Highlights:  Slovenia vs Cape Verde in Basketball World Cup (92-77)


9:25 AM24 days ago



Slovenia: Luka Doncic, 19

Cape Verde: Bentinho Gomes, 17


Slovenia: Luka Doncic, 7

Cape Verde: Edy Tavares, 10


Slovenia: Luka Doncic, 9

Cape Verde: Edy Tavares, 5


Slovenia: 0

Cape Verde: Bentinho Gomes, 1

9:21 AM24 days ago

Q4 - 00:00

Game over
9:18 AM24 days ago

Q4 - 2:20

Slovenia is already winning, with a good lead of 23 points, and is controlling the game in its favor
9:00 AM24 days ago

Q4 - 9:33

Hrovat takes Gomes' touch and misses the chance to make it three more
8:56 AM24 days ago

Q3 - 00:00

Ends Q3
8:54 AM24 days ago

Q3 - 1:32

Doncic grabs the defensive rebound and runs in to score, giving Slovenia a 14-point lead
8:46 AM24 days ago

Q3 - 4:22

In a hard-fought game, Slovenia take the lead again with Prepelic and manage to open up a lead
8:35 AM24 days ago

Q3 - 8:48

Cape Verde got off to a good start and, with Tavares, Correia and Gomes, leveled the game at 45-45
8:23 AM24 days ago

Q2 - 00:00

Ends Q2
8:23 AM24 days ago

Q2 - 00:03

Correia scored two baskets in a row and the gap fell to seven
8:06 AM24 days ago

Q2 - 4:15

Cape Verde call a time-out after Slovenia score 11 points in Q2, mainly through Doncic and Prepelic
8:04 AM24 days ago

Q1 - 00:00

Ends Q1
7:46 AM24 days ago

Q1 - 2:43

Slovenia remained in front and managed to hold on to the lead, while their opponents made passing errors to get forward
7:42 AM24 days ago

Q1 - 4:29

Dragic hits a 3 on a jump shot to give Slovenia a six-point lead
7:38 AM24 days ago

Q1 - 6:39

The match started off evenly, with the teams alternating points, but Cape Verde equalized at 6-6
7:35 AM24 days ago


High ball
7:27 AM24 days ago

Points are important

In the second phase, the qualified teams play two more games, only against teams they haven't faced yet. Adding up all the points from the two phases, two teams advance to the quarter-finals
7:22 AM24 days ago

How the next phase will play out

The two best teams in each group will advance to the second round on the basis of their results in the first round. The second phase will be between the following groups:

Group I (first and second-placed teams from group A + first and second-placed teams from group B)

Group J (first and second from group C + first and second from group D)

Group K (first and second from group E + first and second from group F)

Group L (first and second from group G + first and second from group H)

7:17 AM24 days ago


1 - Georgia 5 points

2 - Slovenia 4 points

3 - Cape Verde 3 points

4 - Venezuela 3 points

7:12 AM24 days ago

How and where to watch the Slovenia vs Cape Verde match live?

If you want to watch the game Slovenia vs Cape Verde live on TV, your options is: ESPN

If you want to directly stream it: ESPN+

If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL US is your best option!

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Cape Verde's squad

Patrick Mendes, Anim Delgado, Shane Da Rosa, Ivan Almeida, Fidel Mendonca, Anderson Correia, Joel Almeida Kenneti Mendes, Amarilson Lopes, Will Tavares, Kevin Coronel, Keven Gomes, Patrick Spencer, Joao Gomes, Walter Tavares.
7:02 AM24 days ago

Slovenia's squad

Jaka Blazic, Sasa Ciani, Jakob Cebasek, Ziga Dimec, Luka Doncic, Zoran Dragic, Gregor Glas, Gregor Hrovat, Urban Klavzar, Aljaz Kunc, Miha Lapornik, Jurij Macura, Blaz Mahkovic, Jordan Morgan, Aleksej Nikolic, Bine Prepelic, Klemen Prepelic, Ziga Samar, Mike Tobey.
6:57 AM24 days ago

Cape Verde

Cape Verde are in third place with three points, the same as Georgia, but they lose out on SC, which is -19. The Cape Verdeans beat Venezuela 81-75 and lost their opening game to the Georgians 85-60.
6:52 AM24 days ago


Slovenia have confirmed their favoritism in group F, with a 100% record, top spot and four points.  The Slovenians are coming off easy wins over Georgia (88-67) and Venezuela (100-85).
6:47 AM24 days ago


Group A: Angola, Dominican Republic, Philippines and Italy

Group B: South Sudan, Serbia, People's Republic of China and Puerto Rico

Group C: United States, Jordan, Greece and New Zealand

Group D: Egypt, Mexico, Montenegro and Lithuania

Group E: Germany, Finland, Australia and Japan

Group F: Slovenia, Cape Verde, Georgia and Venezuela

Group G: Brazil, Islamic Republic of Iran, Spain and Ivory Coast

Group H: Canada, Latvia, France and Lebanon.

The tournament's biggest winners: United States (5), Brazil (2), Argentina (1), Spain (2) and the former Yugoslavia (5) and Soviet Union (3).

6:42 AM24 days ago

Basketball World Cup

The Basketball World Cup, also known as the FIBA Basketball World Cup, is an international men's basketball tournament organized by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA). Like the Football World Cup, the Basketball World Cup takes place every four years and brings together the best national basketball teams from around the world.

The first Basketball World Cup was held in 1950, and since then it has been one of the most prestigious events in the world of international basketball. Teams such as the United States, the Soviet Union (now Russia), Spain, Australia and Yugoslavia (now independent nations) have featured prominently in the competition over the years.

The United States has been remarkably successful in the Basketball World Cup, winning several titles over the years. However, the popularity and participation of NBA players in the Summer Olympics often attracts more attention than the Basketball World Cup.

The current edition, in 2023, will have three venues: Indonesia, Japan and the Philippines. The current edition has 32 teams, divided into eight groups of four. Two teams qualify for the next round and so the round of 16 begins, just like the soccer World Cup.

6:37 AM24 days ago

Eye on the game

Slovenia vs Cape Verde live this Wednesday (30), at the Okinawa Arena at 7:30 am ET, for the Basketball World Cup. The match is valid for the 3th round of the competition.
6:32 AM24 days ago

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