Touchdowns and Highlights: South Carolina State 3-49 Clemson Tigers in NCAAF
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8:14 PM5 days ago

Relive the game

8:12 PM5 days ago


Thank you for following the rebroadcast of the Clemson-South Carolina game, corresponding to the second week of the NCAA.
8:09 PM5 days ago


Clemson's 28 points dictated the course of the game to claim its first win of the season.
8:08 PM5 days ago

End game

South Carolina 3-49 Clemson.
8:07 PM5 days ago

4Q 01:06

Three Clemson carries to end a game that has been defined since the first quarter.
8:06 PM5 days ago

4Q 01:19

Short Quincy Hill carry and South Carolina to clear.
8:03 PM5 days ago

4Q 03:30

Hunter Helms with the high incomplete pass. Clemson to clear.
8:01 PM5 days ago

4Q 04:53

Troy Stellato with the 12-yard reception to move the chains to keep running down the clock.
7:57 PM5 days ago

4Q 05:30

Hill looking for Moody, but the reception is missed and South Carolina to clear.
7:54 PM5 days ago

4Q 07:38

Quincy Hill takes advantage of the space to break away for more than 25 yards and close in on the red zone.
7:49 PM5 days ago

3Q 08:48

Phommachanh with the incomplete pass and Clemson will have to clear. Both teams doing their best to make the game go faster.
7:40 PM5 days ago

4Q 12:55

Phommachanh misplaces the pass and is intercepted by Decobie Durant.
7:38 PM5 days ago

4Q 13:19

Corey Fields Jr. reached for the end zone, but the pass was incomplete.
7:34 PM5 days ago

4Q 14:01

Short carry by Corey Fields Jr. that falls four yards short of a touchdown.
7:29 PM5 days ago

End of third quarter

South Carolina 3-49 Clemson.
7:26 PM5 days ago

3Q 02:20

Bomb again in single coverage to Will Vereen for a 25-yard gain.
7:21 PM5 days ago

TD Clemson 42-3

7:19 PM5 days ago

3Q 03:53

TD Clemson

Dixon takes advantage of blocks and eludes a couple more to get into the end zone. 49-3.

7:17 PM5 days ago

3Q 04:55

Phommachanh, the backup quarterback, completes with Beaux Collins to set up in the red zone.
7:10 PM5 days ago

3Q 07:32

Quincy Hill's bomb and South Carolina from its own field to clear.
7:06 PM5 days ago

3Q 09:39

TD Clemson

Will Shipley with the 13-yard carry for his sixth touchdown of the afternoon.

7:01 PM5 days ago

3Q 11:33

Uiagalelei to Joseph Ngata for seven yards to get inside the opponent's 25-yard line.
6:58 PM5 days ago

3Q 13:44

Short pass from Corey Fields and South Carolina quickly three and out.
6:55 PM5 days ago

3Q 15:00

The second half begins between South Carolina and Clemson. The Bulldogs on the attack.
6:34 PM5 days ago

Half time

Potter misses a 58-yard field goal.


South Carolina 3-35 Clemson.

6:30 PM5 days ago

2Q 00:19


Dyson Roberts 29-yard field goal to get the shutout.

6:29 PM5 days ago

2Q 00:24

Fields looks for the end zone, but the pass is incomplete on third down.
6:26 PM5 days ago

2Q 01:14

Fields to Will Vereen to settle into red zone.
6:25 PM5 days ago

2Q 02:04

Dukes fumbles the ball and South Carolina recovers it in the opponent's territory.
6:24 PM5 days ago

2Q 02:38

Uiagalelei's seven-yard carry to make it first and ten.
6:19 PM5 days ago

2Q 04:25

Short carry by Donte Anthony that loses 1 yard and South Carolina will have to clear.
6:15 PM5 days ago

2Q 06:35

Flowers with the carry down the sideline to move the chains 32 yards for South Carolina.
6:14 PM5 days ago

TD Clemson 28-0

6:11 PM5 days ago

2Q 06:43

TD Clemson

Uiagalelei with the run and increases the difference 35-0.

6:08 PM5 days ago

2Q 08:30

Joseph Ngata breaks down the sideline and settles in at the opponent's 16-yard line.
6:03 PM5 days ago

2Q 09:43

Fieds Jr. attempts to run, but is caught on the line of scrimmage. South Carolina to clear.
6:02 PM5 days ago

1Q 11:10

A bomb down the wing completed by Will Vereen to move the chains into the opponent's half.
6:01 PM5 days ago

2Q 12:40

Double interceptions on each side and South Carolina gets possession again.
5:53 PM5 days ago

2Q 14:46

Corey Fields with the incomplete pass and South Carolina to clear.
5:46 PM5 days ago

End of first quarter

South Carolina 0-28 Clemson.
5:45 PM5 days ago

1Q 01:49

Corey Fields Jr. with the 8-yard pass to Hezekiah Massey and for the first time South Carolina moves the chains.
5:41 PM5 days ago

1Q 02:21


Uiagalelei with the completed pass to Justyn Ross and this is already a beating and it's not even the end of the first quarter.

5:39 PM5 days ago

1Q 02:43

Corey Fields Jr. with the incomplete pass and South Carolina still hasn't moved the chains.
5:33 PM5 days ago

1Q 03:21

TD Clemson

From the shotgun formation, Kobe Pace runs on fourth down to widen the gap.

5:32 PM5 days ago

1Q 03:24

Uiagalelei fails in the definition zone and will be fourth and goal. Although they will play for it.
5:30 PM5 days ago

1Q 04:59

Kobe Pace is not stopped and manages to escape 29 yards to get into the opponent's red zone.
5:28 PM5 days ago

1Q 05:41

Again the pass falls short and South Carolina will have to clear on third down.
5:22 PM5 days ago

1Q 07:20

TD Clemson

Will Shipley up the middle runs 7 yards to reach the promised area.

5:18 PM5 days ago

1Q 07:07

Uiagalelei with the complete pass to Justyn Ross to set up in the opponent's half.
5:15 PM5 days ago

1Q 10:18

Three and out for South Carolina who will have to clear quickly.
5:10 PM5 days ago

1Q 11:38


D.J. Uiagalelei takes advantage of the space and scores the first touchdown of the day. 7-0.

5:07 PM5 days ago

1Q 14:49

Lyn-J Dixon carry for 16 yards and first and ten.
5:05 PM5 days ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins. Clemson on offense.
4:56 PM5 days ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the match between South Carolina State and Clemson Tigers. Stay tuned for all the details.
4:49 PM5 days ago

Upcoming South Carolina Games

South Carolina will visit New Mexico, host Bethune-Cookman Wildcats and travel to face Florida A&M.
4:44 PM5 days ago

Upcoming Clemson Games

Clemson will host Georgia Tech the following week, visit NC State and return home to face Boston College.
4:39 PM5 days ago

All united

Clemson knows they will have to fight as a team to improve on last game where they were only able to score 3 points.
4:34 PM5 days ago

A special day

All NFL and NCAAF teams posted an image remembering all the victims of 20 years ago at the twin towers.
4:29 PM5 days ago

They are warming up

Players from both Clemson and South Carolina are currently on the field warming up for both teams.

4:24 PM5 days ago

The fans are ready

Great fan reception for Clemson players after Week 1 loss to Georgia Bulldogs.
4:19 PM5 days ago

Thus they arrived

A couple of minutes ago, the Clemson players arrived to meet their fans again after a little more than nine months.

4:14 PM5 days ago


This is what Memorial Stadium looks like to host the first game of the NCAAF regular season.


4:09 PM5 days ago


Clemson Tigers are looking for their first win of the season against a South Carolina State team looking to make a splash in Week 2 of the NCAAF. We start with the coverage.
4:04 PM5 days ago

Tune in here South Carolina vs Clemson Tigers Live Score

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What time is South Carolina vs Clemson Tigers match for NCAAF?

This is the start time of the game South Carolina vs Clemson Tigers of 4th September in several countries:

Argentina: 6:00 PM in ESPN.

Bolivia: 5:00 PM in ESPN.

Brazil: 6:00 PM in ESPN.

Chile: 5:00 PM in ESPN.

Colombia: 4:00 PM in ESPN.

Ecuador: 4:00 horas in ESPN.

USA (ET): 5:00 PM in ABC.

Spain: 11:00 PM

Mexico: 4:00 PM in ESPN.

Paraguay: 6:00 PM in ESPN.

Peru: 4:00 PM in ESPN.

Uruguay: 6:00 PM in ESPN.

3:54 PM5 days ago

Key player Clemson Tigers

While D.J. Uiagalelei did not have an outstanding performance and will have a lot of room for improvement with the spotlight on him after Lawrence's departure, he will have to be supported by his ground attack where the best running back was barely able to account for 10 yards.

3:49 PM5 days ago

Key player South Carolina

Shaquan Davis had an outstanding first game recording five receptions for 140 yards and a touchdown, but that didn't help prevent the Bulldogs' loss.

3:44 PM5 days ago

The prediction

According to ESPN stats, the odds for the Clemson Tigers to come away with the win are 99 percent and are expected to do so by a margin greater than seven points.
3:39 PM5 days ago

Great defense

Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney pointed out that they have a great defense and emphasized that part of the loss in the first game was due to the fact that they were unable to capitalize on the opponent's mistakes, as Georgia was able to reflect on the scoreboard.

"This is as good a defense as there is right now. And you have to take advantage of your opportunities and they weren't great either; neither offense was great, and that's the tough challenge for both offenses coming out of the gate. They didn't play all that kind of stuff, but they were more consistent than we were. And they didn't make the critical mistake, and when they did, we didn't capitalize; we came out and played first, ran the ball and commanded and unblocked the right guy"; he sentenced

3:34 PM5 days ago

Clemson: much room for improvement

The post-Trevor Lawrence era did not start in the best way and, although the defense was up to the task, many mistakes in the offense, including a pick six, were determinant to lose 10-3 against the Georgia Bulldogs, reason why the offense led by D.J. Uiagalelei will have to improve through the air after gaining less than 200 yards in its debut.
3:29 PM5 days ago

South Carolina: to put up a fight

Although on paper they don't look like favorites and they are coming off a 42-41 loss to Alabama A&M in the opening week, South Carolina knows they will have to put pressure on the quarterback and try to keep the game close most of the time in order to make the big upset of the week.
3:24 PM5 days ago

Kick-off time

The South Carolina vs Clemson Tigers match will be played at the Memorial Stadium, in Clemson, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 5:00 pm ET.
3:19 PM5 days ago

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