Oregon Ducks - UCLA Bruins Live Score
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4th Q 0:00 - END OF GAME.

4th Q 1:40 - Mariota will knee the football and run the clock out! Oregon with a HUGE win!

4th Q 3:12 - Hundley pass complete in the end zone for a TOCUHDOWN!!!

4th Q 4:21 - UCLA recovers the onside kick!

4th Q 4:35 - Starks rushes up the middle for a TOUCHDOWN. 

4th Q 7:14 - Hundley pass complete to the right to bring up 4th down and 4, Hundley completes on 4th down, and UCLA moves the ball into the red zone.

4th Q 8:07 - UCLA uses their final timeout. Oregon will punt.

4th Q 9:50 - Hundley pass complete in the end zone for a TOUCHDOWN!!!

4th Q 11:16 - Hundley pass complete to the left for a first down.

4th Q 13:07 - Perkins rushes again to the left for a first down. Hundley pass incomplete on first down. 

4th Q 13:42 - On 2nd and 8, Perkins carries it for a pickup of 18 yards.

4th Q 14:14 - UCLA might as well bow down now, a comeback seems unreachable.

4th Q 14:36 - Freeman rushes to the right for an OREGON TOUCHDOWN. 

4th Q 14:51 - Oregon moves the ball after a gain of 31. First and goal for the Ducks.


3rd Q :42 - Freeman takes the ball for a short gain. Oregon running time off the clock. 

3rd Q :52 - UCLA can't convert after a long run by Perkins. UCLA punts it away to Oregon. 

3rd Q 2:33 - Perkins carries for a 30 yard gain up the middle. Ball on the 33.

3rd Q 3:00 - Mariota passes incomplete on 4th down. UCLA will start from their own 2. 

3rd Q 3:24 - On 3rd and goal, Freeman takes the ball to the 2 yard line. On 4th and goal, UCLA CALLS TIMEOUT. 

3rd Q 4:30 - Mariota pass complete to the right sideline for a first down. After another long play, Freeman brings the ball for a first down and a first and goal.

3rd Q 5:25 - Mariota rushes to the right up to the 33 yard line.

3rd Q 6:05 - On 3rd and 5, Hundley is brought down short of the first down. UCLA has to punt and this game is not looking good for UCLA.

3rd Q 7:52 - Hundley pass complete up the middle for an 8 yard gain. 

3rd Q 7:59 - Freeman rushes up the middle for a TOUCHDOWN!!!

3rd Q 8:22 - On first and goal for Oregon, Marshall rushes for a short gain.

3rd Q 8:53 - Perkins rushes to the left for a gain of 6. On 2nd and 4, Hundley passes but is INTERCEPTED. OREGON BALL!

3rd Q 9:13 - Mariota fumbles the ball, recovers, and rushes up the middle for a TOUCHDOWN.

3rd Q 11:44 - Mariota pss complete over the middle for a first down. Freeman rushes up the middle for a huge first down gain. 

3rd Q 12:42 - On 3rd and 2 for UCLAHundley rushes up the middle but cannot convert a first down. Punt team for UCLA.


2nd Q :19 - Ball on the 16, Hundley pass incomplete up the middle. On 2nd and 10, Hundley pass incomplete to Payton. On 3rd and 10, Hundley rushes up the middle for a TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2nd Q :27 - Hundley pass incomplete into the end zone.

2nd Q :45 - On 3rd and 4, Hundley pass complete for a first down up to the 30 yard line. 

2nd Q 1:46 - Hundley rushes up the middle for a 25 yard gain. Ball on the 45. 

2nd Q 2:48 - Perkins gets a first down for UCLA, then Hundley throws a completion for a loss of 1. 

2nd Q 4:03 - Oregon comes back with 2 plays for 19 yards after the penalty. On 1st and 10, Mariota passes to the right for a TOUCHDOWN. 31 yard completion. 

2nd Q 5:36 - Hillman takes the ball for a 23 yard gain. On 2nd and 5, Freeman takes the ball for a gain of 2. On 3rd and 3, Mariota pass complete to the right for a first down but a flag on the play puts them back 15 yards.

2nd Q 8:19 - Starks takes the ball for a 19 yard gain. On 2nd and 3, Starks rushes for 1. 3rd down and 2, Starks get stopped short. FIELD GOAL IS NO GOOD.

2nd Q 9:24 - Hundley pass incomplete deep. On 2nd and 10, Perkins runs to the left for 6 yards. On 3rd and 4, Hundley rushes up the middle for a first down. 

2nd Q 9:24 - Mariota pass complete on a screen play for a TOUCHDOWN!!!!!

2nd Q 9:31 - TIMEOUT OREGON. 3rd and 10 coming up.

2nd Q 10:39 - Personal foul on UCLA makes another automatic first down. Ball on the 32.

2nd Q 11:41 - Mariota rushes up the middle that brings up 3rd down and 2. On 3rd down, Mariota passes incomplete but a flag on the play brings up an automatic first down for Oregon.

2nd Q 13:45 - Hundley rushes to the left for a short gain. On 3rd and goal, Hundley pass complete to the left but Fuller had to catch it on the ground. FIELD GOAL IS GOOD!

2nd Q 14:35 - Jack runs on back-to-back plays to bring up first and goal for the Bruins.


1st Q :50 - Hundley pass complete to the left and wil bring up 3rd down. On 3rd and 5, Hundley pass complete for a first down up to the 30 yard line.

1st Q 2:07 - Hundley pass complete to the right for a first down. Ball over midfield for UCLA. The Bruins are moving the ball well this drive. 

1st Q 4:34 - Perkins rushes up the middle for a 14 yard gain. The next play Perkins runs for another first down. Ball on the 43.

1st Q 4:57 - On the first play, Mariota runs for a TOUCHDOWN! 2 pt conversion is good!!

1st Q 5:11 - Hundley gets almost sacked and FUMBLES, RECOVERED BY OREGON. Ball on the 13!

1st Q 6:26 - Hundley fires a deep pass but it falls incomplete.On 3rd down, Hundley can't find a receiver open, and takes off down the left sideline and gets the first down. 

1st Q 6:44 - Mariota can't get anything going on a drive and will have to punt. UCLA will take over at the 22 yard line.

1st Q 8:56 - On 3rd and 7, Hundley finds no receivers open and takes off over the middle of the field. Hundley gains 6 and is short of the first down. 

1st Q 10:07 - Hundley throws to Massington on a slant to give UCLA another first down.

1st Q 11:07 - Hundley keeps the bal and rushes for a first down. Ball on the 20.

1st Q 12:37 - UCLA forces a 3rd and 21 and Oregon could not convert. UCLA will get the ball close to their own end zone to start their first drive of the game.

1st Q 13:49 - Freeman runs for another first down. Mariota pass complete to Stanford for a first down and an 11 yard pickup. Ball on the 31.

1st Q 14:28 - Mariota keeps the ball to get the first Oregon first down. 12 yard gain. 

1st Q - Oregon will start with the ball! 

3:10 PM EST: Game starts in about half an hour! Follow along LIVE with myself, Mitchell Evans!

2:01 PM EST: UCLA plays California, Colorado, Arizona, Washington, USC, and Stanford to end the year. Upset alerts for them include Arizona and Stanford. This Pac-12 matchup this week probably dictates who makes the championship, but anything can happen in this conference.

2:00 PM EST: After this weeks' matchup, Oregon will play the following teams to finish the year: Washington, California, Stanford, Utah, Colorado, Oregan State. This is a tough schedule finishing the year. California almost beat Arizona, losing on a hail mary pass, Stanford is always strong and has shown success against Oregon, and Utah just pulled an upset on UCLA.

1:58 PM EST: Mariota also had a statement to say about their huge loss against Arizona. "We left a lot of points and plays on the board, but that’s football. The locker room is positive. We’re ready to move on, get back together and get it going." 

1:58 PM EST: "There’s obviously things in every phase that need to be rectified. For some reason, we had a bunch of assignment busts on the perimeter, which we haven’t had ever. Part of that was a communication issue. We missed a couple of signs in the first half, which has never happened. And those just came up at opportune times. We didn’t play cleanly tonight in any phase," said Oregon head coach Mark Helfrich on GoDucks.com. 

1:57 PM EST: Before last weeks loss, Mariota went into the game with 3/2 odds of winning the heisman. He's now at 15/2. Gurley led the country this week at 7/4, but he was indifinetly suspended this week so it's an ideal situation for Mariota. Playing in Pasadena, he'll be getting to show the country if he deserves this award or not.

1:56 PM EST: This game has the potential to be the best game of the weekend. Two top-25 teams, competing for a Pac-12 title and a spot in the playoffs, and whichever team loses likely won't make either game.

1:55 PM EST: "I'll say it again and until the day that I die or get out of football. Sacks are a component of all 11 (players)," coach Jim Mora said. "Sometimes it's a rush, sometimes you get beat, and sometimes the quarterback holds it for too long. It's a function of all of those things.

1:54 PM EST: The Bruins, like the Ducks, also struggle to protect their quarterback. Hundley was sacked 10 times in last weeks' matchup. 

1:53 PM EST: Statistic leaders for UCLA. Passing: Hundley 91-125, 1310 yds, 9 tds. Rushing: Perkins - 94 car, 540 yds, 3 tds. Receiving: Payton - 31 rec, 491 yds, 3 tds.

1:52 PM EST: Statistic leaders for Oregon. Passing: Mariota 91-128, 1411 yds, 15 tds. Rushing: Freeman - 67 car, 346 yds, 5 tds. Receiving: Allen - 19 rec, 377 yds, 6 tds.

1:51 PM EST: According to the Associated Press, Oregon hasn't lost two straight in nearly 7 years. 

1:50 PM EST: "That's all I could ask for, that we're getting better," center Hroniss Grasu told the Ducks' official website. "It's no excuse about who's in there. It's the five best guys that are available, and we gotta go from there. No excuse for the sacks we've been giving up. ... We've got to do whatever it takes to protect Marcus and take the hits off him."

1:49 PM EST:  Oregon has allowed 12 sacks over the last two games. The inability to protect Mariota is a worry that has to be fixed as soon as possible. Oregon has lost 3 offensive linemen this season, and as much as it is a trouble for Oregon, they have to have the "next man up" mentality. 

1:48 PM EST: "Execution, discipline, a bunch of things that we control were not good enough," coach Mark Helfrich said. "It was not good enough to play the schedule we play. We need to play more cleanly in every phase."

1:47 PM EST: For this matchup, it's about the UCLA defense against the Oregon offense. Oregon has a high powered offense, and if UCLA can't suppress that offense then it will become increasingly difficult for the UCLA offense to hang. 

1:46 PM EST: Oregon suffered a 31-24 loss at home to Arizona last week, and the Bruins suffered a 30-28 loss to Utah. Two upset of the two major teams in the Pac-12 on the same week. That alone makes this game a must-watch.

1:45 PM EST: The Oregon Ducks head to Pasadena, California to take on the UCLA Bruins in a matchup that will likely determine who makes it into the Pac-12 Championship. Both teams coming off losses, and a second loss could make it drastically harder for either team to make it to the Pac-12 Championship let alone the playoff games.