Points and Highlights: Cleveland Cavaliers 97-104 Philadelphia 76ers in NBA Match
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11:05 PM2 months ago


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11:04 PM2 months ago


After an extremely even start, the 76ers managed to beat the Cavaliers 104-97, with ease, opening up a comfortable lead!
11:02 PM2 months ago


With a five-point lead, the 76ers beat the Cavaliers 90-85!
11:00 PM2 months ago


The 76ers try to extend their lead, winning 82-76, six points ahead!
10:28 PM2 months ago

Last Q Starts!

The final quarter begins and the 76ers go on to win 74-70!
10:27 PM2 months ago


With a five-point lead, the 76ers went on to win 68-63!With a five-point lead, the 76ers went on to win 68-63!
10:27 PM2 months ago


The 76ers go on to beat the Cavaliers, now 63-57!
10:26 PM2 months ago

3rd Q Starts

Winning 53-50, the 76ers start the third quarter ahead on the scoreboard!
9:32 PM2 months ago


The 76ers now lead 45-40!
9:31 PM2 months ago


The Cavaliers are still trying to build a lead in the game, but they can't get any closer than three points and are currently winning 33-31!
9:18 PM2 months ago

2nd Q Starts

The second quarter begins and the balance is at its best: a draw. Both teams start the second quarter with 25-25 on the scoreboard!
9:17 PM2 months ago


The game is even and that's reflected in the score. The Cavaliers go on to win, but now by 20-18!
8:54 PM2 months ago


We have a hectic start to the game, with the Cavaliers beating the 76ers 14-13!
8:54 PM2 months ago


The players appear on the court and the ball flies into the first quarter of the match!
8:32 PM2 months ago

76ers' Starting Five!

8:01 PM2 months ago

Cavs' Starting Five!

7:43 PM2 months ago


We now open the broadcast of the NBA match between the 76ers and the Cavaliers!
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JB Bickerstaff!

JB Bickerstaff also spoke before the game, praising Darius Garland: "You just have to be yourself and play basketball like he's capable of. He knows where his strengths are. He's elite when he feels comfortable, plays within himself and plays his game. It's been difficult for him to come and go, and there was a time when there was a lot of instability and the changes we were making. His message is the same as everyone else's: "Be the most aggressive and confident version of yourself". Again, we've all seen what happens when he's like that. Whatever he needs to feel more comfortable, it's up to me to help him. We just want him to play with confidence, be selfless and compete to the end. Well, I want them to play with a lot of confidence, right? And I want them to make the right moves. And if you're being pressured inside the three-point line quite aggressively, then you have to seize the opportunity and make the next right play. I don't really have a comment on that. I know exactly what my mentality is, Daryl's, Elton (Brand), Joel (Embiid), Tyrese (Maxey), Kyle Lowry and our guys - that's his opinion. No problem. I know we're here every day working to win a title".
7:23 PM2 months ago

Nick Nurse!

Nick Nurse, head coach of the 76ers, spoke about the team's performance in recent games: "I think that certainly limits you for the time being. You have to keep a very small package. You can't overwhelm them with trying to learn things or they'll get bogged down with it, but in general I think we've improved our shooting and our ball handling, which I thought was a concern. There are some line-ups that look very good in terms of pitching when you put them all together. We'll just have to see. I think there are so many new guys that we have to see how it unfolds a little bit, but I think the basis of how we play will show itself here in the next two or three weeks."
7:18 PM2 months ago

Injury Report: 76ers

On the other side, the 76ers will be without De'Anthony Melton, Robert Covington and Joel Embiid due to injury.
7:13 PM2 months ago

Injury Report: Cavs

The Cavaliers will be without the injured Donovan Mitchell and Ty Jerome for the match.
7:08 PM2 months ago

Eastern Conference: 76ers

The 76ers are in fifth place with 32 wins and 22 losses, above the Pacers, who have 31 wins and 25 losses, the Heat and Magic, who have 30 wins and 25 losses, the Bulls, with 26 wins and 29 losses, the Hawks, with 24 wins and 31 losses, and the Nets, who have 21 wins and 33 losses.
7:03 PM2 months ago

Eastern Conference: Cavs

The Cavaliers are in second place in the Eastern Conference, with 36 wins and 17 losses, below the Celtics, who have 43 wins and 12 losses, and above the Bucks, who have 35 wins and 21 losses, and the Knicks, with 33 wins and 22 losses.
6:58 PM2 months ago

Last Matches: Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers come into the match with four wins and one loss in their last games. They beat the Wizards 114-106 on seven February. On Thursday 8 February, they beat the Nets 118-95. On Saturday (10), they beat the Raptors 119-95. On Monday (12), by 123-121, the defeat came against the 76ers. And on Wednesday (14), by 108-105, they beat the Bulls.
6:53 PM2 months ago

Last Matches: 76ers

The Philadelphia 76ers come into the match with two wins and three defeats in their last games. On seven February, by 127-104, they lost to the Warriors. On Friday (9), by 127-121, the defeat came against the Hawks. On Saturday (10), 119-113, the win came against the Wizards. On Monday (12), the win came against the Cavaliers. And on Wednesday (14), by 109-104, the defeat came against the Heat.
6:48 PM2 months ago

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