Oklahoma Sooners - Tulsa Golden Hurricane Live Result of 2014 College Football
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3:50 P.M. EST: That is is for VAVEL USA's coverage of Oklahoma versus Tulsa.  Be sure to check out VAVEL USA for all of your sports news.

3:45 P.M. EST: Tulsa finished 234 yards in the air.  Dane Evans finished with 204 yards on 23 of 43.  James Flanders led the rushing attactk with 54 out of Tulsa's 94 rushing yards.  Keevan Lucas also had a big game with 10 catches for 84 yards.

3:43 P.M. EST: Trevor Knight finished 299 yards passing, and OU had 319 on the game.  The Sooners finished with 261 yards on the led by Alex Ross with 90 yards on five carries.  Sterling Shepherd had a big day with 177 receiving yards.

3:43 P.M. EST: OU outgained Tulsa 580-328.

3:41 P.M. EST:  Here are some Final stats from both teams.

Final: Oklahoma defeats Tulsa 52-7.

4th Quarter (0:32): Thomas hands it off to Perine.

4th Quarter (0:40): Gastelum with the interception of Joseph Calcagni.

4th Quarter (1:02): Nigel Carter with the reception.

4th Quarter (1:32): Calcagni finds Bishop Louie for a five yard gain.

4th Quarter (1:55): Calcagni completes a first down throw.

4th Quarter (2:27): Tulsa rushes for two yards.

4th Quarter (2:49): Calcagni runs for a first down.

4th Quarter (2:55): Calcagni's pass is a little two higt.

4th Quarter (3:27): Langer is stopped at the line.

4th Quarter (3:52): Langer carries for a first down.

4th Quarter (4:28): Calcagni drops back and completes a pass but it's a yard short.

4th Quarter (4:30): Joseph Calcagni's first pass is an incompletion.

4th Quarter (4:52): Zack Langer picks up another first down for Tulsa.

4th Quarter (5:27): Tulsa picks up a first down on their first play.

4th Quarter (5:34): Connor Floyd makes the fair catch at the 25 yard line.

4th Quarter (5:37): Thomas' pass is knocked down at the line.

4th Quarter (6:14): Perine rushes for two yards.

4th Quarter (6:54): Thomas finds Aaron Ripkowski for about five.

4th Quarter (7:20): Thomas finds Jordan Smallwood for a first down.

4th Quarter (7:52): Perine carries for two yards.

4th Quarter (7:57): Shephard calls for a fair catch st the 22 yard line afer the 39 yard punt,

4th Quarter (8:37): Evans runs and slides short of a first down.

4th Quarter (9:11): Evans' pass is complete for  two yards

4th Quarter (9:44): Brewer once again stopped at the line of scrimmage by Gastelum.

4th Quarter (10:05): Evans finds his receiver on the run for a first down.

4th Quarter (10:39): Brewer is stopped at the line of scrimmage.

4th Quarter (11:06): Tulsa picks uo 5 on first down.

4th Quarter (11:15): Floyd is tackled immediately after acthing the punt.

4th Quarter (11:52): Thomas throws a screen pass to Perine who is stopped short of the first.

4th Quarter (12:27): Perine is tackled for a loss by Trent Martin.

4th Quarter (12:55) Cody Thomas enters the game and hands it off to Perine for three yards.

4th Quarter (13:10): Shephard gets to the 30 after a booming Tulsa punt.

4th Quarter (13:47): Evans is sacked back at the 12 yards line with Gastelum leading the way,

4th Quarter (13:53): Evans throws the ball away on second down,

4th Quarter (14:22): Brewer picks up a first down, but the play is brought back by holding.

4th Quarter (14:50): Brewer with the three yard carry.

4th Quarter (14:56): Brewer returns the kick out to about the 28 yard line.

4th Quarter (15:00): Sterling Shephard makes the diving catch for the 15 yard touchdown reception.

3rd Quarter (0:00) OU leads 45-7 at the end of three.

3rd Quarter (0:22): OU gets another yard from Alex Ross.

3rd QUarter (1:01): OU picks up a yard on first down.

3rd Quarter (1:17): Keith Ford rushes for about 12 and gets a first down.

3rd Quarter (1:27): Knight's pass is broken up.

3rd Quarter (1:49): Knight finds Neal after the timeout for a first down.

3rd Quarter (1:49): Timeout Oklahoma.

3rd Quarter (2:33): Perine gets the ball againand picks up two yards.

3rd Quarter (3:06): Perine picks up three on the carry.

3rd Quarter (3:11): Knight tries to go deep again as Tulsa is called for pass interference.

3rd Quarter (3:52): Shephard loses three yards on the screen pass.

3rd Quarter (4:16): Oklahoma decides to throw, and Knight throws a deep ball to Sterling Shephard down at the their own 49 yard line.

3rd Quarter (4:28): OU will have to drive the length of the fied as Tulsa downs the punt at one yard line

3rd Quarter (4:32): Another incpmlete pass for Dane Evans, and Oklahoma forces a punt.

3rd Quarter (4:36): The pass goes off the hands of Floyd, it is 3rd and 10 for the Golden Hurricane.

3rd Quarter (4:42): Evans tries to be Julian Wilson over the top but under throws Keyarris Garrett,

3rd Quarter (5:03): Evans drops back and finds Floyd for a 26 yard gain. The Tulsa offense is finding some rhythm.

3rd Quarter (5:11): Connor Floyd gets thrree yards on the return.

3rd Quarter (5:15): Knight's third down pass is almost intercepted, and OU will punt the football.

3rd Quarter (5:48): Ross is stopped for no gain.

3rd Quarter (6:16): Ross carries the ball for about two yards.

3rd Quarter (6:20): Tulsa goes for it on fourth down, but Keevan Lucas cannot hold on to the ball.

3rd Quarter (6:23): Evans passes for Connor Floyd falls incomplete.

3rd Quarter (6:57): Evans runs for six yards on the quarterback draw.

3rd Quarter 7:04): Evans cannot find a receiver and throws the ball away.

3rd Quarter (7:24): Brewer with another carry for a first down.

3rd Quarter (7:51): Brewer carries the ball for seven yards.

3rd Quarter (8:12): Tulsa quickly moves into Sooner territoty after another first down.

3rd Quarter (8:32): Lucas gets the ball on the screen and gets the first down.

3rd Quarter (8:32) Another Hodgson kick goes out of the end zone.

3rd Quarter (8:40): Dane Evans is picked off be Geneo Grissom who returns it 38 yards for a touchdown.

3rd Quarter (9:00): Lucas brought down by Quentin Hayes but not before a first down.

3rd Quarter (9:32): Evans completes the pass for a nine yard gain on first down.

3rd Quarter (9:32): Hodgson once again sends the ball through the end zone.

3rd Quarter (9:36): Ford finishes the drive with the 23 yard touchdown run.

3rd Quarter (10:05): Keith Ford find a hole and rishes for 18 yards down to the 23.

3rd Quarter (10:38): Dimitri Flowers with the first down reception.

3rd Quarter (11:00): Knight does find Shephard on 3rd and five for a first down.

3rd Quarter 11:02): Knight throws behind Neal.

3rd Quarter (11:27): First play goes to Keith Ford up the middle.

3rd Quarter (11:44) Durron Neal fumbles the the ball on the return but manages to recover.

3rd Quarter (11:48): Keevan Lucas gets Tulsa on the board with a fourth down touchdown reception.

3rd Quarter (11:48): Timeout Oklahoma.

3rd Quarter (11:48): Timeout Tulsa.

3rd Quarter (12:22): Flanders is stopped by Caleb Gastelum on third down.

3rd Quarter (12:32): Flanders finds room again to get inside the five yard line.

3rd Quarter (12:39) Dane Evans throws up a ball in thend zone that falls incomplete.

3rd Quarter (13:03): Lucas gets another reception across the middle for a first down.

3rd Quarter (13:27): Flanders carries for another first down.

3rd Quarter (13:52): Evans finds Atkinson across the middle for a good gain

3rd Quarter (13:56): Evans goes deep to Garrett, but the ball is overthrown.

3rd Quarter (14:15): Tulsa is moving down the field after a 13 yard gain by Flanders.

3rd Quarter (14:37): Dane Evans connects with Lucas as he gets to midfield.

3rd Quarter (15:00): Flanders gets another carry and runs for four yards.

3rd Quarter (15:00): Oklahoma kicks off to start the second half, Tulsa will get the ball at the 25.

Halftime: Dane Evans is 12 of 22 passing for 86 yards and an interception. James Flanders is the leading rusher with 25 yards on wight carries.  Keevan Lucas has had a good first half with six receptions and 52 yards.

Halftime: Trevor Knight is 15 of 25 passing with a touchdown. Alex Ross has 88 yards on two carries and the 82 yards touchdown. Sterling Shepherd is already over 100 yards receiving. Shepherd has 107 on four receptions.

Halftime: Here are some stat leaders for both teams.

Halftime: Oklahoma outgained Tulsa in the first half 396-95.

2nd Quarter (0:00) Oklahoma leads 31-0 at halftime.

2nd Quarter (:36): Tulsa will run out the clock and try to regroup.

2nd Quarter (:44) Barnett's punt is downed inside the five

2nd Quarter (:48): Knight's pass is almos intercepted; Knight is called for intentional grounding.

2nd Quarter (:56): Knight throws the ball away on 2nd and 30.

2nd Quarter (1:06): Knight tries to connect with Sterling Shephard, but the ball is out of bounds.

2nd Quarter (1:25): Trevor Knight finds Blake Bell on the run, but an offensive pass interference negates the play.

2nd Quarter (1:30): Knight's throw is incomplete but a pass interference penalst moves the ball.

2nd Quarter (1:50): Knight underthrows Shephard but he still makes the catch for a 39 yard gain.

2nd Quarter (1:57): Knight throws a dangerous ball that falls to the ground.

2nd Quarter (2:32): Keith Ford is stopped after a short gain.

2nd Quarter (2:38): Dalton Parks' punt just rolls into the end zone.

2nd Quarter (2:42): Charles Tapper bats down the third down pass forcing another punt.

2nd Quarter (2:47): Julian Wilson brakes up the Evans' pass.

2nd Quarter (3:13): James Flanders brakes a couple tackes and gains seven.

2nd Quarter (3:17): Jed Barnett's punt is caught at the 42 yard line with no return.

2nd Quarter (4:01): Knight scrambles but slides short of the first down.

2nd Quarter (4:44): Perine takes the hand off for a short gain that sets up a 3rd down.

2nd Quarter (5:22): Knight throws a swing pass to K.J. Young that goes nowhere.

2nd Quarter (5:27): Fair catch is called at the 30 yard line, a block in the back penalty pushes it back.

2nd Quarter (5:34): Evans' pass is almost intercepted by Hatari Byrd.

2nd Quarter (5:37): Evans' pass to Josh Atkinson is incomplete.

2nd Quarter (6:13): Flanders is taken down by Dominique Alexander after a yard.

2nd Quarter (6:13): Hodgson kicks the ball through the end zone.

2nd Quarter (6:26): Alex Ross takes the ball 82 yards for the touchdown.

2nd Quarter (6:40): Dane Evans loses the ball, and Jordan Phillips picks it up. Phillps' touchdown is called by because of a personal foul.

2nd Quarter (6:40): Timeout Oklahoma.

2nd Quarter (6:44): Evans overthrows Garrett out of the end zone.

2nd Quarter (6:48): Garrett falls down and the pass is behind him.

2nd Quarter (7:11): Keyarris Garrett with the reception and Tulsa has a first and goal.

2nd Quarter (7:11): Timeout Tulsa.

2nd Quarter (7:36): Flanders picks up the the third down and short.

2nd Quarter (8:06): Tulsa picks up three on second down.

2nd Quarter (8:32): Evans connects with Lucas again for a gain of six

2nd Quarter (8:38): Tulsa goes deep and forces a pass interference on Ahmad Thomas.

2nd Quarter (9:13):  Brewer gains a couple of yards on first down.

2nd Quarter (9:32): Lucas with some yards after catch to help conver the 3rd and 4.

2nd Quarter (10:21): Derek Patterson makes the catch and is hit hard by cornerback Julian Wilson.

2nd Quarter (10:24): Zack Sanchez down on the field for Oklahoma.

2nd Quarter (10:38): Keevan Lucas with the reception after a five yard penalty.

2nd QUarter (11:27): Flanders picks up a short gain but gets the first down.

2nd Quarter (11:59): Evans gets the ball to Lucas for nine yards.

2nd Quarter (12:04): Tulsa will take over at the 15 yard line.

2nd Quarter (12:06): Michael Hunnicutt comes in and buries a 38 yard field goald extending the Sooners' lead.

2nd Quarter (12:14): Knights tries to find Shephard in the end zone but the pass is knocked down.

2nd quarter (12:53): Knight throwns an on target pass to Durron Neal while under pressuer.

2nd Quarter (13:34): Knight is pressured and sacked by Derrick Luetjen.

2nd  Quarter (14:03): Perine finds room for a ten yard run to the Tulsa 27.

2nd Quarter (14:22): Sooners run the flea flicker which results in a nine yard gain.

2nd Quarter (14:27): Evans throws behind Lucas, and Zack Sanches gets the interception.

2nd Quarter (15:00): The first play of the quarter is a four yard run by DeAngelo Brewer.

1st Quarter (0:00): Sooners lead 21-0 at the end of the first.

1st Quarter (0:11):  Evans tries to run but slips on the wet field.

1st Quarter (0:34):  Evans makes a nice pass on the run to conert the third down.

1st Quarter (1:10): Dane Evans passes to Lucas for a short gain which sets up a third and long.

1st Quarter (1:50): Dickerson loses seven on the carry. Refs say he was down before the ball came loose.

1st Quarter (1:58): Brewer gets the ball across the 20 before being stopped.

1st Quarter (2:01): Blake Bell catches his first career touchdown reception, and the Sooners lead 21-0.

1st Quarter (2:32): Keith Ford carries to the three yard line.

1st Quarter (2:47): Knight finds Young again for a first and goal.

1st Quarter (2:50): Knight's pass is broken up at the line of scrimmage.

1st Quarter (2:50): Trevor Knight's pass is broken up by Austin McDaniel.

1st Quarter (3:11): It's a high snap but Knight handles and converts the third down.

1st Quarter (3:51): Keith Ford get the carry and drags tacklers inside the 35.

1st Quarter (3:58):  Knight overthrows his receiver.

1st Quarter (4:15):  Knight passes to Neal on the rollout who slips again.

1st Quarter (4:27): Semaje Perine with his first carry which results in a first down.

1st Quarter (4:47): Knight finds former quarterback Blake Bell for a gain of eight.

1st Quarter (5:23): Knight throws to Shepherd for a 13 yard gain.

1st Quarter (5:27): Sterling Shephard slips at the 24 yard line after cacthing the punt.

1st Quarter (5:34):  Evans tries to throw it down field but overthrows his receiver bringing up another punt.

1st Quarter (5:39): Evans forced to throw it away bring up a 3rd and 8.

1st Quarter (6:11):  Evans keeps the ball and rushes for a gain of two.

1st Quarter (6:28): Evans finds Keevan Lucas for a first down.

1st Quarter (6:35) DeAngelo Brewer takes the kickoff out to the 23 yard line.

1st Quarter (6:43): Trevor Knight takes the ball himself on the quarterback draw and goes 31 yards giving the Sooners a two touchdown lead.

1st Quarers (7:13): Knight throws out to K.J. Young who is tackled at the line of scrimmage.

1st Quarter (7:50): Dmitri Flowers gets the ball and gors for a first downs.

1st Quarter (8:05):  Trevor Knight finds Neal on the screen for a first down.

1st Quarter (8:10)  Knight throws to Neal but the ball goes through his hands.

1st Quarter (8:50): Alex Ross takes the hand off for a six yard gain.

1st Quarter (8:58): Trevor Knight slides down after a five yard gain, a Tulsa penalty gives OU the first down.

1st Quarter (9:06): Tulsa downs the punt 28 yard line.

1st Quarter (9:45):  Dane Evans finds a receiver but Steven Parker makes the tackle forcinf Tulsa to punt.

1st Quarter (10:24): Flanders again carries the this time for two yards.

1st Quarter (10:57):  James Flanders carries for three yards on first down.

1st Quarter (11:03): Jed Barnett punts the ball through the end zone for a touchback.

1st Quarter (11:22): Trevor Knight is forced to scramble and is taken out at the fourt yard line.

1st Quarter (11:59): Trevor Knight finds Sterling Shepherd on the screen for a loss of four.

1st Quarter (12:10):  Knight throws deep but overthrows his target;

1st Quarter (12:17): Swing pass from Knight to Durron Neal down to the Tulsa 41 yard line.

1st Quarter (12:21):  Miciah Quick cathes the punt but stumbles to the ground.

1st Quarter (12:51):  Dane Evans throws but it is imcomplete forcing a fourth down.

1st Quarter (13:00):  Oklahoma sacks Dane Evans;

1st Quarter (13:36): Tavarreon Dickerson run called back by a penalty..

1st quarter (14:03)Dane Evans finds Keyarris Garrett for three yards.

1st Quarter (14:03): Nick Hodgson sends the ball into the endzone, Tulsa takes a knee.

1st Quarter (14:29):  Keith Ford carries the ball into the end zone for the touchdown.

1st Quarter (14:48): Trevor Knight finds Durron Neal for 20 yards to set up 1st and goal.

1st Quarter (14:56):  Sterling Shephard takes the ball to the Tulsa 27 yard line.

1st Quarter (15:00): Alex Ross  returns the kicko off to the 19 yard line.

12:03 P.M. EST: Sean McDonough and Chris Spielman are in the booth today with Todd McShay on the sideline.

11:55 A.M. EST: Less than ten minutes until kickoff in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on ABC.

11:43 A.M. EST: Tulsa's last won against Oklahoma in 1996 by the score of  31-24.

11:40 A.M. EST: Tulsa is seeking its first 2-0 start since 2009.

11:36 A.M. EST: Tulsa's helmets are currently putting the gold in Golden Hurricane.  

11:33 A.M. EST: The Sooners are out on the field warming up in their regular road uniforms. It would not be surprising to see one of their new alternate unifroms in against Tennessee next week.

11:26 A.M. EST: Good morning everyone, we are just 34 minutes away from kickoff between the Oklahoma Sooners and the Tulsa Golden Hurricane

11:16 P.M. EST: The Sooners should win this one rather handily. Tulsa might be able to move the ball some but it will not be enough. The Golden Hurricane will have to be near perfect, and hope OU stumbles for them to have a chance in this one.

11:15 P.M. EST: OU just needs to come out and take care of business. There are plenty of examples where they have not been focused, and they lost to teams they should have beaten handily (Texas 2013). The Sooners have to avoid looking ahead to their matchup against Tennessee next week.

11:14P.M. EST: The defense has plenty of experience on this year's team with nine starters back. Tulsa gave up 516 yards against Tulane last week. The weakness for them is obviously stopping the run.  Tulane exploited that weaknees last week, and OU could do it this week. The bright spot was the pass defense of Tulsa.  They held Tulane to under 250 yards through the air. If the defense is on the field for a long time, it does not bode well for their chances.

11:13 P.M. EST: Lucas is not the only receiver OU has to look out for. Two other guys caught at least five balls and had over 80 yards receiving. Those two are Kayarris Garrett and Joshua Atkinson.

11:12 P.M. EST: For the defense the secondary as a group will be worth looking.  This is a game where they can show that the front seven is not covering upo for mistakes. The secondary will have to withstand the onslaught of passing from the Golden Hurricane. Nobody was under pressure from the Bulldogs passing attack in week one. Evans threw 53 times last week, so the secondary will at least be tested this time around.

11:11 P.M. EST: With as much as Tulsa passes the front seven will be pinning their ears back with all the opportunities to get after the quarterback so many times.

11:10 P.M. EST: Quarterback Dane Evans and receiver Keevan Lucas are a dangerous combination. Evans threw for 438 yards on 53 attempts and four touchdowns in week one with 233 of those yards going to Lucas.  The four touchdowns were the same amount he had last season on 195 throws. Evans Those numbers mean that Tulsa loves to pass which puts pressure on the unproven secondary. Evans will have to cut back on the tunovers after two inteceptions last week. The last thing Tulsa needs is to be giving away possessions.

11:09 P.M. EST: Trevor Knight needs to show more improvement in this game. He played well against Lousiana Tech but not enough cange the doubters' minds about hime. There were occasions where his passes looked like early 2013 all over again. He also has to find more targets to throw to and work on his rhythm with reecivers not named Sterling Shephard. Two other receivers combined for three receptions.  Keith Ford proved he could catch the ball out of the backfield but that was about it. One thing the Sooners are missing is anothey dynamic threat like Shephard.

11:08 P.M. EST: There are multiple players to look for in this one for the Sooners. The three headed monster at running back all played well last week but could not muster 200 yards on the ground. Tulsa gave up 250 plus yards last week against Tulane, so they should have good success in this one.

11:07 P.M. EST: Oklahoma is heavily favored in this game and rightfully so. The Sooners have too much talent on the field for Tulsa to compete with.  It would not be surprising for OU to come out and run the football just like last week. Once they get a lead then expect Trevor Knight to start getting more dangerous and throwing the ball down field.

11:06 P.M. EST: Enough about records, let's talk about the matchups on the field.

11:05 P.M. EST: Tulsa, while beginning their first year in the American Athletic Conference, is also looking to rebuild after a disappointing 3-9 campaign in 2013. The team did get a thrilling opening week win against the Green Wave of Tulane.

11:04 P.M. EST: Oklahoma are looking for their sixth straight win going back to 2013. The season was highlighted by wins against Oklahoma State and Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. The Sooners continued that streak against Louisiana Tech last Saturday.

11:03 P.M. EST: Surprisingly these two teams have only played 26 times. The first game played occurred one hundred years ago in 1914. The Sooners lead the series with 18-7-1 record.

11:02 P.M. EST: Oklahoma and Tulsa will help start the day of college with a 12:00 p.m. est start. Oklahoma has dominated Tulsa in the Bob Stoops era. OU is a perfect 7-0 against their state rival with none of the games being all that close. The closest came in 2005 when the Sooners defeated Tulsa 31-15.

11:01 P.M. EST: Welcome to VAVEL USA's coverage of the fourth ranked Oklahoma Sooners against the Tulsa Golden Hurricane. This marks the first time OU has been to Tulsa since 2007.