Michigan State Spartans - Oregon Ducks Live Score And Result Of 2014 College Football
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10:30: Unfortunately, internet trouble will force me to wrap up this live inline early. Thanks to all who followed along throughout the game!

End of game stats: Connor Cook: 28-46, 333 passing yards, 4 passing touchdowns. Jeremy Langford: 24 carries, 87 yards, 1 touchdown. Tony Lippett: 11 receptions, 113 yards, 1 touchdown.

Marcus Mariota: 17-28, 317 passing yards, 3 passing touchdowns, 41 rushing yards. Royce Freeman: 13 carries, 89 yards. Devon Allen: 3 receptions, 89 yards, 2 touchdowns.

End of game: Pure dominance in the second half by Oregon. 28 unanswered points.

4th quarter, 1 minute left: 14-yard touchdown run by Royce Freeman. This one is over. Oregon will escape with a 46-27 win.

4th quarter, 9 minutes left: Connor Cook is intercepted by Ifo Ekpre-Olomu at the 7 yard line. All hope for MSU is now lost. A score by Oregon basically ends this game.

4th quarter, 9 minutes left:  Three and out for the Ducks. Michigan State's defense steps up. Let's see if the offense can step up and answer back.

4th quarter, 11 minutes left: 4th down and 2 yards to go, Michigan State hands off to Jeremy Langford in hopes of keeping the drive going. He's stopped about a yard short of the marker, and the Ducks will recieve the ball via punt.

4th quarter, 13 minutes left: RJ Shelton with a 30 yard  rush on MSU's first play of the drive. Michigan State must score on this drive to stay in the game.

4th quarter, 14 minutes left: Royce Freeman breaks away for a 38 yard touchdown run!  Oregon widens the lead to 39-27. Many missed tackles by the Spartans.

3rd quarter, 1 minute left: Three and out for Michigan State. That was a crutial drive for the Spartans. Oregan can take of advantage of it now and open up this game in their favor.

3rd quarter, 2 minutes left: Michigan State All-American defensive end Shailque Calhoun appears to have injured his wrist on that last drive. If he doesn't return to the game, boy would that be a huge loss for MSU.

3rd quarter, 2 minutes left: Touchdown Oregon! What a game! Marcus Mariota connects with Keanon Loe for a 37-yard touchdown pass. Things are getting interesting in this game as we approach the fourth quarter. 32-27 Oregon.

3rd quarter, 3 minutes left: Poor drive by Michigan State, a three and out. Oregon to receive the ball on a punt with a chance to take the lead.

3rd quarter, 4 minutes left: Marcus Mariota finds Darren Allen in the endzone for a 23-yard touchdown. Impressive 8 play, 59-yard drive by Oregon. 27-25 lead for Michigan State.

3rd quarter, 6 minutes left: Ifo Ekpre-Olomu with a 30-yard punt return to the Michigan State 45 yard line. Oregon with good field position tas they look to make this a close game again.

3rd quarter, 8 minutes left: Connor Cook finds Tony Lippet down the middle for a 17 yard gain on 3rd down and 15 yards. Spartans are now 6/12 on third downs.

3rd quarter, 10 minutes left: A score on this drive would give Michigan State a chance to widen the gap and run away with this game. It will be interesting to see if they can add to the score.

3rd quarter, 10 minutes left: Despite picking up one first down, the Ducks fail to do much on their first drive of the second half. Oregon to punt now.

3rd quarter, 10 minutes left: Michael Geiger sends a 43-yard field goal through the uprights. Michigan State adds to their lead; now 27-18.

3rd quarter, 11 minutes left: RJ Shelton makes a 29 yard reception for a first down. Perfect throw from Cook as usual.

3rd quarter: 11 minutes left: Cook is sacked for a 4 yard loss. 3rd and 17 now for the Spartans.

3rd quarter, 13 minutes left: Connor Cook finds Tony Lippet for an 11 yard gain. First down for MSU.

3rd quarter, 14 minutes left: Thomas Tyner with a 9 yard reception, but he's tackled a yard short of the first down. Oregon to punt now.

8:26 PM ET: Oregon, who has historically been one of the nation's top rushing teams, has a total of just 17 rushing yards. Michigan State's defense is that good. They'll need to improve on the ground if they want to win this game.

8:20 PM ET: Oregon team stats: First downs: 5. First downs: 1/7. Rushing yards: 17. Passing yards: 185. Total yards: 202.

8:16 PM ET: Oregon player stats:

Marcus Mariota: 9/15, 185 yards, 1 touchdown. Thomas Tyner: 8 carries, 12 yards, 1 touchdown. Darren Carrington: 2 receptions, 66 yards.

8:13 PM ET: Michigan State team stats: First downs: 14. Rushing yards: 86. Passing yards: 217. Total yards: 303.

8:12 PM ET:  Michigan State player stats:

Connor Cook: 17/25, 218 yards, 2 passing touchdowns, 1 interception. Jeremy Langford: 15 carries, 72 yards, 1 touchdown. Tony Lippet: 3 receptions, 60 yards, 1 touchdown.

2nd quarter, 0 seconds left: Michigan State closes out the first half with 17 unanswered points. All the momentum is in Sparty's favor heading into the third.

2nd quarter, 18 seconds left: Connor Cook finds tight end Josiah Price in the end zone for a touchdown! Michigan State with a 24-18 lead with 18 seconds remaining in the first half.

2nd quarter, 51 seconds left: Tony Lippet with a 34 yard reception! Great throw by Cook. MSU at the Oregon 13 yard line.

2nd quarter, 1 minute left: Connor Cook finds Keith Mumphrey for a first down then quickly throws RJ Shelton for a 9 yard gain. Spartans moving quickly now.

2nd quarter, 1 minute left: The momentum is starting to shift in Michigan State's favor as they force Oregon to three and out. Ducks to punt now with a minute left.

2nd quarter, 3 minutes left: Connor Cook finds Tony Lippet in the end-zone for a 7-yard touchdown pass! Oregon still leads by one, 18-17.

2nd quarter, 4 minutes left: Poor punt by Oregon. Michigan State to start the drive with great field position at the Oregon 38 yard line.

2nd quarter: 5 minutes left: Another sack! Marcus Rush this time for a loss of 11. Oregon to punt from their own end-zone now.

2nd quarter, 5 minutes left: Laurence Thomas sacks Marcus Mariota for a 6 yard loss. 3rd and 12 for Oregon now.

2nd quarter, 6 minutes left: Geiger's field goal is good. 18-10 Oregon lead. Michigan State had a great opportunity to add 7 points on there board there.

2nd quarter, 6 minutes left: After struggling to get anywhere on their first two plays, Connor Cook is forced to make a poor throw on third down due to good coverage by Oregon. Michigan State will have to settle with a field goal.

2nd quarter, 8 minutes left: 55-yard kickoff return by RJ Shelton! One more block and he would've been gone. Michigan State will start at Oregon's 36 yard line.

2nd quarter, 10 minutes left: Touchdown Oregon! Devon Allen with a 70 yard touchdown reception! Kurtis Drummond, who was responsable for covering Allen, bit on a play action fake, allowing Allen to blow by him and get wide open.

2nd quarter, 10 minutes left: Michigan State gave Oregon a taste of its own medicene on that last drive. Played very up-tempo and it resulted in a score. Lets see how Oregon reacts now.

2nd quarter, 10 minutes left: Touchdown MSU! Jeremy Langford finds a gap through the middle and takes it in 16 yards for the score.

2nd quarter, 11 minutes left: Jeremy Langford with a 6 yard gain to pick up the first down for Michigan State.

2nd quarter, 12 minutes left: Gains of 17 yards and 19 yards for the Spartans now. Connor Cook and his recievers are getting in sync.

2nd quarter, 13 minutes left: It's up, and it's good! Oregon adds 3 points after a 28-yard field goal by Matt Wogan. 11-0 Ducks.

2nd quarter, 13 minutes left: After the huge gain, Oregon fails to pick up a first down. Matt Wogan on to attempt a field goal for the Ducks.

2nd quarter, 14 minutes left: Derrick Carrington with a 62 yard reception for Oregon! He was wide open right down the middle. Now inside Michigan State's 20.

2nd quarter, 15 minutes left: Oregon is 11-0 under Mark Helfric when leading after the first quarter. Can MSU snap that streak tonight?

2nd quarter, 15 minutes left: As we head into in the second quarter, Oregon is up 8-0. The will start the second quarter inside their own 20 on second down with 5 yards to go.

1st quarter, 1 minutes left: McGarret Kings makes the reception on third down, but falls about a yard short of the first. Michigan State fails to answer back.

1st quarter, 2 minutes left: Michigan State, looking to answer back, puts in their change-of-pace back Nick Hill. It pays off, as he goes for 8 yards on his first attempt and picks up a second down on his second carry.

1st quarter, 3 minutes left: Oregon goes for the two point conversion, and converts it. Ducks up 8-0.

1st quarter, 3 minutes left: Touchdown Ducks! Thomas Tyner powers it into the end-zone. Big push by the Duck's offensive line.

1st quarter, 3 minutes left: Oregon with a tough decision to make here? Play it safe, kick a field goal, and get points up on the board? Or risk it and go for a touchdown? It appears they'll go for it.

1st quarter, 3 minutes left: Three straight goal line stops by MSU. Their defense is overpowering Oregon's offensive line.

1st quarter, 4 minutes left: The Ducks offense is a lot faster than my typing speed. Oregon now at the Spartans 3 yard line after a few big catches by Ducks recievers and runs by Mariota.

1st quarter, 5 minutes left: Interception! Aaron Dargin with the pick and he returns it for 36 yards. Tough break for MSU.

1st quarter, 6 minutes left: Three straight runs by MSU's Jeremy Langford. First for 7 yards, second for 6 and a first down, and the third run was stopped by Oregon before Langford could get anywhere.

1st quarter, 7 minutes left: Cook throws a perfect ball to Aaron Burbridge across the sideline for a 22 yard gain.

1st quarter, 8 minutes left: Connor Cook throws down the middle and finds McGarret Kings for a 17 yard gain. First down.

1st quarter, 8 minutes left: Michigan State to start their third drive inside their own 20 yard line. The Spartans should look to throw throw the ball across the middle on this drive.

1st quarter, 9 minutes left: Michigan State with excellent coverage down field, leading to Marcus Mariota being sacked. Ducks to punt now.

1st quarter, 10 minutes left: First down for Oregon. 10 yard completion down the middle by Keenen Loe on 3rd and 5.

1st quarter, 11 minutes left: Mike Sadler's punt rolls into the end-zone. Oregon will also start at their own 20 on their second drive.

1st quarter, 12 minutes left: Incomplete pass by MSU intended for Tony Lippet. Tight coverage by Oregon corner Tre Hill. Spartans to punt now.

1st quarter, 13 minutes left: Connor Cook finds RJ Shelton down the middle for a 22 yard gain. First down, MSU.

1st quarter, 13 minutes left: Punt rolls into the end-zone. MSU will start their second drive at the 20.

1st quarter, 13 minutes left: Three and out for Oregon as well. MSU defense hitting hard, forcing drops.

1st quarter, 14 minutes left: Three and out for the Spartans. Great start by Oregon's defense. Stuffing the run and playing tight on the coverage.

1st quarter, 14 minutes left: We're underway in Oregon! RJ Sheldon takes on the kickoff. MSU to take it at 25.

6:28 PM ET: Staying composed, calm, and collected will be a tough job for Connor Cook tonight. Autzen Stadium is one of the loudest stadiums in the country and Michigan State will certainly not be welcome.

6:27 PM ET: Game will be starting in just a few minutes!

6:16 PM ET: Oregon coaches visited Nebraska in the offseason to learn about Michigan State's defense. The Cornhuskers have teared up MSU's defense year-after-year, so the Ducks probably wanted to learn how Nebraska did it. Smart.

6:13 PM ET: 20 minutes until gametime!

6:11 PM ET: Extreme heat causes the body to tire down faster. Oregon could be fatigued throughout the game if the have to stand in 110 degrees. Also, the more fatugued you are, the greater you are at risk of injury.

6:08 PM ET: A heat wave rolled through Autzen today. The temperature on Oregon's sideline, which is the sun, is around 115 degrees (!!!!). Michigan State has the shade on their side; only 80 degrees on their side.

6:04 PM ET: The Spartans will have to deal with Ifo Ekpre-Olomu tonight, one of the top cornerbacks in the country. Ekpre-Olomu will likely cover MSU's top wide reciver Tony Lippet tonight.

6:02 PM ET: Michigan State will need to force a ton of pressure on Marcus Mariota tonight. If they don't, he'll be able to escape the pocket and use his legs to create plays.

6:01 PM ET: Just under 34 minutes until the two top ten teams kick off. The game will be broadcasted on Fox.

5:59 PM ET: Of course Jacksonville State doesn't compare to Oregon, but MSU should have an understanding and be prepared for the sets and plays Oregon runs.

5:56 PM ET: As previously mentioned, Michigan State played Jacksonville State last week. Jacksonville State is basically the Oregon Ducks of the FCS (Football Championship Series), and they run many of the same plays the Ducks do.

5:52 PM ET: What to expect from Oregon's offense: speed. Speed. Speed. Speed. And more speed. This is easily the fastest, most electric offense in all of the lands. They run points on you up on hurry.

5:48 PM ET: More on MSU's offense: the Spartans battle in the trenches to keep the run game going. They will take their time and run as much of the clock down as possible on each play to keep Oregon's electric offense on the sidelines for as much as possible.

5:46 PM ET: What to expect from Michigan State's offense: establishing the run game early to set up play action. Head coach Mark Dantonio and co. like to play a slower, more methodical style of play opposide of many other college football teams.

5: 42 PM ET: ESPN College Football analyst Lee Corso put on the headgear of the Ducks mascot on the popular show College Gameday this morning, signaling he chooses Oregon to win.

5:29 PM ET: Oregon's offense possess speed that Michigan State has never dealt with before, and it could cause some problems for the Spartans. MSU's linebacks are not considered fast, and neither is their defensive line.

5:27: PM ET: MSU's defense did lose 2 of their 3 startng linebackers to the NFL, and the new group didn't look so great in the season opener - Jacksonville State. If Oregon can get back the defensive line on running plays, they should be looking at solid gains on each run.

5:23 PM ET: While they do have a strong secondary, Michigan State's biggest strentgh on defense is their defensive line. The Spartans were the nation's top defense defending the run last season, and their defensive line, which is arguably better this season than last, was a main reason why.

5:20 PM ET: Michigan State's secondary will probably give Marcus Mariota some headaches tonight. Led by saftey Kurtis Drummond and corner Trae Waynes, the "No Fly Zone" should be in full effect tonight against an offense not know for its passing.

5:18 PM ET: One thing to look tonight will be Michigan State's rushing attack led by senior running back Jeremy Langford going up against the skilled Oregon defensive line that allowed just 3.9 yards per carry last season.

5:15 PM ET: This game will have serious playoff implecations for the Spartans. A win today for MSU would give them a legit chance of going undefeated and making the college football playoff.

5:12 PM ET: This will be one of the best games during the 2014 College Football season in my opionion. Oregon's lightning quick offense lead by Heisman Trophy camdidate Marcus Mariota going up against Michigan State's tough, skilled defense will be an incredible matchup.

5:09 PM ET: Michigan State is coming off a 45-7 win over Jacksonville State in week one. Oregon blew out South Dakota 62-13.

5:08 PM ET: Michigan State is ranked 7th, while the Ducks are ranked 3rd. The game kicks off at 6:30 PM ET.

5:06 PM ET: Welcome to VAVEL USA's live coverage of today's excellent matchup between the Michigan State Spartans and Oregon Ducks!