Highlights: Michigan State Spartans 7-56 Ohio State Buckeyes in NCAA 2021-2022
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Thank you for following the game with us!

Thank you for joining us in the broadcast of the Michigan State 7-56 Ohio State match, we are waiting for you for more broadcasts.
Photo: Ohio State
Photo: Ohio State
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Upcoming games!

The Buckeyes will continue their journey by visiting the Michigan Wolverines on Saturday the 27th at 1 pm (ET), while the Spartans will close the season against Penn State with a schedule to be defined on Saturday the 27th.
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That´s it!

The game ends at the Ohio Stadium with a bulky score, victory for the Buckeyes 56-7. Ohio will fight. for the playoffs in the Big Ten championship game.
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4Q | 3:02

Payton Thorne, the Spartans quarterback leaves the game, did not have a good day.
3:25 PM17 days ago

Touchdown Ohio!

Master Teague III further increases the lead for the Buckeyes, Noah Ruggles scores the field goal.
3:18 PM17 days ago

4Q | 5:27

Time out for the Buckeyes.
3:12 PM17 days ago

4Q | 9:08

Coach Ryan Day decides to remove C.J. Stroud off the field and leaving Kyle McCord to end the game.
3:10 PM17 days ago

Time out!

Ohio State calls for a time out!
3:02 PM17 days ago

Keon´s Touchdown!

Here's Keon Coleman's touchdown that avoids zero on the Spartans scoreboard:
2:59 PM17 days ago

4Q | 13:55

Michigan defense are dominating Ohio, force punting.
2:53 PM17 days ago

Spartans Touchdown!

Payton Thorne connects with Keon Coleman and, with Stephen Rusnak's field goal, they give the first points for the Spartans.
2:47 PM17 days ago

The third quarter ends!

The duel was even and we go to the last period with the possibility that Michigan State appears on the scoreboard.
2:41 PM17 days ago

3Q | 2:27

The game has been tied in intensity, it is a round trip game to the offense of each of the teams.
2:33 PM17 days ago

C.J.´s first half summary!

Here's a rundown of C.J. Stroud during the first half:
2:29 PM17 days ago

3Q | 8:00

Michigan's defense is victorious for the first time and it's the offense's turn to score the Spartans' first points.
2:28 PM17 days ago

No good!

Noah Ruggles misses the 38-yard field goal.
2:27 PM17 days ago

3Q | 8:08

For the first time, the Spartans defense slows C.J. Stroud at the 21-yard line and they force the field goal attempt.
2:23 PM17 days ago

3Q | 10:38

For now, Ohio's offense is advancing little by little in search of increasing the advantage even more.
2:13 PM17 days ago

The third quarter is on!

With the Buckeyes' punt, the third quarter begins.
1:59 PM17 days ago

C.J. ties the record!

C.J. Stroud ties the record for most touchdown passes in a first half with 7 set by LSU's Joe Burrow in 2019. The Buckeyes' QB has 29/31 completions in this day.
Photo: Ohio State
Photo: Ohio State
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We go into halftime with great Ohio State lead, Michigan gone the whole game.
1:49 PM17 days ago

7 out of 7!

Jaxon Smith-Njigba completes the seventh touchdown on a pass from C.J. Stroud, who opened to the right side of the grating.
1:42 PM17 days ago

2Q | 3:09

Dominating Ohio's offense, Michigan's defense can't stop them and they have 6 touchdowns in 6 offensive series.
1:38 PM17 days ago

Garrett Wilson´s second one!

Garrett Wilson scores his second and sixth touchdown for the team:
1:35 PM17 days ago

2Q | 5:29

Inoperative Payton Thorne's offense, they are again forced to punt.
1:30 PM17 days ago

Touchdown Ohio!

Once again Garrett Wilson receives the ball and scores another one for the Buckeyes, Noah Ruggles makes the field goal!
1:24 PM17 days ago

What a catch!

Here´s Chris Olave´s reception before the 4th touchdown:
1:22 PM17 days ago

2Q | 9:16

Again Michigan's offense is stopped and fails to advance.
1:16 PM17 days ago

Fifth touchdown!

Miyan Williams scores the fifth touchdown for the Buckeyes, after Chris Olave caught a pass at the 1-yard line.
1:09 PM17 days ago

2Q | 12:59

Ohio's defense prevails again and forces the Spartans to clear.
1:06 PM17 days ago

Forth one!

Again C.J. Stroud completes a pass, this time with Julian Fleming, to score the fourth touchdown of the game.
1:05 PM17 days ago

Record breaker!

Chris Olave became the player with most TD´s receiver in Ohio State history.
Photo: Ohio State.
Photo: Ohio State.
1:00 PM17 days ago

Take two for Chris Olave

Here´s the second touchdown for Chris Olave of the day:
12:58 PM17 days ago

The First quarter is gone!

The first period ends in a game where Ohio dominates at will.
12:56 PM17 days ago

The kick is good!

Noah Ruggles does it again and adds another point for the locals.
12:51 PM17 days ago

Second one for Chris Olave!

43 yards pass to find Chris Olave again and extend the lead.
12:41 PM17 days ago

1Q | 5:37

Payton Thorne's offense improves and achieves three 1s and 10s to cross midfield.
12:40 PM17 days ago

Another one!

Here's the pass from C.J. 77-yard Stroud to get the second touchdown:
12:38 PM17 days ago

1Q | 7:57

Thorne is captured. Bad start for Michigan's offense.
12:34 PM17 days ago

Field goal is good!

Noah Ruggles scores the extra point!
12:33 PM17 days ago

Second one for the Buckeyes!

C.J. Stroud connects a 77-yard pass to Garrett Wilson to score the Buckeyes' second.
12:29 PM17 days ago

1Q | 9:29

Michigan's offense is slowed down and forced to clear the ball. Ohio will start its offense at the yard 13 on their side.
12:26 PM17 days ago

First one!

Here´s Chris Olave touchdown after a pass of C.J. Stroud:
12:23 PM17 days ago

1Q | 10:36

Jayden Reed makes it to the 20 yard on the kick return.
12:23 PM17 days ago

One more!

Field goal, Npah Ruggles' leg is good and Ohio takes the lead on the scoreboard.
12:19 PM17 days ago

Touchdown Buckeyes

Chris Olave catchs the ball after a 23 yard pass. Ohio scores first!
12:17 PM17 days ago

1Q | 11:50

The offensive led by C.J. Stroud crosses midfield on a series of carries and short passes.
12:14 PM17 days ago

1Q | 13:50

First and ten at 25 for the Buckeyes
12:11 PM17 days ago


The game starts at Ohio Stadium, the Spartans clear the ball and the game begins.
12:06 PM17 days ago

About to start!

5 more minutes to begin the game!
11:59 AM17 days ago

Everything is ready!

The game is about to start:
11:55 AM17 days ago

Looking for the final!

The Buckeyes will go out to find their place in the Big Ten championship game in search of their 40th title.
11:45 AM17 days ago

Getting ready!

The Buckeyes are prepared for today´s game:
11:38 AM17 days ago

Spartans at Ohio!

The Spartans appeared at Ohio Stadium!
11:33 AM17 days ago

Team Captains for the Spartans

These will be the captains for Michigan State in today's game:
Photo: Michigan State.
Photo: Michigan State.
11:28 AM17 days ago

Which colors would they use?

The Spartans will jump onto the field in their white uniform and green helmets, while the Buckeyes will play in red with gray helmets.
11:23 AM17 days ago

The Buckeyes are here!

The Ohio team arrives at Ohio Stadium.
11:18 AM17 days ago

Face to face

A good match awaits us between both teams, here we share the statistics of the season of each one.
Photo: ESPN College.
Photo: ESPN College.
11:13 AM17 days ago

Here we go!

We're just under an hour away from the Spartans-Buckeyes game kick-off at Ohio Stadium. Both teams will go out in search of victory. Who will do it? Follow our coverage on VAVEL to find out.
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Stay with us to follow the game online!

In a few moments we will share the latest information from Michigan State vs Ohio State, in addition to the events that arise from the Ohio Stadium. Do not miss details of the game with the minute by minute and live online from VAVEL.
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Where to watch the game?

We remind you that the game will be broadcast on television by ESPN and streaming through Star +.
If you want to follow it online, VAVEL is your best option.
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C.J. Stroud, must see this player!

The Buckeyes quarterback is one of the players due to 30 touchdown passes and 3,036 yards traveled with 214 completions. The Californian quarterback clarified that he is ready to face the cold weather that is coming. Ohio State's offense is the best nationally at 46.3 points per game and it's largely thanks to the work of C.J. Stroud.
Photo: Ohio State.
Photo: Ohio State.
10:53 AM17 days ago

Kenneth Walker III, must see this player!

The Spartans running back leads nationally in yards traveled with 1,473 and 17 rushing touchdowns. Walker III has connected very well with Payton Thorne, Michigan State quarterback, and together they have managed to lead the team to these instances where the only thing standing between them and the Big Ten championship game is Ohio State. The pair of the Spartans will go out to look for to get rid of the rival defense.
Photo: Michigan State.
Photo: Michigan State.
10:48 AM17 days ago

Press conference with coach Ryan Day

In press conference, coach Ryan Day spoke about the importance of this duel for the Buckeyes and said the following: “It's a huge challenge ahead of us, we've got everything on the line here. This is what it's all about. ... This is why you come to Ohio State. "Indicating that the team is ready to face this very important duel in search of the top.
10:43 AM17 days ago

Last duel!

The last game between the two teams took place on December 5, 2020, with Ohio St. winning by a score of 52-12 at Spartan Stadium. Here we share some of the actions of that meeting.

10:38 AM17 days ago

How do the Buckeyes get here?

The Ohio team comes in a great moment with 8 wins in a row and undefeated in their conference with a 7-0 record and 9-1 Overall, their last loss was in week 2 when they fell to Oregon. The Buckeyes will come out to complete the job and secure their passage to the Big Ten championship game and fight in the play-offs for the NCAA title.
10:33 AM17 days ago

How do the Spartans arrive?

The Michigan team comes in with a 6-1 record in Eastern Conference games and a 9-1 Overall. The Spartans come with a win over Maryland by a score of 40-21 and aiming to regain their winning strike after suffering their first loss of the season to Purdue two weeks ago. Although they don´t start as favorites, the Michigan team will seek to give the bell and leave out one of the great favorites of the season.
10:28 AM17 days ago

Duel for the top

Both teams come into this match with the same Overall record of 9 wins and 1 loss. The importance of this duel is that the loser will be left with little chance of qualifying for the playoffs. The winner will gain control of the Big Ten Eastern Conference and will face the Big Ten championship game on December 4, so both teams will go out on the grid in search of victory at all costs.
10:23 AM17 days ago

The Stadium

The Ohio Stadium located at the Ohio State University will host this duel between two teams that will seek the leadership of the Big Ten East conference. This stadium has a capacity for 104,944 fans and was inaugurated in 1922.
Photo: Ohio State.
Photo: Ohio State.
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Good day to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of the Michigan State vs Ohio State game, corresponding to week 12 of the 2021-2022 NCAAF Big Ten regular season. The meeting will take place at the Ohio Stadium, at 12 o'clock.