Highlights Nevada vs Western Michigan (24-52)
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2:48 PMa year ago

Individual numbers


Nate Cox: 12/23, 121 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT

Devonte Lee: 7 carries, 85 yards, 1 TD

Jamaal Bell: 7 receptions, 75 yards, 1 TD

Western Michigan

Kaleb Eleby: 8/14, 162 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT, 74 yards on longest pass

Sean Tyler: 14 carries, 146 yards, 70 yards on longest run, 1 kickoff return TD for 100 yards

Jaxson Kincaide: 17 carries, 105 yards, 2 TDs

Corey Crooms: 1 reception for 74-yard TD

Brett Borske: 1 reception for 20-yard TD

2:39 PMa year ago

Teams stats

Nevada x WM

First downs: 16 x 23

Rushing yards: 121 x 352

Total yards: 242 x 514

Penaltys-yards lost: 3-35 x 4-48

Interceptions thrown: 1 x 1

3rd down conversions: 3-11 x 6-10

4th down conversions: 1-1 x 1-1

Sacks: 1 x 6

2:34 PMa year ago

Game over!

Western Michigan Broncos win the Quick Lane Bowl with a great difference on the board against Nevada Wolf Pack. Running backs Sean Tyler and Jaxson Kincaide had key performances.
2:32 PMa year ago


Nate Cox intercepted by Dorian Jackson on WM 40.
2:28 PMa year ago


Trae Allen with his first TD of the career, after 3-yard run! XP is good.
2:25 PMa year ago

QB change

Jack Salopek replaces Eleby on Western Michigan's side
2:23 PMa year ago

Dylan Deatherage

Broncos' offensive lineman leaves the field after being down on the floor for a while, but he goes out walking and talking
2:20 PMa year ago

Time on the clock

Five minutes left until the end
2:18 PMa year ago

On-side kick

Nevada's attempt on on-side kick is unsuccesful, and Broncos get the ball on 48-yard line of the attack field.
2:14 PMa year ago


Nate Cox gives a beautiful 18-yard pass to Bell on the right near corner of the endzone, with defense on him! Brandon Talton XP attempt is good
2:10 PMa year ago

4th down

Nevada goes for 4th and 10 on own 34 e and converts with a 28-yard pass from Cox to Jamaal Bell.
2:00 PMa year ago


Jaxson Kincaide runs for 7 yards and enters the endzone! Parker Sampson's XP is good.
1:58 PMa year ago

Broncos in the redzone

1st and goal for WM
1:54 PMa year ago


Nevada doesn't advance. Punt from own 8-yard line, for 42 yards, until WM's 38.
1:45 PMa year ago

End of the third quarter

Nevada 17 x 38 Western Michigan
1:42 PMa year ago


After a carrie for 33 yards by Devonte Lee, Nevada gets to the 2-yard line. Cox tries to run himself on first, doesn't get it, but Taua enters the endzone on second down!
1:37 PMa year ago

Face mask

Broncos' defense got a sack over Nate Cox on a 3rd and 19, but it is annuled by face mask of Ralph Holley over the Nevada's QB.
1:32 PMa year ago


Broncos can't convert on 2nd and 3rd for 1 yard. Nick Mihalic punt 54 yards to Nevada's 32.
1:26 PMa year ago


Nevada doesn't convert on the following 3rd down try and sends the ball back. Julian Diaz's punt for 59 yards to the WM 6.
1:24 PMa year ago


Jamaal Bell makes a reception in the right side of the field and wins the first down after a 3rd & 9, but the referees say he stepped out of bounds. The call is overturned after review.
1:13 PMa year ago


Two plays after a 70-yard run from Sean Taylor to the line of 2 on the attack field, Eleby goes into the endzone via sneak! Two earlier rushing plays from the same spot, including one by the QB, didn't work.
1:07 PMa year ago

Second half begins

Broncos' ball at their own 25
1:02 PMa year ago

Individual numbers


Nate Cox: 4/10, 14 yards

Devonte Lee: 4 carries, 57 yards, 1 TD

Western Michigan

Kaleb Eleby: 7/12, 137 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT

Sean Tyler: 9 carries, 64 yards, 1 kickoff return TD for 100 yards

Jaxson Kincaide: 6 carries, 47 yards, 1 TD

Corey Crooms: 1 reception for 74-yards TD

Brett Borske: 1 reception for 20-yards TD

12:52 PMa year ago

First half team stats

Nevada x WM

First downs: 7 x 16

Passing yards: 14 x 137

Total yards: 11 x 317

Penaltys-yards lost: 3-35 x 2-25

Interceptions throwns: 0 x 1

3rd down conversions: 1-6 x 3-5

4th down conversions: 0-0 x 1-1

Sacks: 1 x 2
12:46 PMa year ago


Broncos dominate Wolf Pack so far. Nevada 10 x 31 WM. Eleby got intercepted by Berdale Robins at the end of the 2nd quarter trying a Hail Mary.
12:40 PMa year ago

3 and out

Nevada reaches 4th & 6 and sends the ball back. 50-yard punt to WM's 28.
12:38 PMa year ago

Last two minutes

We are getting close to halftime
12:36 PMa year ago


Jaxson Kincaide with the rushing TD for 7 yards!
12:32 PMa year ago

Broncos in the redzone

7-yard line for WM
12:30 PMa year ago

4th down

Tyler runs through the left and converts 4th & 6 for the Broncos
12:23 PMa year ago


Nevada sends the ball back after a 4rd & 9 on the defense field. 45-yard punt to WM's 28.
12:16 PMa year ago


Seven minutes left until halftime
12:14 PMa year ago


Kaleb Eleby with play-action 20 yards TD pass to Brett Borske!
12:11 PMa year ago

Total yards

Nevada 102 x 86 Western Michigan
12:03 PMa year ago


Nevada reaches the 1 yard line, gains a first down and Devonte Lee runs into the endzone!
11:57 AMa year ago

Wolf Pack in the attack field

Nevada reaches Broncos' 45
11:52 AMa year ago

Field goal!

Parker Sampson good for 22 yards. Three more for Western Michigan. They lead by 14.
11:46 AMa year ago

End of the first quarter

Wolf Pack 3 x 14 Broncos
11:45 AMa year ago


Broncos' QB runs on 2nd & 5 and gets the first down. WM in the redzone.
11:41 AMa year ago

Sack and punt

Fiske sacks Nate Cox for 10 yard loss on Nevada's 32. Ball goes back to the Broncos. 45 yard punt to WM's 23
11:36 AMa year ago


Six minutes left in the first quarter
11:35 AMa year ago


Kaleb Eleby pass complete for 74 yards to Corey Crooms, that runs into the endzone! The team was at their own 24-yard line on a 3rd & 10
11:30 AMa year ago

Tristan Nichols

Wolf Pack's DT leaves the field after being on the floor for a while. He will be evaluated.
11:27 AMa year ago


Nate Cox throws incompleted pass on 3rd & 1 on Broncos' 41yard line. Julian Diaz punts for 54 yards to Wolf Pack's 5.
11:19 AMa year ago


Sean Tyler runs by the right, no one touchs him and he scores 100-yard kickoff return TD for Western Michigan!!
11:18 AMa year ago

Field goal!

Brandon Talton good from 32 yards
11:15 AMa year ago


Nate Cox sacked for loss of 1 yard on 3rd and 5 on Broncos' 14-yard line.
11:10 AMa year ago

Devonte Lee

Great carry for 34 yards from Nevada's RB and the team reaches the 40-yard line in the attack field
11:06 AMa year ago

Nevada possession

The Wolf Pack begin with the first offense possession
11:04 AMa year ago


The game begins
10:53 AMa year ago


We still don't have information about inactive players or the ones suiting up. We will have to see it on the field.
10:42 AMa year ago

Teams warming up

Os jogadores se preparam para o jogo
10:37 AMa year ago


Qucik Lane's official Twitter account wants to know. Who do you think it's going to win the game?


10:32 AMa year ago

Ford Field

Image of today's game stadium. Home of the NFL's Detroit Lions. Some minutes from now, it will be packed with college football fans.


10:27 AMa year ago

Good afternoon

We are moments away from the game. Stay tuned.
10:22 AMa year ago

Tune in here Nevada vs Western Michigan Live Score

Kickoff at 11 AM (ET). Do not miss a detail of the match Wolf Pack - Broncos live updates and commentaries of VAVEL.
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How to watch Nevadas - Western Michigan Live Stream on TV and Online?

If you want to watch the game Wolf Pack - Broncos live on TV, your options is: ESPN.

If you want to directly stream it: ESPN+.

If you want to watch it on the internet, VAVEL US is your best option!

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What time is Nevada-Western Michigan match for Quick Lane Bowl?

This is the start time of the game Wolf Pack vs Broncos on December 27th, 2021 in several countries:

Argentina: 1 PM in ESPN

Bolivia: 12 PM in ESPN
Brazil: 1 PM in ESPN 2
Chile: 1 PM in ESPN
Colombia: 11 AM in ESPN
Ecuador: 11 AM in ESPN
USA (ET): 11 AM in ESPN
Paraguay: 1 PM in ESPN
Peru: 11 AM in ESPN
Uruguay: 1 PM in ESPN
Venezuela: 12 PM in ESPN

10:07 AMa year ago

Nevada vs Western Michigan Prediction

The Broncos have the upper hand on this one, by playing at home and because of the huge number of unavailable players on the other side.

But all that happens on paper. We will see how it goes on the field.

10:02 AMa year ago

Bowl history

The Wolf Pack have won seven bowls until today, with the last one happening last season, on the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl. They won by 38-27 against Tulane Green Wave.

Meanwhile, the Broncos try their second title. Their only victory up to now happened at the 2015 Bahamas Bowl, against the Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders, with a 45 to 31 score.

9:57 AMa year ago

Latest games between Nevada vs Western Michigan

This game will be the first one ever between the Nevada Wolf Pack and the Western Michigan Broncos.
9:52 AMa year ago

Who will be the referee and his assistants?

This information is yet to be revealed by the league. We will update it as soon as it gets out.
9:47 AMa year ago


Given the Covid-19 protocols and the extent of the rosters, there is no way of telling the exact full probable lineups until next to the game.

Nevada will probably play with a very different team, as we already mentioned.

The Broncos, on the other hand, should have almost full roster power. Some key players are expected to play, like the QB Kaleb Eleby, WR Skyy Moore, and RBs Sean Tyler and La'Darius Jefferson.

9:42 AMa year ago

Broncos roster news

Wide receiver Jaylen Hall is not expected to play today, as he already entered the transfer portal.
9:37 AMa year ago

Wolf Pack without main QB

The quarterbark Carson Strong announced that he is going for the 2022 draft, so he is not going to the game today, to avoid any posible injuries. He is saw as first round pick contender right now, after a great season, with: 70.2% efficiency on passes, for 4,186 yards and 36 touchdowns.

Nate Cox is going to replace Strong. Tight end Cole Turner and other seven unconfirmed wide receivers are missing the game as well. Nevada is also without an official head coach as Ken Wilson, that is going to replace Jay Norvell - that went to Colorado State, hasn't officialy assume the team yet. Interim coach Vai Taua is going to be at the sideline.
9:32 AMa year ago

The match will be played at theFord Field

The Nevada vs Western Michigan match will be played at the Ford Field, in Detroit, Michigan, with a capacity of 65,000 people.

That's the home for the Detroit Lions of the NFL as well.

9:27 AMa year ago

Welcome to VAVEL.com’s coverage of the Quick Lane Bowl match: Nevada vs Western Michigan Live Updates!

My name is Gustavo Cipriano and I’ll be your host for this game. We will provide you with pre-game analysis, score updates, and news as it happens live here on VAVEL…

The Nevada Wolf Pack arrive at the Bowl Season after a 8-4 campaign in the season, while the Western Michigan Broncos had a 7-5 record.