NC State Wolfpack - Wake Forest Demon Deacons Score (35-17)

NC State Wolfpack - Wake Forest Demon Deacons Score (35-17)

Jordan Hansgen
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That'll do it from Winston-Salem, thanks for joining us for this LIVE of NCSU - WF. I'm Jordan Hansgen signing off

4:02 PM After giving up 28 offensive points in the first quarter, Wake didn't allow NCSU to score on offense for the rest of the game. Only a punt return beat them.

4:01 PM Although Wake only had 2 less first downs, NCSU dominated in both total yards and score

4th 0:00 NCSU wins it 35-17. Stay tuned for more postgame coverage

4th 0:31 Wake stops NCSU for a loss of 3

4th 0:38 Samuels recovers the onside kick for NCSU

4th 0:40 Weaver's onside kick is recovered by Wake, but illegal formation negates it. There will be a rekick

4th 0:44 Touchdown Wake Forest on the Hinton QB sneak. NCSU 35 WF 17

4th 0:53 Timeout WF

4th 0:55 Hinton runs forward for a short gain, but is stopped at the 1

4th 1:06 Hinton throws left incomplete. Pass interference keeps it 1st and goal WF, but now from the 2

4th 1:11 Hinton runs 14 more yards. 1st and Goal

4th 1:38 Bell breaks a run to the right for 33 yards

4th 2:22 Colburn runs again for 3 more yards

4th 2:59 Colburn runs up the middle for 3 more yards

4th 3:40 Matt Colburn runs up the middle for a gain of 20

4th 4:25 Bell stopped for a loss of 2

4th 4:30 Touchback. WF starts at the 25

4th 4:30 Cherry returns the punt 52 yards for another NC State touchdown. NCSU 35 WF 10

4th 4:43 Hinton throws deep but misses a diving KJ Brent

4th 5:25 Hinton is sacked and fumbles, but Wake recovers it

4th 5:36 Hinton scrambles and throws, but his pass is tipped and incomplete

4th 5:43 Hines fair catches the punt and will take over at their 15

4th 6:20 Samuels stopped short of the first by Wake's defense

4th 7:04 Brissett throws left for a gain of 3

4th 7:35 Dayes runs right for a gain of 4

4th 7:42 Hinton's pass is incomplete and NCSU will take over

4th 7:47 Time out NCSU

4th 8:13 Hinton sacked by Boone and Wake will go for it on 4th down

4th 8:50 Hinton finds Hines again up the middle for a gain of 8

4th 9:30 Hinton loses 3 yards on a run

4th 9:55 Hines again with the reception and the first down

4th 10:03 Hinton's pass broken up at the line

4th 10:07 Hinton throws towards Hines. Pass Interference on NCSU. Wake moves up 15

4th 10:38 Brent catches a pss for the first down

4th 11:10 Hines breaks a tackle on a reception and gains 5

4th 11:18 NCSU misses their 2nd FG

4th 11:23 Brissett throws into the endzone, but misses his receiver. NCSU will attempt a FG

4th 11:30 Brissett's fade pass broken up by Austin

4th 12:09 Samuels loses 1 on a pass completion

4th 12:38 Brissett rushes for the first down

4th 13:25 Samuels loses 1 yard on first down

4th 13:56 Dayes catches a pass and gets the first down and more

4th 14:27 Dayes gains 6 to bring up 3rd and 4

4th 14:40 Brandon Chubb alters Brissett's throw for an incompletion

4th 14:52 Dayes runs for the first down

3rd Quarter Without Hinton's long run, Wake would only have 102 total yards

3rd 0:00 Brissett runs up the middle for a gain of 7 and the 3rd quarter will end

3rd 0:53 Dayes rushes right for a NCSU first down

3rd 1:12 Dayes on the run right for a few yards. Facemasking will add to the run

3rd 1:18 Kinal's punt puts NCSU at their own 9

3rd 2:05 Hinton can't get to the first and WF will bring out the punt team

3rd 2:35 Colburn runs up the middle for a 5 yard gain

3rd 2:46 Hinton's pass incomplete 2nd and 10

3rd 3:25 Hinton finds Brent for the first down

3rd 3:31 Wake will start at their own 19 following that punt

3rd 4:15 Brissett scrambles but can't make it to the first down

3rd 4:24 Brissett's pass is incomplete deep. 3rd and 15

3rd 4:31 False start NCSU

3rd 4:32 Brissett's pass is incomplete

3rd 4:38 NCSU starts at the 25 following a touchback

3rd 4:38 Weaver's FG is good and Wake trims the lead to 28-10

3rd 4:43 Hinton's pass is dropped by Tyler Bell. Brings up 4th down

3rd 5:25 Hinton finds Wade again for a gain of 8

3rd 6:09 Colburn loses 2

3rd 6:25 Hinton is stopped for a loss, but defensive holding gives Wake yards and a first down

3rd 7:10 Colburn only gets 2 on that 1st down run

3rd 7:50 Wade is found again for a gain of 17 

3rd 8:29 Hinton gets hit, but completes a pass to Chuck Wade for the first down

3rd 8:35 Hines gains nothing on the punt. WF takes over at their own 33

3rd 8:59 Brissett is sacked by Duke Ejiofor and NCSU will punt

3rd 9:13 Brissett's pass is dropped and it brings up 3rd and 11

3rd 9:35 Samuels loses 1 on a run to the left

3rd 10:10 Brissett throws while being hit and completes a pass for the first down

3rd 10:53 Samuels loses 1 on a swing pass

3rd 11:24 Brissett runs right for a gain of 2

3rd 11:33 Punt is fair caught and NCSU takes over at the 28

3rd 12:10 Rose sacks Hinton and Wake will have to punt

3rd 12:59 Colburn stopped again for no gain

3rd 13:06 Hinton overthrows Serigne up the middle

3rd 13:39 Brent catches the ball for a gain of 6 and a first down

3rd 14:16 Hinton finds Wade up the middle for a gain of 5

3rd 14:54 Colburn runs left for no gain

3rd 15:00 A touchback to start the 2nd half

Halftime Wake will start with the ball in the second half to try to cut the deficit

Halftime Brissett however is 15 for 23 for 198 yards and two touchdowns

Halftime Wake's QBs  are just 4 for 12 for 26 yards

Halftime NCSU is outgaining WF 389 to 112.

2nd 0:00 Bell rushes for a short gain and that's the half. NCSU 28 WF 7

2nd 0:19 Hinton is pressured and once again throws it away

2nd 0:25 Hinton throws it away 2nd and 10 now

2nd 0:32 Hinton scrambles for 9 and the first

2nd 0:38 Serigne gets the catch, but for only 4 yards

2nd 0:59 Bell gets just one on the run

2nd 1:06 NCSU misses the FG. Wake takes over at the 22

2nd 1:11 Brissett's pass broken up and NCSU will attempt a FG

2nd 1:15 Brissett misses Ramos and it is now 3rd and 9

2nd 1:26 Wake called for a pass interference followed up by a Samuels reception to the WF 22

2nd 1:36 Dayes rushes for a gain of two

2nd 1:59 Dayes gets the first

2nd 2:24 Brissett completes a 7 yard pass 

2nd 2:46 Dayes rushes for the first down

2nd 3:05 Cherry catches a 5 yard pass

2nd 3:16 Hines returns for NCSU to the 38

2nd 3:24 Hinton scrambles and runs 69 yards with some good moves for a Wake Forest touchdown! Wake cuts the lead to 28-7

2nd 4:11 Hines with the run, reverses direction and only can get back to the line

2nd 4:50 Hinton to Hines for a gain of 7

2nd 4:57 Hines returns the 52 yard punt to the WF 23

2nd 5:08 Watson with good coverage on the deep ball and NCSU will punt

2nd 5:15 Brissett misses Cherry and it's now 3rd and 9

2nd 5:51 Dayes gains 1

2nd 6:25 Samuels runs for the first down

2nd 6:56 Brissett with the run left and gains 7

2nd 7:04 Punt fair caught at the NCSU 15

2nd 7:12 Hinton misses Lewis and Wake will once again have to punt

2nd 7:44 Hinton is sacked by Roseboro for a loss of 7

2nd 8:17 Hinton gets no gain 

2nd 8:26 Hinton throws to Serigne and defensive holding is called. Wake gets a first down at the NCSU 48

2nd 8:48 Hinton stumbles and loses 2

2nd 8:51 NCSU goes for it and Brissett overthrows his man. Wake takes over at the 44

2nd 8:56 Timeout NCSU

2nd 9:32 Hines is stopped 4 yards short of the first

2nd 9:40 Brissett misses his receiver and it's now 3rd down

2nd 9:58 Dayes has two rushes and NCSU crosses the 50

2nd 10:20 Brissett's pass is complete for 7

2nd 10:25 Punt is fair caught at the NCSU 43

2nd 10:32 Hinton underthrows Wade and Wake will have to punt again

2nd 10:38 Hinton's first pass is batted at the line and nearly intercepted

2nd 11:00 Hinton is now in at QB. He keeps the ball for a 2 yard gain

2nd 11:22 Wake returns the punt for just a few yards. WF takes over at their 15

2nd 11:43 a false start puts NCSU back to 4th and 6 and they will now punt.

2nd 12:14 Wake stops Gallaspy short of the first

2nd 12:52 Dayes runs left for 5 more

2nd 13:25 Dayes runs for 4 yards

2nd 13:31 Kinal punts. NCSU will start at their own 45

2nd 14:10 Wolford can't get the first on the scramble, Wake will punt again

2nd 14:52 Bell runs for a gain of 3

1st Quarter Brissett and Dayes have been fantastic to start this game

1st Quarter NCSU outgaining WF 322-20 and leads 28-0 after one

1st 0:32 Bell has nothing going on that run

1st 0:39 Wake can't get back to their 20 on the kickoff

1st 0:45 Dayes with another great run for another NCSU touchdown. PAT  is good and NCSU leads now 28-0

1st 1:19 Pass to Samuels is good for 9 and a first down

1st 1:58 Dayes with the run for 2 yards

1st 2:07 Brissett nearly sacked, but gets the ball away

1st 2:13 Kinal has another good punt. NCSU takes over at their 33

1st 2:22 Wolford hurried again and misses Lewis

1st 2:31 Wolford's pass broken up at the line brings up 3rd and long

1st 3:08 Wolford sacked again this time for a loss of 7

1st 3:17 Touchback WF takes over at the 25

1st 3:17 Ruling stands and NCSU converts the PAT and takes a 21-0 lead

1st 3:17 Brissett throws a beauty to Hines for 58 yards and another Touchdown, pending review

1st 3:28 Kinal punts and NCSU takes over at their 42

1st 4:20 Wolford has no one to throw to and is sacked by Mike Rose again

1st 4:58 Bell again for a gain of 3

1st 5:35 Bell rushes left for a gain of 3

1st 5:43 Wake will take over at their own 8 following a good low punt by Cole

1st 5:54 Brissett misses Dayes deep and NCSU will punt

1st 6:20 Brissett's pass complete to Ramos for 6 yards

1st 6:58 Wake shuts down Brissett for a loss of 3

1st 7:30 Samuels catches a swing pass for a 14 yard gain

1st 8:10 Brissett runs for a gain of 7

1st 8:34 NCSU converts on a short pass

1st 9:14 Hines with the catch for a gain of 6 brings up 3rd and 2

1st 9:48 Samuels on the catch for a 2 yard gain

1st 10:02 Hines on the trick play pass, and is intercepted by Jones. NCSU takes over at their 6

1st 10:20 Lewis catches a screen for a 10 yard gain and a first

1st 10:59 Bell gains 3 yards

1st 11:30 Bell gets a good run up the middle for 11 yards and a first

1st 12:00 Bell gets a short run for 2 yards

1st 12:15 Kick goes out of bounds. Wake takes over at the 35

1st 12:15 PAT is Good. NCSU 14 WF 0

1st 12:15 Matthew Dayes gets his first carry and breaks loose following good blocking for a huge 85 yard Touchdown! 

1st 12:28 Wake punts and it's covered well. NCSU takes over at their own 15

1st 13:09 Wolford sacked by Rose for a loss of 7

1st 13:48 Wolford completes pass to Hines for a gain of 5.

1st 13:55 Wolford gets hit and throws the ball away 2nd down

1st 13:59 Wake gets a great return to their own 46

1st 14:07 Score stands. Pass was to Trowell and the PAT is good. NCSU 7 WF 0

1st 14:07 Brissett escapes and completes a long pass for a touchdown! Pending review. 

1st 14:30 NCSU gets two straight completions for a first

1st 15:00 Touchback, NCSU starts at their 25

12:02 Wake wins the toss and defers. Wolfpack will receive the ball first

11:56 Lot of red in the crowd. A good amount of NC State fans have made the short trip to Winston-Salem

11:53 This is the 106th straight year that NC State and Wake Forest play each other. That is the 4th longest uninterrupted series in the NCAA

11:35 Wake is donning their gold helmets today. NC State is in all white

11:33 NC State has lost 6 straight games at Wake Forest

11:30 Both Hinton and Wolford warming up for Wake

The rivalry between these two schools cannot be ignored. The Wolfpack fans will travel the short commute to Winston-Salem and the stands will be divided. Wake Forest will try to defend their home field once again against NC State. They have done a great job with it thus far. They will be the underdog once again, but they should be used to it by now.

The Wolfpack will get their first ACC win of the season if they find a way to get turnovers. Wake has been completely undone by mistakes that have been magnified by the defense getting turnovers. Against Florida State, Wake Forest’s potential game tying drive was cut short by Kendall Hinton overthrowing Cam Serigne in the end zone for an interception. Also, the game winning score in the Indiana game, turned out to be a interception returned for a touchdown by the Indiana defense. NC State will also want to get more production out of their passing game. Jacoby Brissett is a solid quarterback, but has not had the yardage production. If they can improve that, coupled with his ability to play it safe and not commit unneeded turnovers, the Wolfpack could get a win on the road in Winston-Salem.

In order to win this game, Wake Forest will need to address their offensive struggles and establish a rhythm. Their main problem is that their offensive shows flashes of ability that quickly vanish into a string of three and outs. They cannot afford to let that happen and expect to win. They need more consistency from their quarterback and running game, both of which have limited the offense. Defensively, they must stop Matthew Dayes. Wake needs to limit him on early downs to set NC State up for third and long situations. Dayes is a force, but if the Demon Deacons hope to win, they need to stop him.

NC State has been a lot better offensively this season, but has struggled when going up against better competition. RB Matthew Dayes is their offensive impact player. He has 588 yards rushing already on the year and has an impressive 10 touchdown rushes including a long run for 77 yards. Dayes will have to go up against a solid Wake Forest linebacker group led by Senior Brandon Chubb.

One of the major reasons for Wake Forest’s struggles is the fact that they haven’t had stability at the quarterback position. John Wolford started the season as the starter, but due to injury has actually thrown less pass attempts than his true freshman backup Kendall Hinton. Wolford has 997 passing yards on the year, with six touchdowns and five interceptions, while Hinton has 705 yards through the air, two passing touchdowns and four interceptions. Hinton is however the Demon Deacons leading rusher on the year with 255 rushing yards and four rushing touchdowns. Both quarterbacks have thrown too many interceptions and these turnovers have hurt the Deacons tremendously. They were very significant in the Syracuse, Indiana and Florida State losses.

NC State has a better record than the Deacons, but has struggled just as much in the ACC. The Wolfpack are 4-2 on the year, but both losses have come in the ACC. They started out with four non-conference wins over Troy, Eastern Kentucky, Old Dominion, and South Alabama. They never scored less than 35 points in those four games, but the ACC is a far greater challenge. In their first conference game against Louisville, the Wolfpack offense was shut down by the Cardinals defense and could only get in the end zone twice on their way to a 20-13 defeat. They followed that up with another conference loss, this time to Virginia Tech, a game that was lost when the Wolfpack gave up 21 points in the second quarter.

Wake Forest has had an up and down season to say the least. The Demon Deacons have yet to compile two consecutive wins this year. They beat Elon in their home opener, then proceeded to lose the next week to Syracuse 30-17. The next week after that, Wake traveled to West Point and beat the Army Black Knights on a last second field goal 17-14. Then Wake fell to Indiana and Florida State at home. Two weeks ago, Wake responded to those losses with a win over Boston College in a defensive battle 3-0 only to lose the next week at Chapel Hill 50-14. These results have led to Wake Forest holding a 3-4 record and a 1-3 record in the ACC, making them 5th in the Atlantic Division.

Welcome to VAVEL USA’s LIVE coverage of NC State Wolfpack - Wake Forest Demon Deacons. I’m Jordan Hansgen and I’ll be providing minute-to-minute updates, commentary, and results of the game. The game starts at 12:00 PM ET, and there will be coverage pregame, mid-game and postgame.