Highlights: Utah State Aggies 26-38 BYU Cougars in NCAAF
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08/10 - Utah State vs Air Force Falcons

08/10 - BYU vs Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

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With the victory, BYU reached its fourth victory and now has a positive record of 4-1, while Utah State has a bad streak and a negative record of 1-4.
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BYU 38-26 Utah State.
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Utah State's two-point conversion attempt did not go as expected and was unsuccessful.
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In six downs and 65 yards forward, Legas found a pass to Cobbs, who advanced 27 yards and completed another touchdown for Utah State in the final stretch of the game.
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Utah State offensive campaign with five downs in two minutes and 27 seconds with 45 yards forward.
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Utah State offensive campaign unsuccessful. Three downs and just five yards forward.
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Oldroyd converted the extra point.
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Brooks rushed for 18 yards and only stopped in the end zone to score another touchdown for BYU.
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BYU 31-20 Utah State.
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BYU offensive campaign with six downs and 36 yards forward.
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Oldroyd converted the extra point.
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In a play with seven downs in 3 minutes and 51 seconds, Hall found Epps, who scored eight more yards and completed the 80-yard offensive campaign for BYU.
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Coles hit a field goal from the 33-yard line and scored three points for Utah State.
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Oldroyd converted the extra point.
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After six plays and 70 yards forward in two minutes and 41 seconds, Hall passed and Erickson completed the touchdown for BYU.
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BYU 17-17 Utah State.
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Oldroyd converted a field goal from the 52-yard line and scored three more points for BYU.
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Connor Coles converted extra point.
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Legas passed to  Cobbs, who advanced 14 yards, scored another touchdown for Utah State and turned the score around. Offensive campaign lasted two minutes and nine seconds with six attacks and 57 complete yards.
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Coles converted the field goal from the 50-yard line and scored another three points for Utah State.
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Legas tried the pass to Cooper, but it came out incomplete.
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Utah State has more than 13 minutes on the ball, while BYU has possession for three minutes.
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BYU 14-7 Utah State.
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Legas was sacked and lost six yards to Utah State.
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Oldroyd converted the extra point.
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Cooper Legas hit a pass to Max Tooley, who crossed to the right corner of the field for 34 more yards and scored another touchdown for BYU.
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Jake Oldroyd converted the extra point and left the score even.
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Jaaren Hall found a short pass to Keanu Hill, who advanced through the middle with freedom, gained 31 more yards and scored a touchdown for BYU.
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At the restart of the game, Gunner Romney kept the ball, broke tackles and advanced 34 yards to BYU.
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Connor Coles converted the extra point.
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Legas took the ball, broke the tackle in the middle, advanced down the left, and scored a touchdown for Utah State.
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Legas tried the pass to Cooper, who inside the end zone couldn't hold. Another descent.
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Tune in here Utah State Aggies vs BYU Cougars live score

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BYU Cougars average 33.5 points per game and 458 rushing yards per game.
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Speak, Kalani Sitake!

I am very excited about the rivalry game. We are looking forward to having Utah State here at LaVell Edwards Stadium on Thursday night. We had a really cool game in their environment last year. No há plenty of rest for both teams, so it will be interesting how we will manage the schedule from now untilé the game, but it is part of college football, é that's what happens, the NFL is also doing it. doing this.''

We knew long before the season that this was going to be the situation, so I'm looking forward to our experts prepping our guys, but in the meantime, just wait. I want to see our team play better, play a good game of football and play Our best. I don't think we've seen it yet. I don't think it was clean enough for the entire 60 minutes so I'm looking forward to doing that this Thursday. This will beá the great êemphasis for us."

"He é the perfect example for everyone to watch and that é for our team, our fans and our coaches. Seeing the things that he got over when he got hurt, how he managed to handle things even when he was down on the depth chart, he did everything he could to learn as much as he could when Zach [Wilson] was starting and Baylor was getting repeats. No complaints, just hard work.

"We don't create replacement packs, this is part of college football. Most of our incumbents get the most reps, but we're going to use different staff sets. Wyoming changed from three tight ends to two tight ends, two backs and two tight ends, to four wide outs and then three wide outs. So let's match our talent."

"Youê would like to see a better start, but you You have to give Wyoming credit for what they did defensively and made some really good plays. After watching the movie, I thought Jaren made the right decisions. É better punt than taking a chance and making an intercept. I was okay with the decisions he made, he gave our guys a chance to make plays and we were able to utilize our game of punt to turn the field when we needed to."

“Everyone is dangerous when they are in this position. They are the same team and trained by the same guys. They have a great effort and you you can see it in the movie. I'm not too worried about what the state of Utah does; because I'm more concerned with what we're doing. I can see some things that we definitely need to improve on.”

“This é my job as a head coach and I'm frustrated because we haven't played our best yet and haven't seen it consistently.  sorry for that and i think it will beá a big emphasis for us, for me, for the team and we don't have much time to find out. We have to do it now.”

“I have a lot of respect for the state of Utah, its fans, definitely its football program, its coaches and these players. These guys work really hard, they are well trained, the scheme works very well for them and they are always dangerous. I already have I've played these types of games before, so I know they're going to bring out your best and we need to make sure our best comes out.”

“Só we need to prepare for it. We knew what our schedule would be and then we had a plan for what we would do today, tomorrow; it's Wednesday. It's always going to be hard for the guys and it's going to be hard for both teams, but I'm excited for it. We're going to play two games in less than a week. Fantastic."

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How does BYU Cougars arrive?

The BYU Cougars have a 3-1 positive record. They started with two straight wins, beating the South Florida Bulls 50-21 and the Baylor Bears 26-20. Then they lost to the Oregon Ducks 41-20 In the last match, he won the Wyoming Cowboys 38 to 24.
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In the current season, the  Utah State Aggies are averaging 15 points scored per game and 345 rushing yards.
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Speak up, Hunter Reynolds!

I want to be the best I can be,” Reynolds said. “Obviously I'm an older guy, I'm in sixth grade, but I want to leave an impact on the younger guys so that when I go, they can think about how I practiced, studied, played and that might be the pattern that helps this team win championships in the future.”

“I onlyó I want to be the best I can be,” Reynolds said. “Obviously I'm an older guy, I'm in sixth grade, but I want to leave an impact on the younger guys so that when I go, they can think about how I practiced, studied, played and that might be the pattern that help this team win championships in the future.”

"His intelligence," said Utah State Defensive Coordinator/Safety Coach Ephraim Banda when asked what makes Reynolds such a talent of conference caliber. “The bottom line é that he é brillant. Your ability to remember training points in a meeting and then go out into the field and execute them immediately é what sets it apart. It really é bright and has confidence in the heights. He's playing at an incredibly high level.”

"I watched it when I was very young and it always had my heart," Reynolds said. “Since I started playing at age 8, it has been my love.”

“I know my father played há a long time, but it was watching the New York Giants on television, watching college football when I was very young," Reynolds said. “I liked what I saw and wanted to be a part of it.”

“I don't really have that anxiety that most people talk about. I don't feel those butterflies anymore,” Reynolds said. “For me, é more like ‘Youê is á prepared, youê worked for it all his life. Just go out and show everyone what youê can do and do a show.'”

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How do Utah State Aggies arrive?

The Utah State Aggies got off to a very bad start to the season, despite winning the first game against the Connecticut Hyskies 31-20. After that, it was three straight losses, including a 55-0 to the Alabama Crimson Tide and another two losses to Weber State Wildcats by 35 to 7 and another to UNLV Rebels by 34 to 24.
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BYU Cougars and  Utah State Aggies alreadyá they played four times this season and will play the fifth game.
Photo: Disclosure / NCAAF
Photo: Disclosure / NCAAF
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The match will be played at LaVell Edwards Stadium

The Utah State Aggies vs BYU Cougars match will be played at the LaVell Edwards Stadium with a capacity of 66,247 people.
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