Full Highlights: Baylor 23-30 Oklahoma, 2019 Big 12 Championship


4:47 PM3 years ago
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4:46 PM3 years ago
4:46 PM3 years ago

Final | Baylor 23-30 Oklahoma

The Sooners are the 2019 Big 12 Conference Champions!
4:45 PM3 years ago


Zeno is unable to complete on fourth down and Oklahoma wins!
4:44 PM3 years ago


Zeno sacked on third down! Baylor need a huge play to stay in it. We have a 4th & 20 situation!
4:40 PM3 years ago

OT | Oklahoma Touchdown!

Oklahoma get the touchdown with Stevenson rush!
4:40 PM3 years ago


The ball will be for Oklahoma first!
4:34 PM3 years ago

End of Q4

We'll have overtime to decide the Big12 Champion!
4:32 PM3 years ago

Q4 0:59

The ball is punted and Baylor will have the ball inside their own 5.
4:31 PM3 years ago

Q4 1:13

Hurts unable to complete a third down conversion! What will Oklahoma do? They're on midfield
4:27 PM3 years ago

Q4 3:00

CeeDee Lamb found by Hurts with 31-yard pass!
4:19 PM3 years ago

Q4 3:25 | Baylor Field Goal!

The game is equalized with another field goal by Mayers!
4:16 PM3 years ago

Q4 5:02

Zeno gets another 80-yard long pass in and Baylor is now in the red zone!
4:12 PM3 years ago

Q4 5:45

Zeno with another complete pass to help his team reach their own 30-yard line.
4:08 PM3 years ago

Q4 6:20

Fourth down scneario for Oklahoma. They punt and leave Baylor in their own 10.
4:06 PM3 years ago

Q4 7:40

Oklahoma moves the ball. They're at midfield with half of the fourth quarter gone.
4:01 PM3 years ago

Q4 9:21 | Baylor Touchdown!

81 yard touchdwon pass to put Baylor back in the game!

Extra point is good and we're in a three-point match.

4:01 PM3 years ago

Q4 10:25

Zeno comes in as QB for Baylor to see if he can help with the comeback!
3:56 PM3 years ago

Q4 10:31 | Oklahoma Field Goal

24 yarder is connected to make it a two-score game!
3:55 PM3 years ago

Q4 10:35

Hurts looks for the endzone on third down, but is unable to connect with any of his recievers. We'll have a fourth down inside Baylor's 10.
3:53 PM3 years ago

Q4 12:16

Oklahoma winding down the clock while moving the chains. Lamb makes a catch inside Baylor's 10!
3:47 PM3 years ago

End of Q3

The third quarter ends with Oklahoma possession near midfield.
3:45 PM3 years ago

Q3 0:45

Bohanon sacked and we'll have a fourth down for Baylor outside field goal range.
3:42 PM3 years ago

Q3 2:23

Baylor attempts to establish their running game now. We see consecutive rushing plays.
3:37 PM3 years ago

Q3 3:10 | Oklahoma Touchdown!

Hurts finds Basquine inside the endzone to give Oklahoma the lead again.

The exta point is good and we have a differnce of 7.

3:34 PM3 years ago

Q3 4:57

Hurts begins to move the chains combining passes and rushes.

They're now inside Baylor's 20.

3:28 PM3 years ago

Q3 7:03

Bohanon and company can't create. They're three and out and we'll have the punting team coming in.
3:25 PM3 years ago

Q3 7:53

Baylor will begin a new offensive on the 25.
3:22 PM3 years ago

Q3 7:53 | Oklahoma Field Goal!

We're tied up at 13 with a new field goal from Oklahoma!
3:19 PM3 years ago

Q3 8:37

Oklahoma faces a 3rd&8 situation in the red zone!
3:16 PM3 years ago

Q3 10:07

Oklahoma gain another first and down. They're now inside Baylor's 20.
3:14 PM3 years ago

Q3 11:14

Oklahoma converts on a third down situation to keep their offense alive!
3:12 PM3 years ago

Q3 13:32

Lamb with a fair catch after a Baylor punt. They'll have the ball on their own 3.
3:11 PM3 years ago

Q3 13:40

Bohanon looking to connect with a reciever down the middle, but the defense is there to swat away the pass.
3:09 PM3 years ago

Q3 15:00 | Second Half Begins

Baylor will have the possession of the ball first in this second half.
3:03 PM3 years ago

The Pride of Oklahoma playing during halftime here at AT&T Stadium


2:48 PM3 years ago

Half Time | Baylor 13-10 Oklahoma

With a first quarter dominated by Oklahoma, Baylor has made a nice comeback and now leads by three!
2:45 PM3 years ago

Q2 0:12 | Baylor Field Goal!

Mayers gives Baylor the lead for the first time!
2:44 PM3 years ago

Q2 0:17

Bohanon almost connects a touchdown, but Oklahoma's secondary with good coverage to stop him.
2:42 PM3 years ago

Q2 0:29

Bohanon makes a very high pass, but it manages to be caught by Thorton and Baylor will have a chance to score.

They have possession on Oklahomas 11-yard line.

2:39 PM3 years ago

Q2 0:44

Bohanon looks for a long pass, but he is unable to connect with any of his recievers.
2:38 PM3 years ago

Q2 1:22

Arnold with the fair catch near midfield.
2:37 PM3 years ago

Q2 1:29

Oklahoma is again unable to produce anything and they're three and out!
2:36 PM3 years ago

Q2 2:03

Lynch with a sack on Hurts!
2:34 PM3 years ago

Q2 2:51

The Oklahoma kick return gets only to the 12 yard-line.
2:30 PM3 years ago

Q2 2:59 | Baylor Touchdown!

Bohanon finds Thornton free inside the endzone!

The extra point is good and we're all levelled up!
2:29 PM3 years ago

Q2 3:48

Bohanon is sacked. The ball comes off his hands, but the referee says he was down and there'll be no fumble.
2:28 PM3 years ago

Q2 4:07

Hurts throws an interception on his first play. Williams gets the ball get thrown straight at him and it'll be Baylor's ball at the opposing 23.
2:24 PM3 years ago

Q2 4:07

Oklahoma gets the football again after stopping Baylor on third down.
2:24 PM3 years ago

Q2 4:12

Bohanon's pass is almost intercepted!
2:21 PM3 years ago

Q2 5:28

Baylor get their first third down conversion of the day.
2:20 PM3 years ago

Q2 6:02

Bohanon comes on instead of Brewer as QB for Baylor. Brewer was not fin after a hit to the head.
2:17 PM3 years ago

Q2 6:06

Arnold gets the ball knocked out from his arms during the return, but it remains in Baylor's possession.
2:16 PM3 years ago

Q2 6:17

Oklahoma will have to punt again.
2:13 PM3 years ago

Q2 7:05

Hurts again runs to gain 5. The Oklahoma offense approaches midfield again.
2:10 PM3 years ago

Q2 8:58

Hurts converts on third down for the first time with an 8-yard rush.
2:08 PM3 years ago

Q2 10:15

Brown stopped before he could reach the 20 yard-line in his kick return.
2:04 PM3 years ago

Q2 10:25 | Baylor Field Goal!

Mayers connects a 44-yard attempt!
2:03 PM3 years ago

Q2 10:25

Brewer looks for a touch down pass but it's too short!
2:02 PM3 years ago

Q2 11:41

Brewer comes onto the field with ball at Oklahoma's 29 yard-line.
2:01 PM3 years ago

Q2 11:45

Hurts hit from behind and the ball comes out of his hands. Baylor recovers it!

The ruling on the field is fumble recovered by the defense.
1:59 PM3 years ago

Q2 12:20

Miller with good coverage to stop the Sooners to get a new 1st&10
1:58 PM3 years ago

Q2 12:27

Lamb signals for a fair catch on Oklahoma's own 29-yard line.
1:58 PM3 years ago

Q2 12:53

Murray with two consecutive sacks on Brewer. We'll have another punt from Baylor!
1:56 PM3 years ago

Q2 14:20

Brewer with a good rush to gain 8 yards. The QB does not back down from contact.
1:55 PM3 years ago

Q2 14:45

Morgan almost makes a punt block. The kick is shor and will leave Baylor with the ball at their own 32.
1:50 PM3 years ago

End of Q1

First quarter dominated by the Sooners, however they'll have to punt in the first play of the second quarter.
1:49 PM3 years ago

Q1 1:04

Brooks with a rushing 1st&10 from a third down, but there is a penalty and the play will not count.
1:44 PM3 years ago

Q1 3:32

Baylor is three and out with a good job from Oklahoma's deffensive!
1:42 PM3 years ago

Q1 4:51

Baylor will begin their possession almost at midfield!
1:39 PM3 years ago

Q1 4:51 | Oklahoma Field Goal!

44-yard field goal to extend the lead to 10.
1:38 PM3 years ago

Q1 5:38

Play is under review to see if the reciever had control of the ball as his left foot semed to be down inside the endzone.

The call is confirmed as incomplete. There was no full control of the ball.
1:36 PM3 years ago

Q1 5:38

Hurts looks for the endzone, but Texada does a great coverage to cause the reciever to land out of bounds.
1:35 PM3 years ago

Q1 7:00

Hurts with a great pass for Lamb that leaves them inside Baylor's 20 yard-line.
1:31 PM3 years ago

Q1 8:00

The return man Lamb makes contact with the ball and drops it. He's able to get possession of the ball before Baylor could attempt a recovery.
1:29 PM3 years ago

Q1 8:10

Baylor offensive is unable to produce and we'll have another punt.
1:29 PM3 years ago

Q1 8:41

Brewer almost sacked. Baylor with 3rd&14 situation.
1:26 PM3 years ago

Q1 9:31

Baylor's next drive will begin at the 25 as a result of a touchback!
1:25 PM3 years ago

The big play of this scroing drive came from CeeDee Lamb!


1:23 PM3 years ago

Q1 9:31 | Oklahoma Touchdown!

Brooks rushes 6 yards and makes the first touchdown of the game!
1:22 PM3 years ago

Q1 10:00

Oklahoma with a huge 71-yard passing play for the first 1st and Goal.
1:18 PM3 years ago

Q1 10:52

Oklahoma will begin their second possession.
1:17 PM3 years ago

Q1 11:10

The Bears have to punt in the first possession. They are unable to get any points on the scoreboard.
1:15 PM3 years ago

Q1 12:50

Brewer sacked for the first time today!
1:15 PM3 years ago

Q1 13:14

First rushing 1st &  10 for Baylor!
1:14 PM3 years ago

Q1 13:22

Baylor QB Charlie Brewer steps onto the field for his first offensive series.
1:13 PM3 years ago

Q1 13:43

Baylor stops the first offensive series of the game and we'll have our first punt of the day.
1:11 PM3 years ago

Q1 15:00 | Kick-Off

Baylor will kick the ball. We have a touchback to begin our game.
1:10 PM3 years ago

1:09 PM3 years ago

Both teams step onto the field!

Both Baylor and Oklahoma are now on the field at AT&T Stadium and our Big12 Champioinship game will begin in no time!


1:07 PM3 years ago

Huge implications!

With Utah's defeat last tonight and if LSU loses at the SEC Championship Game, the winner of this game wil surely be in the play-off conversation for the National Championship!
1:05 PM3 years ago

Everything set for kick-off!

Oklahoma will look for its fifth straight conference title while a win for Baylor would mean their first in this type of game !

Who will prevail?
12:56 PM3 years ago
12:52 PM3 years ago

We're all set for the kick-off!

12:45 PM3 years ago

Previous Meeting

In their last game, which was played in Waco, Oklahoma completed the largest comeback in school history by overcoming a 25-point deficit to win 34–3.


12:43 PM3 years ago

Who will be in charge of officiating?

Mike Defee will wear the white hat for today's Big12 Championship game!


12:37 PM3 years ago
At this time, there are significantly more OU fans than Baylor fans at AT&T Stadium.

Will this support be decisve?


12:31 PM3 years ago

The Sooners look for another Conference Title


12:29 PM3 years ago
Oklahoma's Jalen Hurts is the onl QB to throw for a first down on more than half (51.8%) of his pass attempts this season.
12:24 PM3 years ago
12:23 PM3 years ago

Baylor will wear this kit today!


12:14 PM3 years ago

Oklahoma are also prepared!


12:13 PM3 years ago

BU Bears are ready for the game!

12:06 PM3 years ago

LIVE Coverage Begins!

We're ready to bring you all the details Chat come out of AT&T Stadium. We're ready for the Big12 Championship Game!
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Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Baylor vs Oklahoma match.
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The Sooners took some time to recognize the field at Arlington

3:44 AM3 years ago

Baylor hypes of the game through this video package!

12:09 AM3 years ago

How to watch Baylor vs. Oklahoma Live TV and Stream

f you want to watch the game on TV, your options are ABC.


If you want to directly stream it: ABC Streaming Services

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11:56 PM3 years ago
The Sooners are making their eleventh Big 12 Championship appearance. They hold an 9–1 record and their current streak is 9 consecutive wins in this type of matchups!

11:53 PM3 years ago
The Baylor Bears are making their first Big 12 Championship appearance. The last time a team made their debut in the Big 12 Championship, it was TCU wh did it in 2017.

11:44 PM3 years ago

Match History

These teams have met 29 times throughout history, with Oklahoma leading the series 26–3.

The Sooners have a streak of 5 wins against Baylor, incluiding their encounter during this 2019 regular season.

9:45 PM3 years ago
Baylor and Oklahoma arrive as the two teams with the best record from a full round robin against Big12 Conference members.

A 8-1 was enough for both schools to earn a spot in this game to be played at the home of the Dallas Cowboys.

9:14 PM3 years ago
The Baylor Bears vs. Oklahoma Sooners game will be played at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The kick-off is scheduled at 12PM Noon ET.

9:05 PM3 years ago
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