12:34 AM15 days ago


12:32 AM15 days ago


The meeting ends
12:27 AM15 days ago


Jamal Murray defensive rebound
12:22 AM15 days ago


Austin Reaves defensive rebound
12:17 AM15 days ago


LeBron James fails
12:12 AM15 days ago


Lakers offensive rebound
12:07 AM15 days ago


LeBron James scores free throw (1 of 2)
12:02 AM15 days ago


Nuggets Full Time Out
11:57 PM15 days ago


Reggie Jackson offensive rebound
11:52 PM15 days ago


Jaxson Hayes offensive rebound
11:47 PM15 days ago


Lakers Full Time Out
11:42 PM15 days ago


Anthony Davis defensive rebound
11:37 PM15 days ago


Peyton Watson enters the game for Justin Holiday
11:32 PM15 days ago


Nikola Jokic scores free throw (2 of 2)
11:27 PM15 days ago


Nuggets offensive rebound
11:22 PM15 days ago


LeBron James scores free throw (1 of 2)
11:17 PM15 days ago


Jaxson Hayes scores double
11:12 PM15 days ago


Jaxson Hayes offensive rebound
11:07 PM15 days ago


Peyton Watson fails
11:02 PM15 days ago


Peyton Watson offensive rebound
10:57 PM15 days ago


The fourth period begins
10:52 PM15 days ago


Third period ends
10:47 PM15 days ago


Austin Reaves scores
10:42 PM15 days ago


Nuggets defensive rebound
10:37 PM15 days ago


Anthony Davis scores
10:32 PM15 days ago


LeBron James scores free throw (1 of 1)
10:27 PM15 days ago


Nuggets Full Time Out
10:22 PM15 days ago


Lakers defensive rebound
10:17 PM15 days ago


LeBron James defensive rebound
10:12 PM15 days ago


LeBron James scores
10:07 PM15 days ago


Lakers Full Time Out
10:02 PM15 days ago


Nikola Jokic defensive rebound
9:57 PM15 days ago


LeBron James fails
9:52 PM15 days ago


Nuggets offensive rebound
9:47 PM15 days ago


LeBron James scores
9:42 PM15 days ago


Taurean Prince commits a personal foul on the shot
9:37 PM15 days ago


Nikola Jokic defensive rebound
9:32 PM15 days ago


The third period begins
9:27 PM15 days ago


Second period ends
9:22 PM15 days ago


Anthony Davis commits turnover of ball possession
9:17 PM15 days ago


Nikola Jokic defensive rebound
9:12 PM15 days ago


Lakers offensive rebound
9:07 PM15 days ago


Anthony Davis defensive rebound
9:02 PM15 days ago


Nikola Jokic scores
8:57 PM15 days ago


Christian Wood defensive rebound
8:52 PM15 days ago


LeBron James defensive rebound
8:47 PM15 days ago


Nuggets Full Time Out
8:42 PM15 days ago


Jamal Murray scores
8:37 PM15 days ago


Rui Hachimura defensive rebound
8:32 PM15 days ago


DeAndre Jordan defensive rebound
8:27 PM15 days ago


Max Christie enters the game for Taurean Prince
8:22 PM15 days ago


Jamal Murray misses
8:17 PM15 days ago


Taurean Prince scores free throw (1 of 1)
8:12 PM15 days ago


Jaxson Hayes defensive rebound
8:07 PM15 days ago


Second period begins
8:02 PM15 days ago


First period ends
7:57 PM15 days ago


Lakers offensive rebound
7:52 PM15 days ago


Taurean Prince missing personnel
7:47 PM15 days ago


Nikola Jokic commits a personal foul on the shot
7:42 PM15 days ago


Nikola Jokic commits a personal foul on the shot
7:37 PM15 days ago


Reggie Jackson scores
7:32 PM15 days ago


Christian Wood defensive rebound
7:27 PM15 days ago


Michael Porter Jr. defensive rebound
7:22 PM15 days ago


Lakers Full Time Out
7:17 PM15 days ago


Anthony Davis scores (LeBron James makes the assist)
7:12 PM15 days ago


Michael Porter Jr. scores 21' shot (Nikola Jokic assists)
7:07 PM15 days ago


Michael Porter Jr. defensive rebound
7:02 PM15 days ago


Taurean Prince defensive rebound
6:57 PM15 days ago


Anthony Davis misses
6:52 PM15 days ago


Max Christie fails
6:47 PM15 days ago


Rui Hachimura blocks
6:42 PM15 days ago


Nuggets Full Time Out
6:37 PM15 days ago


Aaron Gordon errant pass (Max Christie steals the ball)
6:32 PM15 days ago


Jamal Murray scores
6:27 PM15 days ago


LeBron James defensive rebound
6:22 PM15 days ago


LeBron James defensive rebound
6:17 PM15 days ago


Max Christie personnel foul
6:12 PM15 days ago


Jamal Murray scores
6:07 PM15 days ago


Max Christie offensive rebound
6:02 PM15 days ago


Nikola Jokic scores double
5:57 PM15 days ago


Rui Hachimura defensive rebound
5:52 PM15 days ago

The meeting begins

The game begins, fans expect to experience great emotions on this NBA night.
5:47 PM15 days ago

All ready

Everything is now ready to witness this exciting NBA match.
5:42 PM15 days ago

Season Leaders: Assists

In the assists per game (APG) category, we once again see Nikola Jokić standing out as the league leader with an average of 9.0 assists per game. His ability to create opportunities for his teammates is an integral part of the Denver Nuggets' success on the court. On the other hand, LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers also demonstrates his ability to distribute the ball with an average of 7.6 assists per game, showing his versatility as a playmaker in addition to his scoring ability.
5:37 PM15 days ago

Nuggets in the Last 5 Games

The Denver Nuggets have shown solid performance in their last five games, recording three wins and two losses in that span. They started with a home win against the Portland Trail Blazers on January 27, where they secured a victory with a score of 111-105. They continued their winning streak with another victory against the Milwaukee Bucks on January 29, winning by a score of 113-107.
However, the Nuggets suffered a loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder on January 31, losing by a narrow margin of 105-100. They showed resilience by bouncing back with two straight wins against the Trail Blazers, winning first by a score of 120-108 on February 2 and then by a score of 112-103 on February 4.
These results show the Nuggets' ability to compete at a high level, with impressive wins over high-caliber teams like the Bucks and Trail Blazers, despite some tough losses. With consistent performance and determination, the Nuggets look to maintain their momentum in the upcoming games and continue climbing the NBA standings.
5:32 PM15 days ago

Lakers starting five

This is how the local team comes out:


5:27 PM15 days ago

Season Leaders: Rebounds

In the rebounding category, we once again see Nikola Jokić leading the league, this time in total rebounds per game (RPG) with an average of 12.2 rebounds. Furthermore, Jokić shows his versatility as a player by leading both in defensive rebounds per game (DRPG) with 9.2, and in offensive rebounds per game (ORPG) with 3.0. Joining Jokić on the rebounding leaderboard is Anthony Davis of the Los Angeles Lakers, averaging 12.3 rebounds per game and solid performance on both defense and offense.
5:22 PM15 days ago

Nuggets starting five

This is how the visiting team comes out:


5:17 PM15 days ago

Nuggets heat up

Nuggets prepare to seek victory:


5:12 PM15 days ago

Season Leaders: Points

In the points per game (PPG) category, Nikola Jokić of the Denver Nuggets leads the league with an impressive average of 26.3 points per game. His ability to score efficiently is reflected in his field goal percentage of 58.7% and his impressive free throw percentage of 81.7%. On the other hand, LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers follows Jokić closely with an average of 24.9 points per game, demonstrating his ability to contribute significantly to his team's score.
5:07 PM15 days ago

Lakers will wear commemorative jerseys

The Lakers will be wearing a commemorative jersey to the death of Kobe Bryant


5:02 PM15 days ago

Nuggets arrive at the stadium

The Nuggets team is already in the Arena facilities


4:57 PM15 days ago

Lakers in the Last 5 Games

The Los Angeles Lakers have experienced a mixed streak in their last five games, with two wins and three losses in that period. They began with a loss to the Houston Rockets on January 29, falling by a score of 135-119. Unfortunately, they followed that up with another loss to the Atlanta Hawks on January 30, losing by a high score of 138-122.
However, the Lakers showed their ability to bounce back with a victory over the Boston Celtics on February 1, winning by a score of 114-105. They continued their winning streak with another victory over the New York Knicks on February 3, securing the victory by a score of 113-105.
In their last recorded game, the Lakers faced the Charlotte Hornets on February 5, where they achieved a victory with a score of 124-118.
Despite some tough losses, the Lakers have shown their ability to compete and secure important wins in key moments. With their talented roster and veteran leadership, they will look to maintain their momentum in the upcoming games and continue their rise up the NBA standings.
4:52 PM15 days ago

Lakers are home

This is how the local team arrived:


4:47 PM15 days ago

We continue

Thank you for following the broadcast of the game Los Angeles Lakers vs Denver Nuggets, tonight a great duel awaits us with two great teams. Stay tuned because below we will tell you everything you need to know before starting the game.
4:42 PM15 days ago

Don't leave here to follow the match between Los Angeles Lakers vs Denver Nuggets live

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for the Los Angeles Lakers vs Denver Nuggets live, in addition to the latest information emerging from the Arena. Don't miss any details of the match with the minute by minute and live online from VAVEL.
4:37 PM15 days ago

Where and how to watch Los Angeles Lakers vs Denver Nuggets online and live

The match between the Los Angeles Lakers vs Denver Nuggets can be tuned into the NBA League Pass live stream.
If you want to watch the game live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.
4:32 PM15 days ago

Northwest Positions 2023-24

The Northwest division is experiencing intense competition this season, with three teams - Oklahoma City, Minnesota and Denver Nuggets - tied for first place with a record of 35 wins and 16 losses each. This three-way tie reflects the fierce rivalry and balance of power in the region, especially highlighting the performance of the Denver Nuggets, who have shown remarkable consistency throughout the season.
4:27 PM15 days ago

Pacific Positions 2023-24

In the Pacific division, the LA Clippers lead the table with an impressive record of 34 wins and 15 losses, followed closely by the Sacramento Kings and the Phoenix Suns, while the Los Angeles Lakers are in fourth place, 8.5 games behind the Clippers.
4:22 PM15 days ago

Duel Predictor: Probability Analysis

According to the matchup predictor, the Denver Nuggets enter this game with a slight statistical advantage over the Los Angeles Lakers, with a 51.0% chance of emerging victorious. However, the Lakers are not far behind, with a solid 49.0% chance of winning the matchup. These figures reveal how close the match is expected to be, adding even more excitement and anticipation to the match. Both teams will have to show their best game if they want to turn these odds into a tangible victory on the Arena court.
4:17 PM15 days ago

Injury Report: Los Angeles Lakers

Anthony Davis (Power Forward) and LeBron James (Forward): Both players are listed as day to day due to injuries. They are expected to be available for the February 8 game. The participation of Davis and James is fundamental to the success of the Lakers, since they are two of the main pillars of the team both on offense and defense. His return will strengthen the team's rotation and increase their chances of victory in this crucial matchup.
4:12 PM15 days ago

Injury Report: Denver Nuggets

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (Guard): Day-to-day due to injury. He is expected to be available for the Feb. 8 game. Caldwell-Pope's presence on the court will be crucial for the Nuggets, as his ability to score points and play solid defense could make the difference in the final outcome of the game.
4:07 PM15 days ago

Strategies to Follow: The Art of Victory

The coaches of both teams will have to deploy smart strategies and cunning tactics to overcome their opponents. Will we see a tough defense from the Lakers or a relentless attack from the Nuggets? Tactical decisions will be crucial in the quest for victory.
4:02 PM15 days ago

Keys to the Match: Battles that Will Decide Destiny

In this key confrontation, several individual and strategic battles could tip the balance towards one side or the other. From the duel between LeBron James and Nikola Jokić to the fight for dominance in the paint, each possession will be crucial in determining the final result.
3:57 PM15 days ago

Nuggets All-Star Quintet

Gordon, Porter Jr, Jokic, Murray, Caldwell-Pope.
3:52 PM15 days ago

Lakers star quintet

James, Hachimura, Davis, Russell, Reaves.
3:47 PM15 days ago

Denver Nuggets: Challenging the Giants

The Nuggets come into this game with a warrior mentality, ready to challenge the Lakers on their own turf. Nikola Jokić, the master of the triple-double, leads a team that seeks to establish itself as one of the main contenders in the Western Conference. With a lethal combination of inside and outside skill, the Nuggets are ready to give it their all on the court.
3:42 PM15 days ago

Los Angeles Lakers: In Search of Domination at Home

The Lakers have been on a roller coaster of performance this season, but with LeBron James leading the charge, they have all the tools necessary to dominate at home. With the support of their loyal fan base, the Lakers are determined to make their mark on the Arena and demonstrate why they are a force to be reckoned with in the NBA.
3:37 PM15 days ago

The Stage is Ready

The Arena will be the epicenter of basketball tonight when the Los Angeles Lakers host the Denver Nuggets in a matchup full of stars and expectations. With both franchises fighting for privileged positions in the Western Conference, this matchup promises to be an exciting and intense clash.
Photo by Gensler
Photo by Gensler
3:32 PM15 days ago


Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of the Los Angeles Lakers vs Denver Nuggets match, corresponding to the 2024  NBA regular season. The match will take place at the Arena at 9:00 p.m. (CDMX)
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