Result Austin Peay Governors 76-102 Indiana Hoosiers in 2015 College Basketball
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Thank you for following along tonight during this LIVE here on VAVEL. Stay tuned to VAVEL for postgame coverage of this game and many more college basketball games around the country. I'm Josh Eastern saying so long from Assembly Hall.

Yogi Ferrell poured in 22 while James Blackmon Jr. had 20

Chris Horton led Austin Peay in scoring with 17

FINAL: Indiana 102, Austin Peay 76

2nd (32): Glotta knocks down a 3 for AP

2nd (46): Morgan travels for IU

2nd (1): Niego at the line for 1 and 1. Misses the first

2nd (1): Horton with a tough lay in for AP

2nd (1): Anunoby grabs the miss and puts it back

2nd (1): 100-71 Indiana

2nd (2): Davis is fouled and will shoot 2. He makes the first and the second

2nd (2): Johnson connects on a 3 for IU. They have hit 100

2nd (2): Jones shoots 1 and 1. Makes the first misses, the second

2nd (2): Foul on Morgan away from the ball

2nd (2): Johnson lays it in for IU

2nd (3): Turnover for AP, their 23rd

2nd (3): Morgan will shoot 1 and 1 out of the timeout. Misses the first, but IU rebounds

Indiana is 15 of their last 15 from the floor

With 3:27 to go in the second half, Indiana leads Austin Peay 95-68

2nd (3): Morgan for IU is fouled and that brings us to a timeout

2nd (4): Blackmon Jr. carries it on the drive. AP ball

2nd (4): Horton can't handle the entry pass and turns it back over to IU

2nd (4): Williams slams it home for IU

2nd (4): Jones puts it back for AP

2nd (5): Bryant with a nice lay in on the post

2nd (5): Robinson with a nice drive and lays it in for AP

2nd (5): Bryant makes the first and the second, but a lane violation for IU wipes it off

2nd (5): Bryant fouled going for a rebound. IU now in the bonus

2nd (6): Thomas Bryant lays it in for IU

2nd (6): Blackmon Jr. with another 3. Robinson answers right back with a 3

2nd (7): Blackmon Jr. fouled on the drive

2nd (7): IU turns it over and Robinson lays it in for AP

Ferrell now leads Indiana with 22 points. Zeisloft has 15 points (all 3-pointers)

With 7:50 to go in the second half, Indiana leads Austin Peay 85-59

2nd (8): Savage will shoot 2. Makes the first and misses the second

11 of their last 11 for IU from the field

2nd (8): Zeisloft for 3! This team is on FIRE

2nd (8): Blackmon Jr. for 3 again!

2nd (8): Bryant battling for position on the block is fouled by Horton. His 2nd foul, team's 5th

2nd (9): Savage for 2 for AP

2nd (9): Ferrell again for 2 for IU and then goes into the first row diving for a loose ball

2nd (9): Murry lays it in for AP

IU has made their last 8 shots from the field and are on a 6-0 run in the last 30 seconds with those two 3's

With 9:44 to go in the second half, IU leads Austin Peay 77-54

2nd (9): Blackmon Jr. knocks down a 3 and AP calls a timeout. Getting out of hand now

2nd (10): Ferrell knocks down a 3 for IU. 74-54. Biggest lead for IU

2nd (10): Ferrell fouled by Thompson on a drive to the basket. His 2nd, team's 4th

2nd (10): Horton finishes at the rim for AP. He's been a go to man for the Govs

2nd (11): Zeisloft puts in another 3 for IU

Ferrell up to 17 points for IU. Davis leads AP with 14

With 11:39 to go in the second half, Indiana leads Austin Peay 68-52

2nd (11): Foul called on Ferrell for IU and that brings us to a media timeout

2nd (11): Zeisloft knocks down a 3 for IU

2nd (12): Murry connects on another 3 for AP

2nd (12): AP ball out of the timeout

With 12:55 to go in the second half, Indiana leads Austin Peay 65-49

2nd (12:55): AP turns it over and Williams slams it down at the other end! Crowd is as loud as it has been tonight. AP timeout

2nd (13): Williams steals it and goes coast to coast and slams it down!

2nd (13): Foul on Bielfeldt for IU. His 1st, team's 4th

2nd (13): Anunoby pump fakes and drives, but he travels. AP ball

2nd (14): Murry knocks down a 3 for AP

2nd (14): Ferrell with an acrobatic lay in for IU

2nd (14): Horton battling with Bielfeldt, but Horton travels. IU ball

2nd (15): Foul on Anunoby for IU

With 15:08 to go in the second half, Indiana leads Austin Peay 59-46. The Govs won't quite go away

2nd (15): Blocking foul on Thomas Bryant for IU. He doesn't like the call

2nd (15): Bielfeldt with the steal and lays it in on the other end

2nd (16): Murry slams it home on the fastbreak for AP

2nd (16): Foul on Porter-Bunton for AP

2nd (16): Another turnover. Ferrell loses it. AP ball again

2nd (17): Bryant steps on the end line. AP ball

2nd (17): AP loses it out of bounds. Good defensive possession by IU there

2nd (18): Ferrell with the steal and the lay in. Crowd into it here

2nd (18): Great pass from Williams to Hartman who dunks it home for IU

2nd (18): Foul on Jones. His 3rd foul. Williams back for IU

2nd (19): Bryant slams it home for IU

2nd (19): Jones lays it in and AP is down 51-44

2nd (19): Basket and the foul for AP. Johnson commits the foul, Davis makes the FT

2nd (20:00): Not same starters for both sides to begin the 2nd half. AP ball. Johnson in for IU

Getting set for the second half. Indiana didn't play the cleanest of first halves which is why they lead by just 12. They did however use 10 players which Tom Crean talked about in terms of providing depth for this Hoosiers squad

I'm Josh Eastern and I'll be back for the second half in about 12 minutes

Indiana leading scorers: Yogi Ferrell: 13, James Blackmon Jr.: 11

Austin Peay leading scorers: Chris Horton: 13, Khalil Davis: 11

HALFTIME: Indiana Hoosiers 51, Austin Peay 39

1st (4.9): IU calls a 30 second timeout to set up a last play here in the first half. 51-39 Indiana

1st (:6): Robinson lays it in and is fouled in the process. Robinson makes the FT

1st (:25): Williams lays it in on a nice drive

1st (:36): IU turns it over and then AP can't convert an Alley Oop

1st (1): Ferrell knocks down the FT. 49-36 IU

1st (1:05): Ferrell lays it in for IU and is fouled

1st (1): Horton lays it in for AP

1st (1:36): Offensive foul called on Johnson for IU. AP ball

1st (2): Johnson knocks down a jumper for IU

1st (2): Davis knocks down a 3 for AP!

1st (2:45): Another TO for AP as Ferrell knocks down a 3 on the other end. Timeout for Austin Peay

1st (3): Zeisloft knocks down a 3!

1st (3:38): Davis misses the first, but makes the second FT

1st (3): Davis drives to the hoop and is fouled by Bryant. His second foul of the game. 2 shots for Davis

With 3:48 to go in the first half, Indiana leads Austin Peay 38-30. The Governors have kept it close

1st (3:48): Sloppy last few minutes for IU as Ferrell throws it out of bounds

1st (4): Horton throws it down with authority!

1st (4): Robinson with a 3 for AP

1st (5): A few empty possessions both ways. Still 38-25 IU

1st (6): James Blackmon Jr. for 3 for IU

1st (6): Murry lays it in for AP. Blackmon Jr. answers right back for 2

1st (7:15): Williams misses the first and makes the second

1st (7): Williams with an offensive rebound and is fouled on the put back. He has two shots at the line

1st (7): Horton knocks down the FT and is replaced by Jones

17 combined turnovers so far. 10 for AP, 7 for IU

Austin Peay has settled in a bit after a rocky start. Trail by just 10

Chris Horton for Austin Peay leads all scorers with 8 points here early on

With 7:35 to go in the first half, Indiana leads Austin Peay 32-22

1st (7): Horton draws a foul and knocks down the basket. He'll shoot 1 from the line following the timeout

1st (8): Glotta knocks downa 3 for AP as Blackmon Jr. lays it in on the other end

1st (8): Johnson misses another 3. 30-17 IU

1st (8): Horton lays it in for AP

1st (9): 3 pointers for Ferrell

1st (9): Johnson misses a 3 as IU battles the AP zone

1st (9): Stoppage in play as Zeisloft has a hand injury. Ferrell back for IU

1st (10): AP steals it and Murry slams it home

1st (10:28): Davis makes 2 of 2. 27-13 IU

1st (10:28): Hartman fouls Davis and he will shoot 2

1st (10): Blackmon Jr. lays it in for IU

1st (11): AP loses it again, but Zeisloft misses a 3

1st (11): Zeisloft loses it off the dribble, but IU retains possession. He then misses a 3. AP ball

Max Bielfeldt leads all scorers thus far with 7 points

With 11:50 to go in the first half, the Hoosiers lead the Governors 25-11

1st (12): Another TO by Austin Peay. That is their 9th turnover

1st (12): Zeisloft knocks down a 3 for IU. 25-11 IU

1st (12:39): John Murry commits a foul for AP

1st (12): Another TO for AP. IU ball

1st (12): Bryant back for IU

1st (12): Johnson with a hand check foul for IU

1st (12): Bielfeldt wide open off of an under the basket out of bounds play

1st (13): Davis puts it in for 2 for AP

1st (13:33): Another TO for AP. Sloppy so far. Bielfeldt then knocks down a 3. 20-9 IU

1st (13): Two TOs on either end and AP has possession again

1st (14): Blackmon Jr. knocks down both shots

Robert Johnson and Collin Hartman check in for IU while John Murry checks in for AP

1st (14): Another TO for AP and Blackmon Jr. is fouled. 2 shots

1st (14): Bielfeldt puts it in for 2

1st (14): Jones with a wild lay in that he gets to fall for AP

1st (15): AP with a turnover and Williams knocks a 3 down for IU

With 15:33 to go in the first half, we have reached our first media time out. Indiana 10, Austin Peay 7

1st (15): Williams loses it going up for a lay in. AP ball

1st (15): Jones misses a gimmee lay in, but IU turns it over

1st (16): Bryant once again dunks off a feed from Williams. 10-7 IU

1st (16:23): Ferrell is fouled by Thompson off the dribble

1st (16): Horton for 2 for AP

1st (16): Williams finds Bryant inside and he stuffs it home

1st (16): Ball knocked out of bounds. AP will retain possession

1st (17): Blackmon Jr. travels. Trying to do a bit too much there

1st (17): Horton loses it out of bounds. IU ball

1st (17:46): Ferrell makes 1 of 2

1st (17:46): Ferrell grabs a tough offensive rebound after a missed 3 by James Blackmon Jr. Ferrell will shoot 2

1st (18:08): Williams fouls Davis. He makes the jumper and knocks down the FT. 5-5

1st (18): Williams with a big rejection and Ferrell knocks down a 3

1st (18): Troy Williams for 2

1st (19): Bryant misses a three, but it's off of AP out of bounds. IU ball

1st (19): Horton for 2 for AP. 2-0 early

1st (20): Bryant and Horton to tip it off. IU controls and we're underway. Quick TO for IU

Lineups have been announced and players are taking the floor! It's time for basketball from Assembly Hall!

Moment of silence was observed here at Assembly Hall for the recent attacks in Paris

AP starters: Terrell Thompson, Josh Robinson, Chris Horton, Khalil Davis, Kenny Jones

Indiana once again going with their bigger starting lineup

IU starters: Yogi Ferrell, James Blackmon Jr., Troy Williams, Max Bielfeldt, Thomas Bryant.

For the sake of typing and time, Austin Peay will be referred to as AP while Indiana will be IU

Both teams out on the floor warming up. We should have starting lineups here very shortly

Just over 30 minutes until tip here from Assembly Hall

Today the latest AP poll came out today and the Hoosiers moved up from #15 to #14

Josh Eastern checking in here from Assembly Hall just more than an hour and a half before tipoff between Indiana and Austin Peay. Tip set for 7:00 EST

Austin Peay will have their hands full with this Hoosiers team Monday night at Assembly Hall. Chris Horton who stands at 6'9" will be matched up with Thomas Bryant down low, which is a matchup to watch. Beyond that, this Governors team isn’t all that big which means staying out of foul trouble is a must if they want to keep this close. Horton along with fellow senior Khalil Davis are two returning starters to go along with Josh Robinson as the third, and if the Governors want to have success, they will all need to be on their ‘A’ games.

This Indiana team can score and score a lot and that is evident by the fact that over the last four years, their offense is first in the Big Ten in points scored (76.5), field goal percentage (47.2), and three-point field goal percentage (39.8). But, if one thing will hold them back this season, it is their defense. Friday night was a good start however, as the Hoosiers matched last season’s lows of first half points allowed with 19 and total points allowed with 49.

Coach Crean isn’t married to a starting lineup and has mixed it up a few times from their exhibition games. It could be assumed that Bryant, Ferrell, Blackmon Jr., and Williams will be in there almost every night, but it is that fifth spot that has changed a bit. That last spot could be from one of their role players in Max Bielfeldt, Robert Johnson and Collin Hartman. These three guys have been around the block as Bielfeldt is a fifth year senior and Michigan transfer, Johnson started 33 games a year ago, and Hartman is a junior that played in 32 games a season ago. Crean has talked about having a two-deep lineup, but if they want that to happen, they need consistent play from everyone.

The Hoosiers return four starters from a season ago and are led by senior point guard Yogi Ferrell. He has started all 103 games he has played in and to begin the season on Friday night. Ferrell scored 17 points to go along with seven rebounds and six assists. He is one of the centerpieces for which this team is built around. Another key contributor is Troy Williams. He can get it done in so many different ways. Williams is very active around the rim and is a high flyer who can give this Hoosiers team a lot of energy. Thomas Bryant is also another key component to this team. Bryant gives the Hoosiers some much needed size inside and he will be all over the boards and in the starting lineup even as a freshman.

This is the second meeting between these two schools with the Hoosiers leading the series 1-0. They first met back in 1992 in the Hoosier Classic with Indiana coming away with a big 107-61 win.

Austin Peay is coached by Dave Loos who enters his 26th season as head coach for the Governors. He is 391-374 for the Governors and is currently the winningest head coach in Ohio Valley Conference history.

The Hoosiers are coached by Tom Crean who comes into his eighth year at the helm of the program. Since taking over in 2008, he has rebuilt Indiana basketball and has put them in contention to compete year in and year out. In the past four-plus years, coach Crean has a record of 94-45 and since 2011 they have averaged 23 wins.

Indiana had everything working the other night against Eastern Illinois as they out-rebounded the Panthers 51-17, while getting a great contribution from their bench as they outscored the Panthers as well from the bench 35-9.

Indiana of the Big Ten comes into their second game of the season following a big 88-49 win over the Eastern Illinois Panthers on Friday night at home as well. The Hoosiers were led by James Blackmon Jr. who poured in 17 points, but it was a total group effort as the Hoosiers had six players in double digits. As for Austin Peay of the Ohio Valley Conference, they come into Monday night’s matchup in Bloomington coming off of an 80-41 loss at the hands of the Vanderbilt Commodores on Friday night. They had a rough go of things as Khalil Davis was the only Governor to score in double figures with 10 points.

Welcome to VAVEL College Basketball’s LIVE coverage of the Austin Peay Governors vs. Indiana Hoosiers. I’m Josh Eastern and I’ll be providing play-by-play updates, commentary, and results of the game. The game starts at 7:00 PM EST at Assembly Hall in Bloomington, IN. VAVEL USA will be providing coverage pre-game, during the game, and post-game. This game is part of the Maui Jim Maui Invitational.