12:47 AM18 days ago


Golden State Warriors dominate the game in the first three quarters, but come from behind at the end to lose to the Los Angeles Clippers in the NBA
12:40 AM18 days ago


Amir Coffey scores 27' from 3-point range (Russell Westbrook assists). Clippers turn the game around 124-117
12:39 AM18 days ago


Norman Powell hits 27' 3-pointer (James Harden assists)
12:35 AM18 days ago


Norman Powell anota 24' arremesso de 3 pontos (James Harden dá a assistência)
12:34 AM18 days ago


Draymond Green scores (Brandin Podziemski assists). Warriors take a 4-point lead again: 111-115
12:33 AM18 days ago


Stephen Curry scores 26' 3-pointer. 111-113
12:27 AM18 days ago


Norman Powell scores 29' 3-pointer (Paul George assists)
12:22 AM18 days ago


Russell Westbrook scores. Warriors call a time-out and go on to win 106-96
12:16 AM18 days ago


Brandin Podziemski grabs the defensive rebound
12:09 AM18 days ago


Klay Thompson scores a free throw off a technical foul
12:09 AM18 days ago


Klay Thompson scores 28' 3-pointer (Brandin Podziemski assists)
12:01 AM18 days ago


End of third quarter for Los Angeles Clippers 83-97 Golden State Warriors
11:59 PM18 days ago


Moses Moody score 3' shot
11:59 PM18 days ago


Moses Moody writes down buried
11:53 PM18 days ago


Stephen Curry scores 26' from 3-point range (Gary Payton II assists)
11:52 PM18 days ago


Brandin Podziemski scores 26' 3-pointer
11:50 PM18 days ago


Stephen Curry scores 11' arremesso
11:45 PM18 days ago


We're halfway through the third quarter and the Golden State Warriors are beating the Los Angeles Clippers 75-65
11:44 PM18 days ago


Kevon Looney scores (Stephen Curry assists)
11:40 PM18 days ago


Andrew Wiggins scores with 15' left (Kevon Looney assists)
11:39 PM18 days ago


Andrew Wiggins scores 26' 3-pointer (Stephen Curry assists)
11:38 PM18 days ago


Andrew Wiggins scores 26' 3-pointer (Stephen Curry assists)
11:16 PM18 days ago


The end of the first half and the Golden State Warriors go on to beat the Los Angeles Clippers 59-52.
11:07 PM18 days ago


Stephen Curry hits 12' two-point shot
11:01 PM18 days ago


Brandin Podziemski scores with 2 points (Stephen Curry assists)
10:58 PM18 days ago


Ivica Zubac makes 2 of 2 free throws
10:54 PM18 days ago


Lester Quinones scores 6' throw (Dario Saric assists). Terance Mann scores with 3' left (Ivica Zubac assists)
10:54 PM18 days ago


Brandin Podziemski scores 27' 3-pointer (Jonathan Kuminga assists)
10:44 PM18 days ago


Golden State Warriors end first quarter with 30-23 win over Clippers
10:36 PM18 days ago


Golden State Warriors extend their lead against Clippers to 24-20.
10:31 PM18 days ago


Golden State Warriors take the lead in the first quarter: 21-16
10:24 PM18 days ago


The Los Angeles Clippers are leading the Golden State Warriors 11-10 at the start of the first quarter.
10:14 PM18 days ago


It's all on! The ball goes up for Los Angeles Clippers vs Golden State Warriors in the NBA
10:08 PM18 days ago


10:06 PM18 days ago


9:55 PM18 days ago


As in every NBA match, there will be a few minutes' delay before the ball goes up for Los Angeles Clippers vs Golden State Warriors


9:53 PM18 days ago

Chris Paul

After Gary Payton II returned to the rotation, the Warriors will be without only point guard Chris Paul, who is still recovering from hand surgery. On the Clippers' side, star forward Kawhi Leonard will miss the game due to a sprained left adductor. P.J. Tucker and Bones Hyland are not injured, but have been excused by the team for the match and will only return after the All-Star weekend break.
9:49 PM18 days ago

This will be the fourth and final meeting between the Pacific Division rivals this season

The game takes place from 00:00 (Brasília time) - early Wednesday morning (14) to Thursday morning (15) - and will be broadcast in Brazil by ESPN 2 and the Star+ streaming service. This will be the fourth and final meeting between the Pacific Division rivals this season. The Warriors were victorious in the first meeting, but were defeated in the next two.
9:48 PM18 days ago

Clippers come back from defeat

Looking to extend their five-game winning streak, the Golden State Warriors host the Los Angeles Clippers at the Chase Center on Wednesday (14). The team from the "City of Angels" are coming off a defeat to the current Western Conference leaders, the Minnesota Timberwolves, but are still in the hunt for the top spot with just three defeats in their last 13 encounters.
9:37 PM18 days ago

Golden State Warriors vs Los Angeles Clippers Prediction - Clippers win

The Los Angeles Clippers are the favorites. The team of Kawhi and company has a good record and a better record than their opponents. The away factor is important, as they have 15 wins in 26 games away from home. In addition, they are much more complete than their opponents in every way - whether in attack or defense. On the other hand, the Warriors come into the game with an uneven record, with 13 defeats and 13 wins in 26 games in their home arena. Therefore, based on the tools available and a squad in better shape, a good bet is for the Los Angeles Clippers to win.
9:31 PM18 days ago

Los Angeles Clippers - Current form

The Los Angeles Clippers come into this match as favorites. The team, which has had a great campaign, has advantages. The franchise is in great form and has a single goal: to win its first NBA title. The team has a high-level supporting cast and its main players, Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and James Harden, are playing at a high level - as well as Westbrook coming off the bench.

In their last 10 games, they've won eight. Therefore, it's one of the teams that has the potential to come out strong in the post-season and fight for the title. They are one of the favorites. The team is in 3rd place in the Western Conference.

9:20 PM18 days ago

Golden State Warriors - Current form

The Golden State Warriors come into this match as underdogs. The team, which has had an uneven season, has disadvantages. The franchise has had an inconsistent campaign so far, as it finds itself at the bottom of the table. Despite Stephen Curry's good season, the supporting cast is not at its best, with Klay Thompson not at his peak, questionable choices by coach Steve Kerr and Draymond Green at an unstable moment, for example, with a ban from the league.

As a result, the team has fallen in production and is having a bad time. The team is in 11th place in the Western Conference and is out of the playoffs so far.

9:14 PM18 days ago

History between Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Clippers

The teams have met on 248 occasions. The advantage goes to the Golden State Warriors, who have won 145 games, while the Los Angeles Clippers have won 103.
9:09 PM18 days ago

Chase Center

Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Clippers face each other in a regular season NBA 2023/24 match. The match will take place this Thursday (15), at 00:00 (Brasília time), in San Francisco, at the Chase Center.
9:04 PM18 days ago


One hour to go until the ball goes up for Los Angeles Clippers vs Golden State Warriors
8:59 PM18 days ago

When is Los Angeles Clippers vs Golden State Warriors and how to follow LIVE?

Competition: NBA

Venue: Chase Center in San Francisco, California

Time: 00:00

Where to watch: NBA League Pass (streaming)

Real time: VAVEL Brazil

8:54 PM18 days ago

How and where to watch Los Angeles Clippers vs Golden State Warriors live streaming

In addition to live coverage here on VAVEL Brasil, the match between Los Angeles Clippers and Golden State Warriors will be broadcast live on NBA League Pass.
8:49 PM18 days ago

Golden State Warriors vs LA Clippers prediction

The Warriors' form is very favorable, to the point where they stand out as favorites for the match, however, the Clippers have one of the best squads of the season and have achieved some really surprising victories, being one of the franchises in contention for the title this season. That's why, despite being underdogs, our guess for the clash between the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Clippers is that the Clippers will win, breaking the Warriors' four-game winning streak when they face the Clippers at the Chase Center.
8:44 PM18 days ago

Clippers have managed to revive their fans' enthusiasm

Despite an underwhelming start to the season, the Clippers have managed to revive their fans' enthusiasm. Russell Westbrook's entrance from the bench and James Harden's harmony with the team, especially in the pick-and-roll game with forward Ivica Zubac, were crucial contributions to this turnaround.
8:39 PM18 days ago

Warriors are going through a turbulent period

The Warriors are going through a turbulent period, occupying tenth place in the Western Conference, with uncertainty hanging over the performance of Andrew Wiggins, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. This is all the more frustrating given the excellent performance of Stephen Curry, one of the league's leading scorers
8:34 PM18 days ago

Kawhi Leonard

To face the Golden State Warriors, the Clippers will have the important absence of Kawhi Leonard due to adductor problems.
8:29 PM18 days ago

Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors close in on the play-in zone in the Western Conference, occupying tenth place with a record of 26 wins and 25 defeats. Coming off a good start, the team has won its last five games and its most recent victim was the Utah Jazz.

In their 129-107 win over the Jazz, the Warriors shot 48% overall and 45.5% from three-point range. Their most outstanding players were Klay Thompson, with 26 points, six rebounds and two assists, Stephen Curry, who recorded a double-double of 25 points and ten baskets, as well as six rebounds, three steals and a steal, and Andrew Wiggins, with 17 points and two rebounds.

Golden State Warriors
Golden State Warriors


8:24 PM18 days ago

Los Angeles Clippers

On the other side of the court we have the Los Angeles Clippers, who are fighting for the top of the West with their 35 wins and 17 losses. Tyronn Lue's side have won seven of their last ten games. However, they are coming off a defeat in a direct clash against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

In the game lost to Minnesota, the score ended 121-100. In that game, the Clippers converted 40.5% of their total shots and 32.1% from the perimeter. Their most productive players were Paul George, who had 18 points, six rebounds and three assists, Kawhi Leonard, with 18 points, four rebounds and a pass, and James Harden, who had 17 points, two rebounds, six assists and a steal.

8:19 PM18 days ago


Closing out another round of the 2023/24 NBA season, the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Clippers play a Western Conference clash at the Chase Center in San Francisco, California. The match is scheduled to start on Thursday (15) at 00:00 (Brasília time).

The Golden State Warriors come into the game after beating the Utah Jazz in the last round. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Clippers lost their head-to-head against the Minnesota Timberwolves in their most recent outing. As both teams are going through a similar period, it's more difficult to predict a winner here. However, due to the fact that the game is being played at the Chase Center and Stephen Curry is in a magical phase, as well as the absence of Kawhi Leonard, the final score market predicts a Golden State Warriors victory.

The Warriors are gradually returning to the offensive performance they're known for and, since Draymond Green's return, their defense has clicked into place. However, the Clippers' offensive power is very strong, with three strong threats to Golden State's basket, and this should make for a very tight game in the early hours of the morning. Therefore, our alternative guess is the over market, with the last game of the day having more than 229 points on the scoreboard.

8:14 PM18 days ago

Welcome to the Los Angeles Clippers vs Golden State Warriors live stream

Hello, basketball lovers! It's now time for a decisive NBA match between two teams: the Los Angeles Clippers on one side. On the other side is the Golden State Warriors. Follow everything about the duel between the teams here, in real time on VAVEL Brasil.
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