St. Francis Brooklyn Terriers - Louisville Cardinals Score (41-85)
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St. Francis Brooklyn Terriers - Louisville Cardinals Score (41-85)

Phillip Steinmetz
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END GAME: Louisville wins 85-41 as they are now 4-0. They play Saint Louis next and Lee was a MONSTER with 21 points. Spalding played great off the bench with 8 points as well. Thank you for joining me tonight! Stay tuned for a recap.

2nd (1) - Oh, St.Francis scored again?

2nd (2) - Mathiang is fouled and makes one.

2nd (2) - They scored again? Okay.

2nd (2) - Mitchell with the layup.


2nd (4) - Onuaku with the layup.

2nd (5) - Timeout Terriers. The game is all but over now.

2nd (5) - Mitchell with the fastbreak slam!


2nd (6) - Johnson is fouled and makes one.

2nd (7) - Mitchell responds with a three of his own!



2nd (9) - Lewis makes both free throws.

2nd (10) - Ally oop layup??? Spalding scores another.

2nd (10) - Mathiang with a scoop shot.

2nd (11) - Spalding with another clean layup.

2nd (11) - Another timeout on the floor for some reason?

2nd (12) - After another layup from St.Francis, Pitino calls a timeout, Cards are still killing it.

2nd (13) - Lee with the wide open jumper.

2nd (14) - Mitchell with the fastbreak layup.


2nd (16) - Jewell with a wide open bomb.

2nd (16) - Lewis with the fastbreak layup as we are headed to a full timeout.

2nd (17) - Johnson with the open jumper.

2nd (17) - Snider makes the WIDE open three.

2nd (18) - Jewell misses both free throws.

2nd (18) - Johnson with the contested layup.

HALFTIME: Damion Lee leads the Cards with 15 points as Louisville is leading 43-24. Louisville is the real deal folks. Spalding will be a special player but he is just raw right now, he has 8 points.

1st (:20) - Another deep jumper from St.Francis.

1st (:51.1) - Lee makes the layup and is fouled. He misses the free throw.

1st (1) - SFU responds with a three of their own then LEWIS WITH ANOTHER ONE.

1st (2) - Hooper bodies Louisville and makes it. LEWIS NOW WITH THE THREE.

1st (3) - Mahmoud puts it on the floor and makes a layup.

1st (3) - Hooper makes both free throws.


1st (4) - Johnson scores then Pitino calls a timeout. It's already a blow out.

1st (5) - St.Francis finally scores again. Then Spalding slams home another!

1st (5) - Spalding with a clean dunk!

1st (7) - Mahmoud makes the scooper layup.

1st (7) - Louisville basketball as we are headed to a timeout. The Cards are rolling behind 10 points from Lee.

1st (8) - Spalding with the reverse layup and is fouled.

1st (8) - Spalding with the impressive layup then is fouled.

1st (9) - Onuaku seems to be limping off the floor.

1st (10) - Onuaku makes the layup.

1st (10) - Levitch is headed to the line.

1st (11) - Hooper makes both free throws.

1st (11) - Timeout on the floor. It's surprising how Spalding has yet to play despite having 18 points and 12 rebounds last game.

1st (12) - Mitchell with the smooth up and under.

1st (14) - The cards force the shot clock violation.

1st (14) - LEE AGAIN WOW.

1st (15) - Lee has eight points already as the Cards are out to an early 10 point lead heade to a timeout.

1st (16) - Lee is on fire early, he just scored and is headed to the line. He makes the free throw.

1st (16) - Snider with one of the prettiest move I have seen in collee basketball then Lee makes a tip in.

1st (17) - Lee with the pretty move.

1st (17) - Onuaku with the answer.

1st (18) - St.Francis is drained a pretty deep three. WOW.

1st (18) - Onuaku with the pretty spin move.

1st (19) - Johnson with the foul. Hooper makes one.

1st (19) - Lee is fouled on his way to the basket. He makes one.

1st (20) - The Cards start with the tip. Here we go!

There is an expected 13,000 for attendence tonight.

15 minutes until tip-off!

It was announced today that Adel will hopefully be back by the time Louisville travels to Michigan State. The Cards need him badly there.

It's almost gametime here! 25 minutes TO GO.

Prediciton - Louisville 87, St. Francis Brooklyn 52 with Damion Lee scoring another 20 or more points.

Louisville and St. Francis Brooklyn are scheduled for a 7:00 P.M EST Tip-Off as the Cardinals are looking to become 4-0 and St. Francis would be 1-3 with a loss. Join back at around 6 P.M for updates right before the game and more information! The Cards are seeking another win, and it looks like a cakewalk to get it Tueday night.

Some people are probably wondering, how on Earth could LIU possibly win this game? Well, their point guard is their only double digit scorer so he stands for something right? Deng Adel isn’t there to stop anyone and everyone on LIU Brooklyn just goes on a tear. Louisville could play all their bench players like Stockman and Levitch and lose. But, this game just seems almost impossible LIU.

Join me Tuesday night, as the Cardinals take on the Terriers in a hopeful great matchup!

Probable Starters – Louisville Cardinals - Head Coach – Rick Pitino

Guard- Trey Lewis (6'2" 185 lb. graduate) 11 PPG 3.7 RPG Garfield Heights, Ohio.

Guard- Quentin Snider (6’2” 180 Ib. sophomore) 10 PPG 3.3 RPG Louisville, KY.

Forward- Damion Lee (6'6" 210 lb. graduate) 18.7 PPG 4.3 RPG Baltimore, MD.

Forward- Jaylen Johnson (6'9" 215 lb. sophomore) 7.3 PPG 5.7 RPG Ypsilamti, Mich

Center- Chinanu Onuaku (6'10" 240 lb. sophomore) 11.7 PPG 7.7 RPG Lanham, MD.

Bench- Dillon Avare (Guard), Jay Henderson (Guard), David Levitch (Guard), Anas Mahmoud (Forward), Mangok Mathiang (Forward-Center), Donovan Mitchell (Guard), Raymond Spalding (Forward), Matz Stockman (Forward-Center).

*Deng Adel is out with a MCL sprain in left knee.

Now here are the projected lineups for Louisville as they seek to become 4-0. Four starters average double digit points and hopefully everyone gets to play tonight!

Probable Starters - St.Francis Brooklyn Terriers - Head Coach - Glenn Braica.

Guard - Glenn Sanabria (5’11” 180 Ib. sophomore) 10 PPG 1.7 RPG Staten Island, NY.

Guard - Tyreek Jewell (6’1” 185 Ib. senior) 6.7 PPG 4.7 RPG Bronx, NY.

Forward - Gunnar Olafsson (6’3” 195 Ib. sophomore) 4.3 PPG 2 RPG Reykjavik, Iceland.

Forward - Chris Hooper (6’6” 240 Ib. senior) 7 PPG 5 RPG Bronx, NY.

Center - Amdy Fall (6’7 225 Ib. senior) 5 PPG 5.3 RPG New York, New York.

Bench - Dagur Jonsson (Guard), Antonio Jenifer (Forward), Keon Williams (Guard), Yunus Hopkinson (Guard), Jon Doss (Guard).

Now here are the projected starters of St. Francis Brooklyn the (terrifying) Terriers! You can tell they arent that all and won’t play many big men. It seems like everyone is from New York. But, They aren’t that big and strong like Louisville but don’t underestimate a team this season, ask Virginia and Indiana.

St. Francis is averaging 15 turnovers a game, 38 rebounds a game, and only 63 points per game. It looks like they can be very sloppy with the ball and turn it over. The Cardinals will be pressing them for most of the night and I doubt it would let up. Onuaku should have a field day in the paint because their top big man is only 6’7 and Onuaku is 6’10 (Projected 1st round draft pick). Spalding could see another glimpse of more playing time because he proved himself capable against North Florida.

The Cardinals will be without starting forward Deng Adel for tonight’s game also. He missed the North Florida game because of a sprained MCL and now he will miss St. Francis Brooklyn. Louisville was fine without him because Spalding and Lee had their sporadic scoring outburst. What was more impressive on Saturday, was how well UofL played defense in the second half. They held North Florida to only 20 points after allowing over 40 points in the first half. Whatever Pitino said, it worked.

The lone time when the Cardinals and Terriers played was in 1954 in the NIT (National Invitational Tournament). It’s hard to imagine that scenario playing out this time, but it's college basketball season. Anything can happen. Tons of teams have lost so far like Duke, Virginia, North Carolina, Indiana, and Wisconsin. Many more teams are destined to fall to not so good teams this year, but Louisville shouldn’t have an issue with the Terriers tonight. Does the word Terriers sound intimidating to you guys? It probably strikes fear into the heart of millions.

The Cardinals are 3-0 on the season as they come into another matchup against a weaker opponent. Louisville went against North Florida on Saturday who was the top three point shooting team in the country. But they prevailed behind senior Damion Lee (24 points) and sophomore Ray Spalding (18 points). St. Francis Brooklyn holds some interesting history with the Cards as their opponent but this time, it won’t be so close at the KFC YUM! Center. Louisville - St. Francis Brooklyn 7:00 P.M EST Louisville, Kentucky

Hello everyone, I am Phillip Steinmetz and welcome to live coverage of the matchup between the Louisville Cardinals and the St. Francis Brooklyn Terriers. The game is set to tip-off at 7 PM EST with the Cardinals hosting at the KFC Yum! Center. Please stay tuned for a game preview.