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10:51 PM2 months ago


And the lead remained at 20 points! With 126-106, the Warriors beat the Trail Blazers!
10:44 PM2 months ago


With a 20-point lead, the Warriors went on to control the game and win 117-97!
10:30 PM2 months ago


The Warriors manage to take a 20-point lead, winning 106-86!
10:18 PM2 months ago

Last Q Starts

The Warriors beat the Trail Blazers 89-77 to extend their lead.
10:12 PM2 months ago


And the lead increases to 13 points, with 67-54 on the scoreboard for the Warriors!
10:11 PM2 months ago

3rd Q Starts

With an 11-point lead, the Warriors beat the Trail Blazers 57-46!
10:09 PM2 months ago


The Warriors continue to lead, now winning 42-39!
9:18 PM2 months ago


And the lead drops to just two points, with a quick recovery from the Warriors, who now see the score at 33-31!
9:17 PM2 months ago

2nd Q Starts

With a seven-point lead, the Trail Blazers start the second quarter winning 30-23!
9:16 PM2 months ago


The Trail Blazers stay ahead on the scoreboard, winning by six at 21-15!
9:00 PM2 months ago


The Warriors start the game by beating the Trail Blazers 10-9!
8:55 PM2 months ago


The players appear on the court and the ball flies into the first quarter of the match!
8:54 PM2 months ago

Trail Blazers' starting five!

8:15 PM2 months ago

Warriors' starting five!

7:43 PM2 months ago


We now open the broadcast of the NBA match between the Trail Blazers and the Warriors!
7:38 PM2 months ago

Tune in here Portland Trail Blazers vs Golden State WarriorsLive Score

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How to watch Portland Trail Blazers vs Golden State WarriorsLive in TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game Trail Blazers vs Warriors live on TV, your options is: NBC Sports.

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Steve Kerr!

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr commented on Jordan Poole and Draymond Green: "It's really unfortunate what happened. We just wish things could have ended on a more positive note. Given that this is his only visit to Chase [Center] this year, it's our first chance to really thank Jordan for his contributions, for helping us win a championship. We wouldn't have won this championship [2021-22] without him. Everyone here recognizes that. Our fans recognize that, so Jordan will get a big ovation. I think the suspension makes sense. For me, this is about more than basketball. It's about helping Draymond. I think it's an opportunity for Draymond to step back and make a change in his approach, in his life. That's not an easy thing to do. It's not something you say: 'Okay, let's do five games and then he'll be fine. It's not just about an explosion on the court, it's about your life. It's about someone I believe in, someone I've known for a decade, who I love for his loyalty, his commitment, his passion, his love for his teammates, his friends, his family The key for me is what it can do for his life in the long term. I want him to be happy. I want him to reap the rewards of an incredible career and legacy. And I want him to end that career in a really wonderful and dignified way. For me, it's two years. It's a cycle. Pop (Gregg Popovich) has coached a World Cup and an Olympics, now it's my turn to pass the baton. I think that's how it should be. Frankly, it's a big commitment too. From now on, Trayce will have his place in the rotation. He was the man of the match. They're being patient. But with Andrew Wiggins, what are you going to do with him? I don't know how patient they can be. It's getting urgent. They have what it takes to be better than they are with the squad they have".
7:23 PM2 months ago

Injury Report: Trail Blazers

The Trail Blazers on the other side have Robert Williams and Shaedon Sharpe injured, as well as Touami Camara listed as questionable.
7:18 PM2 months ago

Injury Report: Warriors

For the match, the Warriors will be without the injured Gary Payton, as well as Brandin Podziemski and Andrew Wiggins, who are listed as questionable.
7:13 PM2 months ago

Western Conference: Trail Blazers

The Trail Blazers are in the same Conference, with seven wins and 20 losses, above only the Spurs, who have four wins and 23 losses, as well as below the Grizzlies, with eight wins and 19 losses and also the Jazz, with 11 wins and 18 losses.
7:08 PM2 months ago

Western Conference: Warriors

The Warriors are in 11th place in the Western Conference with 13 wins and 14 losses, below the Lakers with 15 wins and 14 losses, the Suns with 14 wins and 13 losses, the Rockets with 13 wins and 12 losses, the Pelicans with 17 wins and 12 losses and the Mavericks with 16 wins and 11 losses.
7:03 PM2 months ago

Last Matches: Trail Blazers

The Portland Trail Blazers, on the other hand, have one win and four losses. On Friday (15), 122-114, they lost to the Jazz. On Saturday (16), 131-120, they lost to the Mavericks. On Sunday (17), by 118-114, the loss came to the Warriors. On Wednesday (20) they beat the Suns 109-104 and finally, on Friday (22), they lost to the Wizards 118-117.
6:58 PM2 months ago

Last Matches: Warriors

The Golden State Warriors come into the match with three wins and two losses in their last games. On Wednesday (13), they lost 119-116 to the Suns. On Friday (15), 121-113, the defeat came against the Clippers. Then on Saturday (16), the win came against the Nets, 124-120. On Sunday (17), they beat the Trail Blazers 118-114 and on Wednesday (20) they beat the Celtics 132-126 in overtime.
6:53 PM2 months ago

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