Highlights and Touchdowns: Georgia Bulldogs 48-7 South Carolina Gamecocks in NCAAF
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3:26 PM17 days ago


Georgia Bulldogs 48-7 South Carolina Gamecocks
3:23 PM17 days ago

4Q | 0.53

Touchdown, Doty connects with Traevon Kenion for TD. Mitch Jeter scores extra point. 
3:15 PM17 days ago

4Q | 3.04

Georgia loses possession and returns the ball to SC.
3:10 PM17 days ago

4Q | 4.33

Interception, Luke Doty's pass was intercepted by Trezmen Marshall . Possession back to Georgia.
3:00 PM17 days ago

4Q | 8.57

Field goal, Jared Zyrkel kicks 41 yds for field goal. 
2:49 PM17 days ago

4Q | 15.00

Possession for Georgia at the start of the last quarter.
2:45 PM17 days ago

End of 3rd Quarter

Georgia 45-0 South Carolina
2:34 PM17 days ago

3Q | 6.00

Touchdown, Carson Beck connects a pass to Delp and they score a TD. Podlesny scores extra point.
2:30 PM17 days ago

3Q | 6.59

Interception, intercepted pass to Rattler by Dan Jackson. 
2:25 PM17 days ago

3Q | 7.13

Touchdown, Bennett runs 11 yds for a TD. Podlesny scores extra point.
2:20 PM17 days ago

3Q |13.21

Touchdown, Bennett connects pass with Bowers for TD. Podlesny scores extra point.
2:09 PM17 days ago

Beginning of the Second Half

The second half of this match is now in play.
1:45 PM17 days ago

Half Time

Georgia 24-0 South Carolina
1:35 PM17 days ago

2Q | 0.30

Field goal, Jack Podlesny makes a 42-yard field goal.
1:20 PM17 days ago

2Q | 5.56

Georgia loses possession, and gives the ball to South Carolina. 
1:13 PM17 days ago

2Q | 7.26

SC loses possession, and gives the ball to Georgia. 
1:03 PM17 days ago

2Q | 11.25

Touchdown, pass from Bennett to Bowers for the TD. Podlesny scores extra point.
12:56 PM17 days ago

2Q | 14.52

SC loses the ball on 4th down and gives possession to Georgia.
12:50 PM17 days ago

End of 1st Quarter

Georgia 14-0 South Carolina
12:40 PM17 days ago

1Q | 4.42

Touchdown, Kendall Milton runs 2 yds and scores TD for Georgia. Podlesny scores extra point.
12:31 PM17 days ago

1Q | 6.46

Interception, Rattler throws pass that is intercepted by Malaki Starks.
12:25 PM17 days ago

1Q | 8.20

Brock Bowers runs 5 yds and scores TD for Georgia. Jack Podlesny scores extra point.
12:18 PM17 days ago

1Q | 12.53

SC entrega la posesión a Georgia.
12:13 PM17 days ago

The match begins

The first possession will be for South Carolina.
12:00 PM17 days ago

Everything ready for the match

11:55 AM17 days ago

Team Statistics


Stats Georgia South Carolina
Points Per Game 41.0 32.5
Points Allowed Per Game 1.5 29.0
Yards Passing 395.5 301.5
Yards Rushing 129.5 59.5
Pass Yards Allowed 141.0 136.5
Rush Yards Allowed 79.5 247.5

11:44 AM17 days ago

Champions arrive

10:52 AM17 days ago

We begin our coverage

We begin our coverage of the NCAA Week 3 matchup between the Georgia Bulldogs and South Carolina Gamecocks. In minutes, all the incidents of this game. 
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Stay tuned to follow this game LIVE!

In a few moments, we will share with you the latest information about Bulldogs vs Gamecocks, as well as the events taking place at Williams-Brice Stadium. 
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Where to watch the game?

We remind you that the game will be broadcasted on television on ESPN and in streaming through ESPN App. 
If you want to follow it online, VAVEL USA is your best option.
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Where and how to watch Georgia Bulldogs vs South Carolina Gamecocks online and live NCAAF

This is the kickoff time for the Georgia Bulldogs vs South Carolina Gamecocks game on September 17 in several countries:
Argentina: 1:00 PM on Star +
Bolivia: 12.00 PM on Star +
Brazil: 1.00 PM
Chile: 1.00 PM on Star +
Colombia: 11.00 AM on Star +
Ecuador: 11.00 AM on Star +
United States (ET): 12:00 PM on ESPN +
Spain: 6:00 PM
Mexico: 11.00 AM on Star +
Paraguay: 1.00 PM on Star +
Peru: 11.00 AM on Star +
Uruguay: 1.00 PM on Star +
11:16 PM18 days ago

Key Player- South Carolina Gamecocks

Spencer Rattler is leading the Gamecocks, the South Carolina QB has a 76-47 record in pass completions this season, has caught two touchdown passes, however, he has been intercepted three times. He has completed 604 yards passing so far. 
11:11 PM18 days ago

Key Player- Georgia Bulldogs

Stetson Bennett has started the current college football season on fire, completing 65 pass attempts, 49 of which have been completions. He has thrown three touchdown passes and has 668 total yards completed.
11:06 PM18 days ago

How are the South Carolina Gamecocks doing?

The Gamecocks come in with a 1-1 record on the current season, and at home they expose their undefeated record. The Gamecocks defense should play an important role in this game, the differential in favor of SC is +7, which means that they are a team that scores, but receives a lot of touchdowns. 
11:01 PM18 days ago

How are the Georgia Bulldogs doing?

The Bulldogs come in undefeated with a 2-0 record, but for the first time this season they face a conference rival. Coach Kirby Smart's team has combined a strong defense, which has allowed only three points against, with a potent offense that has torn opposing defenses to shreds in the first two games. 
10:56 PM18 days ago

Week 3 is already underway

This Friday, with two games, week 3 of the national college soccer championship caught fire. In this opportunity, we will have the current NCAA champions, Georgia Bulldogs, facing the South Carolina Gamecocks, in a game that promises many emotions and great plays.
10:51 PM18 days ago

The Stadium

The match will be played at Williams-Brice Stadium, a stadium located in the city of Columbia in South Carolina, United States. 
It has a capacity of 80250 spectators.  
10:46 PM18 days ago


Good morning to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of the Georgia Bulldogs vs South Carolina Gamecocks, corresponding to the week 3 match of the NCAA Football. The match will take place at Williams-Brice Stadium, at 11:00 am.