Highlights and Touchdowns: Penn State 35-31 Purdue in NCAAF
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Thank you for following the Penn State-Purdue game webcast.
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4Q 00:07

Downing with the reception and move the chains, now they will try a hail mary.
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4Q 00:57


Clifford finds Keyvone Lee from 10 yards out for the touchdown to make another flip.

11:46 PMa month ago

4Q 01:30

Mitchell Tinsley escapes down the wing and they are already in enemy territory.
11:41 PMa month ago

4Q 02:30

Long incomplete pass by Aidan O'Connell. Penn State will get the ball back.
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4Q 02:36

Purdue's complete pass play is reversed and it will be third down.
11:31 PMa month ago

4Q 04:36

Clifford to nothing to be intercepted and Penn State to clear.
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4Q 04:56

After several penalties that pushed them back, Purdue to clear.
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4Q 06:18

Sheffield with the reception on third down and Purdue will run another two minutes off the clock.
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4Q 06:41

Sean Clifford with the incomplete pass and Penn State to clear.
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4Q 08:29


Chris Jefferson intercepts to Clifford and returns it 72 yards for the touchdown.

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4Q 09:20

Aidan O'Connell's short, incomplete pass and Purdue to clear.
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4Q 10:44


KeAndre Lambert-Smith breaks the tackle and scampers 27 yards for one more flip on the night.

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4Q 11:25

Cliffor completes with Tinsley for another first and ten.
10:51 PMa month ago

4Q 12:04

Long incomplete pass by Aidan O'Connell. Purdue to clear.
10:46 PMa month ago

4Q 14:56

Clifford is caught and Penn State to clear again.
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3Q 01:11


Charlie Jones with the 7-yard catch to retake the lead 24-21.

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3Q 02:40

They punt on fourth down and Payne Durham makes the 27-yard reception for the first and goal.
10:26 PMa month ago

3Q 02:42

Aidan O'Connell attempted the short pass that is incomplete. Fourth down.
10:21 PMa month ago

3Q 03:29

Sheppard with the reception for Purdue to move the chains further into opponent territory.
10:16 PMa month ago

3Q 05:20

Mershawn Rice with the reception to break away for more than 20 yards and move the chains.
10:11 PMa month ago

3Q 05:52

Low pass from Clifford and Penn State to clear.
10:06 PMa month ago

3Q 07:27

Holding defensively and Penn State gets first and ten.
10:01 PMa month ago

3Q 08:11

Aidan O'Connell with the pass that is incomplete and Purdue to clear.
9:56 PMa month ago

3Q 09:02

Clifford with the incomplete pass and Penn State to clear.
9:51 PMa month ago

3Q 10:11

Clifford comes off the bag and finds Mitchell Tinsley for first and ten.
9:46 PMa month ago

3Q 11:16


King Doerue turns the corner and goes into the diagonals to close the gap 21-17.

9:41 PMa month ago

3Q 12:05

Broc Thompson with the 18-yard reception to set up in the red zone for Purdue.
9:36 PMa month ago

3Q 13:35

Durham with the reception to bring Purdue quickly closer to midfield.
9:31 PMa month ago

3Q 15:00

Second half begins. Purdue on the offensive.
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2Q 00:02


Clifford finds Brenton Strange, who takes advantage of poor tackling to break away 66 yards for another touchdown.

9:16 PMa month ago

2Q 00:22

Penn State bomb that is incomplete, but there is pass interference on the defensive end.
9:11 PMa month ago

2Q 00:30

Purdue fumble that Penn State miraculously recovers.
9:06 PMa month ago

2Q 01:36

Aidan O'Connell with the long delivery and Purdue is already in the opponent's backfield.
9:01 PMa month ago

2Q 01:44


Sean Clifford with the two-yard carry on a push-and-pull effort to regain the lead.

8:56 PMa month ago

2Q 02:31

Rude to the passer and Penn State moves the chains inside the red zone.
8:51 PMa month ago

2Q 04:50

Sean Clifford desperately lunges for first and ten to move the chains.
8:46 PMa month ago

2Q 06:29

O'Connell with the high incomplete pass. Purdue to clear out of the zone.
8:41 PMa month ago

2Q 07:31

Clifford with the somewhat compromised pass and Penn State will have to clear.
8:36 PMa month ago

2Q 08:26

Penn State accepts pass interference defensively to advance beyond midfield.
8:31 PMa month ago

2Q 09:43


King Doerue turns the corner and easily gets the touchdown to retake the lead.

8:26 PMa month ago

2Q 11:17

King Doerue turns the corner and adds another first and ten to his tally.
8:21 PMa month ago

2Q 12:26

King Doerue with one more carry up the middle to move the chains into the opposition's backfield.
8:16 PMa month ago

2Q 13:10


Sean Clifford finds Mitchell Tinsley on a 12-yard touchdown toss.

8:11 PMa month ago

2Q 14:57

Clifford punts on fourth down with the pass complete and Penn State keeps the offense on board.
8:06 PMa month ago

End of first quarter

Penn State 0-3 Purdue

Kaytron Allen with the short carry and it will be fourth down for the visitors.

8:01 PMa month ago

1Q 01:00

Holding defensively and Penn State gets first and ten this way.
7:56 PMa month ago

1Q 03:32

Sean Clifford finds Washington again to move the chains.
7:51 PMa month ago

1Q 03:38


The first good run of the game ends with a three-pointer by Mitchell Fineran.

7:46 PMa month ago

1Q 05:27

Aidan O'Connell with the bomb and makes the precise pass to set up in the opponent's half.
7:41 PMa month ago

1Q 07:46

Sheffield makes a miraculous reception when it looked like the pass was going to be intercepted.
7:36 PMa month ago

1Q 08:21

Sean Clifford with the pass to the center with power but incomplete, Penn State to clear.
7:31 PMa month ago

1Q 09:38

Sean Clifford with the 10-yard delivery to Washington for another first-and-10.
7:26 PMa month ago

1Q 10:49

Nicholas Singleton with the short carry to move the chains for the first time for Penn State.
7:21 PMa month ago

1Q 11:43

Aidan O'Connell with the pass too long and the home team will have to give the ball away.
7:16 PMa month ago

1Q 13:06

Jones with the reception and Purdue is already moving the chains.
7:11 PMa month ago

1Q 14:10

Clifford with the incomplete pass and Penn State three and out, to clear.
7:06 PMa month ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins. Penn State on offense.
7:01 PMa month ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from kickoff between Purdue and Penn State.
6:56 PMa month ago

The heating

The warm-up on Purdue's part has begun and we are just a few minutes away from the start of the regular season for both teams:
6:51 PMa month ago

They warm up the arm

Penn State's QBs are already warming up their arm prior to the kickoff of this game:
6:46 PMa month ago

Upcoming Purdue games

Purdue will have the following teams as opponents:

Vs Indiana State

At Syracuse


6:41 PMa month ago

Upcoming Penn State games

Penn State's upcoming games will be as follows:

Vs Ohio

At Auburn

Vs Central Michigan

6:36 PMa month ago


This was Purdue's arrival in their first home game of the season:
6:31 PMa month ago

Equipment ready

This is how the Penn State squad will take the field for this afternoon's match:
6:26 PMa month ago

The headquarters

The venue for this match will be Ross-Ade Stadium, which was inaugurated in 1924 and currently, after several renovations, has a capacity of 57,236 spectators.
6:21 PMa month ago

The favorite

According to ESPN's record, Penn State is the favorite to win this game at 60.2% to Purdue's 39.8%. Who will win tonight?
6:16 PMa month ago


Penn State and Purdue promise one of the best games of the day in the NCAAF season opener. We begin with the coverage of the game through VAVEL.
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Tune in here Penn State Nittany Lions vs Purdue Boilermakers Live Score in NCAAF 2022

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What time is Penn State Nittany Lions vs Purdue Boilermakers match for NCAAF 2022?

This is the start time of the game Penn State Nittany Lions vs Purdue Boilermakers of September 1st in several countries:

Argentina: 9:10 PM on ESPN and Star +

Bolivia: 8:10 PM on ESPN and Star +

Brazil: 9:10 PM

Chile: 9:10 PM on ESPN and Star +

Colombia: 7:10 PM on ESPN and Star +

Ecuador: 7:10 PM on ESPN and Star +

United States (ET): 8:10 PM on ESPN

Spain: 2:10 AM

Mexico: 7:10 PM on ESPN and Star +

Paraguay: 9:10 PM on ESPN and Star +

Peru: 7:10 PM on ESPN and Star +

Uruguay: 9:10 PM on ESPN and Star +

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Penn State Nittany Lions vs Purdue Boilermakers Background

History points to eight straight wins since 2004 for Penn State over Purdue on any field and they hope to keep that momentum going during this Thursday's game.

Purdue Boilermakers 7-35 Penn State Nittany Lions, 2019

Penn State Nittany Lions 62-24 Purdue Boilermakers, 2016

Purdue Boilermakers 21-45 Penn State Nittany Lions, 2013

Penn State Nittany Lions 34-9 Purdue Boilermakers, 2012

Purdue Boilermakers 18-23 Penn State Nittany Lions, 2011

5:56 PMa month ago

Key player Purdue Boilermakers

In the last bowl quarterback Aidan O'Connell threw for over 500 yards and is synonymous with a good aerial game, which could be the key to claiming their first home win.
5:51 PMa month ago

Key Player Penn State Nittany Lions

Much will depend on Penn State's quarterback Sean Clifford, who will be on a mission to lead his franchise to a major bowl this season.
Image: Pittsburgh Post
Image: Pittsburgh Post
5:46 PMa month ago

Purdue: How did they fare last season?

While Purdue had a decent last season finishing with a 9-4 record (6-3 Big Ten), very close to Iowa, so they were able to contest the hard-fought Music City Bowl which they ended up defeating the Tennessee Volunteers 48-45 in overtime. In 2022, the toughest test will be when they face Wisconsin as visitors on October 22.
5:41 PMa month ago

Penn State: How did last season go?

Last season was not the best for the Penn State team finishing with a record of 7 wins and 6 losses but, in spite of that, it allowed them to play in the 2022 Outback Bowl which they lost 24-10 against the Arkansas Razorbacks. In this campaign the mission is to improve a lot of what they did in 2021 in a complicated schedule where they will have to face Michigan, Michigan State and Ohio State.
5:36 PMa month ago

The Kick-off

The Penn State Nittany Lions vs Purdue Boilermakers match will be played at the Ross-Ade Stadium, in Indiana, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 20:10 pm ET.
5:31 PMa month ago

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