Score Wake Forest Demon Deacons - Notre Dame Fighting Irish (7-28)

Score Wake Forest Demon Deacons - Notre Dame Fighting Irish (7-28)

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Have a good night folks! Drive home safely! 

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish win this in the seniors last home game, what a performance by the seniors and the entire roster, great game, the Fighting Irish improve to 9-1 on the season going to Fenway Park next weekend!!! 

Q4 :05 Wolford rolls out and hits the reciever as time runs out!! Notre Dame wins this one 28-7!!! 

Q4 :19 and Bell runs for the first down

Q4 :24 Wolford drops back and hit the reciever but he's pushed out of bounds before the 1st down

Q4 :50 Bell runs for a first down

Q4 1:40 Wolford with the incomplete pass and Jarrett Grace is on the field now 

Q4 1:40 and the punt by Newsome rolls out at the 7

Q4 1:55 Kizer hit hard there trying to run it and WF uses their 2nd TO

Q4 2:45 Kizer hands it to Adams for a 3 yard gain 

Q4 3:22 Kizer hands it to Adams who gets past midfield about 5 yards 

Q4 4:10 Kizer passes it to Chris Brown who catches it and then falls out of bounds! 1st down

Q4 4:41 Kizer fakes the flip and carries it himself for a few yards 

Q4 5:16 Kizer with the pass to Corey Robinson that ball was behind Robinson, but he makes a few yards out of it 

Q4 5:29 Kizer drops back and airs it out to Corey Robinson but that's very obviously d pass interference! 

Q4 6:09 Kizer hands it to Adams who is stopped behind the line 

Q4 6:33 Kizer passes it Will Fuller who makes something out of nothing getting the first down! 

Q4 7:17 Kizer hands it to Adams again who is stopped behind the line for the big loss

Q4 7:45 Kizer to Adams who runs it for 4 yards 

Q4 7:49 down by 21 WF is going for it here, Wolford drops back and that ball is out of the reach of the reciever GREAT play by Jaylon Smith there to force the turnover on downs!! 

Q4 7:49 WF calls their first TO of the half, here on 4th and goal

Q4 8:05 Wolford is smashed by Jaylon Smith and that forces 4th and goal! 

Q4 8:46 Bell is stopped by Max Redfield for a gain of about 1 yard! 

Q4 9:20 Wolford drops the ball and has to jump on it!!!! Loss of a few yards 

Q4 9:50 Wolford passes it to Wade who gets the 2 yard line! 

Q4 10:15 Tyler Bell runs and loses 3 yards

Q4 10:58  Wolford drops back and airs it out to Brent who catches it over Luke!! What a gain!!!!

Q4 11:01 Kizer runs it himself another touchdown for the QB!!!!!!!! 28-7! 

Q4 11:16 Kizer airs it out and that's not caught by Corey Robinson BUT DEFENSIVE PASS INTERFERENCE! 

Q4 11:47 Kizer runs it for a few yards

Q4 11:54 Kizer airs it out to Chris Brown but Dancel gets in the way, just out of the reach

Q4 12:27 Kizer airs it out Fuller!!!! Big gain there by Will Fuller only his 2nd catch of the day

Q4 13:11 apparently no flag now, Kizer keeps it himself and gets a yard or two 

Q4 13:16 Kizer to Chris Brown and that's a flag for some late stuff there by the defender, Clawson is having a fit dropped an expletive there

Q4 14:35 Wolford drops back and hits the reciever but it's 4th and 6 now.

Q4 14:54 Keivare Russell with the great play to force the drop and Terry Jillery jumps on it

At the end of the 3rd quarter it's 21-7 at Notre Dame Stadium

Q3 :40 Kizer sacked behind the line now 4th and about 7

Q3 :48 Kizer airs it out, sails out of bounds, as he was hit

Q3 1:17 Josh Adams moving the pile, now 2nd and 3

Q3 1:40 Kizer hits Hounshell for the first down

Q3 2:10 Kizer hands it to Adams who gets a few yards now 3rd and 3

Q3 2:40 Kizer to Brown for the 5 yard gain

Q3 2:43 Wolford runs it and he is in! 21-7 Wake Forest is on the board! 

Q3 3:09 Wolford drops back and it's complete 1st and goal on the 1 inch mark or so

Q3 3:20 Wolford drops back and it hits the ground in front of Hines

Q3 4:06 Wolford to Bell who runs for the first down

Q3 4:52 Wolford hit hard passes it to Hynes for the 1st down

Q3 5:33 Wolford lays it off to Bell now 3rd and 11 

Q3 5:55 flag comes in false start on Wake

Q3 6:30 Wolford to Bell again for the 2 yard gain

Q3 6:30 Notre Dame called for personal foul, auto first down, still Wake ball 

Q3 7:45 Wolford sacked by Okwara!!! forces a 4th down!!! 

Q3 8:20 Wolford runs for the few yard gain 

Q3 8:56 Jaylon Smith takes Bell behind the line after another fake 

Q3 9:27 Kizer to Hunter who has a hand on it for a second but it is just out of the reach, hit his fingertips 

Q3 10:00 Kizer to Adams who is tackled about 3 yards behind the line 

Q3 10:58 Kizer hands it to Adams for the first down 

Q3 11:07 Sheldon Day pressures Wolford and that ball is tipped almost picked off Kinal is going for the punt 

Q3 11:40 offside on Sheldon Day, now 3rd and 3

Q3 12:44 Wolford fakes the handoff again and Bell runs it a few yards  

Q3 13:32 Wolford passes it Hynes for the first down 

Q3 14:28 Wolford fakes the pass hands it off to Bell a few yard gain

The students are throwing marshamellows at each other in the stands as the senior day tradition goes

Q2 :07 and the kick is up and it's WIDE RIGHT! by Weaver! 21-0 at halftime

Q2 :07 Brian Kelly now calls a TO to ice the kicker potentially 

Q2 :07 now WF calls a timeout

And there is a penalty backing them up 15 yards for personal foul on Cortez Lewis 

Q2 :48 Wolford drops back and is sacked by Okwara who jumped in there! 

Q2 :53 Wolford hands it to Bell for the 1 yard gain

Q2 1:08 Wolford sacked by Okwara, flag on the play, facemask on ND, saves WF again

Q2 1:45 Wolford keeps it himself and might have got the first down, it's very close, he did

Q2 2:18 Wolford hands it to Robinson for the few yard gain

Q2 2:50 Kizer sacked way behind the line, but there is a flag, it is against ND

Q2 3:34 Kizer pitches to Adams who is tackled way behind the line 

Q2 4:07 Kizer hands it to Adams who is tackled behind the line 

Q2 4:43 Kizer rolls out and gets the first down after a 3rd and 15! 

Q2 5:20 Kizer sacked by Harris 

Q2 6:05 Kizer to Fuller for the 4 yard gain, first catch of the day for Fuller

Q2 6:14 Sanders allows that ball to bounce it into the endzone 

Q2 6:55 Jaylon Smith tackles Bell after the 9 yard gain, they are finally punting!  

Q2 7:45 Wolford FUMBLES! Wake jumps on it after the hit

Q2 8:26 Wolford to Bell for the first down again

Q2 9:00 Wolford hands it off for the first down

Q2 9:28 Wolford hands it off to Bell for the first down

That was the longest rush TD in Notre Dame Stadium history 

Q2 10:34 Kizer hands it to Adams who runs it ALL THE WAY ENDZONE TO ENDZONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 21-0 Notre Dame!!!!! 2 play 99 yard drive!!

Q2 10:51 Hilton tries to run it in on 4th and goal and Jaylon Smith gets the strike!!! turnover on downs!

Q2 11:00 Wolford gets out of trouble passes it to Bell on the half inch mark

Q2 12:25 Sheldon Day doesn't bit the fake at all, Hilton sacked behind the line 

Q2 13:00 Wolford runs it out of bounds, chased down by Terry Jillery 

Q2 14:00 Wolford runs it himself for a first down, now to the 10

Q2 14:31 and that ball is behind Lewis but Cole Luke is mad and there is a flag, defensive pass interference on Luke, good call by the ref

Q2 15:00 Bell with the handoff runs it but not enough for the 1st down, 4th and 4, they are going for it again

Q1 :05 Wolford passes to Lewis for a 7 yard gain as the 1st quarter ends, 14-0 ND

Q1 1:28 Shumate tackled Wade immediately loss of 3 yards

Q1 1:38 Hilton fakes it to Bell and runs it for a giant game, tricked me, and Notre Dame 

Q1 2:13 Handoff to Tyler Bell for the 3 yard gain, 3rd and 2

Q1 2:46 Wolford passes it to Wade gain of 5


James Onwalu is out for the rest of the game

Q1 3:15 Tyler Bell runs it for a 1st down 

Q1 3:35 Wolford starts the 2nd WF drive with a completion to Brent 

Q1 4:02 Kizer runs it himself and that's a TD! 7-0 Notre Dame!!!!

Q1 4:34 Kizer hands it Adams who is swallowed up immediately 

Q1 4:55 Kizer passes it to Hunter, 13 yard gain

Q1 5:18 Kizer to Adams, gain of a few

Q1 5:52 Kizer flips it to Torii Hunter Jr who turns what looked like a loss into a 1st down

Q1 6:30 Kizer to Adams who is swallowed up well behind the line

Q1 6:47 Kizer fakes the handoff and runs a few yards

Q1 7:15 Kizer throws it to Carlilse for the 17 yard gain!

Q1 7:23 Kizer airs it out but just out of the reach of the double teamed Brown

Q1 7:27 Kizer to Brown, incomplete pass

Q1 7:35 Wolford drops back and it's tipped by Hines, incomplete pass

Q1 8:15 Wolford runs, now it's 4th down, they are going for it very early in this game

Q1 8:15 flags out as Wolford snaps it, false start on Wake

Q1 8:21 Wolford smashed by Joe Schmidt forcing the bad throw, almost picked off 

Q1 8:42 James Onwalu tackles Hilton behind the line, 2nd and 11

Q1 9:24 Wolford to Lewis now they got a first down

Q1 10:04 Wolford drops back and passes it to Brent for the gain 

Q1 10:42 Cortez Lewis with the great grab for 23 yards! What a catch

Q1 11:06 Fake pass and Bell runs it up the middle for a first down

Q1 11:29 Hinton runs it and gets a few yards

Q1 11:57 Bell runs it up the middle again, 1st down

Q1 12:37 WF hands it off in their first play, Tyler Bell is the running back there

Q1 13:05 Kizer tackled at the line, ND forced to punt 

Q1 13:44 Kizer pitches it to Adams now 3rd and 10 again

Q1 14:30 Kizer hands it to Adams who is tackled at the line of scrimmage

Q1 14:55 Kizer hands it off to Josh Adams who runs it for a 1st down 

Q1 15:00 Kizer drops back and is smashed as the ball hits the turf intended for Brown

Sanders takes a knee in the endzone

CJ Sanders back to return and...we are underway!

2nd is Joe Schmidt, 3rd is Sheldon Day, 4th is Nick Martin 

First senior being honored is captain Mathias Farley

less than 10 minutes until the game starts

As previously stated this is senior day for Notre Dame, and Notre Dame has some big name seniors this year, including, Ronnie Stanley, Chris Brown, Sheldon Day, CJ Prosise, and Keivare Russell. Notre Dame also has some notable graduate students playing their final home games today including Joe Schmidt.

Notre Dame and Wake Forest have played two times previously, in 2011 and 2012. Notre Dame is 2-0 in the series, as the 2011 version was played in Winston Salem and the 2012 version was in South Bend. The first matchup between these two teams was a 21-17 win by the Irish. The second game was actually senior day 2012 for Notre Dame in a season where they went on to lose the National Championship game. Notre Dame won the 2012 senior day game 38-0. The biggest win in series history was that 38-0 win. The Irish ended the 2012 season with a loss in the national title game. This season the Irish play the Deacons on senior day hoping to repeat history but tweak it a little bit.

Notre Dame’s keys to victory are to hold onto the ball and convert in the redzone. The Irish had 0 turnovers last week and won in Pitt, the key for this game is to have similar turnover numbers if they want to blow out the Deacons. They also have to put up TDs in the redzone, they can’t really settle for too many field goals in this game and expect to not get challenged.

Wake Forest’s keys to winning this ballgame are to force turnovers and to not shoot themselves in the foot. If they pressure Deshone Kizer and force him into turnovers and rush him, make him feel uncomfortable they have a good chance of winning. If they turn the ball over and can play stout defense on ND’s wide receivers especially Will Fuller, they have a good chance of winning. Last year they lost to  by one because they shot themselves in the foot according to their head coach Dave Clawson.

The players to watch for the Irish are Will Fuller and Josh Adams. Will Fuller has played well this season and should be able to continue to play well against a lackluster Demon Deacons defense. He is a key because he needs to run up and down the field putting points on the board for the Irish in this one. Josh Adams is a key because last week in the first quarter starting running back CJ Prosise left with a concussion. Prosise is a game time decision for this one so it appears that Adams will get the majority of the snaps at RB in this game, he has to take that and run with it, and start a running back controversy with a good game today.

The players to watch for Wake Forest are Brandon Chubb and the QB duo of Kendall Hilton and John Wolford. Brandon Chubb is the Deacons best linebacker and he has played a big party all season long, in WF’s last win four weeks ago at BC, in a 3-0 win he played well leading the team in stops and had three tackles for loss. Kendall Hilton and John Wolford have been both playing this season with a two QB system. Hinton this season has played in eight games, with three touchdowns, five interceptions and 907 yards. Wolford has played much better this season, than his partner, with 1,143 yards passing, 7 TDs and 8 picks. If Chubb can play well and pressure Kizer and make some big stops especially in the red zone the Deacons are in a good spot. If the QB duo is used properly and they can drive the ND defense crazy with the constant switching they have a chance to pull the upset.

According to, Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly talked about his running backs, Josh Adams and CJ Prosise saying, “We think that C.J. is going to be able to get back out on the field for us. If not, we have great confidence in both these guys.” Brian Kelly also talked about Deshone Kizer and his improvement week to week, “I think each and every week has been one where he’s gaining more and more confidence in different things. Different throws that he struggled with, he’s not struggling with. Different reads that may have not come as easy. I think just overall there’s growth in so many different areas.” 

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish welcome the Wake Forest Demon Deacons to Notre Dame Stadium for Senior Day in South Bend. Coming into this game the Irish are ranked #6 in the nation and #4 in the college football playoff and 8-1 on the season. Coming into this game the Demon Deacons are not ranked by any of the polls and 3-6 on the season.