakers 129-123 New York Knicks in NBA
Photo: Los Angeles Lakers


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How it looks

The Los Angeles Lakers win again and remain in 13th place in the Western Conference. The Lakers have won 24 games out of 52, but have lost on 27 occasions. The New York Knicks are in seventh place, within the play-in qualification zone. In 52 games played, the Knicks accumulate 27 wins and 25 losses in the Eastern Conference.
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OT - 00:00

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OT - 00:19

Knicks time out after visitors opened up six lead
10:14 PMa day ago

OT - 1:44

The competition is still good. Right now, the Lakers have a three-point lead over the Knicks
10:09 PMa day ago

OT - 3:34

LeBron James and Anthony Davis give the Lakers the lead, but the game stays close and Randle makes it even again
10:02 PMa day ago

Q4 - 00:00

We will have extra time
9:59 PMa day ago

Q4 - 00:24

IT'S OVER! Knicks equalize with game's top scorer, Brunson, who reaches 34 points
9:54 PMa day ago

Q4 - 1:40

Lakers still have the advantage, even more with a LeBron James' 3 basket, but the Knicks are still on the run
9:49 PMa day ago

Q4 - 4:09

The Knicks' sixth point scorer, Grimes puts it in the tray and the difference between the teams is two
9:37 PMa day ago

Q4 - 6:51

Lakers reach 103 points, but Knicks still behind with 98
9:30 PMa day ago

Q4 - 9:37

LeBron James dish out his ninth assist, his second in a row, for Thomas Bryant to score with a dunk
9:21 PMa day ago

Q3 - 00:00

Ends Q3, 86-83
9:19 PMa day ago

Q3 - 1:00

Troy Brown Jr shoots a 3 and the Lakers take a five-point lead
9:09 PMa day ago

Q3 - 3:22

The match remains even. The score is 76-76. No team can take off
9:00 PMa day ago

Q3 - 6:35

Teams alternating points and leading the scoreboard
8:54 PMa day ago

Q3 - 10:18

Anthony Davis takes advantage of Jericho Sims' foul and hits 2 of 2 free throws to put the Lakers ahead on the scoreboard
8:36 PMa day ago

Q2 - 00:00

Ends Q2, 52-53
8:31 PMa day ago

Q2 - 2:29

Grimes makes his first assist of the game. He passes to Hartenstein to score and the hosts slowly increase their lead to eight
8:25 PMa day ago

Q2 - 4:34

Randle and Hartenstein convert free throws and the Knicks stay ahead of the scoreboard, having five over the visitors
8:22 PMa day ago

Q2 - 7:20

Moment of many errors. Neither side can score
8:12 PMa day ago

Q2 - 9:54

Busy Q2! Quickley leaves it all even for the Knicks, after hitting the tray in sequence. Anthony Davis tries to put the visitors ahead again, but RJ Barrett makes it even again, 31-31
8:03 PMa day ago

Q1 - 00:00

Ends Q1, 29-24
8:03 PMa day ago

Q1 - 00:00

Brunson makes a 3-pointer to prevent his opponents from extending their lead
7:56 PMa day ago

Q1 - 3:03

Knicks wake up in this final stretch, score 10 points and the gap drops to two, thanks to Grimes' dunk
7:55 PMa day ago

Q1 - 4:33

Score stays 10-5 in favor of the Lakers for quite some time. The teams can't change the score, but the game changes numbers again with the shooting. Los Angeles shows superiority and the Knicks are forced to call timeout
7:51 PMa day ago

Q1 - 8:42

LeBron James makes his first basket of the game on a pass from Anthony Davis. The pivot gives the Lakers a five-point lead over the hosts
7:30 PMa day ago


Ball high
7:23 PMa day ago

Lakers lineup


LeBron James

Anthony Davis



7:22 PMa day ago

Knicks lineup

RJ Barrett


Jericho Sims


Jalen Brunson

7:10 PMa day ago

LeBron James, who was a doubt, in the warm-up

7:09 PMa day ago

Knicks already started the preparation

6:35 PMa day ago

Team numbers

6:30 PMa day ago

Speak up, Jalen Brunson!

"I just think we were one step late and not ready to go. Just one step made all the difference. If we were there one step faster, maybe those that were hard pitches wouldn't go in."
6:25 PMa day ago

Speak up, Russell Westbrook!

"In the NBA, I never dreamed of being in this position, or getting to the point of being alongside some of the greats. I am truly grateful and thankful for the opportunity to continue playing at the highest level and I don't take any of it for granted."
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What time is Los Angeles Lakers vs New York Knicks match for NBA?

This is the start time of the game Los Angeles Lakers vs New York Knicks of 31th January 2023 in several countries:

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Brazil 9:30 pm: NBA League Pass

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Photo: Los Angeles Lakers
Photo: Los Angeles Lakers
6:05 PMa day ago

Probable Lakers lineup


LeBron James

Thomas Bryant



6:00 PMa day ago

Lakers' situation

Austin Reaves injured his hamstring and is Darvin Ham's only casualty. Scotty Pippen Jr suffered a concussion, LeBron James, with an ankle injury, and Anthony Davis, with a foot injury, are doubts.

5:55 PMa day ago
Photo: New York Knicks
Photo: New York Knicks
5:50 PMa day ago

Probable Knicks lineup

RJ Barrett


Jericho Sims


Jalen Brunson

5:45 PMa day ago

Knicks' situation

Tom Thibodeau will not have Mitchell Robinson, with a finger injury, at his disposal.
5:40 PMa day ago


The Los Angeles Lakers accumulate two losses. Ranked 13th in the Western Conference, the Lakers have won 23 games out of 51, while losing on 27 occasions.

5:35 PMa day ago


The New York Knicks are in seventh place, inside the play-in qualification zone. In 51 games played, the Knicks have accumulated 27 wins and 24 losses in the Eastern Conference.
5:30 PMa day ago


The NBA (National Basketball Association) is the national basketball league in the United States, with 30 teams divided into two groups, separated by the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference. The league was founded on June 6, 1946, as the BAA (Basketball Association of America), but three years later merged with the NBL (National Basketball League), becoming the NBA as we know it today.

The first winner was the Los Angeles Lakers, who spliced four titles in a row with an early dynasty in the league. It was only halted by the Golden State Warriors, and soon after by the Baltimore Bullets.

Today, the Lakers, together with the Boston Celtics, are the NBA's biggest winners, with 17 titles each. Golden State Warriors are right behind with seven, where they have achieved another dynasty in the league with Stephen Curry, Klay Thomspon, Kevin Durant and Draymond Green.

The league also divides the awards by sectors. The most valuable is MVP, where they elect the best athlete in the league based only on the regular season. Right after that, there are awards for the best coach, best executive, sixth man, rookie and several others. Currently, the player with the most MVP awards is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, with six. Next, Michael Jordan has five, along with Bill Russell. LeBron James, still active, has four awards.

The defending champions of the league is the Golden State Warriors, where they defeated the Boston Celtics 4-2 in the final. The Warriors finished in third place in the Western Conference, passing the Denver Nuggets, Memphis Grizzlies, and Dallas Mavericks in the postseason to win the tournament. Forward Nikola Jokic is the reigning MVP of the season, where he won for the second time in a row. Stephen Curry, the Warriors' point guard, is the reigning Finals MVP.

The current season has great teams such as the Boston Celtics, Milwaukee Bucks, Philadelphia 76ers, Miami Heat, and Brooklyn Nets in the Eastern Conference, while the Phoenix Suns, Memphis Girzzlies, Golden State Warriors, Dallas Mavericks, Denver Nuggets, and Los Angeles Clippers compete for the top spots in the Western Conference. Still, there are teams that are favorites to get further ahead, such as the Cleveland Cavaliers, Atlanta Hawks, Portland Trail Blazers, and LeBron James' Los Angeles Lakers.

Finally, big stars are candidates for the MVP award, such as Giannis Antetokounmpo, Jayson Tatum, Joel Embiid, Kevin Durant, Ja Morant, Stephen Curry, Luka Doncic, Nikola Jokic and LeBron James.

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Eye on the game

Los Angeles Lakers vs New York Knicks live this Tuesday (31), at the Madison Square Garden at 7:30 pm ET, for the NBA.
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