Highlights and Touchdowns: Utah 26-29 Florida in NCAAF
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Thank you for following the rebroadcast of the Utah-Florida NCAAF game.
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4Q 00:17

What a mistake by Rising who throws the interception in the diagonals and Florida goes on to win.
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4Q 00:40

Rising breaks away and puts the ball on the opponent's 19-yard line.
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4Q 01:09

From Rising to Vele and off the field near the 50-yard line.
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4Q 01:26


Richardson keeps the ball and enters the promised zone for one more touchdown.

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4Q 01:28

Montrell Johnson Jr. with the run to set up at the opponent's 1-yard line for a touchdown.
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4Q 01:53

Richardson feints and manages to move the chains on fourth down to keep the game alive.
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4Q 03:51

Trevor Etienne with the long 20-yard carry that, although he dropped the ball, he ended up recovering it.
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4Q 06:26


Great 4-yard Thomas carry to retake the lead.

9:41 PMa month ago

4Q 09:03

Chris Curry with the carry to move the chains to the opponent's 33-yard line.
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4Q 10:22

Kuithe with the reception and Utah is already in the opponent's zone.
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4Q 12:48


Montrell Johnson Jr. scamper 14 yards plus the successful two-point conversion put them ahead by three.

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3Q 00:12


Bernard's 7-yarder found the hole and now he was all the way to the diagonals.

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3Q 00:36

Rising kept the ball on a trick play and got inside the opponent's 10.
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3Q 01:50

Another 5-yard carry by Tavion Thomas for first and ten to the opponent's 28-yard line.
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3Q 03:17

Tavion Thomas with the short carry to move the chains and continue Utah's advance.
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3Q 04:28

Kiuthe with the reception and manages to escape to the opponent's field, although he was injured after the action.
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3Q 05:18

Incomplete pass on third down by Anthony Richardson and Florida to clear.
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3Q 07:06

Accurate 10-yard Richardson delivery to move the chains.
8:46 PMa month ago

3Q 08:13

A couple of firsts and tens from Florida to get out of the deep zone.
8:41 PMa month ago

4Q 09:02

They stop the runner inches away from scoring and Utah leaves empty-handed.
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4Q 09:28

Rising's personal carry and he was inches away from scoring. Fourth down.
8:31 PMa month ago

3Q 11:03

Perfect pass by Cameron Rising to reach the goal zone.
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3Q 13:30

Tavion Thomas with the carry to move the chains to the 31-yard line and gain first and ten.
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3Q 15:00

The second half begins. Florida on the offensive.
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2Q 00:48

Cameron Rising with the incomplete pass and Utah to clear.
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2Q 01:43


Richardson takes advantage of the gap and scampers 43 yards for the touchdown and is turned around.

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2Q 03:18


From 31 yards out Noyes makes the field goal and they have to settle after the penalty on fourth down.

7:56 PMa month ago

2Q 04:10

Short pass and it will be 4th and 2 in red zone for Utah.
7:51 PMa month ago

2Q 05:32

Kuthie with the reception and gets extra yards to move the chains.
7:46 PMa month ago

2Q 08:41

Incomplete pass by Anthony Richardson and Florida to clear.
7:41 PMa month ago

2Q 11:26


Jordan Noyes from 46 yards out connects on the field goal to retake the lead 10-7.

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2Q 14:00

Brant Kuithe with the 12-yard reception to move the chains and make it first and ten.
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1Q 00:53


Richardson with the short run to get into the diagonals after a successful play on fourth down.

7:21 PMa month ago

1Q 01:45

Henderson with the reception, but they come within a yard of moving the chains. Fourth down.
7:16 PMa month ago

1Q 04:46

Richardson completes the deep pass to move the chains into opponent territory.
7:11 PMa month ago

1Q 06:32

Richardson takes out a defender and runs for first and ten in incredible fashion.
7:06 PMa month ago

1Q 07:59

Cameron Rising with the incomplete pass and Utah to clear.
7:01 PMa month ago

1Q 09:32

Anthony Richardson with the incomplete pass and Florida to clear from midfield.
6:56 PMa month ago

1Q 11:23


Complete pass from Cameron Rising to Brant Kuithe who, despite double coverage, makes the touchdown.

6:51 PMa month ago

1Q 12:47

Loose ball that Utah recovers and puts it on the other side of the court.
6:46 PMa month ago

1Q 13:30

Anthony Richardson turns the corner twice and manages to move the chains for first and ten already in the point zone.
6:41 PMa month ago

1Q 14:29

Anthony Richardson with the carry for the first first and ten of the game.
6:36 PMa month ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins. Florida on the offensive.
6:31 PMa month ago

Minutes away

The game between Utah and Florida will start in a few minutes.
6:26 PMa month ago

To warm up

The visiting Utah team thus came out to warm up with the conviction of getting their first win of the tournament.
6:21 PMa month ago

Dressing room ready

Wearing their traditional uniforms, the Florida Gators are ready to take the field.
6:16 PMa month ago

Upcoming Florida games

Florida's next games in the regular season are as follows

Vs Kentucky

vs. South Florida

At Tennessee

6:11 PMa month ago

Upcoming Utah games

Here are Utah's next games of the season:

Vs Southern Utah

Vs San Diego St

At Arizona St

6:06 PMa month ago

Great reception

This is how they received the Florida Gators for their first home game. Great support from the fans.
6:01 PMa month ago

The preview

With this announcement Utah Utes indicated that they are ready for the regular season and we leave you to relive it.
5:56 PMa month ago

The headquarters

The stadium for this game will be Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, which was inaugurated in 1930 and has undergone some renovations, and has a capacity for 88,548 spectators.
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According to the ESPN index site, Florida is the league favorite to win this game at 52.1 percent to the visiting team's 47.9 percent.
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It will be a tough test for Utah when they face Florida as visitors in the opening game of the 2022 season. We begin with the coverage of the game through VAVEL.
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Tune in here Utah Utes vs Florida Gators Live Score in NCAAF 2022

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Utah Utes vs Florida Gators match for the NCAAF 2022 on VAVEL US.
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What time is Utah Utes vs Florida Gators match for NCAAF 2022?

This is the start time of the game Utah Utes vs Florida Gators of September 3rd in several countries:

Argentina: 8:10 PM on ESPN and Star +

Bolivia: 7:10 PM on ESPN and Star +

Brazil: 8:10 PM

Chile: 8:10 PM on ESPN and Star +

Colombia: 6:10 PM on ESPN and Star +

Ecuador: 6:10 PM on ESPN and Star +

United States (ET): 7:10 PM on ESPN  +

Spain: 1:10 AM

Mexico: 6:10 PM on ESPN and Star +

Paraguay: 8:10 PM on ESPN and Star +

Peru: 6:10 PM on ESPN and Star +

Uruguay: 8:10 PM on ESPN and Star +

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Utah Utes vs Florida Gators Background

Usually these teams do not usually face each other in the regular season due to the fact that they belong to different conferences, but now they will face each other in one of the most attractive clashes of the first day of the NCAAF.
5:26 PMa month ago

Key player Florida Gators

One of the best in the aerial game of this team is the already experienced receiver Justin Shorter, who should be a clear support for the offensive game in an offense that did not go well last season.
5:21 PMa month ago

Key Player Utah Utes

Since last season Cameron Rising became the main axis of the offense and not only because of his passes, but also because of the good skills he has to get out of the pocket and gain yards from his legs when needed.
Image: Sports Illustrated
Image: Sports Illustrated
5:16 PMa month ago

Florida: how did last season go?

For their part, the Florida Gators did not have a good 2021 and had a losing record of 6-7 (2-6 SEC) which was barely enough to participate in the Gasparilla Bowl, which they lost 29-17 to UCF. Florida is usually one of the leaders in college soccer in the United States and will be looking for a much better version for this new championship.
5:11 PMa month ago

Utah: how did last season go?

The Utah Utes had a very good campaign in 2021 having a 10-4 record (8-1 Pac-12), but precisely by only losing one game in the Pac-12 allowed them to play the Rose Bowl in a real great game against Ohio State, although they lost by three points difference 48 to 45, so they will look to have a similar tournament to reach a major bowl.
5:06 PMa month ago

The Kick-off

The Utah Utes vs Florida Gators match will be played at the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, in Florida, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 19:10 pm ET.
5:01 PMa month ago

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