Touchdowns and Highlights: Marshall 25 -48 UCF in 2019 Gasparilla Bowl
(Photo: VAVEL)


Final | Marshall Thundering Herd 25- 48 UCF Knights
The Herd made some early mistakes and could not recover. The Kinghts made the big plays at the right time!
Q4 1:16
38 yard run for Coates. It'll be first and goal in the two yard line.
Q4 3:25
Evans runs 11 yards to gain a first down.
Q4 4:50
Turnover on downs for Marshall! Green is unable to convert on fourth down and UCF will try to close the game!
Q4 5:57
Knox finds space down the middle and takes the ball to UCF's 30.
Q4 7:34
Green returns to the field to make the last effort for Marshall.
Q4 8:55
The Herd will have the ball at their own 24 to start the drive.
Q4 9:04 | UCF Field Goal!
Barnas extends the lead by 3.
Q4 11:03
Mack with another rush! This time he earns a first and goal on the 1-yard line.
Q4 12:44
Mack runs to get the first down at Marshall's 21-yard line.
Q4 14:01
Green throws an interception. Collier picks it up and places the ball at the 33 yard line.
Q4 14:30
In the punt return, Marshall gains 20 yards.
End of Q3
With 15 minutes to go, twenty point lead for UCF.
Q3 0:59
Anderson wins 15 yards with a passing play.
Q3 1:08
UCF's drive begins at the 25 with a touchback.
Q3 1:08 | Marshall Field Goal!
Rohswasser connects a 50-yard field goal!
Q3 2:27
Darius Hodge from Marshall is out of the game for two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.


Q3 2:59
Green takes a big hit as he left the pocket to attempt a pass.
Q3 5:33
Knox gets the first down by reaching midfield.
Q3 6:39 | UCF Touchdown!
Marlon Williams now recieves and scores on the first play in UCF's drive!


Q3 6:50 | Two Point Conversion is good!
The pass finds Obialo in the endzone to give two points to Marshall.
Q3 6:52 | Marshall Touchdown!
On the first play of the drive, Green connects with Johnson to score!
Q3 7:10 | UCF Touchdown!
Gabriel fakes a pass and then rushes 4 yards to reach the endzone!
Q3 8:51
Gabriel with the long pass and Nixon with a reception. The ball will be played at Marshall's 8-yard line.
Q3 8:51
McCrae gets the first down with a short rushing play.
Q3 9:33 | Marshall Touchdown!
Green rushes for 8 yards to put The Herd back in the game!
Q3 11:06
Johnson makes a great run to place Marshall at the 19-yard line.
Q3 11:34
Grant punished for grabbing the facemask of the runner. The Herd has first down inside UCF's half.
Q3 12:50
Marshall needs to score in this drive to get back in the game. They'll begin their drive at their own 25.
Q3 12:50 | UCF Touchdown!
Anderson, with great blocks, finds the endzone once more!
Q3 13:58
Abraham almost catches a long pass, but it falls after it hits his hands.
Q3 14:28
Anderson earns the first down with a rushing play and a reception.
Q3 15:00| Second Half Begins
We begin the half with a touch back for UCF. The drive will start at the 25.
Half Time | UCF 24-17
With a first half full of offensive mistakes, the UCF Knights have done a better job at taking advantage and are up by 17 in the half.
Q2 0:00 | Field Goal UCF
Barnas makes it a 17-point game as we go the break!
Q2 0:01
The Knights have a fourth down inside the red zone. The kicking team will come in to attempt the kick and end the half.
Q2 2:09
McCrae also finds space to run and puts UCF in the opposing 37-yard line!
Q2 2:40
Thompson with a 43 yard rush!
Q2 3:12
UCF's ball at their own 6. They'll look to add more points before we reach half time!
Q2 3:25
Marshall will have to punt again after Green and company are unable to get a new first down.
Q2 5:55
4th and 3 for The Knights. The conversion attempt fails as the pass for Harris is too long. Turnover on downs!
Q2 6:52
The Herd is forced to punt again. UCF will start a new drive right at midfield.
Q2 7:51
Green alternating between passing plays and rushing plays.

He's punished for intentional grounding after feeling pressured.

Q2 9:23
UCF are also three-and-out! The muddy field and the wet football are causing the offensives to really struggle.
Q2 10:18
Another difficult drive for Marshall. They're stopped before reaching midfield.
Q2 12:02
The Marshall defense stops UCF at midfield! The Knights will have to punt.
Q2 12:28 | Marshall Touchdown!
Another pick-six in this game. Abraham with the interception and the touchdown!
Q2 12:50
Boudreux with a costly holding for UCF. The play would've ended on a touchdown, but it's taken back!
Q2 13:04
The Knights keep the ball moving. Mack Jr now playing as the QB.
Q2 14:50
The ruling is confirmed and Central Florida will have the ball.
Q2 14:50
It seems that Marshall has lost another ball in a fumble.

The officiating team is reviewing to see if the carrier Knox was down before the ball was fumbled.

End of Q1 | Marshall Thundering Herd 0-21 UCF Knights
The Herd has had many mistakes in this first quarter and are down by 21 at the end of the first quarter.
Q1 0:52
Thomson now has a second down on the 15-yard line!
Q1 2:22
Alex Thomson, now as Marshall's QB, gets another first down with a pass to Obialo!
Q1 5:05
Green earns a new first down with a rush. The Herd really need to focus if they want to make a comeback.
Q1 7:00 | UCF Touchdown!
Another mistake from Marshall costs them another 7 points. The ball is recovered from a fumble and taken to the endzone.
Q1 8:00
Turnier punished with 15 yards for a unsportsmanlike conduct. Marshall will have a new first down.
Q1 9:04
Marshall returns to the ball to the 24-yard line.
Q1 9:12 | UCF Touchdown!
McCrae is the now the one who rushes. He reaches the endzone without being touched!
Q1 9:49
Anderson with another good play. He places UCF in the opposing 26 yard line!
Q1 10:04
Anderson rushes to gain the first down for the Knights.
Q1 10:35
The ball is muffed by the reciever. Central Florida is lucky to recover and will have another offensive drive.
Q1 10:46
Green is unable to get any offensive going for The Herd and we'll have a punt.
Q1 12:21
UCF are unable to take advantage of the turnover and will have to punt in a 4th and 16 situation.
Q1 12:21
Dillon Gabriel is sacked at UCF's own 45 yard!
Q1 13:46 | Fumble recovered!
Another turnover for Marshall! Collier recovers a fumble after Richie Grant causes Levias to drop the ball.
Q1 14:00
Marshall will begin their second offensive series at the 26 yard line.
Q1 14:00 | Touchdown UCF!
Pick 6 by Richie Grant! He makes an easy interception and then, with great blocks, takes it back to the endzone!
Q1 15:00 | Kick-Off
Marshall will recieve. Aaron Robinson makes the kick return to the their own 20.
The American flag now on the field as the National Anthem is played.

We're moments away from kick-off!

A treasure chest themed trophy awaits the winner of the Gasparilla Bowl
Who you got?

With 5 minutes until kickoff, the stadium still looks empty as fans have looked to hide from the rain
Everything set for the kick-off in Tampa!
The Mayor of Orlando, Buddy Dyer, shared this message of support to the UCF Knights for the game:

"We're sending our city's support across the state to Tampa today. Let's continue to #TakeoverTampa with a GasparillaBowl victory"


Most fans are still waiting to take their seats as the rain continues in Tampa.

Weather in Tampa Bay
The temperature at this time sits at 67º F with a 77% humidity.

Wind is currently blowing at 16 miles per hour and precipitation is expected to continue throughout our game.

The Herd will wear their bright green jerseys and their white helmets in this Gasparilla Bowl.

The UCF lockerroom at Raymond James stadium is waiting for the players to finish their warm ups.

They will be wearing a silver jersey with their traditional silver and gold helmets.

The Marshall Thundering Herd have also started their warm up to prepare this Gasparilla Bowl against UCF.

The rain will be a key ingridient in tonight's game as weather in Tampa reamaisn extremely  humid.

McKenzie Milton, Hayden Kingston and Darriel Mack Jr. during the UCF Knight's warm up.


LIVE Coverage Begins
We're ready to bring you all the best actions in this Gasparilla Bowl LIVE from Tampa Bay!
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In 2017, Bad Boy Mowers signed a three-year contract to become the official title sponsor of the game.

As a result of this deal, the game is now named the  "Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla Bowl after Tampa's Gasparilla Pirate Festival".


Who you got?
Betting houses have UCF as the favorite for this Gasparilla Bowl by 16 points.

UFC's ods to win are at 83.2%

Marshall enters the game with an 8–4 record.  They finished tied for second in the East Division of C–USA.
The UCF Knight come into the Gasparilla Bowll with a 9–3 record. Their season earned them a second place in the East Division of The American.

Can Marshall defend the title?
The Marshall Thundering Herd football team are the defending Gasparilla Bowl champions.

Their 2018 campaign ended with a 38-20 win over South Florida in this bowl.


Previous Meetings
It will also be the twelfth historical game between UCF and Marshall, with the team from Florida leading series with 8 wins and 3 losses.

From 2002 to 2012, UCF and Marshall shared conferences. They were together in the Mid-American Conference from 2002 to 2004, and then both joined C–USA in 2005.

In 2013, the UCF Knights decided  to switch conference and went to The American in 2013.

How to watch Marshall vs UCF Live TV and Stream
If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are: ESPN.

If you want to directly stream it: ESPN App.

If you want to watch in on internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!

UCF and Marshall are both making their fourth appearance in the Gasparilla Bowl. As of today, they're the two teams witht the most arrivals to this bowl.

Despite their prevalence in this game, this will be the first time they face each other in the Gasparilla Bowl.

Kickoff Time
The Marshall vs UCF match will be played at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, Florida. The kick-off is scheduled at 2:30pm ET.

This will be the 12th edition of this bowl. It was first played in 2008 as the St. Petersburg Bowl at Tropicana Field.

The game was then renamed as  the Gasparilla Bowl in 2017 in honor to the legend of José Gaspar, a  pirate who allegedly operated in the Tampa Bay area and who is the inspiration for Tampa's Gasparilla Pirate Festival.

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