Max Escamilla: Basketball, Business and Life

Christian: Since you're new to Spartans basketball why don't you tell fans a little bit about yourself?

Max: I was born in Bakersfield, California and then moved in Indiana. I enjoy playing basketball and golf, and I work with my dad doing construction work. We do a lot of welding and pouring concrete.

Christian: You mentioned that you do construction work with your dad such as welding and pouring concrete, both of which are pretty hard to do. How has working in that type of enviroment molded you into the person and player you are today?

Max: It's definitely made me work harder and has made me tough. Welding at 1,000 degree temperatures and pouring concrete in the baking sun takes a lot of hard work and working in conditions like that has helped me to play hard and work hard in sports as well, whether it be while playing golf or basketball.

Christian: How much of an impact has basketball had on you as an individual?

Max: Growing up in Indiana everyone is a basketball fanatic. I have been surounded by the game my whole life, and I have been playing ever since I was a little kid. I enjoy every minute of it and am really happy to be here at Elgin Community College playing the game that I love.

Christian: What can Spartans fans expect out of you the rest of the season?

Max: To keep on going hard defensively, get out and attack the other teams bigs and just go hard to the basket, as well as develop my post game and try to get back to where I was as a high school player.

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