Nebraska Cornhuskers - Indiana Hoosiers Live Updates And Score Of 2016 College Basketball (64-80)
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Nebraska Cornhuskers - Indiana Hoosiers Live Updates And Score Of 2016 College Basketball (64-80)

Josh Eastern
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I'm Josh Eastern saying so long and thank you for following along. I'll have postgame coverage on my Twitter, @JoshEastern, and with my postgame recap.

Not a whole lot in this second half as the Hoosiers pulled away to remain undefeated at home

FINAL: Indiana 80, Nebraska 64

Hoosiers will dribble this one out

2nd (24.8): Webster makes the first and the second

2nd (24.8): Niego commits a foul and Webster will shoot 1-and-1

2nd (1): Webster for 2

2nd (1): Johnson to the hole for 2

Full court press on for NU down 78-60

2nd (2:08): Parker makes the first and the second

2nd (2): Morgan fouls Parker and he'll shoot 1-and-1

2nd (3): Morgan for 2 from a nice feed from Williams

2nd (3): Morgan stays with his miss and puts it back

2nd (3:49): McVeigh makes the first and the second

2nd (3): McVeigh fouled and will shoot 1-and-1

2nd (4:02): Johnson completes the 3-point play

2nd (4): Johnson with the bucket and the foul. He has a chance for another 3 point play

With 4:30 to play in the game, Indiana leads Nebraska, 71-56

2nd (4): Webster hits a jumper and Nebraska calls a quick timeout

2nd (5): Hartman with the baseline drive and slam!

2nd (6): Jacobson looses it out of bounce. IU ball and it looks like that spurt from NU has faded

2nd (6): Hustle play by both sides on the loose ball and IU gets it on the alternating possession

With 7:18 to play in the first half, Indiana leads Nebraska, 69-54

2nd (7): Offensive foul and IU gets it back after the timeout

2nd (7): Morgan takes and makes a corner 3 for IU. Lead back to 15

2nd (8:37): Morgan makes the first and the second

2nd (8): Morgan fouled again and will go to the line for 2 shots

2nd (8:59): Ferrell makes the first and the second

2nd (8): Ferrell fouled on the drive and will shoot 2

2nd (9): Webster lays it in and NU trails by just 8

2nd (9): White answers right back for 3

2nd (10): Ferrell hits a 3. Needed that for confidence

2nd (10): Jacobson with the putback for 2

2nd (10): Another TO for IU. They have 10 tonight

2nd (11): Bryant with a nice post move for 2

The Cornhuskers on a 9-0 run in the last 2:02

With 11:47 to play in the second half, Indiana leads Nebraska, 57-47

2nd (11): Foul on Webster for NU and that brings us to a timeout

2nd (12): Watson hits a tough bucket and it's just a 10 point lead for IU

2nd (12): Offensive foul on Ferrell and NU is starting to gain a bit of traction back

2nd (12): Webster for 2 and the IU lead is down to 12

2nd (13): McVeigh takes and makes a corner 3. He has 15

2nd (13): Bielfeldt with an offensive foul and the ball goes back to Nebraska down 17

2nd (13): Jacobson for 2 for NU

2nd (14:36): Williams completes the 3-point play

2nd (14): Williams once again hits the bucket and is fouled. He'll have a chance for a 3-point play

2nd (15): White nails a jumper for NU

This game has gotten completely out of hand for the Cornhuskers. They had a good grasp on it in the first half, but the Hoosiers have taken over

With 15:39 to play in the second half, Indiana leads Nebraska, 54-36

2nd (15): McVeigh is fouled on the floor and that brings us to a timeout

2nd (16): Bielfeldt with a nice hook shot for 2

2nd (17): Bryant slams it home for IU. His first points of the night

Troy Williams has hit 3 of the last 4 buckets for the Hoosiers

With 17:18 to play in the second half, Indiana leads Nebraska, 50-36

2nd (17): Williams with another acrobatic lay up and Nebraska calls a timeout. 15 points for Williams

2nd (17): Johnson nails a 3 for IU

2nd (18): Glynn Watson for 2

2nd (19): Williams knifes in for another lay up

2nd (19:29): Williams can't complete the 3-point play

2nd (19): Williams lays it in and is fouled. He has a chance for a 3-point play

Teams on the floor. Nebraska will start with the ball

Second half about to get underway here at Assembly Hall. Hoosiers closed with the momentum at the end of the half with a 7-0 run

I'll be back in about 12 minutes for the second half

Troy Williams leads IU with 9 points while McVeigh has 12 and White has 10 for Nebraska

HALFTIME: Indiana 41, Nebraska 34

Correction: They wave off the basket

Ferrell hits a 3 at the buzzer!

1st (6.3): Ferrell misses the first technical free throw and makes the second

Technical foul called on NU coach Tim Miles as well. Ferrell will shoot 2 for IU

1st (6.3): McVeigh commits a foul and IU gets the ball back. Timeout IU

6-0 run by IU in the last 38 seconds

1st (34.5): Ferrell completes the 3-point play and a timeout is called by Nebraska

1st (34.5): Ferrell hits the bucket and is fouled on the drive

1st (55.5): White misses the front end

1st (55.5): Zeisloft commits a foul and White will shoot 1-and-1

1st (1): Hartman nails a 3 and IU leads by 3

1st (1): White runs the floor and is rewarded with a lay up

1st (2:25): Ferrell makes the first and the second. First points of the game

1st (2): Ferrell is fouled by Parker and he will shoot 2

1st (2): Ferrell commits a foul that the crowd doesn't agree with. White misses the front end of a 1-and-1

1st (3): Zeisloft nails a 3 and we're tied at 32

1st (3): Watson lays it in for 2

1st (3:36): Morgan makes the first and the second

Thomas Bryant and Yogi Ferrell have yet to score for Indiana

With 3:36 to play in the first half, Nebraska leads Indiana, 30-27

1st (3): Morgan fouled again underneath and will shoot 2 after the break

1st (4:03): Morgan makes the first and misses the second

1st (4): Morgan fouled going up for 2 and this crowd is a bit more energetic

1st (4): Bielfeldt lays it in for 2

1st (5): McVeigh with a crowd-silencing 3

1st (5): Zeisloft nails a 3 as the shot clock expires

1st (5): Webster lays it in as he blows by Morgan

1st (6): Bryant charged with a tough over the back foul. That's his 2nd

1st (6): Williams with a nice reverse lay in for 2

1st (7): White nails a corner 3 for NU

1st (7:54): Johnson makes the first and the second

1st (7:54): Johnson will shoot 1-and-1

McVeigh leading NU with 9 points while Williams is leading IU with 7

With 7:50 to play in the first half, Nebraska leads Indiana, 22-17

1st (7): Johnson is fouled on the baseline and that brings us to a timeout

1st (8): Hammond works Bryant down low and lays it in for 2

1st (8): Hartman nails a 3. Big one for IU

1st (9): White on a run out lays it in for 2

1st (9): Williams for 2 for IU

1st (10): Parker with a nice take for 2

1st (10:49): Anunoby misses the first and the second

1st (10:49): Anunoby shooting 2

4 turnovers a piece as well

Indiana just 4-for-12 from the floor thus far

With 10:49 to play in the first half, Nebraska leads Indiana, 16-12

1st (10): Foul on NU and that brings us to a timeout

1st (11): Anunoby gets caught on the back door cut and McVeigh lays it in

1st (12:10): Anunoby cannot complete the three point play, but IU gets the rebound

1st (12): Anunoby spins and lays it in for 2 plus the foul. He'll shoot 1

1st (12): Offensive foul and IU gets it right back

1st (12:43): Jacobson misses the first and the second, but White gets it back for NU

1st (12): Jacobson is fouled and will shoot 2. Zeisloft commits the foul

1st (13:07): Bielfeldt makes the first and the second

1st (13): On the other end, Bielfeldt drives and is fouled. He'll shoot 2

1st (13): Webster sticks with it and lays it in

1st (13): McVeigh nails a 3 for NU

1st (14): Johnson misses a 3 and then Hartman commits a foul. Sloppy start both ways

1st (14): Another foul on NU, this one on Hammond. Racking up some fouls with a shorter lineup tonight

1st (15): Foul on Webster stopping an IU fastbreak

3 turnovers for the Hoosiers while the Cornhuskers have 2. A bit of a sloppy start

Another Big Ten result to pass along: Penn State has beaten Iowa by a score of 79-75. With a win tongiht, Indiana will be tied atop the Big Ten

With 15:29 to play in the first half, Nebraska leads Indiana, 9-8

1st (15): White dribbles it out of bounds and that brings us to a timeout

1st (15): McVeigh on a drive for 2

1st (16): Williams knocks down a corner 3

1st (16): Jacobson knocks down a free throw line jumper

1st (17): Williams with a nice take for 2

1st (18): White is left wide open and nails a 3 at the end of the shot clock

1st (18): Hartman tosses up an airball on a 3

1st (19): McVeigh utilizes the mismatch on Ferrell and knocks down a bucket

1st (19): Johnson starts it off with a 3 for IU

1st (20): Bryant and Jacobson will tip it up. IU wins the tip and we're off!

Players are on the floor and we're just about ready to go!

Just about time for the National Anthem and announcement of the starting lineups. Tip is moments away. We'll get underway a bit after 8:30

Will be interesting to see how both teams come out for this one. Hoosiers can't fall into a trap while Nebraska is banged up, but coming off of a big win against Penn State

Players off of the court now and getting ready to come back for final warm ups. It's also Star Wars night here at a fairly light Assembly Hall tonight

Back to the regular starters for Indiana

Indiana starters: Yogi Ferrell, Robert Johnson, Troy Williams, Collin Hartman, and Thomas Bryant

McVeigh takes the spot for Shields in the starting five. McVeigh  had 16 points the first go around. Backup center Ed Morrow is also doubtful tonight

Nebraska starters: Andrew White,  Jack McVeigh, Michael Jacobson, Glynn Watson Jr., Benny Parker

30 minutes away from tipoff. Lineups should be announced within about 20 minutes. It will be interesting to see the starting five for Nebraska without Shavon Shields who didn't make the trip after that nasty fall against Rutgers a few weeks back.

Settled in here at Assembly Hall as we are about an hour away from tipoff between Indiana and Nebraska. I'll have more updates as we get closer to tip off

These two teams are coming into this game with two very different seasons currently with Indiana at the top of the conference while Nebraska is ninth. Expect a competitive game for a while, but the Hoosiers should be able to pull away without much difficulty at home and without Shields for the Cornhuskers.

Indiana coach Tom Crean played around with the lineup a bit once Blackmon Jr. went down, but he has settled on Collin Hartman taking the open spot in the starting five. Off of the bench, Crean has Max Bielfeldt, who actually started on Sunday, on the inside to go along with OG Anunoby who has played some great minutes off of the bench when Indiana has needed it most. Nick Zeisloft is another guard off of the bench who can come in and knock down some threes if needed. Crean has limited it mostly to those three off of the bench, but lately Juwan Morgan has been getting more time, which deepens this Indiana team without Blackmon Jr.

Without Shields in the past few games, it has been Jack McVeigh that has taken the spot up front along with Michael Jacobson. Jacobson and McVeigh combine to average about 10 points per game and about seven rebounds as well. Two other players that could be in the starting five Wednesday are guards Tai Webster or Big Ten freshman of the week Glynn Watson Jr. Webster is the team's third leading scorer at 9.5 points per game while Watson averages 8.9 points per game and 2.5 assists per game. Benny Parker is the point guard for this team, but the Cornhuskers don't get a whole lot of scoring production from Parker.

Along with White is forward Shavon Shields who was trying to come back following a scary injury against Rutgers a few weeks back, but will not be ready to play for the Cornhuskers. Coach Miles said that he would be evaluated in Lincoln before a decision would be made on his travel status to Bloomington, and it was determined he wouldn't be ready to go.

If there is one guy the Hoosiers need to slow down, it is Andrew White III who is coming off of a 35-point performance on Saturday against Penn State in a game that saw him make a career high six three-pointers. The Kansas transfer is averaging a team high 17.6 points per game along with 6.1 rebounds per game.

As for Iowa, this team is quite average, honestly, as they are 6-7 in conference and are 14-12 overall. The Cornhuskers score 73.6 points per game and also give up 68.1 points per game, which is right about in the middle of the teams in the country. They don’t pass the ball too well as they average just 12.2 assists per game.

James Blackmon Jr. was also a key contributor before undergoing surgery on his knee that is expected to keep him out for the rest of the season. This is a big loss on the offensive side of the floor, but on defense, the Hoosiers might actually become better.

The Hoosiers are off to a solid 9-2 start in Big Ten play with some solid road wins at Michigan and Nebraska along with a few blowout wins at home at Assembly Hall, plus a big home win against Iowa. Yogi Ferrell has been the main man for the Indiana as the senior point guard is averaging 16.8 points per game, but hasn’t been playing as well as of late. Another big time contributor has been freshman big man Thomas Bryant who is averaging 11.9 points per game along with 5.7 rebounds.  A big key for the Hoosiers is protecting the rim and Bryant has made tremendous strides since the beginning of the season. Troy Williams (12.3 ppg and 6.3 rpg), who has struggled lately, and Robert Johnson (8.1 ppg) who is playing solid mintues of late, are also key contributors to the offense, which is what this Indiana team is known for as they can score the basketball.

Indiana leads the series between the two schools with a mark of 11-4. Indiana won the first matchup of the season between the two back in January by a score of 79-69. The Cornhuskers did win the last meeting in Bloomington between the two schools in 2014 by a score of 70-60, however.

The Cornhuskers are coached by Tim Miles who is in his fourth year at the helm of the program in Lincoln. Miles made the NCAA Tournament in his first year in Lincoln, but the last few years have been a bit of a disappointment. This season looks to be headed that way again as a tournament bid is not going to happen aside from an automatic bid.

The Hoosiers are coached by Tom Crean who comes into his eighth year at the helm of the program. Since taking over in 2008, he has rebuilt Indiana basketball and has put them in contention to compete year in and year out. Crean is almost always under pressure to win at Indiana and this year is no different as they look to get back to the NCAA Tournament.

As for Nebraska, they are right in the middle of the Big Ten with a 6-7 record and a 14-12 overall record. The Cornhuskers are coming off of a home win against Penn State in which Andrew White scored 35 points along with the team going on a 37-7 run at one point.

Indiana comes into this game against the Hawkeyes having lost their last game to Michigan State, but still have a 10-3 conference record. Last Thursday they got a big home win against fourth-ranked Iowa.

Welcome to VAVEL College Basketball’s LIVE coverage of the Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. Indiana Hoosiers. I’m Josh Eastern and I’ll be providing play-by-play updates, commentary, and results of the game. The game starts at 8:30 PM EST at Assembly Hall in Bloomington, IN. VAVEL USA will be providing coverage pre-game, during the game, and post-game.