Score Michigan 62-79 Villanova in NCAA Championship 2018
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2:00: Two minutes remain. Nova up 79-58

Michigan has given up. And Nova adds another three to their total.

4:40: Michigan gets two points for goaltending on Villanova.

6:06: Bridges hits a three to extend the Nova lead!

7:35: Simpson drives to the paint... hits the layup and the foul! Now at the line shooting one.

8:27: DiVincenzo continues to terrorize Michigan with his three-pointer from long.

10:51: DiVincenzo with another big block! Simpson gets his own rebound and Brunson is whistled for his fourth foul of the game.

13:30: Rahkman for three in traffic... nails it!

14:34: Bridges for three... It's good!

Wagner (MICH) and Spellman(VILL) both charged with a technical foul. Nova ball. Wagner was also charged with a personal for a high elbow on Brunson.


16:11: Spellman with the putback from a Brunson shot for Nova.

17:20: Xavier Simpson with a bucket. Michigan still down.

18:03: Paschall gets around Wagner with a jam-step and hits a layup, giving the Wildcats a 14-point lead.

18:40: Nova picking up right where they left off. Paschall hits a three-pointer.

The second half is underway. Nova up 37-28.

HALFTIME: After being down a majority of the first half, Donte DiVincenzo and the Villanova Wildcats take the lead into the half.

0:02: Michigan ball, off of a Nova turnover.

0:12: Nova calls a timeout and has possession. TV TIMEOUT.

0:46: DiVincenzo with a huge block, that got the ball stuck! The possession arrow stuck with Nova and Brunson nails a three-pointer.

2:50: DiVincenzo finds Spellman for the one-handed jam! Nova up by six!

4:07: DiVincenzo for Nova is the game changer the Wildcats need. Has hit every three.

4:20: Nova up by two. Tight first half.

4:46: DiVincenzo.... THREE!

5:24: Omari Spellman hits both free throws.

5:49: FOR THREEEEEEE!!!! Nova takes the lead!

Wagner has 11 points and is 4/4 on field goals.

11:18: Duncan Robinson whistled for his second foul in less than five minutes for Michigan.

Poole makes his free-throw.

11:51: Jordan Poole gets his layup... AND ONE! Poole to the free-throw line after a commercial break.

12:06: DiVincenzo hits the layup... AND ONE! DiVincenzo makes the layup to pull Nova within two.

12:36: DiVincenzo hits a three for Nova! At the other end, Rahkman hits another bucket for Michigan.

13:11: Rahkman nails a three! 14-8 Michigan!

Paschall with a huge block on Matthews! Michigan ball.

What does everyone think of the start so far?

Wagner whistled for a travel. Nova ball after a commercial break. 11-8 Michigan lead.

15:00: Wagner nails a bucket! 3/3 for field goals with nine points so far.

16:08 THREEEEE!!!!!! Michigan on a 7-0 rub in last few minutes!

Michigan 2/2 for field goals. And at the other end, a HUGE block from Matthews!

17:38: *Fetty Wap voice* Matthews to shoot two from the line.

18:42: Wagner nails both free throws to tie the game, 4-4.

19:00: Brunson making a statement. 4-2 Nova.

19:20: Wagner answers to tie the game.

19:46: Brunson gets Nova on the board with a fadeaway. 2-0 Nova.


F: Eric Paschall. F: Omari Spellman. F: Mikal Bridges. G: Jalen Brunson. G: Phil Booth.

Starting lineup for Villanova.

F: Isaiah Livers. F: Moritz Wagner. G: Charles Matthews. G: Zavier Simpson. G: Muhammed Ali Abdur-Rahkman.

Starting lineup for Michigan.

9:00 PM EST: 20 minutes till tip-off! Do you have the necessities for the game? Food? Drinks? Friends?

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8:08 PM EST: We are a little over an hour and a half away from tip-off! Who is your prediction for tonight's championship game?

In a few moments, we will share the Michigan Wolverines vs. Villanova Wildcats live starting lineups, in addition to the latest information that surges from the Alamodome Stadium. Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL.

"You can't say it's a dream come true because you don't even dream about it. You don't dream about getting two out of three years, you don't think about it. I don't. It's hard to even comprehend it,” referred Villanova head coach Jay Wright to the fact of winning the national title in 2016 and disputing another NCAA final tonight.

"Until we went up to beat Michigan State we weren't nationally ranked. Now we're playing on Monday night," Michigan head coach John Beilein said.

For Michigan, Moritz Wagner is the key player. The German junior lead his team to this Championship game throughout the 2017-2018 season. Wagner’s outstanding performance in the semifinals against Loyola (24 points, 15 rebounds and a .625 field goal percentage) has Michigan’s state dreaming with an NCAA title.

Villanova’s scoring leader is Jalen Brunson. The New Jersey junior averages 19.2 points per game, 80.2 FT% and has a 52% field goal percentage. These are good stats for the Wildcat’s star.

The game will be played at the Alamodome stadium in San Antonio, a historic venue. This stadium was San Antonio Spurs' home from 1993 to 2002. It hosted the 1996 All-Star and has also hosted several NCAA Final Four. The pavilion has a capacity of 20,662 spectators but it once hosted 39,000 fans for a Spurs’ playoff game.

Villanova vs. Michigan will be the fourth meeting in the all-time series between two college basketball powers. The last time Villanova and Michigan faced each other was in the 2014 Legends Championship, a Thanksgiving tournament in New York. JayVaughn Pinkston sealed the Villanova win with a bucket and a block in the final minute (60-55).

The game will be played at the Alamodome Stadium and it is scheduled to tipoff at 9:20 PM EST.

Welcome to VAVEL USA’s LIVE coverage of the 2018 Final Four championship game: Michigan Wolverines vs. Villanova Wildcats! My name is Alan Nunez and I’ll be your host for this intriguing matchup. We will provide you with pre-game analysis, roster updates, and news as it happens live here on VAVEL.