Highlights and Touchdowns: Notre Dame 14-31 Alabama in NCAA Semifinal 2021 Rose Bowl
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Alabama to the final

7:35 PM2 years ago

A lot of difference

Alabama dominated the offense and defense and scored a comfortable 17-point victory to advance to the grand final where they will await the winner between Clemson and Ohio State.
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End game

Notre Dame 14-31 Alabama
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4Q 00:01

Book comes out on the diagonals and you'll still have a second to try and score.
7:29 PM2 years ago

4Q 00:29

Book runs through his life and moves the chains.
7:29 PM2 years ago

TD Notre Dame 14-31

7:28 PM2 years ago

4Q 00:54

And yes, Notre Dame regained the short kick and will return to the attack.
7:26 PM2 years ago

4Q 00:56

TD Notre Dame

Book with personal carriage makes the marker more decorous.

7:23 PM2 years ago

4Q 02:31

Full Book and Notre Dame Pass is now installed in the red zone.
7:21 PM2 years ago

4Q 03:29

Notre Dame plays the game and Book connects with Davis to move the chains in fourth down.
7:17 PM2 years ago

4Q 03:35

Book throws incomplete by pressure. Fourth down.
7:15 PM2 years ago

4Q 04:57

Kiss with the reception after the sending of the Book so that Notre Dame approaches half way.
7:10 PM2 years ago

4Q 05:39

Jones with the incomplete pass and also intentionally thrown pass. Fourth down and Alabama to clear.
7:07 PM2 years ago

4Q 07:15

Rudeza versus Jones and Alabama advances 15 yards for the personal foul.
7:02 PM2 years ago

4Q 08:43

The Book to Davis pass comes up short and Notre Dame leaves empty-handed.
7:01 PM2 years ago

4Q 08:49

Very high Book pass and will be fourth down.
6:58 PM2 years ago

4Q 10:32

Myers with the trapped inside the red zone, Notre Dame is approaching.
6:57 PM2 years ago

4Q 10:57

Book with the short and full pass to move the chains.
6:57 PM2 years ago

4Q 11:58

Williams with the carry by the centre for the first and ten, entering the rival field.
6:51 PM2 years ago

4Q 12:45

FG Alabama

The 45-yard Reichard widens the gap.

6:50 PM2 years ago

4Q 13:21

Short pass by Jones and it will be fourth down.
6:48 PM2 years ago

4Q 14:53

Harris in third down runs and turns the corner to keep moving the chains to the 29-yard line.
6:44 PM2 years ago

Final third quarter

Notre Dame 7-28 Alabama.
6:43 PM2 years ago

3Q 00:47

Another full pass from Jones to move the chains.
6:42 PM2 years ago

3Q 01:36

Jones complete with 11-yard Forristall for 1&10.
6:40 PM2 years ago

3Q 02:40

Pyne came in to replace the injured Book.

In third and long they fall short of the mark and will have to kick.

6:35 PM2 years ago

3Q 04:25

Rudeza to the pin and Alabama gives 15 yards to Notre Dame.
6:33 PM2 years ago

TD Alabama 28-7

6:29 PM2 years ago

3Q 04:58

TD Alabama

Jones for Smith on the diagonals and extends the advantage.

6:28 PM2 years ago

3Q 05:30

Mac Jones with the personal carry to the 7-yard line for first and goal.
6:25 PM2 years ago

3Q 07:18

Great pass by Jones and after a series of blocks Alabama is already in the red zone.
6:21 PM2 years ago

3Q 07:27

Book error and Harris intercepts the ball. Great position will have Alabama.
6:19 PM2 years ago

3Q 08:40

Myers with the six-yard reception for the first and ten.
6:18 PM2 years ago

3Q 09:49

Williams moves the chains tightly to continue this offensive on his own 21-yard line.
6:13 PM2 years ago

3Q 11:26

Jones catches his own pass as he is deflected and will be fourth down. To be cleared.
6:11 PM2 years ago

3Q 12:52

Harris with the carriage rounding the corner for the first and ten.
6:09 PM2 years ago

3Q 14:12

Smith with the midfield reception for the first half and ten for the second half.
6:08 PM2 years ago

3Q 15:00

The third quarter begins. Alabama on the offensive.
5:56 PM2 years ago

Notre Dame 7-21 Alabama

5:45 PM2 years ago

Half time

Notre Dame 7-21 Alabama.
5:45 PM2 years ago

2Q 00:05

Notre Dame missed FG by 51 yards and didn't even make it between the three posts.
5:41 PM2 years ago

2Q 00:17

Book whips the ball after the first down and they are already on the opponent's 40-yard line.
5:41 PM2 years ago

2Q 00:26

Book with the long haul to get to the 40-yard line.
5:38 PM2 years ago

2Q 00:51

Jones with the incomplete pass and Alabama to clear.
5:35 PM2 years ago

2Q 00:56

First time out of Alabama.
5:33 PM2 years ago

2Q 02:47

Jones connects with Smith for another first and ten.
5:31 PM2 years ago

2Q 04:44

QB Snick by Jones to move the chains for the first time in this series
5:26 PM2 years ago

2Q 05:46

Book with incomplete pass on third down. To clear Notre Dame in midfield.
5:24 PM2 years ago

2Q 07:45

Crosswalk with its closed wing for the Book pass for the first and ten.
5:22 PM2 years ago

TD Alabama 21-7

5:18 PM2 years ago

2Q 08:49

TD Alabama

Smith escapes to the diagonals for the 21-7.

5:16 PM2 years ago

2Q 09:47

Smith grabs the strip and runs off to the 49-yard line.
5:15 PM2 years ago

TD Notre Dame 7-14

5:12 PM2 years ago

2Q 11:16

TD Notre Dame

Williams with power carry in fourth and goal makes the whitewash disappear.

5:10 PM2 years ago

2Q 11:31

Book was inches away from scoring and the play is now being reviewed.
5:05 PM2 years ago

2Q 12:04

Second time out of Notre Dame.
5:03 PM2 years ago

2Q 13:43

Williams again by land manages to make the first and goal.
4:58 PM2 years ago

Final first quarter

Notre Dame 0-14 Alabama.
4:58 PM2 years ago

1Q 00:17

Once again Williams manages to move the chains by land.
4:56 PM2 years ago

1Q 01:39

Williams' short carry is enough to move the chains beyond the rival's 35-yard line.
4:52 PM2 years ago

1Q 02:27

Time away from Notre Dame.
4:51 PM2 years ago

1Q 03:28

Notre Dame screen pass that finally works for installation on rival fields.
4:50 PM2 years ago

TD Alabama 14-0

4:46 PM2 years ago

1Q 04:19

TD Alabama

Great pass from Jones to the deep zone for the second touchdown.

4:45 PM2 years ago

1Q 04:30

Harris with a big jump took off a defender and put the ball already in the field goal zone.
4:44 PM2 years ago

1Q 05:25

Jones connects with Olden to move the chains.
4:43 PM2 years ago

1Q 06:24

Harris pulls 15 yards in the carry to get out of the engagement zone. First and ten Alabama.
4:37 PM2 years ago

1Q 07:11

Book runs the ball again, but stays away from the mark. To clear.
4:36 PM2 years ago

1Q 08:54

Book connects with Myers to move the chains for Notre Dame.
4:33 PM2 years ago

TD Alabama 7-0

4:31 PM2 years ago

1Q 10:14

TD Alabama

Smith took the band and dodged tackles to get to the promised area.

4:29 PM2 years ago

1Q 10:46

From the Pistol Harris formation he runs the ball to gain 11 yards, to the 26-yard line.
4:28 PM2 years ago

1Q 11:15

Jones is charged, but manages to complete with his closed wing to move the chains. Alabama is already in enemy territory.
4:26 PM2 years ago

1Q 12:40

Jones with the first pass, which is a screen pass, to gain 12 yards.
4:25 PM2 years ago

1Q 13:18

After achieving the first and ten, in the next third book he ran, but stayed away from the mark. To clear Notre Dame.
4:21 PM2 years ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins. Notre Dame on the offensive.
4:18 PM2 years ago

Entering the field

Both Alabama and Notre Dame jump on the field and in seconds the kick-off will begin.
4:17 PM2 years ago

The First Bowl

In the Peach Bowl, Georgia with two touchdowns at the end of the game turned it around to beat Cincinnati 24-21 and take away the undefeated BearCats in the process.
4:14 PM2 years ago

This is the trophy that the NCAA champion will take

4:08 PM2 years ago

Who will be the NCAA champion?

4:04 PM2 years ago

The players to follow

Quarterback Mac Jones and receiver Devonta Smith are in the quartet to win the MVP, but the favorite is Clemson's quarterback Trevor Lawrence.
4:01 PM2 years ago

Unpublished fact

Since 1942 the Rose Bowl has not left California. On that occasion it was due to World War II; this time because of the coronavirus pandemic.
3:58 PM2 years ago

We are minutes away

In minutes the Rose Bowl game between Alabama and Notre Dame will start, who will advance to the final?
3:53 PM2 years ago

Dramatic victory

In one of the most dramatic victories of the season, Notre Dame beat Clemson 47-40 in a double-header on November 7.
3:46 PM2 years ago

Offensives that produce

The number of yards these teams produce per game is barbaric, as Notre Dame totals 455 yards, while Alabama generates 543.
3:44 PM2 years ago

You missed it

So Notre Dame arrived a few moments ago.
3:37 PM2 years ago

Great season

Runner Najee Harris had a great season and was instrumental in keeping Alabama undefeated with 214 carries, 1,262 yards and 24 touchdowns.
3:32 PM2 years ago

A great list

These have been the Alabama runners who have made it to the NFL in recent years.

3:30 PM2 years ago

Who will be the rival?

The winner of this game will face the winner between Clemson and Ohio State at the Sugar Bowl in the final on January 11.
3:26 PM2 years ago

With all the attitude

Notre Dame has also already stepped into the stadium and they are ready to seek their first final in years, although they know that the rival, Alabama, will not be easy.

3:19 PM2 years ago

You know the stadium

Alabama floor a few moments ago the AT&T along with the entire coaching staff where they have the task of returning to the final of the NCAA.

3:16 PM2 years ago

In impeccable condition

After having a game two days ago, the AT&T Stadium looks in impeccable condition to host the Rose Bowl between Alabama and Notre Dame.

3:11 PM2 years ago

With many doubts

Notre Dame finished with a 10-1 record, but many specialists disagreed with the vote to make it into the top four in the nation. Will it be able to surprise in the Rose Bowl today?
3:10 PM2 years ago

Bowl with a lot of rivalry

The Rose Bowl is one of the most historic bowls in college football in the United States but this time it will not be held in California but at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

3:04 PM2 years ago

The number one

With two players selected to win the Heismann Trophy, combined with a perfect season with 11 victories make Alabama the favorite to take the school title.
3:02 PM2 years ago

This is how they arrived

The day before the game, Alabama arrived at Arlington to rest and prepare for the game, where they are favourites by 19.5.

3:00 PM2 years ago

We start

In the first NCAA semi-final at the Rose Bowl, Notre Dame goes for the surprise of the year when it is measured against the nation's favorite and number one, Alabama. We begin with our coverage.
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Follow it here

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Lastest games

The record is short between these two teams with only seven games, where Notre Dame has the advantage with five victories, although in 2012 they fell 42-14.
12:41 PM2 years ago

How to watch Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs Alabama Crimson Tide Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your option is: ESPN.

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Key player Alabama

Mac Jones, who is in his third year as a schoolboy, was the second-best pitcher in the league with 3,739 yards, combined with 32 touchdowns and four interceptions.

12:31 PM2 years ago

Key player Notre Dame

Part of Notre Dame's success was thanks to quarterback Ian Brook, who threw for 2,601 yards and only had two interceptions (sixth best).

12:26 PM2 years ago

Last result Alabama

Alabama had a dream season that ended with a tight 52-46 victory over the Florida Gators.
12:21 PM2 years ago

Last result Notre Dame

The last game they had was a couple of weeks ago in the conference final they lost 34-10 to the Clemson Tigers.
12:16 PM2 years ago

Alabama: consolidating their favourite label

Once again Alabama is the best in the NCAA with 11 wins and zero losses and considered the team to beat in these semi-finals.
12:11 PM2 years ago

Notre Dame: springing a surprise

Despite arriving with a 10-1 mark, very few give Notre Dame a chance, who will have to avoid losing balls and not get so far off the scoreboard to be able to think about victory.
12:06 PM2 years ago

A lot of difference

According to Las Vegas, Alabama is the favorite to win by 19.5 points of difference, however, this type of games are usually very closed.
12:01 PM2 years ago

Kick-off time

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs Alabama Crimson Tide match will be played at the AT&T Stadium, in Arlington, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 4pm ET.
11:56 AM2 years ago

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