Highlights and Touchdowns: Louisville 24-43 Ole Miss in NCAAF
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Thank you for following the rebroadcast of the game between Ole Miss and Louisville in the NCAAF.
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Valuable victory

Ole Miss dominated the first half and that was enough to get the win in the first game of the regular season.
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End game

Louisville 24-43 Ole Miss.
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4Q 01:38

They surprise with a Jerrion Ealy carry and Ole Miss will get its first win.
10:43 PM2 years ago

4Q 02:27

Corral with the short carry and Ole Miss will have to clear near midfield.
10:39 PM2 years ago

4Q 03:58


Cunningham takes advantage of defensive eases and closes the gap again. 43-23.

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4Q 07:11


Matt Corral with the pass to Dontario Drummond to widen the gap. 43-17.

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4Q 08:58


Cunningham with the short carry on fourth down to again fumble in the end zone. 36-17.

10:19 PM2 years ago

4Q 09:01

Pass interference and Louisville will have first and goal at the 1-yard line.
10:11 PM2 years ago

4Q 11:59

Cunningham finds Ford on a 29-yard pass to move the chains into opponent territory.
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4Q 12:40

Holding defensively and Louisville with first and ten.
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4Q 14:11


Conner with the 11-yard power carry to increase the lead. 36-10.

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End of third quarter

Louisville 10-29 Ole Miss
9:54 PM2 years ago

TD Louisville 10-29

9:53 PM2 years ago

3Q 01:51

Conner with the reception on screen pass to move the chains.
9:49 PM2 years ago

3Q 01:58


Cunningham finds Smith from 4 yards out in the promised zone for the first touchdown of the game . 10-29.

9:44 PM2 years ago

3Q 04:14

Jalen Mitchell takes advantage of the hole up the middle and moves the chains to the 11-yard line.
9:41 PM2 years ago

3Q 06:21

Cunningham with the completed pass to Johnson and Louisville is already threatening to score.
9:40 PM2 years ago

3Q 07:42

Johnson with the sideline reception to move the chains in Louisville's favor.
9:34 PM2 years ago

3Q 08:22


Costa from 38 yards out connects on his third field goal of the day. 29-3.

9:33 PM2 years ago

3Q 08:26

Corral flies to his receiver and it will be fourth down.
9:29 PM2 years ago

3Q 10:37

Ole Miss plays it on fourth and Drummond makes the reception to move the chains.
9:27 PM2 years ago

3Q 11:59

Corral finds Ealy and Ole Miss moves the chains past midfield.
9:22 PM2 years ago

3Q 12:35


Turner from 38 yards out makes the putback to make the game 3-26.

9:21 PM2 years ago

3Q 12:39

Cunningham with the incomplete pass and it will be fourth and long.
9:17 PM2 years ago

3Q 15:00

The second half begins. Louisville on the offensive.
8:56 PM2 years ago

Half time

Louisville 0-26 Ole Miss

Costa with the 22-yard field goal to widen the gap.

8:55 PM2 years ago

2Q 00:04

Drummond with the 4-yard reception.
8:52 PM2 years ago

2Q 00:37

Corral connects with Dontario Drummond near midfield. First and ten.
8:50 PM2 years ago

2Q 00:44

Hassan Hall recovers the fumble in his red zone and Ole Miss remains intact defensively.
8:47 PM2 years ago

2Q 02:48

Cunningham with a lot of effort and willpower moves the chains inside the opponent's 30-yard line.
8:41 PM2 years ago

2Q 04:25

With much effort Cunningham runs two yards t nine the chains.
8:39 PM2 years ago

2Q 05:57

Henry commits tarketing and is ejected. First and ten for Louisville.
8:37 PM2 years ago

2Q 06:15

Cunningham with the three-yard run and the Cardinals once again to punt.
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2Q 07:12


Conner with the carry up the middle for 23-0 and this begins to take on the overtones of a thrashing.

8:28 PM2 years ago

2Q 08:01

Deantre Prince intercepts Malik Cunningham's delivery near midfield and Ole Miss will have good position.
8:26 PM2 years ago

2Q 08:48

Corral falls short of the mark on his personal carry and Ole Miss will have to clear.
8:20 PM2 years ago

2Q 10:00

After two penalties, Louisville with the screen pass that generates nothing and they will have to punt inside their 11-yard line.
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2Q 11:25


Corral runs six yards to the promised zone and increases the lead 16-0.

8:06 PM2 years ago

1Q 11:33

Conner with the carry and they are already on first and goal.
8:02 PM2 years ago

2Q 12:08

Corral runs for three yards and is hit hard on the case, gaining 15 more yards. First and goal Ole Miss.
8:01 PM2 years ago

2Q 13:31

Corral connects a long pass with Braylon Sanders and Ole Miss is already in opponent's territory.
7:57 PM2 years ago

2q 14:13

Despite a 10-yard run by Malik Cunningham, Louisville will have to clear one more time.
7:52 PM2 years ago

End of first quarter

Louisville 0-9 Ole Miss.
7:45 PM2 years ago

1Q 02:25


Caden Costa makes his first career field goal to increase the lead to 10-0.

7:41 PM2 years ago

1Q 04:00

Big play by Ole Miss where Corral finds Dontario Drummond and scampers for nearly 35 yards. First and ten.
7:40 PM2 years ago

1Q 04:49

Jerrion Ealy runs for two yards and makes it to the mark.
7:37 PM2 years ago

1Q 05:18

Malik Cunningham with the pass with a lot of power that is incomplete and Louisville to clear.
7:31 PM2 years ago

1Q 06:11

Matt Corral's incomplete pass and Ole Miss will have to clear.
7:27 PM2 years ago

1Q 06:25

Malik Cunningham attempts the fake, but is stopped at the line of scrimmage and the Cardinals walk away empty-handed.
7:25 PM2 years ago

1Q 07:38

Short carry by Jalen Mitchell with one yard to go. Fourth down for Louisville.
7:22 PM2 years ago

1Q 11:06

Malik Cunningham with the carry to get to the mark and make it first and ten for Louisville.
7:18 PM2 years ago

TD Ole Miss 7-0

7:14 PM2 years ago

1Q 11:55


Jerrion Ealy with the short carry up the middle to open the scoring.

7:12 PM2 years ago

1Q 13:12

Once again, Corral's connection to Jerrion Ealy appears to put him in the red zone.
7:11 PM2 years ago

1Q 14:01

Corral finds Jerrion Ealy to continue advancing to near midfield.
7:10 PM2 years ago

1Q 14:25

Jerrion Ealy with the breakaway to the opponent's 30-yard line to quickly move the chains.
7:08 PM2 years ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins. Ole Miss on the offensive.
6:54 PM2 years ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from kickoff of the Louisville Cardinals vs Ole Miss game. Stay tuned for coverage of the game.
6:51 PM2 years ago

Fine-tuning details

Both Ole Miss and Louisville are currently finishing the warm-up phase to prepare for kickoff.
6:46 PM2 years ago

Upcoming Louisville games

Louisville's next games in the 2021 season will be vs:

2.- vs. Eastern KentuckyColonels

3.- vs. UCF Knights

4.- vs. Florida State Seminoles

6:41 PM2 years ago

Upcoming Ole Miss games

These will be Ole Miss' next games:

2.- vs Austin

3.- vs Tulane

4.- at Alabama.

6:36 PM2 years ago

Time to play

Ole Miss is looking to be back in a bowl as it did last year by winning the Outback Bowl.
6:31 PM2 years ago


Yesterday the Louisville players received a motivational talk, highlighting that many of them have the ultimate dream of making it to the NFL in a few years.

6:26 PM2 years ago

Home uniform

Louisville will be in their home uniform tonight in their traditional red jersey, remembering that they will be looking to improve on their losing record in 2020.

6:21 PM2 years ago


The Cardinals thus arrived to open the 2021 NCAAF primetime season.
6:16 PM2 years ago

Preparations are underway

Ole Miss players are in the locker room getting ready to take the field at Georgia and begin warm-up protocols.

6:11 PM2 years ago


Louisville and Ole Miss close out the first week of NCAAF play with a Monday Night Football game prior to the NFL kickoff. We begin.
6:06 PM2 years ago

Tune in here Louisville Cardinals vs Ole Miss Rebels Live Score

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What time is Louisville Cardinals vs Ole Miss Rebels match for NCAAF?

This is the start time of the game Louisville Cardinals vs Ole Miss Rebels of 6th September in several countries:

Argentina: 9:00 PM in ESPN.

Bolivia: 8:00 PM in ESPN.

Brazil: 9:00 PM in ESPN.

Chile: 8:00 PM in ESPN.

Colombia: 7:00 PM in ESPN.

Ecuador: 7:00 horas in ESPN.

USA (ET): 8:00 PM in ABC.

Spain: 2:00 AM

Mexico: 7:00 PM in ESPN.

Paraguay: 9:00 PM in ESPN.

Peru: 7:00 PM in ESPN.

Uruguay: 9:00 PM in ESPN.

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According to ESPN and The Athletics sites, Ole Miss is a 76% favorite to win to only 24% for Louisville, plus they will be scoring a combined 76 points, so expect a wide open game.
5:51 PM2 years ago

Louisville Cardinals: Improve defensively

Louisville's defensive coordinator, Bryan Brown, stated that they have been preparing to improve defensively and to start the season against Ole Miss they will be able to see how much they have been able to straighten things out:

"It's been great. Fall camp was really good for us, with our defense improving a lot from where we were in the spring, as well as last fall. Now, targeting an opponent that is really good on offense. They have one of the best quarterbacks we'll face all season in Matt Corral.

We're trying to simulate that tempo, and I don't think we can simulate how fast those guys go, because they go really, really fast. We're just trying to condition our guys to get them ready for the next play right away. Not celebrating, trying to make sure they get the call, get lined up and just get ready to play. Because when Ole Miss gets you in trouble, that's when you're not ready to play," the coordinator said.

5:46 PM2 years ago

Ole Miss Rebels: a better year

Ole Miss also didn't have a standout tournament in 2020 with just a five-win, five-loss record, but being in such a competitive conference allowed them to qualify for the Outback Bowl where they defeated Indiana University 26-21.
5:41 PM2 years ago

Louisville Cardinals: much room for improvement

Last season, not counting the fact that fewer games were played than budgeted, Louisville had a campaign to forget with a 4-7 record that did little good because they were unable to reach the necessary places to qualify for a bowl.
5:36 PM2 years ago

A new season

The NCAA will now have a full season and the game to close the first week will be the game between Louisville and Ole Miss, teams that finished among the top five in the nation and are looking to be in the main bowls at the end of the year.
5:31 PM2 years ago

Kick-off time

The Louisville Cardinals vs Ole Miss Rebels match will be played at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, in Atlanta, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 8 pm ET.
5:26 PM2 years ago

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