Memphis Tigers - Temple Owls  Score (12-31)
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That is the ballgame folks. Temple takes down Memphis, 31-12. Memphis did not score a single touchdown all game as Temple's defense got back into it's top form. That is all from Lincoln Financial Field. I'm Maxwell Rizer, hope you all enjoyed, and have a greta Saturday evening.

(Q4 0:23) On 3rd and 12, Memphis cannot convert and the clock runs out.

(Q4 1:04) Frazier gets the catch but loses four. 2nd and 14

(Q4 1:15) Henderson rushes for the first.

(Q4 1:35) Henderson takes the carry for five yards. 3rd and 1

(Q4 1:58) Mayheu hauls in the catch on the screen for four yards. 2nd and 6

(Q4 2:08) Miller brings it in and gets the 1st down.

(Q4 2:18) Mayheu can't complete the catch, making it 4th and 8

(Q4 2:34) Loss of 2 on the rush. 3rd and 8

(Q4 2:51) After the catch by Mayheu, Lynch gets it to Frazier for a gain of 3. 2nd and 7

(Q4 3:14) On 1st and 10 on their own 13, Henderson runs it for four yards, making it 2nd and 6

(Q4 3:14) On the kickoff return, another targeting call against MemphisAlan Cross is ejected for the target and this is the second Memphis player to be ejected for targeting.

(Q4 3:30) On 3rd and 2 as Temple is in the redzone, Walker rolls out and fires it to Major for a 19 yard touchdown pass. Walker now has 50 touchdown passes in his career, holding the all-time record for Temple now. PAT is good, as Temple is now up 31-12.

(Q4 3:35) Hood finds a hole, bounces off tackle, and picks up four yards. 3rd and 2 as Memphis calls their final timeout of the half.

(Q4 3:40) Gardner gets the carry and picks up four yards. Timeout for Memphis, their second of the half. 2nd and 6

(Q4 4:21) Hood gets the carry and takes it seven yards. 1st and 10 

(Q4 4:27) On 1st and 10 from Memphis' 37, Gardner gets the carry for two yards. 2nd and 8. Timeout for Memphis, their first of the half

(Q4 4:32) Lynch with the quarterback sneak and is short. Turnover on downs and that just might be the game.

(Q4 4:45) Frazier gets the catch but short and 4th and 1

(Q4 5:05) Miller with the catch for one yard. 3rd and 4

(Q4 5:18) On a 1st and 10 from the 28 yard line, Lynch hits Frazier for a gain of six. 2nd and 4

(Q4 5:30) Austin Jones converts on the 35 yard field goal, to make it a two possesion game as Temple is beating Memphis 24-12. Temple ran eight minutes off the clock on that drive.

(Q4 5:36) Walker passes it to Bryant but bobbles it and drops it, making it 4th and 4. Field goal unit on the field

(Q4 6:21) Gardner takes the handoff to the outside for a gain of four. 3rd and 4

(Q4 7:06) Thomas gets the handoff as Temple is excelling at taking time off the clock. 2nd and 8

(Q4 7:47) Walker takes off after they milk the clock and gain seven yards. 1st and 10 on the 24, just outside the redzone

(Q4 8:32) Thomas gets the ball this time for a gian of 4. 3rd and 3 on the 31

(Q4 9:15) Gardner gets it again for a gain of three. 2nd and 7 as Temple is slowly but surely progressing down the field

(Q4 9:53) Gardner takes it and gains seven. 1st and 10 on the 38

(Q4 10:37) Thomas sees the ball again and gains five yards to make it 2nd and 5

(Q4 10:42) Walker fires it to Bryant who can't get it but a flag on Memphis, making it 1st and 10 on the 50 yard line

(Q4 11:29) Thomas takes it again, now for a gain of one. 3rd and 6

(Q4 12:13) Thomas gets a cut to the right for a gain of three. 2nd and 7

(Q4 12:49) Walker gets it to Anderson for a gain of 13 yards to make it 1st and 10

(Q4 13:24) On the 1st and 10 from the 20 yard line, Hood gets the handoff and takes it one yard for a 2nd and 9

(Q4 13:35) Timeout by Temple before the punt is off. Still 4th and 7 for Memphis and will punt

(Q4 13:43) Lynch is pressured and throwing it away, making it another three and out for the Tigers.

(Q4 14:27) Lynch gets it to Oglesby for a gain of six. 3rd and 7

(Q4 14:54) Henderson takes the handoff and is stopped on the side for a loss of three. 2nd and 13

(Q4 14:54) Kicker Austin Mayes kicks it out of bounds, making it a 1st and 10 for Memphis on the 35 yard line.

(Q4 15:00) Kip Patton is put in motion and gets the handoff and takes it into the endzone from 13 yards out. PAT is good to make it 21-12 with Temple leading. This is Patton's first career touchdown, a tight end.

End of the third quarter here in Philadelphia as Temple is on top, 14-12, over Memphis. Very limited scoring in the quarter but Temple is knocking on the doorstep, in Memphis' redzone now. 

(Q3 0:41) Gardner gets the carry and takes it two yards for a 2nd and 8 on the 13 yard line. Temple lets the clock run out and we go to the 4th quarter now.

(Q3 1:10) Walker hits Anderson for a gain of eight. 1st and 10 on the 15 yard line

(Q3 1:38) Flag comes out for offsides on Memphis, making it 3rd and 4 on the 23

(Q3 1:43) Walker throws to Saledeem Major but cannot come up with it. 3rd and 10

(Q3 1:48) Walker overthrows Deloatch to the right. 2nd and 10

(Q3 2:45) Walker hits Bryant for a huge gain of 31 yards. 1st and 10 on Memphis' 28

(Q3 2:54) Walker is pressured but escapes and makes a huge run for 16 yards. 1st and 10 on the 41

(Q3 3:00) Walker throws it just over the head of Anderson. 3rd and 10

(Q3 3:41) Gardner takes it for no gain. 2nd and 10

(Q3 3:41) Kickoff is out of the back of the endzone and it will be 1st and 10 on Temple's 25 yard line.

(Q3 3:46) Jake Elliott  converts on the 39 yard field goal, making it 14-12 with Temple on top. Defense is performing well for the Owls

(Q3 4:26) Lynch pressured and sacked for a loss of 4. 4th and 12 as field gola unit comes out. Lynch limps as he walks off the field

(Q3 4:59) Dorceus eaten up for no gain. 3rd and 8

(Q3 5:21) Lynch  runs himself with it for a gain of two. 2nd and 8 in the redzone

(Q3 5:34) Lynch hits Mayhue fot the 1st. 1st and 10

(Q3 6:08) A broken play results in Frazier getting a gain of one on a wild run. 3rd and 6

(Q3 6:43) Fumble on the field as Dorceus cannot hold on but Memphis falls on it. 2nd and 7

(Q3 7:04) Lynch keeps it and rushes for one yard to get the 1st and 10

(Q3 7:27) Lynch hits Frazier for three yard gain. 3rd and 1

(Q3 7:51) 1st and 10 as Dorceus takes it six yards. 2nd and 4

(Q3 7:56) Temple still going for it on 4th after the timeout and Thomas gets the handoff and is stopped and it is another turnover on downs. Temple is now 1-4 on 4th down conversions today

(Q3 7:56) Temple goes for it on 4th down again but a timeout is called by Temple. 1st of the half 

(Q3 8:43) Thomas gets the ball again and is short as it is 4th and 1

(Q3 9:30) Thomas takes the rush and picks up two yards. 3rd and 2

(Q3 10:05) On the 1st and 10 on their 35 yard line, Walker keeps it on the option for a gain of six yards. 2nd and 4

Jackson Dillon is ejected for targeting on P.J. Walker. Big loss for Memphis

(Q3 10:10) Walker's pass is deflected and incomplete but a flag comes out for roughing the passer and targeting on Jackson Dillon. Automatic first down and play under for possible ejection as targeting to the head is an automatic ejection.

(Q3 10:15) Elliott's field goal from 36 yards out is no good as it hits off the upright. Temple first and 10 on their own 20. Memphis has troubles again with converting off of turnovers.

(Q3 10:48) Lynch is pressured and almost sacked but breaks free yet only makes it back to the line. Field goal unit out again

(Q3 11:26) Henderson runs and loses a yard on the play. 3rd and 8 in the redzone

(Q3 11:46) Craft takes it for a gain of three yards. 2nd and 7

(Q3 11:54) Temple's punt is blocked and Memphis recovers it on Temple's 21 yard line. 1st and 10

(Q3 12:30) Walker scrambles and runs it for six yards to make it 4th and 2. Temple responds with their own 3 and out.

(Q3 13:11) Hood rolls out to the right and gains one yard. 3rd and 7 on the 31

(Q3 13:53) On 1st and 10 from the 28, Hood gets the carry for a gain of 2. 2nd and 8

(Q3 14:20) Lynch's pass to Cross is incomplete and it is another 3 and out for Memphis

(Q3 14:43) A false start by Memphis makes it 2nd and 15. Lynch dumps it off to Dorceus for a gain of six.. 3rd and 9

(Q3 14:53) Following the opening kickoff of the half, Memphis has the ball on their 28. On 1st and 10, Dorceus takes it for no gian. 2nd and 10

Memphis will receive the kickoff to start the second half, which will be underway in five minutese here. Both teams are coming back onto the field now.

Memphis has been able to move the ball downfield all game but has not been able to convert and find the redzone. It will be a long game for the Tigers if they keep this play up.

Temple is a superior second half team, so Memphis needs to come out strong and get on the board early and often to get ahead in this game.

Despite a shaky start from Temple, they have found their stride on offense and defense. Offensively, P.J. Walker is having himself a day, currently throwing for 190 yards on the day wiht one touchdown and one interception. On defense, Temple has been able to contain Memphis and Paxton Lynch, allowing them to only get three field goals. 

(Q2 0:08) Memphis kneels it and we go into the half with Temple on top 14-9.

(Q2 0:14) Walker's  pass to Anderson is incomplete and Temple turns it over on downs again, currently 1-3 on 4th down conversions

(Q2 0:14) Temple stays on the field on 4th down and now Memphis takes their second timeout of the half

(Q2 0:21) Walker gets it to Deloatch for a gain of two. 4th and 2 as Temple takes their second timeout of the half.

(Q2 0:25) Walker fires it to the side but goes through the hands of Thompson. 3rd and 4

(Q2 0:25) Memphis calls a timeout, its first of the half.

(Q2 0:30) John Christoper makes the reception for a six yard gain. 2nd and 4

(Q2 0:43) Walker  takes off for a run of 17 yards to make it 1st and 10

(Q2 0:56) Hood converts it with a five yard rush. 1st and 10 

(Q2 1:01) Walker can't hit his target to make it 3rd and 3

(Q2 1:23) Starting with a 1st and 10 on their 27, Hood finds a hole and runs it for seven yards. 2nd and 3

(Q2 1:34) Elliott knocks down the 44 yard field goal, making it 14-9 TempleElliott is now 3-3 on the day for field goals

(Q2 2:11) Craft gets the carry for a gain of 12. 4th and 7 as field goal unit out again

(Q2 2:33) Lynch is sacked in the backfield for a loss of four. 3rd and 19 as Temple gets a warning for sideline interference

(Q2 3:23) Cooper gets the carry but is stopped for a loss of 5. 2nd and 15

(Q2 3:29) Lynch hits Anthony Miller for a first down on Temple's 29 yard line.

(Q2 3:38) Following a 6 yard rush, Lynch airs it out but it's incomplete and 3rd and 4

(Q2 4:10) Lynch hits Mayheu for a gain of 11. 1st and 10

(Q2 4:29) Following the kick return, Memphis starts on their 34 yard line. On 1st and 10, Jamarius Henderson cuts right for a gain of 1. 2nd and 9

(Q2 4:41) Hood breaks two tackles and scores from 14 yards out. PAT is good and Temple is now up 14-6 as the half as drawing near.

(Q2 4:41) Temple calls their first timeout on the day as they are close to scoring on their second straight drive and go up big before the half.

(Q2 5:30) Hood gets a gain of one yard on the rush and 2nd and 9 

(Q2 6:10) Walker hits Brandon Shippen and he breaks a tackle for a huge gain of 49 yards. 1st and 10 on the 15 yard line, in the redzone again.

(Q2 6:46) Walker keeps it on the option for a gain of four yards. 3rd and 6

(Q2 6:52) On 1st and 10 from Temple's 32 yard line, Walker throws it and it is almost picked off but falls to the turf. 2nd and 10

(Q2 7:22) Lynch completes it for a gain of 4. Memphis goes three and out and will punt

(Q2 8:00) One yard gain on the run from Dorecues. 3rd and 9

(Q2 8:08) On 1st and 10 on the 23 yard line, Lynch's  pass is incomplete. 2nd and 10

(Q2 8:19) Walker hits Romond Deloatch in the corner of the endzone for an impressive one hand 13 yard touchdown catch. PAT is good from Austin Jones to make it 7-6 Temple

(Q2 8:24) Walker looks to Anderson in the endzone but incomplete. 3rd and 7

(Q2 9:13) Gardner gets the carry for a gain on three. 2nd and 7

(Q2 9:52)Walker gets it to Colin Thompson with no one around him for a gain of 34 yards. 1st and 10 on Memphis' 17 yard line

(Q2 10:35) Hood gets the carry for a two yard gain and it's now 2nd and 8

(Q2 11:05) Walker gets it to Ventell Bryant for 11 yard gain. 1st and 10 again

(Q2 11:43) Walker hits a wide open Hood for a gain of 16. 1st and 10

(Q2 12:24) Starting at their own 25 yard line on 1st and 10, Thomas fumbles it but falls on it. 2nd and 15 

(Q2 12:30) 46 yard field goal from Elliott is good and Memphis now up 6-0 following Temple's third turnover on the day

(Q2 12:53) On 3rd and 5, Lynch hits Cross who is short of the first down. Field goal unit coming out

(Q2 13:30) Loss of one on the rush as Tyler Matakevich records his 100th tackle of the year. 4th staright year of 100 tackles.

(Q2 13:54) Lynch completes it to Phil Mayhue for a gain of 11. 1st and 10

(Q2 14:28) Lynch fires it to Dorecus for a gain of 4. 3rd and 7

(Q2 14:53) Lynch keeps it on the option and loses a yard on the play. 2nd and 11 on the 46

(Q2 15:00) On 4th and 1, Temple goes for it and fails to converts on the one yard rush from Thomas that is inches short. Memphis takes over on downs and 1st and 10

At the end of the first quarter, Memphis leads 3-0 as Temple has two turnovers already in Memphis territory, hurting their odds to get on the board.

(Q1 0:42) Gardner with yet another handoff for only a yard. 4th and 1  as Temple  lets the clock run out to end the 1st quarter

(Q1 1:24) Gardner gets the carry again for a gain of 5. 3rd and 2

(Q1 2:00) Gardner carries it for three yards to make it 2nd and 7

(Q1 2:42) Jager Gardner gets the handoff and finds a hoel for a gain of seven. 1st and 10

(Q1 3:24) Walker finds Anderson for a nine yard gain. 3rd and 1

(Q1 3:29) Temple starts at their own 20 yard line following the kickoff. On 1st and 10, Walker keeps it on the option and throws it away. 2nd and 10

(Q1 3:38) Jake Elliott converts on the 31 yard field goal to give Memphis a 3-0 lead late in the 1st

(Q1 3:44) Lynch's pass is incomplete to cross outside of the endzone. 4th and 4 now as Memphis will go for the field goal

(Q1 4:11) Oglesby carries it for a loss of one. 3rd and 4 in the redzone

(Q1 4:33) Frazier ges the pass for a 7 yard gain. 2nd and 3 

(Q1 4:51) Lynch gets the pass to Jae'Lon Oglesby who makes defenders miss for a first down

(Q1 4:59) Pass to Anthony Miller incomplete. 2nd and 10

(Q1 5:16) Sam Craft takes the carry to the right side for a huge gain of 26. 1st and 10 in Temple's territory

(Q1 5:35) Lynch hits Alan Cross for a gain of 5 and a 1st and 10 nearing midfield

(Q1 6:05) Jarvis Cooper runs for five to make it 3rd and 5 from the 40

(Q1 6:11) Lynch scrambles and pass drops to the turf. 2nd and 10

(Q1 6:27) 19 yard run for Dorceus. 1st and 10 on their own 35

(Q1 6:53) Screen pass is complete but receiver is laid out for a loss of three. 2nd and 13

(Q1 7:20) Lynch completes the pass for a gain of 11 and a 1st and 10 on the 19

(Q1 7:53) Mose Fraizer catches the pass for a gain of 5. 3rd and 3

(Q1 8:10) Lynch does a quarterback sneak to get off of the goal line and gains tow on the play. 2nd and 8

(Q1 8:20) Walker fires for the endzone but is picked offon the one yard line. An unsportsmanlike conduct flag make sit half the distance to the goal. 1st and 10 for Memphis on the half yard line.

(Q1 8:53) A three yard carry from Armstead makes it 3rd and 3 inside the redzone.

(Q1 9:30) Armstead gains four yards on the play. 2nd and 6

(Q1 10:08) Walker hits Anderson who makes a cut and adds plenty of ayrds after catch for a gain of 32 yards. 1st and 10

(Q1 10:18) On 1st and 10 for the Owls, Armstead takes it five yards but a facemask call on Memphis makes it a 1st and 10 on Temple' 44

(Q1 10:33) Lynch's pass is incomplete, as Memphis  goes three and out following the fumble recovery.

(Q1 10:58) Dorceuswith another carry. Three yard gain. 3rd and 4

(Q1 11:19) Paxton Lynch hands it off to Doroland Dorceus for three yards. 2nd and 7

(Q1 11:27) Thomas fumbles the ball and Memphis recovers on their own 27. 1st and 10

(Q1 12:05) Thomas with another carry for six yards again. 1st and 10 now 

(Q1 12:44) Thomas takes the carry, makes a cut, and gets six yards. 3rd and 4

(Q1 12:49) Walker  fires downfield again but incomplete this time. 2nd and 10

(Q1 13:33) Walker fires downfield to Robby Anderson to Memphis' 43 yard line. 1st and 10

(Q1 13:43) Jahad Thomas with a huge carry but called back for holding. 3rd and 11 now. Memphis player down on the field

(Q1 14:19) Ryquell Armstead takes the carry for three yards. 3rd and 1

(Q1 14:55) David Hood takes the handoff for a six yard gain. 2nd and 4

(Q1 15:00) P.J. Walker's first pass is incomplete but flag called for pass interference on Memphis. 15 yard penalty. 1st and 10 on 45 

(Q1 15:00) Opening kickoff out of the back of the endzone. Temple will start at the 25 yard line.

(11:59 AM ET) Coin toss is won by Memphis, who elects to defer the ball. Temple receives to open the game. Here we go.

(11:58 AM ET) Temple takes the field now to a roaring crowd here at the LincMemphis follows up behind them to a chorus of boos.

(11:55 AM ET) Nice touch from both Temple and Memphis as the team captains for both teams meet in the endzone and run out together with an American and a French flag to honor the victims of the Paris terror attacks. Classy move from both teams.

(11:52 AM ET) National amthem through here at Lincoln Financial Field. Less than ten minutes to go until kickoff as Temple's marching band finishes their pregame routines.

(11:37 AM ET) Temple now comes off the field as we are 24 minutes away from kickoff. Student section expected to be a little lighter today as many student already left campus for home as Thanksgiving break is underway.

(11:32 AM ET) Memphis coming off the field now with under half an hour until kickoff. Fans starting to file into their seats now from the tailgates.

(11:15 AM ET) Both teams have their full squads on the field for warmups. 45 minutes until kickoff here at the Linc.

(11:07 AM ET) Memphis is also hoping they can get back on the right track, as their defense blew a 20 point lead going into the fourth quarter and have lost two straight after going on a 15 game wining streak.

(11:05 AM ET) Look out for Temple in the third quarter, as they have been outsocring their opponents 102-22 all season in the third quarter.

(11:00 AM ET) Hello everybody and welcome to gameday! Temple and Memphis are getting warmups underway as we are one hour away from kickoff. Temple is wearing their cherry jerseys with white pants and white helmets. Memphis is wearing their white jerseys, black pants, and chrome helmets. 

Be sure to stay here for the entire duration of the game today on VAVEL USA. The projected kickoff time is 12:00 PM ET.

In last year's matchup, Temple and Memphis were neck and neck as the game went down to the wire. On the final drive, the Owls and Tigers were tied at 13 and Memphis was moving down the field. With just seconds left on the clock, Memphis converted on a 31-yard field goal as time expired to give them the victory. Temple's team has improved a lot from last year and are certainly looking for revenge this year. Do not sleep on the Owls in this game as they can very easily take control of with in just one play.

Memphis needs a big game from Paxton Lynch to come out on top in this one. Temple's defense has not performed well these past two weeks, but will be coming out with a lot of anger and can be very scary. Lynch must keep his composure if the defense gives him trouble and fight all the holes in a struggling secondary. 

The key for Temple in this game is their defense. They have been subpar so far this year and are looking to get back on the right track and need to against an electric Memphis offense. If the Owls fail to contain the Tigers' offense, then they will have trouble in the game, along with winning the East Division of the American Athletic Conference.

Plenty of NFL scouts will be in attendance for today's game as they are all looking to watch Paxton Lynch play, as he is currently projected to be a top-10 pick in this year's NFL Draft. This game is one of the last one's of the year and teams who need a quarterback can look to Lynch for that.

A lot is riding on this game for both Temple and Memphis. The Tigers are still ranked in the College Football Playoff rankings, at 21st, and are looking to continue to climb the board, not drop a third straight game, and fight for a better bowl game. As for the Owls, they are looking to get their defense back on track in this game. A win would help their chances of getting back into the College Football Playoff rankings. A win from Temple and a loss from USF would mean Temple clinches a spot in the American Athletic Conference Championship Game

As for Memphis' defense, they allow an average of 432.7 yards per game, ranking 95th in the nation, and 29.3 points per game. The defense hasn't been spectacular, which leaves a gap for Temple's offense to capitalize.

On defense, Temple has been very dominant most of the season. However, in their last two games, they have allowed a total of 953 yards and 84 points. This has adjusted their season totals to allowing an average of 344 yards per game and 21 points per game. Both are still very good but not as strong as it previously was. Linebacker Tyler Matakevich, recently announced as a finalist for the Nagurski Award (given to the best defensive player in college football), has been the focal point of the defense. Matakevich has five interceptions, four sacks, and 96 tackles this season.

Memphis' offense has been dominant all season. The Tigers have averaged 540.7 yards per game so far and averaged 43.0 points per game. Quarterback Paxton Lynch is to thank for the offensive production, as he has over 3,000 yards on the season, 21 touchdowns, and three interceptions. The rushing game has also been very productive. Their top three rushers (Doroland Dorceus, Jarvis Cooper, and Jamarius Henderson) have combined for 1,211 yards and 17 touchdowns.

Temple's offense has been very productive this season, averaging 363.2 yards per game and 32.0 points per game. The offense is led by quarterback P.J. Walker and running back Jahad ThomasWalker has over 2,000 passing yards on the year, 15 touchdowns, and only five interceptions. He also has two rushing touchdowns on the season. Thomas has been electric all season for Temple. He currently has 1,035 rushing yards on the year and 15 touchdowns to accompany them.

The Memphis Tigers have fallen off the track following an upset win over #13 Ole Miss. They were 8-0 on the year before they squared up with the Navy Midshipmen and lost. They followed up their loss with another loss to the #16 Houston Cougars, who came from behind to capture the victory. The Tigers are now at 8-2 and 4-2 in conference play.

The Temple Owls were off to their best start in school history, going 7-0. They then lost to #9 Notre Dame on Halloween night. It was followed up with a high-scoring win against SMU and then lost to USF  last week. Both games involved poor performances from the Owls' defense, allowing over 40 points each game. Temple is now at  8-2 and 5-1 in the conference.

Today, we have two teams from the American Athletic Conference that are hunting to win their respective divisions and make the conference championship game. 

Hello everybody and welcome to VAVEL USA's coverage of this American Athletic Conference matchup. This afternoon's contest is between the #21 Memphis Tigers and the Temple Owls. This live coverage of the game is coming to you from Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA. I'm your host, Max Rizer, and here is a preview for today's game.