#4 Iowa Hawkeyes - Indiana Hoosiers Live Updates And Score Of 2016 College Basketball (78-85)
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Thank you for tuning in tonight to VAVEL's coverage LIVE fro Assembly Hall in Bloomington where the Hoosiers beat the Hawkeyes, 85-78. Stay tuned for my postgame recap. For Josh Eastern, good night from Bloomington

The Hoosiers stay undefeated at home with the win.

FINAL: Indiana 85, Iowa 78

2nd (4.3): Ferrell makes both FTs

2nd (8.0): Gesell makes the first and misses the second intentionally. This one is over

Ferrell commits a blocking foul. Gesell will shoot 2

2nd (9.8): Ferrell makes the first and the second

2nd (9.8): Ferrell fouled before the in bound and he'll shoot 2

2nd (13.4): Uthoff misses the first and makes the second

2nd (13.4): Hartman slams it home and Uthoff is fouled on the other end. He'll shoot 2

79-76 Indiana with 22.5 to play

Correction: Gesell was fouled and will shoot 2. He makes the first and the second

2nd (22.5): Gesell with the bucket and the foul. He'll have a chance for a 3 point play

2nd (32.5): Williams misses the first and the second

2nd (32.5): Williams fouled and will shoot 2

Timeout Iowa with 33.5 seconds to play. That is their last timeout. Indiana just needs to make some free throws

2nd (:43): Williams nails a late shot clock jumper and Iowa responds quickly on the other end with 2

Iowa needs a stop here and a quick bucket

2nd (1): Woodbury lays it in for Iowa and they call a timeout. 77-72 Indiana with 1:14 to play

2nd (2): Iowa has 4 chances for a bucket but can't get any of them. IU ball

2nd (2): Indiana throws it away late in the clock. Big possession for Iowa here

With 2:44 left to play, Indiana leads Iowa, 77-70

2nd (2): Gesell nails a pull up jumper and Iowa calls a timeout

2nd (3): Morgan with the put back for IU

2nd (3): Clemmons with a nice take late in the shot clock for 2

IU on the other hand is 6-for their last-7

Indiana is benefitting from Iowa shooting 1-for their last-9

With 3:52 to play in the second half, Indiana leads Iowa, 75-66

2nd (3:52): Ball tipped out of bounds and we have a timeout

2nd (4:07): Woodbury misses the front end but Iowa gets it back

2nd (4): Foul goes against Indiana on the rebound. Bad call

2nd (4:34): Morgan misses the first and makes the second

2nd (4): Uthoff's shot rattles out and Morgan is fouled. He'll shoot 2

2nd (4:50): Williams makes the first and the second

2nd (4): Williams fouled on the fast break and will go to the line for free throws

2nd (5:08): Ferrell splashes the first and the second. 72-66 IU

2nd (5): Foul charged to Jok and Ferrell will shoot 1-and-1

2nd (5:31): Uthoff makes the first and the second

2nd (5): Ticky tacky foul called on Hartman and Uthoff will shoot 2

2nd (6): Woodbury with the tip in for Iowa

2nd (6): Ferrell nails a 3 and IU leads by 8

2nd (6): Uthoff misses a wide open elbow jumper

2nd (7:09): Williams completes the 3-point play

2nd (7): Williams with the bucket and the foul. He'll shoot 1

2nd (7:23): Jok makes the first and misses the second

2nd (7:23): Jok to shoot 1-and-1

Johnson leading IU with 13 while Uthoff has 21 for Iowa

Both teams just grinding it out right now. Indiana has played well the last few minutes and without Thomas Bryant on the floor and Yogi Ferrell having an off night

With 7:23 to play in the second half, Indiana leads Iowa, 64-61

2nd (7): Foul on IU as it looks like Jok was poked in the eye

2nd (7): Bielfeldt again and IU leads by 3

2nd (8): Hartman lays it in and Iu is back in front

2nd (8:23): Uthoff makes the first and misses the second

2nd (8): Iowa misses twice but Uthoff gets the offensive rebound and will shoot 2

2nd (9): Bielfledt ties it up

2nd (9): Niego nails a baseline jumper

2nd (9:35): Woodbury misses the first and makes the second

2nd (9): Bryant fouls Woodbury and I'm not so sure about that one...

2nd (10): Ferrell really struggling as he misses another one

2nd (10): Foul charged to Wagner for Iowa

2nd (10): Stoppage in play as Jok went down

2nd (10): Uthoff silences the crowd with a 2. He has 20

2nd (11): Williams with a nice tip for the putback

2nd (11): Uthoff inside for 2

2nd (11): Bryant makes the first and the second. 8-for8 from the line for IU tonight

All 5 starters have scored for Iowa, but still 0 bench points. Indiana with 19

With 11:51 to play in the second half, Iowa leads Indiana, 55-52

2nd (11): Bryant fouled and will shoot 2 after the timeout

2nd (12): Uthoff silences the crowd with a 3

2nd (12): Great pass from Anunoby to Bryant for 2 for IU

2nd (12): Few missed shots both ways. Scoring has slowed a bit from the first half pace

2nd (13): Johnson turns it over for IU. That is their 9th TO

2nd (14): IU loses Woodbury and he has an easy bucket

Indiana seems to have weathered the storm of Iowa out of the break, but still need some more consistent offense as their points have come late in the shot clock and at the FT line

With 15:11 to play in the second half, Indiana and Iowa are tied at 50

2nd (15): Foul on Indiana and that brings us to a timeout

2nd (15): Johnson nails a 3 as the shot clock expires for IU

2nd (15): Gesell nails a 3 for Iowa

2nd (16:27): Johnson nails the first and the second and we're tied again

2nd (16): Johnson fouled on the run out and will shoot 2

2nd (17): Indiana not shooting like they were at the start and it is hurting them big time

9-0 run for Iowa now

2nd (17): Ferrell with a miss and Jok runs the floor for 2 and Iowa has a lead

7-0 run for the Hawkeyes to start the half as Indiana looking to get back on track

With 17:39 to play in the second half, Indiana and Iowa are tied at 45

2nd (17): Uthoff slams it home and we are tied at 45. Timeout Indiana

2nd (18): Gesell sprints down the floor and lays it in. Indiana then turns it over. 45-43 Hoosiers

2nd (18): Foul charged to Jok for Iowa. His 2nd

2nd (18:32): Jok misses the first and makes the second

2nd (18): Jok fouled going to the rim on the run out. He'll shoot 2

2nd (19): Gesell nails a jumper

2nd (19): Turnover to start the half for IU

Hoosiers will start with possession

Back for second half action. Let's see if Indiana can hold their lead. Iowa not going away, but have to fix the 21-11 rebounding difference

Fun first half. I'll be back in about 12 minutes for the second half

Zeisloft leads IU with 9 points (3 three's) while Robert Johnson has 8

Uthoff and Clemmons are pacing Iowa with 11 and 10 respectively

Iowa just clawed away at the deficit as they were down by as many as 16

HALFTIME: Indiana 45, Iowa 38

1st (0.2): Ferrell makes the first and the second

1st (0.2): Flagrant foul charged to Jok and Ferrell will shoot 2. But first, the refs will look at this

1st (6.1): Gesell misses the first and makes the second

1st (6.1): Common foul and Gesell will shoot 2

1st (6.1): Gesell gets loose on the break and is fouled hard by Hartman. He'll shoot 2, but refs will look for a flagrant at the monitor

1st (:11): Ball out of bounds to IU with 1 on the shot clock

1st (1): Gesell nails a bucket late into the shot clock. Indiana lead down to just 43-37

1st (1): Clemmons gets a nice bounce off of the rim and his 3 falls

1st (1): Bielfeldt hits a jumper for IU

That timeout a few minutes ago from McCaffrey seemed to get Iowa back in track a bit. 12-4 run for the Hawkeyes, but Indiana still leads, 41-32 with 2:26 to play in the first half

1st (2): Woodbury again for 2 and Indiana calls a timeout

1st (2): Bryant with a tough lay in for 2

1st (3): Woodbury lays it in for 2

1st (3): A Johnson 3 ends an 8-0 run for Iowa

1st (4): Refs may have missed a travel, but Jok knocks down a 3 anyway

1st (5): Jok nails a 3 for Iowa

1st (5): Clemmons lays it in for 2 to stop the bleeding momentarily

Iowa doesn't know what hit them

1st (6): Hartman nails a 3 for IU after a huge block on the other end. Timeout Iowa

1st (6): Zeisloft nails a DEEP 3 for IU

Uthoff already in double figures with 11 points for Iowa. Keeping them in this one early

With 7:08 to play in the first half, Indiana leads Iowa, 30-20

1st (7): Fans not a fans of the last few calls, but a foul on Johnson brings us to a timeout

1st (7): Uthoff nails a 3 for Iowa

1st (7): Uthoff answers with 2 on the other end

1st (8): Zeisloft nails a 3 for IU

1st (8): Shot clock violation on IU. Hoosiers lead 27-15

1st (9): Clemmons nails a 3 on the other end for Iowa

1st (9): Anunoby with a beautiful reverse lay in

1st (9): Jok open on a nice cut for 2

1st (10): Bielfeldt with the put back for IU

1st (10): Niego steps in and takes a charge for IU

1st (10): Clemmons fouled on the drive. Iowa keeps possession

1st (10): Zeisloft nails a 3 and IU up 13

1st (11:14): Uhl misses the first and the second

1st (11): Anunoby commits a foul on Uhl and he'll shoot 2

1st (11:32): He makes the first and the second

1st (11): Anunoby to shoot 2 out of the timeout

Not much of a surprise, but Uthoff carrying Iowa early here with 6 points

Indiana just seems to be out hustling Iowa right now. The Hawkeyes just can't seem to get on track right now especially with their shot. Just 4-of-12 to start. IU is 8-for-17

With 11:32 to play in the first half, Indiana leads Iowa, 18-10

1st (11): Anunoby fouled and that brings us to a timeout

1st (12): Turnover for Iowa. They are a bit rattled it seems thus far

1st (12): Stoppage in play finally as the subs come in. Not too many stoppages in play early on here

1st (12): Johnson lays it in for IU. Back and forth we go!

1st (13): Uthoff throws in a prayer as the shot clock was running low

1st (13): Williams with a nice take again and lays it in for 2

1st (14): Bielfeldt with a nice take for 2, but Uthoff races down the floor and lays it in. 14-8 IU

1st (15): Johnson with a big 3 after an offensive rebound for IU

Thomas Bryant already with 4 points and 5 rebounds, but he goes to the bench for Bielfeldt with 1 early foul

With 15:34 to play in the first half, Indiana leads Iowa, 9-6

1st (15): Foul charged to Ferrell on the rebound and Iowa will have the possession out of the timeout

1st (16): Uthoff throws up an air ball and Bryant tips it in for 2 on the other end

1st (16): Williams with a nice take for 2 for IU

1st (17): Gesell lays it in on the run out. 6-5 Iowa

1st (17): Bryant with the offensive rebound and the put back

1st (18): Clemmons responds with a lay up

1st (19): Ferrell nails a three for IU

1st (19): Iowa opens in a zone

1st (19:37): Uthoff makes the first and the second

1st (19): Uthoff drives after an offensive rebound and is fouled by Bryant. He'll shoot 2

1st (20): Bryant and Woodbury to jump it up to start and Iowa controls it

Assembly Hall is so loud right now for these starting lineups. Iowa has to take the crowd out early

It will be interesting to see the start that Indiana gets out to. Have had some fast starts at home

National anthem is done and the lineups are being announced. LOUD boos for Iowa. Tip is around the corner

Both teams on the floor. Tip off just moments away

Iowa starters: Mike Gesell, Anthony Clemmons, Peter Jok, Jarrod Uthoff, Adam Woodbury

Indiana starters: Yogi Ferrell, Robert Johnson, Collin Hartman, Troy Williams, Thomas Bryant

Wouldn't expect the starters to be different from either side, but I'll pass along official starting lineups when they are released momentarily

Mike Eades, Bo Borowski and Paul Szelc are tonight's officials

Closing in on tip off and Assembly Hall is slowly but surely filling up. B1G title implications tonight

OG Anunoby has been getting a good run of game time of late and Crean has a lot more faith in him now then he did at the beginning of the year. Could the freshman be guarding the top scorer in the Big Ten in Uthoff?

It will be interesting to see who Iowa has guard Yogi Ferrell. Mike Gesell is at PG, but Anthony Clemmons is one of their best defenders.

About 45 minutes until tip off. Here are some pregame thoughts of mine:

Hello everyone. Josh Eastern here checking in 1 hour before tip here at Assembly Hall where there is palpable buzz as the Hoosiers welcome in the Big Ten-leading Hawkeyes. I'll have some more updates as we close in on tipoff

When you look at the Big Ten right now, you see Iowa at the top and Indiana and Maryland just one game back. This game could create some separation between the Hawkeyes and the Hoosiers and it could start to clear up the top of the conference. It is a big game for both teams, as Indiana hasn’t lost at home this season while Iowa will look to play spoiler and continue their run at the top.

Indiana coach Tom Crean played around with the lineup a bit once Blackmon Jr. went down, but he has settled on Collin Hartman taking the open spot in the starting five. Off of the bench, Crean has Max Bielfeldt on the inside to go along with OG Anunoby who has played some great minutes off of the bench when Indiana has needed it most. Nick Zeisloft is another guard off of the bench who can come in and knock down some threes if needed. Crean has limited it mostly to those three off of the bench, but lately Juwan Morgan has been getting more time, which deepens this Indiana team without Blackmon Jr.

This is a very deep team as well as Uthoff averages the most minutes per game at just 30.0. Coach McCaffrey goes about four deep on his bench and can still get solid production. It keeps his team fresh for the end of the game and that is one of their keys to success.

Along with Uthoff is guard Peter Jok, who can really fill it up and averages 15.5 points per game. Jok is a plus-shooter who is shooting 44 percent from the field and 41 percent from behind the arc. Joining Jok in the backcourt is point guard Mike Gesell and two-guard Anthony Clemmons. Gesell is a pure point guard who averages 6.0 assists per game while averaging 8.4 points per game. Clemmons, on the other hand, averages 8.9 points per game and 3.7 assists per game. Up front is seven-footer Adam Woodbury who does almost all of his work below the free throw line averaging 7.7 rebounds per game and 8.5 points per game.

You can’t talk about Iowa and not talk about one of the most dynamic players in the country in Jarrod Uthoff. If not for Buddy Hield and Ben Simmons, Uthoff would be right in the talk for Player of the Year. He averages a team high 18.4 ppg, 6.4 rpg, and 2.9 bpg. As you can see from these numbers, the 6’9” senior can get it done in all facets of the game.

As for Iowa, this is one of the best teams in the country and come in ranked fourth in the AP Poll, but KenPom has them ranked second. The Hawkeyes score 80.7 points per game and also play solid defense as they give up about 67 points per game.

James Blackmon Jr. was also a key contributor before undergoing surgery on his knee that is expected to keep him out for the rest of the season. This is a big loss on the offensive side of the floor, but on defense, the Hoosiers might actually become better.

The Hoosiers are off to a solid 9-2 start in Big Ten play with some solid road wins at Michigan and Nebraska along with a few blowout wins at home at Assembly Hall. Yogi Ferrell has been the main man for the Indiana as the senior point guard is averaging 17.3 points per game, but hasn’t been playing as well as of late. Another big time contributor has been freshman big man Thomas Bryant who is averaging 12.1 points per game along with 5.6 rebounds.  A big key for the Hoosiers is protecting the rim and Bryant has made tremendous strides since the beginning of the season. Troy Williams (12.6 ppg and 6.3 rpg) and Robert Johnson (7.8 ppg) are also key contributors to the offense, which is what this Indiana team is known for as they can score the basketball.

Indiana leads the series between the two schools with a mark of 98-75. The Hawkeyes did win the last meeting between the two schools last March in Bloomington by a score of 77-63.

The Hawkeyes are coached by Fran McCaffrey who is in his sixth year at the helm of the program in Iowa City. McCaffrey has had a great start to the season, as he has this team in a prime position to make a run at a Final Four. They are highly ranked and are working their way towards a regular season Big Ten title. He has also led four different programs to an NCAA Tournament appearance.

The Hoosiers are coached by Tom Crean who comes into his eighth year at the helm of the program. Since taking over in 2008, he has rebuilt Indiana basketball and has put them in contention to compete year in and year out. Crean is almost always under pressure to win at Indiana and this year is no different as they look to get back to the NCAA Tournament.

As for Iowa, they are ranked fourth overall in the latest rankings and are first in the Big Ten at 10-1. The Hawkeyes have lost just one game (at Maryland), but otherwise have had a fairly easy time with their schedule picking up some marquee wins up to this game in Bloomington.

Indiana comes into this game against the Hawkeyes having lost their last game to Penn State, but still have a 9-2 conference record. Last Tuesday, they demolished Michigan on the road winning by 13 in dominant fashion.

Welcome to VAVEL College Basketball’s LIVE coverage of the Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Indiana Hoosiers. I’m Josh Eastern and I’ll be providing play-by-play updates, commentary, and results of the game. The game starts at 9:00 PM EST at Assembly Hall in Bloomington, IN. VAVEL USA will be providing coverage pre-game, during the game, and post-game.