Result North Carolina Tar Heels 37-45 Clemson Tigers in 2015 ACC Championship
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Deshaun Watson had 421 total purpose yards and 5 touchdowns, earning player of the game honors in Clemson's ACC Title winning game. 

Well, it was an exciting close to the game here with a little bit of contraversy but Clemson remains supreme and will play in the College Football PlayoffsNorth Carolina made a late push but couldn't execute at key points but they played an incredible game.

(Q4 0:19) Clemson takes victory formation and kneel it down as Clemson pulls off the win, 45-37

(Q4 0:59) Watson keeps it and gets the first down and that will just about do it here in Charlotte

(Q4 1:03) Gallman gets the ball and fights for a yard and UNC calls their final timeout of the half. 3rd and 3

(Q4 1:08) Watson picks up a few to make it 2nd and 5. UNC  timeout, only one left in the half.

(Q4 1:08) Ruling on the field stands and Clemson has a minute to kill on the field. Elsewhere, Michigan State has knocked off Iowa with a late touchdown

(Q4 1:11) Attempt #2 on the kickoff is also another onsides attempt and it is bobbled and Clemson falls on it after another wild attempt! It was a questionable offsides call on the first attempt but Clemson has it and 1st and 10 for them near the 30. Challenge comes out from UNC for who has the ball.

(Q4 1:13) Kickoff is an onsides attempt and it is midhandled and UNC falls on it! But it was offsides and a five yard penalty for a rekick.  

(Q4 1:19) Williams fires it to Switzer and breaks a tackle and gets into the endzone to make this game close again! PAT attempt is good and UNC is only donw 8 now, 45-37.

(Q4 1:23) Williams can't get to Davis in the redzone. 2nd and 10

(Q4 1:41) Williams takes off and finds a hole to get into the redzone and get a 1st and 10 on the 17

(Q4 1:46) Williams pass is over the head of Holland to make it 4th and 5. Going for it on 4th

(Q4 1:53) Williams throws the ball to the sideline as it is now 3rd and 5

(Q4 2:15) Flag after the return for unsportsmanlike conduct penalty against Clemson, adding on 15 yards for UNC. Starting on Clemson's 49, Williams runs for 5 to make it 2nd and 5 

(Q4 2:18) The 27 yard attempt from Huegel is good as Clemson now goes up 45-30 and eat up a lot of the clock, practically killing any chance of a North Carolina comeback.

(Q4 2:23) Delay of game called to let the clock wind down for a loss of five and Clemson will look to kick a field goal instead

(Q4 3:09) Watson will take it this time but is dropped for a loss of one. 4th and 3 as they will go for it

(Q4 3:51) Gallman with another handoff and just short of the 1st. 3rd and 2

(Q4 4:33) Gallman gets it and goes left for a short gain of four. 2nd and six insind the redzone

(Q4 5:11) Gallman sees the ball again and gets it to the 15 for a fresh set of downs

(Q4 5:57) Gallman finds a hole and picks up eight to make it 2nd and 2 as Clemson is milking the clock well.

(Q4 6:38) On 1st and 10, Watson gives it to Gallman who gets a break and takes it down the sideline to the 30. 1st and 10

(Q4 6:47) Williams is pressured and the ball is loose as Clemson falls on it and forces the turnover, shifting momentum and possible deciding the game with under seven minutes left.

(Q4 7:12) Williams throws it to Davis for 12 and gets the 1st down

(Q4 7:17) Williams' bomb sails out of bounds down the right. 2nd and 10

(Q4 7:35) Williams runs right ans gets to the Tigers' 46 for the 1st down

(Q4 8:15) Williams keeps it and takes off but is stopped after getting 4. 3rd and 6

(Q4 8:19) Williams fires a bullet and his receiver cannot bring it in. 2nd and 10

(Q4 8:35) The 1st and 10 sees Williams take it from the 21 and fires it to Switzer to the 40 for a 1st and 10

(Q4 8:54) Watson gets it to Scott but he drops it as Clemson goes 3 and out and will punt the ball on 4th and 6

(Q4 9:28) Gallman sees the ball again and is wrapped up at the line. 3rd and 6

(Q4 9:54) Touchback on the kickoff puts it at the 25. On 1st and 10, Gallman runs for a short gain. 2nd and 6

(Q4 9:59) Hood goes right and gets past a defender and into the endzone for the score and keeping North Carolina in it. PAT is good as UNC down 42-30 following a very quick drive

(Q4 10:04) Pass interference call against Clemson to make it 1st and goal on the 2

(Q4 10:20) Fritts brings in the pass to get to the 3 yard line and it is now 1st and goal

(Q4 10:40) Williams airs it out to a wide open Davis who gets it inside the Clemson 30 for a 1st and 10

(Q4 11:22) Williams scrambles for a gain of 4 and it is 3rd and 6 

(Q4 11:27) Starting on the 26, Williams' pass is thrown away and it is now 2nd and 10

(Q4 11:37) Watson  keeps it on the option, with a little gallop into the endzone, along with a celebratory dab following the touchdown. PAT is good and Clemson is up big, 42-23, and North Carolina may be out of it now

(Q4 12:19) Gallman runs up the middle for no gain. 2nd and goal

(Q4 12:57) Gallman goes right and gets to the four, picking up the 1st and goal

(Q4 13:39) Watson takes off the the left and dives short of the 1st and it is now 3rd and 4

(Q4 13:42) Watson's pass is thrown into the grass with no one open and it is 2nd and 10

(Q4 14:21) Gallman takes it to the left and gets in the redzone and gets the first down

(Q4 15:00) Watson back out and gives it to Gallman for 2 yards to make it 2nd and 8

That is the end of the third quarter here as Clemson is up 35-23. The Tigers and Tar Heels have both been able to capitalzie off turnovers with touchdowns. While Clemson has a large lead, do not count North Carolina just yet.

(Q3 0:12) Watson comes off the field and Bryant comes on for the 3rd and 5. Gallman gets the run and takes it to the 30 to converts as the clock runs out

(Q3 0:43) Watson gets eaten up behind the line and it is now 3rd and 4. Watson is slow to get up following the tackle

(Q3 1:10) Watson on the keeper picks up six and it will be 2nd and 4

(Q3 1:34) Clemson starts on the 20 and on 1st and 10, Gallman breaks free and gets a hole to pick up about 30 yards. 1st and 10 around midfield

(Q3 1:43) Williams runs wide left and gets into the endzone and North Carolina is back in this game, capitalizing off of Jones' interception. PAT is good and UNC is still down, but only 35-23

(Q3 2:27) On 2nd and goal following a Hood run, Williams is short and it will be 3rd and goal on the one

(Q3 2:55) Williams fires it to Davis and gets it to the 3 for a 1st and goal

(Q3 3:26) Ruling on the field stands. On 1st and 10, Williams gets a huge run to the 26. 1st and 10

(Q3 3:26) Clemson challenges the ruling of the interception

(Q3 3:31) Watson's pass is batted and UNC picks it off! Possesion change just like that and has the ball at Clemson's 41 yard line.

(Q3 3:57) Starting on the 23 on 1st and 1o, Gallman takes the carry and cuts it to the left and runs down the sideline for a big gain and gets the first down near midfield

(Q3 4:07) Williams misses his target, Davis, as UNC goes three and out again and will punt

(Q3 4:43) Williams gives it to Hood who picks up six yards as it is now 3rd and 4

(Q3 4:49) UNC has good field position to start. On 1st and 10 from the 41, Williams throws it deep but overthrows an open Hollins to make it 2nd and 10

(Q3 5:05) Watson throws it up to Scott who brings it down with him for the touchdown! A huge touchdown pass of 35 yards adds to the Tigers lead. PAT is good and now Clemson is up 35-16 and pulling away even more now.

(Q3 5:36) Watson gets a gain of one. 2nd and 9

(Q3 5:41) UNC tries it own fake punt attempt but gets nothing from it and it is an turnover on downs as Clemson  has great field position

(Q3 5:49) Williams is being tackled and throws it away. 4th down and UNC will punt it

(Q3 6:29) Williams keeps it on the option but is stopped behind the line for no gain. 3rd and 10

(Q3 6:37) Williams is forced to scramble and throws it downfield to get it away. 2nd and 10

(Q3 7:16) Williams strikes it to Howard who picks up 11 for the 1st

(Q3 7:48) Starting on the 25, Hood is stopped immediately for no gain. 2nd and 10 

(Q3 7:59) Gallman runs his way into the endzone and Clemson finishes off a 97 yard drive with a score! PAT is good and Clemson starting to break away, up 28-16

(Q3 8:19) Watson picks up the first down on the run and it is first and goal on the three yard line

(Q3 9:00) Gallman picks up two yards on the run. 3rd and 2

(Q3 9:20) Scott gets its on the sideline for a quick gain of six. 2nd and 4

(Q3 9:42) Watson pitches it to Gallman who runs down the sideline for a 25 yard gain to get to the 15

(Q3 10:01) Watson flips it short to Peake for another first donw and are inside the 40

(Q3 10:34) Watson throws to Cain on the screen for four yards. 2nd and 6

(Q3 10:54) Watson goes to the right to Scott to pick up the first.

(Q2 11:24) Gallman takes it for a short gain of one. 3rd and 7

(Q2 11:53) Watson takes the snap and runs into the passure, only getting two yards. 2nd and 8

(Q2 12:15) Watson gets it off to Peake for the 1st and 10 on the 35

(Q2 12:42) Watson keeps it and runs for only 2 yards. 2nd and 8

(Q2 13:02) Gallman gets a hole and picks up the first down on the 22

(Q3 13:02) False start against Clemson makes it 1st and 11 on the 2

(Q3 13:14) Williams pass is picked off in the redzone by Tankersly. 1st and 10 

(Q3 13:25) Williams throws it Hollins for a big gain.. 1st and 10 on the 16

(Q3 13:30) Williams is pressured and gets it away in time and it is now 3rd and 11

(Q3 13:49) False start against UNC. 2nd and 11 now

(Q3 14:23) Hood takes the run for 4 yards. 2nd and 6

(Q3 14:45) Hood takes the run for 11. 1st and 10

(Q3 15:00) Opening kickoff of the half results in a touchback so UNC will start at the 25. On 1st and 10, Williams keeps it and gains 19 yards. 1st and 10

(10:12 PM ET) Kickoff for the second half is projected for 10:22 PM ET.

(10:11 PM ET) Looking in at the scores from the other big games, USC is up on Stanford, 16-13, with five minutes left in the third quarter. Iowa and Michigan State are locked in a defensive battle, as Iowa is up 6-3 at halftime. Alabama took care of Florida earlier, winning 29-15.

At the end of the first half, Clemson has a 21-16 lead as they and North Carolina has changed leads five times. This game has been a huge defensive battle against high powered offenses.

(Q2 0:02) Time runs out in the first half on the kick return.

(Q2 0:06) Opting to not go for the field goal, Watson keeps it but throws it to Leggett for the one yard touchdown just before the half. PAT is good and Clemson is up 21-16 just before the half.

(Q2 0:09) Watson rushes it but is stopped short. 2nd and goal. Clemson calls their final timeout of the half

(Q2 0:24) Watson thorws a screen pass to the left to Gallman and he takes it to the 1 for a big gain.

(Q2 0:24) Clemson calls their 2nd timeout of the half as they are now in the redzone.

(Q2 0:32) Watson gets the pass for six yards. 2nd and 4

(Q2 0:44) McCloud hauls it in for another first down

(Q2 1:00) Pass to the right gets a first for Clemson

(Q2 1:18) Watson with another quick pass to Gallman for a quick gain. 3rd and 7

(Q2 1:26) Watson throws deep to Scott but cannot get to the ball. 2nd and 10

(Q2 1:32) Watson is pressured and takes it himself for the 1st

(Q2 1:56) Starting on their own 32, Watson throws a short pass to Gallman for 7. 2nd and 3 

(Q2 2:02) Clemson calls a timeout. 1st of the half

(Q2 2:10) Williams is pressured and sacked for a huge loss. 4th down as UNC goes three and out and will punt

(Q2 2:17) Williams just overthrows Logan on the sideliene. 3rd and 10

(Q2 2:20) UNC starts on the 38. On 1st and 10, Williams pass is thrown into traffic on the line and is almost picked off. 2nd and 10 

(Q2 2:30) Ball will be repunted following the offsetting penalties

T.J. Green is ejected for targeting on the punt return. Big blow for Clemson

(Q2 2:38) Flags fly on the punt return for targeting on  Green and illegal block against UNC. Penalties offset but play under review for possible ejection

(Q2 2:44) Watson sends a strike to the side but overthrows his receiver. 4th and 8 and the punt unit is back. Hopefully, we do not see another fake

(Q2 3:15) Gallman gets it for only a gain of 2. 3rd and 8

(Q2 3:22) Watson well overthrows his target downfield and Clemson wants a flag but does not get one. 2nd and 10

(Q2 3:47) Starting on the 20 with a 1st and 10, Watson fires it quick to Peak for a quick gain of 10. 1st and 10

(Q2 3:56) Williams throws it to Switzer for the three yard touchdown pass and they capitalize off the punter's mistake. PAT is good and UNC goes up 16-14 with four minutes until the half

(Q2 4:18) Williams hit and stopped for a two yard loss. 2nd and goal

(Q2 4:35) Williams takes it to the right sideline and is one yard out. 1st and goal

(Q2 4:52) On their first play in the redzone, Hood takes it to the right for a gain of 7, making it 2nd and 4

(Q2 4:56) Starting on the 34, Williams overthrows his target but a flag is thrown for late hit on quarterback makes it 15 yards for UNC. 1st and 10 pn the 19

(Q2 5:03) Fake punt fails as he is stopped on a broken play as UNC has excellent field position now

(Q2 5:03) A third false start penalty on the drive makes it 4th and 15

(Q2 5:13) Watson pressured from all sides but escapes and throws it long but it hits the ground for yet another 3 and out as Clemson will punt it

(Q2 5:37) Another false start penalty for Clemson and it is 3rd and 10

(Q2 6:28) Watson runs left and only picks up 2 yards. 3rd and 5

(Q2 6:32) Play blown dead for false start. 2nd and 7

(Q2 6:58) On their own 35 yard line, Watson fumbles the low snap but picks it up and runs for 8. 2nd and 2

(Q2 7:16) Williams hits the hands of Howard but he cannot pull it in and now UNC goes 3 and out. Both defenses performing well today

(Q2 7:51) Williams keeps it but is stopped for a short gain. 3rd and 12

(Q2 8:18) On 1st and 10 from the 16, Logan is met up behind the line for a loss of five. 2nd and 15 

(Q2 9:07) Watson not ready for the snap and he has to dive on it to keep it but a loss of one and a three and out for Clemson as well and they will punt

(Q2 9:11) Watson throws it into the ground as no one is open. 3rd and 10

(Q2 9:18) Watson  throws to the side but cannot hit his target and 2nd and 10 is coming up

(Q2 9:34) On their own 32, Clemson starts on 1st and 10 with Watson keeping the option and running right for a gain of six. Late hit flag against UNC tacks on 15 yards to make it 1st and 10 on the UNC 48

(Q2 9:48) Williams is pressured and throws it down and go 3 and out and forced to punt on 4th

(Q2 10:30) Hood is taken down at the line and it is now 3rd and 10

(Q2 10:35) On the 1st and 10 from their 25 yard line, Williams just overthrows Hollins to make it 2nd and 10

(Q2 10:39) Watson keeps it and runs left, getting into the endzone with ease to retake the lead. PAT is good as Clemson is back on top, 14-9, to cap off a 97 yard drive.

(Q2 10:44) Kain's fingertips get to the ball but cannot haul it in. Holding on the defense makes it first and goal now on the 9 yard line

(Q2 11:08) Watson takes off and breaks a tackle for a 1st down inside the 20

(Q2 11:34) McCloud gets the pitch and runs it left for a gain of 4. 2nd and 6

(Q2 11:57) Watson gets it to Kain and convert to make it 1st and 1o and the 31

(Q2 12:46) Watson hits McCloud but is stopped three yards short of the 1st. 4th and 4. Clemson goes for it

(Q2 12:51) Watson fires a ball way over his wideout's hands. 3rd and 10

(Q2 12:56) Watson rolls to the right but throws it away. 2nd and 10

(Q2 13:31) Watson keeps it and finds a hole to pick up a huge gain to take it to UNC's 44. 1st and 10

(Q2 13:50) Watson with the quick strike to Renfrow for 7 yards. 2nd and 3

(Q2 14:11) Watson picks up the low snap and scrambles, picking up 9 for the first down.

(Q2 14:16) Watson rolls out and fires to Thompson but hits off his hands. 3rd and 9

(Q2 14:50) Clemson has to start inside their own five yard line. On 1st and 10, Brooks gets the ball and is stopped for one yard. 2nd and 9 

First quarter comes to a close as UNC is on top 9-7. Clemson has been playing well and aggressive, but so has UNC and they have been able to force big stops, allowing them to go on top here.

(Q1 0:14) Williams is pressured and scrambles, knocked down at the line of scrimmage. UNC will punt on 4th

(Q1 0:14) False start against UNC, making it 3rd and 18

(Q1 0:14) Tiemout called by UNC. 1st of the half

(Q1 0:17) Williams overthrows Logan on the side and sets up 3rd and 13

(Q1 0:49) A huge return from Switzer sets UNC up with excellent field position. On 1st and 10 from Clemson's 40, Williams keeps it on the option but slips for a loss of 3. 2nd and 13

(Q1 1:09) Watson fires it and overthrowns his target. Another 3 and out from Clemson as they will punt on 4th and 9

(Q1 1:13) Watson's pass is batted down at the line and it is now 3rd and 9

(Q1 1:44) On the 1st and 10 from their own 20, Gallman runs to the right for a short gain. 2nd and 9

(Q1 2:08) UNC starts on the Tigers' 46 and on 1st and 10, Williams is forced to scramble and throws it to Logan who takes it 46 after the catch for a touchdown! They fail the 2 point conversion but still go up 9-7. Big play for the Tar Heels to respond quickly.

(Q1 2:08) Flag thrown for a false start on the punt

(Q1 2:13) Watson rolls right but cannot complete the pass as Clemosn responds with their own 3 and out. 4th and 6

(Q1 2:42) Watson takes off with the ball for a gain of 5. 3rd and 6

(Q1 3:08) Starting on the 11, Gallman is stopped for a loss of one. 2nd and 11

(Q1 4:00) Williams throws it short to Hood but is stopped just short of the 1st. 4th and 1 as UNC will punt it, going 3 and out

(Q1 4:33) Williams keeps the snap but is surrounded by defenders and stopped for a gain of one. 3rd and 2

(Q1 5:06) UNC starts on their 35 yard line. On 1st and 10, Hood runs up the gut and gets 7. 2nd and 3

(Q1 5:21) Gallman was stopped on 1st and 10 for a loss of 5. On 2nd and 15, Watson fires it to Gallman short who runs it in to the endzone for the score. PAT is good and Clemson responds quick to go up 7-3.

(Q1 6:15) Watson airs it out to Scott who comes down with it for a gain of 40. 1st and 10 on the 12

(Q1 6:33) Watson dumps it out to Leggett for the first, just barely

(Q1 7:12) Gallman gets it again and takes it up the middle but is met and only gets a yard. 2nd and 9

(Q1 7:40) Gallman takes the ball and hammers it in for the first down.

(Q1 8:19) Watson fires to Scott for  a gain of eight. 3rd and 2

(Q1 8:45) Clemson starts on the 25 again. On 1st and 10, Watson keeps it but eaten up for no gain. 2nd and 10

(Q1 8:50) Weiler converts on the chip shot field goal and UNC goes 3-0 early 

(Q1 8:57) Williams escapes multiple tackles but the ball bounces short of his target and it is now 4th and goal. Field goal unit out

(Q1 9:03) Williams throws the ball over Singleton in the endzone to make it 3rd and goal

(Q1 9:30) Hood is met immediately for no gain. 2nd and goal

(Q1 9:49) Play blown dead on the false start. 1st and goal on the 13

(Q1 9:57) Hood takes the handoff for a big gain to bring it inside the 15. Facemask penalty against Clemson brings it to the 8 yard line. 1st and goal

(Q1 10:16) Trubisky throws it to Hollins for the first.

(Q1 10:25) Following the 3 yard run from HoodWilliams' pass is incomplete to the right. 3rd and 7

(Q1 10:50) Williams runs it to the right but a horsecollar call tacks on 15 yards. 1st and 10 on the 43

(Q1 10:57) The 47 yard field goal from Huegel falls just short of the post and is no good. UNC ball now

(Q1 11:31) Watson takes off and dives for the first but is short and it is now 4th and 3. Clemson will go for the field goal

(Q1 12:13) Scott catches the screen but only picks up a yard. 3rd and 8

(Q1 12:22) Watson fires it deep to Kain in the endzone but it falls incomplete. 2nd and 10

(Q1 12:44) Gallman takes it for four yards to give Clemson another 1st and 10

(Q1 13:19) Watson has another quick pass  that picks up seven yards. 3rd and 2

(Q1 13:46) Gallman takes it to the right for a gain of one. 2nd and 9

(Q1 14:10) Watson keeps it and picks up another ten yards. 1st and 10

(Q1 14:33) Watson gets it to his wideout for another gain of 10. 1st and 10

(Q1 15:00) Starting on their own 20, Watson hands it off to  Gallman for a first down

(8:14 PM ET) Clemson will receive the opening kickoff.

(8:06 PM ET) Both teams are hyped on their respective sidelines, as it all comes down to this for both teams. Clemson is looking to lock up a spot in the College Football Playoffs while UNC is looking to crash the party.

(8:05 PM ET) Good 50/50 split of fan representation in Charlotte, as it is approximately halfway between Chapel Hill and Clemson

(7:59 PM ET) Kickoff projected for 8:11 PM ET

(7:32 PM ET) Just about a half an hour until kickoff down in Charlotte. Both Clemson and North Carolina getting their last stretches in before team introductions.

(6:25 PM ET) Hello everybody and welcome to gameday! We are just about 90 minutes from kickoff and it has been a busy day in college football. Houston beat Temple to win the AAC and Alabama is currently up 12-7 on Florida with eight minutes left in the third quarter for the SEC title. Not to mention, the Pac 12 and Big Ten championships are still yet to get underway. It will be an exciting matchup in Charlotte so stay tuned here as we get closer to kickoff.

Kickoff is projected for 8:00 PM ET at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina. Be sure to stay with us for coverage of the entire game here on VAVEL USA.

A win for North Carolina will mean a lot for the program and the rest of their season. A win would give the Tar Heels their biggest win in program history, and would end their season with a 12-1 record going into postseason play. A win would shake things up in the College Football Playoffs, as Clemson would presumably fall out of the top four. North Carolina could jump in if Alabama were to fall to Florida in the SEC Championship and Stanford loses to USC in the Pac 12 Championship. No matter what, a win from the Tar Heels provides drama and a better bowl game for them, along with their best season in school history. 

A win for Clemson today will secure them the number one spot in the College Football Playoffs as the ACC Champions. They will finish off the seaosn with a 13-0 record going into the playoffs against the number four seed, most likely the winner of the Big Ten Championship Game.

The key to this game is the defensive performance of North Carolina. The Tar Heels have to go up against one of the most powerful offenses in the country and it will be no easy task. North Carolina has been able to contain offenses this season, but they have yet to face anything that is remotely close to Clemson's offense. For the Tar Heels to win, their defense needs to come out of the gate and make huge stops against the Tigers. If the Tar Heels are not able to make those stops, then it will be a long day for them.

North Carolina's defense has been decent all season. Cornerbacks M.J. Stewart, Des Lawrence, linebacker Shakeel Rashad, and defensive tackle Nazair Jones have led the way for the Tar Heels this season. The Tar Heels have forced 23 turnovers and 22 sacks throughout this season. North Carolina allows an average of 395 yards per game, which might not make them a top 30 defense, but their points allowed is top 20 in the nation, averaging 20.8 points allowed per game.

Clemson's defense has been stellar all season. Their defense is highlighted by three all-conference first team selections: defensive end Shaq Lawson, defensive tackle Carlos Watkins, and cornerback Mackensie Alexander. Those three have helped lead the Tigers' defense to only allow 288.5 yards per game and 18.8 yards per game, making them one of the top in the nation.

North Carolina's offense lives and dies with the running game. Their running game is headed by running back Elijah Wood and quarterback Marquise Williams. Wood and Williams have combined for 2,066 rushing yards and 26 rushing touchdowns. Williams also can pass the ball well, throwing for 2,605 passing yards and 18 touchdowns. The Tar Heels' offense as a whole has averaged 495.7 yards and 41 points per game. 

Clemson has a high powered offense led by quarterback Deshaun Watson. Watson has thrown for over 3200 yards and rushed for over 750, making him one of the deadliest dual threat quarterbacks in the country. Watson has totaled 36 touchdowns with 27 coming through the air. He has been able to air it out to Artavius Scott and Deon Cain. The Tigers average 502.5 yards per game and 37.0 points per game, which are both top twenty in the nation.

North Carolina has been the underdog story of the season. The Tar Heels started off the season with a loss to rival South Carolina, 17-13. From that point on, the Tar Heels have been unstoppable. They have strung together eleven straight wins, including wins over a ranked Pittsburgh and Duke in consecutive weeks. North Carolina cracked the rankings before their game against Duke and have been inching up the rankings ever since. After starting at #21, they now sit at #10 in the College Football Playoff Rankings and prepare for their toughest game of the season.

Clemson comes into this game sitting at 12-0 on the season and #1 in the nation in every major poll. The Tigers have major wins over Notre Dame and Florida State on their resume. However, Clemson has had plenty of close games this season, with three of their wins being by a touchdown or less, and only one of those games was against a ranked team. Clemson has been on top of the rankings for the last four weeks and look to stay on top following this week.

It has been a wild ride in the Atlantic Coastal Conference this season. It has seen massive upsets, teams jumping in and out of the rankings, and dominance at the top. The regular season has drawn to a close and now we see the two top teams in the conference battle it out for one to reign superior amongst the rest.

Hello everybody and welcome to VAVEL USA's live coverage of the Atlantic Coastal Conference Championship Game between the North Carolina Tar Heels and the Clemson Tigers. I'm your host, Maxwell Rizer, and let's take a look at a preview of today's game.