Score Notre Dame Fighting Irish - Temple Owls in 2015 NCAA Football (24-20)

Score Notre Dame Fighting Irish - Temple Owls in 2015 NCAA Football (24-20)

Zach Drapkin
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4th (0:00) Kizer runs and fires incomplete to expire the game. 24-20, Irish win.

4th (0:52) Kizer carries for 3 and change to the 45. Fourth and change.

4th (0:59) Kizer carries for five. Third and 4, last timeout taken by Temple.

4th (1:02) Gain of 1 for Prosise on 1st and timeout Owls. They have 1 TO left.

4th (1:14) Walker escaping pressure fires and IS INTERCEPTED! KeiVarae Russell with the game-ending pick for the Irish!

4th (1:14) Hands to the face on the offense. 3rd and 17 now.

4th (1:14) Incomplete for Anderson. Fans wanted a flag, but no dice. There is a yellow down in the backfield, however.

4th (1:40) Pass complete left side to Romond Deloatch. 3rd and 2.

4th (1:45) Quick snap is an incomplete pass for Robby Anderson. 2nd and 10 for the Owls.

4th (2:02) Big run here for P.J. Walker! All the way to his own 39 for 15!

4th (2:09) Return to the Temple 24.

4th (2:09) Kick after by Yoon is up and good. 24-20 Irish. Holy moly.

4th (2:34) So, second and ten for Kizer and the Irish. The QB takes it and hits Will Fuller in the far right corner of the endzone, TOUCHDOWN IRISH! FULLER WITH A PERFECT ROUTE AND KIZER WITH A PERFECT THROW! 23-20 ND!

4th (2:34) Player down on the field, teams deliberating on the sidelines a bit.

4th (3:01) Kizer under pressure gets nothing up the middle. 2nd and 10.

4th (3:10) A wide-open Alize Jones makes the catch way downfield and is knocked out of bounds at the Temple 17!

4th (3:27) Complete pass to Fuller (he is indeed still in there) for seven and a new set of downs.

4th (4:10) No gain for Kizer there as he is taken down hard.

4th (4:45) Six yards for Kizer on the run.

4th (4:45) Touchback, Sanders.

4th (4:49) Kick from Jones from 36 yards out is GOOD! 20-17 Temple leads with less than five minutes to go!

4th (4:54) 3rd down, Walker rolls right and Thomas drops it. Fourth and 2, field goal unit to come on.

4th (5:20) Complete in bounds wildly by Ventell Bryant for 10 yards. Bryant is down on the field after an awkward, sprawled out descent.

4th (6:02) Run by Armstead now is blown up to the right side, loss of 3 to the 30 of the Irish.

4th (6:35) Armstead picks up 4 and a first down to the 27!

4th (7:20) Thomas finds a crease, gains 9, third and 1 at the ND 31. Big conversion needed here.

4th (7:55) Thomas for no gain. 2nd and 10 for the momentum-holding Owls.


4th (8:40) Punt bounces and is downed at the Temple 39.

4th (9:22) Kizer finds Prosise right before a big hit, fourth down after a gain of 14 to the 26. Big stop for the Owls, time to take their second lead of the game.

4th (9:45) Foul after the play, late hit on Nick Martin again! Now it is backed up to the ND 12, third and a wowza 18!

4th (10:00) Kizer fires short right for Prosise. The RB makes his way to the 23 for seven. Third and seven for the Irish.

4th (10:41) Kizer takes the snap. Rolls left, nailed in the backfield for a loss of four. 2nd and 14 on the 16.

4th (10:51) C.J. Sanders gets out of multiple hits to make it back to the 20 on his return. 1st down for ND, tie game at 17.

4th (10:51) PAT is good. Tie ballgame. Folks, we have a barnburner in Philadelphia.

4th (10:55) Fourth down and one! Temple lines up with two wide to the right, Walker under center. TOSS TO JAHAD THOMAS WHO MAKES A DEFENDER WHIFF AND SNEAKS HIS WAY IN TO TIE IT UP ASSUMING THE EXTRA POINT! Risky call gets a nice reward for Matt Rhule's side. 17-17.

4th (10:55) Timeout Temple.

4th (11:43) Up the gut and they don't get it in! Thomas makes it back to the line of scrimmage and that is it!

4th (12:40) Player down. After delay, Walker gives it to Ryquell Armstead, he makes it to the 1.

4th (12:52) 1st and goal, Notre Dame four. Walker takes it from the gun and Thomas gets maybe a yard. Second and goal from the three.

4th (12:52) After review, the Owls have the ball at the ND 4 and Shumate is disqualified. Wow.

4th (12:52) Targeting on Elijah Shumate. Play under review.

4th (12:57) Here it is, third down for the Owls. Walker takes the shotgun snap, fires for Romond Deloatch and is dropped. Fireworks go off again, flag down on field.

4th (12:57) Third and goal, ball on ND 9. Timeout Notre Dame, second of the half.

4th (13:03) WALKER HITS VENTELL BRYANT IN THE BACK OF THE ENDZONE! But he drops it, yet the fireworks still go off.

4th (13:40) Thomas is stuffed for a loss of 2. 2nd and goal.


4th (14:30) They're going for it!

4th (15:00) Big third and six here for the Owls. Snap to Walker is taken as a handoff by Thomas, who is downed at the ND 38. Fourth and 4, questionable call to run there.

3rd (0:00) End of quarter, 17-10 Notre Dame. Third and six for Temple at the Fighting Irish's 40 upcoming, after the break!

3rd (0:36) Thomas finds a bit of a lane to the right, gains three for a third and six.

3rd (1:15) Catch by Ventell Bryant gains a yard for Temple. 2nd and 9.

3rd (1:45) Thomas gets it again for a first down to the Irish's 44.

3rd (2:10) Thomas takes it up the middle for eight.

3rd (2:40) Walker carries for another first down. Gain of 10 to the Temple 46. Running game has found a groove.

3rd (3:12) Jahad Thomas breaks out to the 36 on a carry right for a first down.

3rd (3:22) Wobbly punt caught around the nine and returned to Temple's own 22.

3rd (4:00) Kizer waits and hits Brown for 12. 4th and 7, punt to ensue.

3rd (4:47) Screen middle for Prosise. He gains 14 to make it 3rd and 19. 

3rd (5:09) Kizer rolls and with a flag down, carries it out of bounds. Tripping foul on offensive lineman Nick Martin, second and 33 now for ND! Ball on their own 24. Replay 2nd down.

3rd (5:49) Prosise has a decent carry of seven yards to the 39, 2nd and 18 now.

3rd (5:56) Kizer takes the no-back nap. First deep left and the ball is nearly picked off. Another flag on the play, this one is for PI on the offense, Nic Weishar, 1st and 25 at the ND 32.

3rd (6:03) Kizer takes it in the gun. Pass deep right is incomplete but another pass interference on the Temple defense, Stephaun Marshall, for a first down to the 47.

3rd (6:03) Punt return by Sanders stopped at the ND 32. First and ten for the Irish, up 7.

3rd (6:18) A wide-open Robby Anderson sees Walker's pass fly wide right, incomplete. Fourth and eight and Temple has to punt again.

3rd (6:18) Walker's pass batted down at the line. 3rd and 8.

3rd (7:00) Shippen gets two on a reception.

3rd (7:03) Illegal kick out of bounds. Temple's ball at the 35.

3rd (7:07) 23-yard FG by Yoon is good. 17-10 after a big drive to start their second-half offense.

3rd (7:14) Rolling to his left, Kizer hits Robinson in the back left of the endzone by #88 could not get his foot inbounds and now the Irish have a fourth and 5. This FG will make it a seven-point game.

3rd (7:55) Prosise is STUFFED on the carry and loses a good two yards to make it a key third and five. Time for a third pick?

3rd (8:00) 1st and goal. Kizer takes it from the gun and the catch by Corey Robinson is ruled incomplete. 2nd and goal at the three.

3rd (8:00) Timeout, ND. Nearly a delay of game.

3rd (8:40) Kizer takes it himself under pressure and dodges his way down to the 3. First and goal for ND at Temple's 3.

3rd (9:00) Kizer takes it for two yards.

3rd (9:29) Pass to the right BREAKS FREE FOR HUNTER! He makes his way to the Temple 14 for 40 yard gain and an obvious first down.

3rd (10:01) The QB draw for Kizer makes it for a first down to the 46.

3rd (10:30) Rolling off the play fake, Kizer takes it for seven to the left, third and 3 upcoming.

3rd (10:38) Kizer pump fakes and fires deep for Fuller. Broken up by Tavon Young and the ricochet was nearly tipped.

3rd (11:10) A quick Kizer sneak up the middle is called a first down for the Irish at their own 35.

3rd (11:34) End around handoff to Hunter goes for four yards. Third and one here for the Irish.

3rd (11:58) Pass complete left sideline to Brown for five yards. 2nd and 5.

3rd (12:28) Prosise breaks out to the left sideline for a first down carry of five yards to the 25.

3rd (12:57) First and 10. Kizer hands it to Prosise for six up the middle. 2nd and 4 at the 20. Tackle by Matakevich.

3rd (13:07) Another rugby punt from Starzyk. Stop made at the 14 of ND.

3rd (13:45) Shotgun take by Walker. Notre Dame TAKES DOWN the QB who fumbles. Recovered by a Temple O-lineman. Fourth down.

3rd (13:50) Drop by Bryant on a short pass to the left makes it 3rd and 13 from midfield.

3rd (14:25) Jahad Thomas' first third quarter carry is stuffed for a loss of three and brings up a 2nd down and 13 from the 50.

3rd (15:00) Pass COMPLETE to Ventell Bryant into ND territory at the 47 after a 28 reception down the right sideline. 1st and 10.

3rd (15:00) Kickoff is a touchaback for Temple.

Teams marching back out onto the field.

I'll catch you back after halftime for another stellar half of play.

2nd (0:00) At the half, it is a close, close 14-10 game in Notre Dame's favor. Two key redzone interceptions have kept it in reach for the Owls.

2nd (0:30) Thomas gets the carry, takes it to the 28. 3rd and 8 but the half will expire.

2nd (1:01) Walker has forward progress stopped for a loss of 3 for the QB. 


2nd (1:17) 2nd down from the 11. Kizer takes it and fires middle of the field and incomplete for Hunter. 3rd and 10 from the 11. The Owls D needs and could feed off a strong stop here.

2nd (1:24) Kizer snaps on 1st and ten. Scrambling right, he throws it away and out of bounds. 2nd and 10.

2nd (1:24) This is a very momentum driven game. Quite intense down on the field but some solid spurts of rushing and YAC offense for both teams.

2nd (1:34) Temple jumps offside but no flag. Pass complete for Kizer to Chris Brown for a first down at the Temple 11. Gain of 15 and timeout ND with 1:24 remaining in the half. Would be a major advantage to make it 21-10 here.

2nd (1:40) Kizer fires and his pass for Fuller is broken up on the right sideline. Third and a key six yards.

2nd (2:10) Kizer scrambles on first down and gains four before a Matakevich stop. 2nd and 6.

2nd (2:15) Incomplete but pass interference on Temple, AGAIN. First down at the Temple 30 after another PI on the struggling secondary.

2nd (2:45) Another screen for the Irish. Hunter takes it for 9 yards. 2nd and 1 from Temple's 43.

2nd (3:11) Complete to Amir Carlisle and he finds a crease. ALL THE WAY TO THE ND 48, FIRST DOWN AND A 31 YARD GAIN!

2nd (3:44) Prosise gains 2 to the 17.

2nd (4:02) Rugby style punt by Starzyk and he 48 yard punt is going to be given to ND at their own 15 yard line.

2nd (4:07) Walker's pass to Ventell Bryant is incomplete left sideline and so it is fourth down again for the Owls.

2nd (4:09) Incomplete throw to Jahad Thomas. Third and ten for the Owls at their own 37 yard line.

That 79 yard run by Kizer was the longest and most total yards given up by the Owls D all year.

2nd (4:17) Walker is nearly sacked and throws it way off to Anderson. Second and ten.

2nd (4:51) Walker takes the snap and hits Christoper for 12 and a first down to the 37.

2nd (4:51) Touchback for Temple. First and 10 at their own 25.

So that was unexpected. ND goes 88 yards to counter Temple's touchdown drive. This in three plays and a quickie.

2nd (4:51) PAT is good by Justin Yoon.


2nd (5:44) Caught left and stuffed for Hunter. 3rd and 1 after the short gain.

2nd (6:10) Complete left from Kizer to Torii Hunter Jr. for eight yards out of bounds. 2nd and 2 for the Irish.

2nd (6:17) Kickoff to Sanders is caught at the 1. Finds a lane and makes his way past the 20. Penalty on ND, holding, so first down will be at the Irish's 12. Big difference from being around the 25 to start the drive against a firing Owls defense after the INT.

Temple has control. The 94 yards was the longest drive for the Owls in 2015.

2nd (6:17) PAT by Jones is good. 10-7 Owls.

2nd (6:23) Fired and stretched by Brandon Shippen middle of the field, TOUCHDOWN TEMPLE OWLS! 10-7 as they take a key lead on an 8-play, 94-yard drive in less than three minutes. The Owls now have the momentum.

2nd (6:27) Incomplete middle endzone for Kip Patton. 3rd and goal for the Owls at the 12.

2nd (7:09) Walker tosses to Thomas for a loss of 3. 2nd and goal.

2nd (7:14) Fade route left is incomplete for Bryant but a flag. Pass interference on the defense, Coel Luke. Ball will now travel to the Irish's 12 for a first down, Owls!

2nd (7:20) Pass to Christopher's post route is through a defender's and his hands for an incompletion. 3rd and 10 at the ND 24.

2nd (7:57) Run by Robby Anderson (receiver) is stuffed for no gain. Jaylon Smith tackles.

2nd (8:30) Shotgun for Walker. Fires middle of the field for Bryant and the slant routes takes him to ND's 24. 26 yards for the Owls and a first down!

2nd (8:30) Timeout Temple, their last of the half and only a 30-second stoppage in play.

2nd (8:37) Hard ND rush makes for an incomplete pass from Walker, scrambling back wards. Second and ten for the momentum-holding Owls at midfield.


2nd (9:11) Offside, ND. First and five with some breathing room for the Owls at the 11.

2nd (9:16) Third down snap to Kizer. Man in motion. Shotgun play is blown up early and INTERCEPTED BY TEMPLE'S PRAISE MARTIN-OGUIKE IN A DIVING ATTEMPT! TEMPLE BALL ON THE SIX! HUGE STOP FOR THE OWLS!

2nd (9:16) Timeout ND right before a snap or delay of game. Making it a two-possession game here would be a monstrous advantage.

2nd (10:01) Gun again. Kizer gives it to Prosise for a gain of 3 to the 14. Third and seven for the Irish offense.

2nd (10:06) Kizer in the gun with Prosise to his right. Fires left for a screen but the pass is tipped at the line by Hershey Walton and incomplete.

2nd (10:06) First down ND at the Owls' 17. Penalties have been KILLER so far in the secondary. Fuller looks to be besting Temple thus far.

2nd (10:06) Timeout #2 for a very flustered and out-of-sorts Temple team.

2nd (10:14) Incomplete downfield but multiple flags in the secondary. Call is defensive holding on Sean Chandler and PI on Young. Young's penaltu is accepted for first down ND at the Temple 17.

2nd (10:58) Catch by Fuller outside left for nine yards. 3rd and and a long one after the stop by Tavon Young.

2nd (11:40) Kizer snaps and runs a play action option to the 40 for no gain.

2nd (11:50) They get the punt off and a solid return is made by Sanders to the Temple 40. Field position will be key and has been so far for ND.

2nd (12:30) P.J. Walker can't handle the snap and rushes back to recover it at Temple's ONE YARD LINE for a loss of 16. Tricky punt here now for Temple. Nearly a safety.

2nd (13:12) Completion to John Christopher for 10 yards. 3rd and 7.

2nd (13:42) Walker after play action hits Thomas on the ight side of the field. Holding on the offense wipes it out and puts it at the 7 for a replay of 2nd down. 2nd and 15 for the Owls. 

2nd (14:08) Walker and Temple from the 14. First down and ten. Handed to Thomas for no gain, second and 10 for the Owls. 7-3.

2nd (14:13) Punt NEARLY BLOCKED! Fair catch by Sean Chandler at the 14.

2nd (15:00) Now switched sides of the field, Kizer takes it with four wide. Caught short by Prosise for 8. 4th and 10 from the Temple 46.

2nd (15:00) Big third down and a LONG 18 for the Irish at their own 46 to start the second.

1st (0:00) End of quarter right before Kizer can snap it. 7-3 Notre Dame after 15 minutes, but this one is tight on both sides of the ball.

1st (0:34) Carry by Prosise is stuffed again to the outside left! Matakevich brings him down for a loss of five, 3rd and 18! Ball at ND 46.

More sperts of good and bad D for the Owls.

1st (1:18) Carry for Prosise is stuffed way back at the 49 for a loss of three.

1st (1:46) Complete DEEP for Brown! He takes it all the way to Temple's 46 for a long first down! 25 yards for ND.

1st (2:25) Kizer snaps and gives it to Prosise outside to the left. Gains four to the 29. 2nd and 6 for the Irish.

1st (2:25) Kick return is taken by C.J. Sanders, who chases it out the right side of the endzone for a touchback. ND ball at the 25 to start their third drive.

8 plays, 34 yards. Longest FG kick on the season by Jones.

1st (2:30) The 41-yard attempt is up from Austin Jones and good! 7-3 Notre Dame after two drives apiece.

1st (2:35) Walker takes it with a two-back shotgun and fires incomplete in heavy coverage for Thomas. Fourth down and now Temple will kick!

1st (2:40) Fired way off by Walker to the left sideline for Anderson. 3rd and 8 at the 24 for the Owls. Big conversion time.

1st (3:15) Jahad Thomas takes it up the gut for a gain of two to Notre Dame's 24. 2nd and 8.

1st (3:46) Flea flicker by the Owls complete to Robby Anderson for 22 yards and a first down to the right side of the field!!!

1st (4:19) Complete pass for Temple to Bryant! Right near the marker and called a first down out of bounds at ND's 48!

1st (4:23) Incomplete pass for Ventell Bryant, wobbly and could have been picked off.

1st (5:00) Walker snaps and tries to run a draw but is tackled early for a loss of four. Tackle by Isaac Rochell, 2nd and 14.

1st (5:08) Newsome hits it weakly to Temple's 42 for just 27 yards. First and ten Owls.

1st (5:13) Kizer handles the snap and fires just long for Chris Brown. A stop for Temple and now the pnt will come for 4th and 6. 

1st (5:17) Incomplete pass for Prosise, but a flag on the field. Pass interference by ND's center Nick Martin, who knew? 3rd and 6.

1st (5:57) Kizer in the shotgun with Prosise. Takes the snap and after play action carries and slides for four yards to the 31. 2nd and 6. 7-0 Irish.

1st (6:04) Sanders lets the punt by Alex Starzyk out of bounds, 34 yads to the ND 27. First down for the Irish.

1st (6:28) Carry by Thomas. He is stuffed for no gain. Fourth and 2.

1st (7:05) Thomas takes it again for no gain. 3rd and 2 at the 39 for the Owls. Tackle by Jaylon Smith.

1st (7:43) Thomas nearly breaks free but is tripped up at the 39 for a gain of 8. Second and 2.

1st (8:15) Complete to Ventell Bryant for a first down! First and ten for Temple at the 31!

1st (8:19) Pass incomplete, lots of pressure on P.J. Walker there. Temple already looking flustered.

1st (8:55) The run by Jahad Thomas is shut down for a loss of three by Daniel Cage of ND. 2nd and 8.

1st (8:55) Offsides on ND. 1st and 5 from the 23 now.

1st (9:00) Tyler Newsome boots it and the return is slammed shut at the 18.

That was the first time Temple has allowed opening drive points this season. Last time was October 24th of 2014 against UCF.

1st (9:00) PAT attempt is good.

12 plays, 74 yards on the opening drive. Doesn't look good for Temple.

1st (9:00) Kizer scrambles it on the option for the four-yard score! Notre Dame up 7 after a relatively easy opening drive!

1st (9:43) Prosise takes it and is once again stuffed. Loss of one, 2nd and goal at the Owls' four. Defense needs to stop Kizer here.

1st (10:14) 2nd and 10 at Temple's 14. Kizer takes a QB draw and cuts outside, knocked out of bounds after an 11 yard carry, first and goal at the 3 for the Irish!

Prosise had the one 12 yarder, but was stuffed twice to give him 3 carries for nine yards. This Temple defense won't give up much, and when they do, it'll be in spurts as it has been all year.

They're targeting Fuller already four times, he has a great mismatch against nearly any corner in the nation and should become an impact player once he wears down the Owls' DBs early.

1st (10:14) First charged timeout by Temple and coach Matt Rhule.

1st (10:51) Prosise carries wide right, Nate Smith makes the tackle after no gain. 2nd and 10 for ND.

1st (11:22) Big run for Prosise as he gains 12 and brings the Irish to Temple's 14!

1st (11:40) Brown gains four on another catch.

1st (12:21) Tyler Matakevich tackles Chris Brown after 11 yards for another ND first down.

1st (12:26) Man in motion. Pass deep right is incomplete for Fuller but pass interference by Tavon Young gives the Irish the ball at the Owls' 41 for a first fown.

1st (13:15) Kizer scrambles left for 8. 3rd and 5 for ND at their own 44.

1st (13:50) C.J. Prosise stuffed for a loss of 3!

1st (14:28) Kizer in no-back shotgun. Snaps, loocks right and fires a complete slant to Fuller for a first down! Gain of 11 for Fuller, the target of Kizer's first three throws.

1st (14:47) Fuller is stuffed after just 2 yards on a screen! 3rd and 8 for Notre Dame on the opening series!

1st (14:54) Ball on ND 26. Kizer takes the snap and is pressured, throws short and incomplete deep and wide open for speedy Will Fuller. Temple has to contain Fuller better than that!

1st (15:00) And we are UNDERWAY! Temple's Tyler Mayes kicks off to C.J. Sanders! Sanders takes it to around the 25 and is stuffed there!

Notre Dame goes heads and is correct. They elect to receive.

Coin toss at midfield with captains.

And here come the Owls! Fireworks and fans ablaze!

And the Irish come storming onto the field. They've got a lot of fans here cheering 'em on as well!

Alma mater being played.

Marching band on the field with a nice big ol' Temple 'T'.

National anthem just was sung. Teams about to come out for gametime.

Decently cool night here in Philly. Should be all clear for fair play of this big game.

Notre Dame marching to their tunnel right now.

Twenty-ish minutes to gametime here in Philadelphia!

Temple out on the field stretching right now.

And we're LIVE at the Linc! Zach Drapkin here from the press box of No. 9 Notre Dame at No. 21 Temple for the Owls' biggest game in school history!

If history suggests anything, the Fighting Irish are in a great position to win this game. When facing ranked opponents that are at least 7-0, they hold a record of 15-10-3, which is tied with Oklahoma with the most such wins. However, the last time they won this type of matchup happened when the Irish defeated the number one ranked Florida State Seminoles back in 1993.

Notre Dame is 15-0 in Halloween games and it shouldn’t take long for either side to get the juices flowing as the environment will be spectacular as College Gameday took place Saturday morning. Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly had this to say, “I think it will be an outstanding environment to play in. It won’t take much to get our guys excited about it.”

The Owls have a very solid defense as they allow on 307 yards per game, which is 14th-best in the country. They also allow on 14.6 points for eighth-best in the nation. It’s the complete opposite for the Fighting Irish as they allow 370.3 yards per game to go along with 22.6 points per game. It was even worse in their last game against the USC Trojans where they gave up 31 points on 590 total yards.

Temple wide receiver Robby Anderson has been a dual threat in the passing game and running game. He has accumulated 388 receiving yards for five touchdowns, but has also racked up five rushing touchdowns.

Temple’s junior quarterback P.J. Walker has completed 59.8 percent of his passes and thrown nine touchdowns to three interceptions. Walker has done a better job this season by controlling the football and not turning it over, compared to last year where he threw 15 interceptions to only 13 touchdowns.

Notre Dame quarterback DeShone Kizer has really played adequately since the injury to starter Malik Zaire back in September against the Virginia Cavaliers.  On the season, Kizer has thrown 10 touchdowns passes to go along with four interceptions. Kizer has also three rushing touchdowns to his credit, making him that dangerous when a play breaks down and he has to use his legs.

Local Philadelphia product Will Fuller is Notre Dame’s number one receiving option. On the season, Fuller has 32 receptions for 702 yards and eight touchdowns. Fuller has a whopping 21.9 yards per catch, which is for eighth best in the country. Fuller is also tied for 10th in the country with his eight touchdown catches. 

What is remarkable about Prosise’s season at the running back position was the fact he was a wide receiver just a year ago. Prosise has ran over 100 yards in five of the seven games, which is the most by a Notre Dame running back in a single season since Darius Walker in 2006.

This game features a battle between two of college football’s best running backs. Notre Dame’s tailback C.J. Prosise has recorded 922 rushing yards on 129 attempts, while finding the endzone 11 times. Temple’s Jahad Thomas has 165 rushing attempts for 822 rushing yards and 12 touchdowns. Thomas has been the bell cow for the Owls as he is responsible for 42.4 percent of Temple’s yards from scrimmage, only behind LSU’s Leonard Fournette at 43.2 percent.

“Obviously we’re excited about this week, as I know everybody is,” Rhule said. “A tremendous opportunity to play a great team in Notre Dame, a team we had a chance to play two years ago. They’re probably still a national title contender even though they lost one game by a point or two points. They’re loaded, they’re absolutely fantastic.”

Temple head coach Matt Rhule has really flipped this program around. Rhule became the head coach in 2013 and when the team squared off against the Fighting Irish, they were smacked in the mouth with a 28-6 loss, en route to a miserable 2-10 season. But after finishing the season 6-6 in 2014, the Owls are on their way to the best record since 2011 where they finished 9-4 and defeated Wyoming in the New Mexico Bowl.

The 21st-ranked Temple Owls will be playing the biggest game in their programs history Saturday night in a primetime matchup against the ninth-ranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish. The Owls are 7-0 and look to remain undefeated, as they try to keep their playoff lives afloat. Despite being the favorites, this is a must win scenario for Notre Dame if they want a chance at one of the four playoff spots.

Welcome to VAVEL College Football’s LIVE coverage of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish - Temple Owls. I’m Zach Drapkin and I’ll be providing minute-to-minute updates, commentary, and results of the game. The game starts at 8:00 PM EST at Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia, PA. VAVEL USA will be providing coverage pre-game, during the game, and post-game.