Lafayette Leopards - Villanova Wildcats Score (52-93)
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Final: Villanova Wildcats are offically the winners tonight, 93-52. Thank you for joining our coverage LIVE here at VAVEL USA and enjoy one of our many other LIVES that are going on right now.

Final: Daniel Ochefu is the VAVEL USA player of the game. He finished with 14 points and 10 rebounds and was 5-5 on his shots tonight.

Final: Villanova Wildcats advance to the round of 32 and will face the winner of the LSU vs. NC State game that comes up next here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

2H 0:12 - Phil Booth with a steal and dribbles out the clock. Villanova 93, Lafayette 52.

2H 0:18 - Offensive foul on the Wildcats. Lafayette should be able to end this one soon.

2H 1:42 - Phil Booth makes one of two free throws. Villanova 93, Lafayette 52.

2H 2:02 - Michael Hoffman hits it this time. Villanova 92, Lafayette 52.

2H 2:12 - Michael Hoffman misses a shot for the Lafayette Leopards, clock stops at 2:12 on the rebound. It is the final TV timeout of the game. Villanova 92, Lafayette 50.

2H 2:28 - Dylan Ennis makes a two pointer to extend the lead. Villanova 92, Lafayette 50.

2H 2:50 - Lafayette hits half a hundred as Nathaniel Musters gets his first basket of the game. Villanova 90, Lafayette 50.

2H 4:07 - Stoppage of play as their is blood on the nose of one of the Leopards.

2H 4:29 - Michael Hoffman with a jumper at the free throw line. Villanova 90, Lafayette 48.

2H 4:47 - Offensive foul on Villanova, Jay Wright is sending in the backups across the board to keep his starters healthy.

2H 5:32 - Dylan Ennis with a three pointer from the corner. Villanova 90, Lafayette 46.

2H 5:53 - Bryce Scott with a deep three pointer. Villanova 87, Lafayette 46.

2H 6:13 - Daniel Ochefu with a layup, and is fouled. Hits the free throw. Villanova 87, Lafayette 43.

2H 6:32 - Monty Boykins with a jumper from the left side of the court. Villanova 84, Lafayette 43.

2H 7:14 - Darrun Hilliard with a turnover for traveling.

2H 7:33 - Villanova with a turnover under their bucket. TV timeout. Villanova 84, Lafayette 41.

2H 7:58 - Seth Hinrichs with a good move to get open to sink a 13 footer. Villanova 84, Lafayette 41.

2H 8:58 - Dylan Ennis sinks a three pointer from the corner. Villanova 84, Lafayette 39.

2H 9:45 - Daniel Ochefu makes both free throws. Villanova 81, Lafayette 39.

2H 9:45 - The under 12 tv timeout is finally here after a shooting foul on Dan Trist. Daniel Ochefu will shoot free throws in a moment. Villanova 79, Lafayette 39.

2H 10:21 - Kris Jenkins with another layup. Villanova 79, Lafayette 39.

2H 10:54 - Dan Trist with even more points for the Leopards. Villanova 77, Lafayette 39.

2H 11:17 - Darrun Hilliard again with a jumper. Villanova 77, Lafayette 37.

2H 11:49 - Nick Lindner hits a three pointer, one of his first on the evening. Villanova 75, Lafayette 37.

2H 12:05 - Another jumper falls for Villanova, as Darrun Hilliard sinks this one. Villanova 75, Lafayette 34.

2H 12:37 - Daniel Ochefu tries to put in a dunk, but he is fouled by Dan Trist. Ochefu misses the first and the second. Villanova 73, Lafayette 34. Lafayette takes their final timeout on the rebound in order to keep it out of a jump ball.

2H 12:45 - Matt Klinewski with a turnover for Lafayetteon traveling. There is an official timeout as one of the referees has blood on his arm.

2H 13:04 - Josh Hart with a dunk in transition, uncontested. Villanova 73, Lafayette 34.

2H 13:32 - Daniel Ochefu with a beautiful block, leads to the other end where Phil Booth sinks a three pointer. Villanova 71, Lafayette 34.

2H 14:13 - After a turnover, Bryce Scott fouls JayVaughn Pinkston, who hits both free throws. Villanova 68, Lafayette 34.

2H 14:34 - JayVaughn Pinkston gets blocked and then the ball bounces off him and goes out of bounds. Villanova 66, Lafayette 34.

2H 14:57 - Seth Hinrichs puts it in and is fouled. Misses the free throw. Villanova 66, Lafayette 34.

2H 15:13 - Ryan Arcidiacono with a nice three pointer again. Villanova 66, Lafayette 32.

2H 15:40 - Dylan Ennis tried to take it against multiple defenders, Layaette poked the ball out of bounds. TV timeout. Villanova 63, Lafayette 32.

2H 16:14 - Dan Trist with a rebound and a put back. Villanova 63, Lafayette 32.

2H 16:32 - JayVaugh Pinkston hits one of the glass but was fouled. Hits the free throw as well. Villanova 63, Lafayette 30.

2H 16:50 - Ryan Arcidiacono with an easy layup after a turnover. Villanova 60, Lafayette 30.

2H 17:20 - Ryan Arcidiacono with a three pointer to extend the lead even further. Villanova 58, Lafayette 30. Leopards take a 30 second timeout.

2H 17:47 - Darrun Hilliard with a layup and Dylan Ennis just hit one as well. Villanova 55, Lafayette 30.

2H 18:55 - Seth Hinrichs with a long two from almost the corner. Villanova 51, Lafayette 30.

2H 19:04 - Ryan Arcidiacono with a nice layup for the Wildcats. Villanova 51, Lafayette 28.

2H 19:28 - Dan Trist gets the ball and is able to put it back in. Villanova 49, Lafayette 28.

2H 20:00 - Just a couple more moments and the second half will be fully underway.

Halftime: The #4 North Carolina Tar Heels are up 26-14 on the Harvard Crimson with 6:33 left in the first half.

Halftime: #9 Purdue Boilermakers are up 25-24 on the Cincinnati Bearcats.

Halftime: JayVaughn Pinkston is the player of the first half though, he has 7 points on 3-3 shooting and 6 rebounds. If he plays enough in the second half he will get a double-double.

Halftime: Lafayette would be completely done in this game if it wasn't for Dan Trist. He is 5-7 from the floor and has 2 rebounds so far.

Halftime: Villanova is also crushing it with beautiful passes. Of their 20 made shots, they have had assists on 13 of them.

Halftime: Villanova is winning the battle of the boards as well, with 15 total rebounds compared to Lafayette with 6.

Halftime: Villanova is going out of their mind from the field. They have made 20 of their 32 shot attempts so far, which is 62.5%.

Halftime: Villanova 49, Lafayette 26.

1H 0:03 - Kris Jenkins hits a jumper with only a few seconds left in the half. Villanova with a comfortable lead. Villanova 49, Lafayette 26.

1H 0:51 - Ochefu makes the free throw, Villanova presses after the make and Lafayette has to call a timeout.

1H 1:02 - Daniel Ochefu fouled on a layup, but he makes it. Villanova 46, Lafayette 26.

1H 1:50 - Phil Booth hits a three pointer for the Wildcats. Villanova 44, Lafayette 26.

1H 2:16 - Dan Trist makes both of his free throws. Villanova 41, Lafayette 26.

1H 2:32 - Ryan Arcidiacono hits a three pointer. Villanova 41, Lafayette 24.

1H 2:56 - Seth Hinrichs sinks both free throws and they go into a press. Villanova 38, Lafayette 24.

1H 2:56 - Lafayette switched to a 2-3 zone out of the timeout. Seth Hinrichs drives off the rebound to the other coast and is fouled. Villanova 38, Lafayette 22.

1H 3:29 - Seth Hinrichs wants some more, this time from way outside and nailing it. Villanova 38, Lafayette 22. Villanova calls their first timeout.

1H 4:21 - Dylan Ennis with another bucket for the Wildcats, making it Villanova 38, Lafayette 19.

1H 4:38 - Seth Hinrichs with an easy layup for the Leopards, Villanova 36, Lafayette 19.

1H 4:50 - Darrun Hilliard drives right down the middle and puts in an easy basket. Villanova 36, Lafayette 17.

1H 5:10 - Zach Rufer with a steal for the Leopards, but he is fouled while trying to put it in. Makes both free throws though. Villanova 34, Lafayette 17.

1H 5:29 - Dan Trist with another layup, 10 points for him on the night. Villanova 34, Lafayette 15.

1H 6:05 - Josh Hart buries a 3 pointer for the Wildcats. Villanova 34, Lafayette 13.

1H 6:35 - Daniel Ochefu with another layup in transition, Lafayette calls timeout. Villanova 31, Lafayette 13.

1H 7:18 - Daniel Ochefu with another layup. Villanova 29, Lafayette 13.

1H 7:35 - Nick Lindner shoots it from 3, but it was a complete air ball and it goes to Villanova.

This just in, the Ohio State Buckeyes defeated the VCU Rams by a final score of 75-72 in overtime. The Buckeyes will face the Arizona Wildcats in the round of 32.

1H 7:51 - Kris Jenkins makes back to back three pointers for the Wildcats to extend the lead. TV timeout and it will be Leopards ball. Villanova 27, Lafayette 13.

1H 8:54 - Monty Boykins from downtown to give Lafayette a needed 3 points. Villanova 21, Lafayette 13.

1H 9:10 - Josh Hart with an easy layup after a great pass by Darrun Hilliard.

1H 9:31 - Dan Trist again with a left handed layup to get his 8th point of the night. Villanova 19, Lafayette 10.

1H 10:35 - Darrun Hilliard with a layup on the in bounds play. Villanova 19, Lafayette 8.

1H 10:39 - Phil Booth with a brick right off the front rim, Dan Trist had the ball hit him and fall out of bounds.

1H 11:30 - JayVaughn Pinkston missed the first but made the second end of his two free throws. Villanova 17, Lafayette 8.

1H 11:30 - JayVaughn Pinkston was wide open under the hoop, and Joey Ptasinski comes down and ends up with a shooting foul. Free throws right after this tv timeout. Villanova 16, Lafayette 8.

1H 12:04 - Phil Booth with a jumper for Villanova. Extending their lead to Villanova 16, Lafayette 8.

1H 12:33 - Loose ball out of bounds and it was intially ruled to stay with Lafayette, but was overturned to be Villanova's ball. Bryce Scott picks up his second foul on defense for Lafayette.

1H 12:49 - Daniel Ochefu turns the ball over as he just throws it out of bounds and it will be Lafayette ball.

1H 13:36 - Dan Trist called for his first foul on the other end, Dylan Ennis makes one free throw, Villanova 14, Lafayette 8.

1H 13:55 - Dan Trist again with a reverse layup to give himself 6 points tonight. Villanova 13, Lafayette 8.

1H 14:40 - Dan Trist with another 2 from the outside to try to keep them in it. Villanova 13, Lafayette 6.

1H 15:13 - Lafayette tries to take it up to the glass but was blocked. JayVaughn Pinkston with another layup at the other end, Villanova 13, Lafayette 4.

1H 15:41 - JayVaughn Pinkston tries to recover the ball on a rebound before it goes out of bounds, but is unable to get it back into play. It will be Lafayette Leopards ball after the TV Timeout.

1H 16:00 - Dan Trist makes his first bucket of the game to get on the board. Villanova 11, Lafayette 4.

1H 16:29 - Lafayette Leopards take their first timeout of the game.

1H 16:38 - Villanova gets another defensive stop and this time it is Daniel Ochefu with the layup to make the score Villanova 11, Lafayette 2.

1H 16:58 - After their third turnover in a row, Lafayette gives up another basket as it is JayVaughn Pinkston again with a tip-in off a Ryan Arcidiacono miss. Villanova 9, Lafayette 2.

1H 17:30 - JayVaughn Pinkston with another layup, Villanova 7, Lafayette 2.

1H 18:02 - Darrun Hilliard with a layup for the Villanova Wildcats, Villanova 5, Lafayette 2.

1H 18:27 - The clock has been adjusted to 18:27 and the game is back on.

1H 18:52 - They are reviewing his foot on the shot, as he was on the line it appears and should be overruled to a 2 pointer. But there was a clock issue as well as it had stopped for more than just this last possession. Villanova 3, Lafayette 2.

1H 18:52 - Joey Ptasinski hits a three pointer for the Leopards to tie the game up. Villanova 3, Lafayette 3.

Villanova gets on the board right away as Josh Hart hits a three pointer to take an early lead. Villanova 3, Lafayette 0.

Tip-off goes to the Villanova Wildcats.

Tip off is just moments away. Stay tuned for all of the action here at VAVEL USA.

The games at the CONSOL Energy Center have both been won by the favorites so far, and the Villanova Wildcats certainly look to keep that streak going in this next contest.

The final game of the early set is the 7 - 10 seeds in that region, the #7 VCU Rams and the #10 Ohio State Buckeyes. Currently that game is tied up at 58 points a piece.

The West Region has had two other games, as the #2 Arizona Wildcats easily defeated the #15 Texas Southern Tigers, 93-72.

The South Region has had two upsets so far, as the #11 UCLA Bruins defeated the #6 SMU Mustangs 60-59, and the #14 UAB Blazers defeated the #3 Iowa State Cyclones, 60-59 as well.

Also from the West Region, one of the biggest upsets of the tournament as the #14 Georgia State Panthers defeated the #3 Baylor Bears late as they won by just a single point, 57-56.

From the West Region, The #6 Xavier Musketeers were able to hold off the First Four winning #11 Ole Miss Rebels, winning by a final score of 76-57.

Earlier in the day in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the #3 Notre Dame Fighting Irish held off against a difficult #14 Northeastern Huskies squad, 69-65.

From the East Region, the only two games played have been games won by the favorites. The #6 Butler Bulldogs were able to score after a rough drought against a tough #11 Texas Longhorn defense. Butler Bulldogs 56, Texas Longhorns 48.

With tip-off quickly closing in on us, let's recap some of today's earlier action.

The Villanova Wildcats are 12-1 against fellow NCAA Tournament teams, with wins over the VCU Rams, Butler Bulldogs (two times), St. John’s Red Storm (two times), Xavier Musketeers (three times), Georgetown Hoyas, and the Providence Friars (three times). Their only loss was the previously mentioned loss to the Hoyas.

The Lafayette Leopards are 1-2 against fellow NCAA Tournament teams, having defeated the Robert Morris Colonials on the road in their season opener on November 14, 77-50. Their other two games came against Big Ten teams in West Virginia and Kansas. They lost to the Mountaineers 83-56, and to Kansas Jayhawks 96-69.

Looking for their program’s first ever NCAA Tournament win, the Leopards will most likely have the starting five of Senior Forward Dan Trist (6’9”, 234 lbs), Senior Guard Seth Hinrichs (6’8”, 223 lbs), Junior Guard Bryce Scott (6’3”, 191 lbs), Senior Guard Joey Ptasinsky (6’3” 177 lbs), and Sophomore Guard Nick Lindner (5’10”, 166 lbs). They are coached by Fran O'Hanlon.

Meanwhile, the Lafayette Leopards really could not be any happier to be here. They are 0-4 in NCAA Tournament games, having last been in the tournament in both the 1999 and 2000 seasons. They were a 15 seed on both occasions, losing to the #2 Miami Hurricanes in 1999 by a final of 75-54, and in 2000 by a final score of 73-43 to the #2 Temple Owls.

Last year Villanova went out in the round of 32 in a disappointing loss to the eventual National Champion Uconn Huskies. They lost 77-65 to the seventh seeded Huskies in Buffalo, New York. Of course, at the time of the loss it was a tremendous upset, because who would have thought that Uconn would have knocked off Iowa State, Michigan State, Florida, and Kentucky to take the trophy home back on the first weekend.

Villanova’s starting five in this game are expected to be Redshirt Senior Forward JayVaughn Pinkston (6’7”, 235 lbs), Junior Forward Daniel Ochefu (6’11”, 245 lbs), Senior Guard Darrun Hilliard (6’6”, 215 lbs), Redshirt Junior Guard Dylan Ennis (6’2”, 192 lbs), and Junior Guard Ryan Arcidiacono (6’3”, 195 lbs). They are coached by Jay Wright.

The Villanova Wildcats only lost two games this year, first to the Seton Hall Pirates on January 3, 2015, and then against the Georgetown Hoyas as previously mentioned below. It would be of further benefit to look closer into each of those situations. Normally the Villanova Wildcats are 47% shooters on the season, but in each of their losses, they shot well below that. They shot below 35% in both of their losses this season, with a ridiculously low 31% against Seton Hall.

In case you are unfamiliar with the Villanova Wildcats, they are an extremely balanced team. Their top 6 players all average over 9 points per game. If they are in a situation where they are leading and the other team is looking to foul, look for them to get the ball in the hands of Junior Guard Ryan Arcidiacono, as he is the team’s only free throw shooter above 80%.

In fact, the Villanova Wildcats haven’t lost since back on January 19 when they were throttled on the road by the Georgetown Hoyas 78-58. But winning the Big East tournament was a breeze as they easily went past the Marquette Golden Eagles (84-49), Providence Friars (63-61), and the Xavier Musketeers (69-52).

The Villanova Wildcats (32-2, 16-2 Big East) were a certainty to make the tournament as they had won the regular season in the Big East, and then they wound up winning the Conference tournament as well and were seeded number 2 overall, right behind the Kentucky Wildcats.

But if the Leopards fall behind, as they are expected to do, look for Senior Forward Seth Hinrichs, Senior Guard Joey Ptasinski, and Junior Guard Bryce Scott to do some damage from the outside, as they are the teams best three point shooters this season, combing for over 173 three pointers made between the three of them. The Leopards are a highly efficient offensive team, as they rank 34th in points per game with 74.2, 17th in assists per game with 15.6, and 8th overall in field goal percentage at 48.8%.

The Lafayette Leopards are led by a Senior Forward from Sydney, Australia, Dan Trist. He has been putting up 17.3 points per game and 6.7 rebounds per game, leading the Leopards in both statistics.

The Lafayette Leopards went 20-12 overall and 9-9 in the Patriot League. Also, they were able to make it into the NCAA tournament by virtue of their Conference Tournament win in the Patriot League. They defeated the American Eagles in the conference final by a final score of 65-63.

The Lafayette Leopards are looking to become the first ever sixteen seed to knock off a number one seed.

Hello, and welcome to VAVEL USA’s NCAA Tournament coverage of the Thursday, March 19, 2015, evening match up between the #1 Villanova Wildcats and the #16 Lafayette Leopards, taking place at 6:50 PM ET in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as part of the East Region. Yours truly, Caleb Wahlgren, will be right on the action with play by play commentary.