Highlights and Touchdowns: Auburn Tigers 10-42 Georgia Bulldogs in NCAAF
Photo: The Atlanta Journal


6:00 PM2 months ago

End of the Match

Auburn Tigers 10-42 Georgia Bulldogs
5:52 PM2 months ago

4Q | 3.50

Auburn loses possession.
5:48 PM2 months ago

4Q | 4.45

Touchdown, Branson Robinson runs 15 yards for a TD. Jack Podlesny scores extra point.
5:37 PM2 months ago

4Q | 9.51

Touchdown, Robby Ashford throws complete pass to Jarquez Hunter for 62 yards for a TD. Anders Carlson scores extra point.
5:31 PM2 months ago

4Q | 11.10

Touchdown, Daijun Edwards runs 7 yds for a TD. Jack Podlesny scores extra point.
5:25 PM2 months ago

4Q | 13.59

Auburn loses possession.
5:20 PM2 months ago

4Q | 14.49

Touchdown, Stetson Bennett runs 64 Yds for TD. Jack Podlesny scores extra point.
5:11 PM2 months ago

End of 3rd Quarter

Tigers 3-21 Bulldogs
5:07 PM2 months ago

3Q | 0.30

Georgia loses possession.
5:03 PM2 months ago

Champions sweep

5:01 PM2 months ago

3Q | 2.39

Auburn loses possession.
4:52 PM2 months ago

3Q | 7.07

Daijun Edwards runs 2 yards for a TD. Jack Podlesny scores extra point.
4:40 PM2 months ago

3Q | 11.51

Field goal, Anders Carlson makes 29-yard field goal.
4:37 PM2 months ago

3Q | 13.42

Fumble, Stetson Bennett is pushed by Colby Wooden for a loss of 9 yards and commits a fumble recovered by Colby Wooden. 
4:35 PM2 months ago


Tigers 0-14 Bulldogs
4:14 PM2 months ago

Half Time

Tigers 0-14 Bulldogs


4:05 PM2 months ago

2Q | 0.50

Georgia loses possession.
4:01 PM2 months ago

2Q | 1.17

Auburn loses possession.
3:59 PM2 months ago

2Q | 2.34

Georgia loses possession.
3:53 PM2 months ago

2Q | 4.42

Fumble, Robby Ashford gives up a loose ball. Possession goes to Georgia.
3:43 PM2 months ago

2Q | 8.45

Touchdown, Daijun Edwards runs 1 yd for a TD. Jack Podlesny scores extra point.
3:39 PM2 months ago

2Q| 10.35

Auburn loses possession.
3:33 PM2 months ago

2Q | 11.42

Touchdown, Kenny McIntosh corre 1 yd y anota un TD. Jack Podlesny anota punto extra.
3:21 PM2 months ago

End of 1st Quarter

Tigers 0-0 Bulldogs
3:20 PM2 months ago

1Q | 0.25

Auburn loses possession.
3:16 PM2 months ago

1Q | 2.18

Jack Podlesny misses field goal.
3:10 PM2 months ago

1Q | 5.23

Auburn loses possession.
3:02 PM2 months ago

1Q | 6.55

Georgia loses possession.
2:57 PM2 months ago

1Q | 9.32

Auburn loses possession.
2:50 PM2 months ago

1Q | 10.29

Georgia loses possession.
2:46 PM2 months ago

1Q | 12.01

Auburn loses possession.
2:40 PM2 months ago


The match is underway at Sanford Stadium.
2:22 PM2 months ago

Georgia starts as favorite

The national champion team has a 93.6% favoritism for today's game, and if nothing strange happens, it will be another victory for Kirby Smart's team.
1:53 PM2 months ago

Auburn Tigers to regain confidence

Last Saturday's upset loss to LSU left an indelible mark on Auburn. The Tigers jumped out to an 0-17 lead in the first half, but were eventually defeated 21-17. 


In the fourth quarter, they had a chance to turn the score around, but failed on offense. In this game, they cannot make those mistakes and will have to improve a lot offensively. 

1:53 PM2 months ago

National champions take to the field

The reigning national champion Georgia Bulldogs take on the Auburn Tigers this afternoon. This will be an exciting matchup with a team like Georgia that has a devastating offense, although their defense has shown weaknesses in the last two games. 


The combination of Bennett, Bowers and Milton is the most lethal weapon of the legendary coach Kirby Smart.

1:41 PM2 months ago

Start of coverage

We have already started our coverage of this afternoon's game. Welcome to our readers.
9:59 PM2 months ago

Stay tuned to follow Auburn Tigers vs Georgia Bulldogs live on VAVEL

In a few moments we will share with you the Auburn Tigers vs Georgia Bulldogs live starting lineups, as well as the latest information from the Sanford Stadium. Stay tuned to VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage of the match. 
9:54 PM2 months ago

Where and how to watch Auburn Tigers vs Georgia Bulldogs online and live NCAAF 2022

This is the kickoff time for the Auburn Tigers vs Georgia Bulldogs game on October 8 in various countries:
Argentina: 4:30 PM 
Bolivia: 3:30 PM 
Brazil: 4:30 PM 
Chile: 4:30 PM 
Colombia: 2:30 PM 
Ecuador: 2:30 PM 
United States (ET): 3:30 PM on CBS
Spain: 9:30 PM
Mexico: 2:30 PM 
Paraguay: 4:30 PM 
Peru: 2:30 PM 
Uruguay: 4:30 PM 
9:49 PM2 months ago

Watch for this player from Georgia

Stenson Bennett- QB.

Stetson Bennett is the starter at the start of the current College Football season, he has thrown 167 pass attempts, 116 of which have been completions. He has thrown five passes for touchdowns and has a total of 1536 yards completed.

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images
9:44 PM2 months ago

Watch out for this Auburn player

Tang Bigsby- RB.

Bigsby is a key piece in the Auburn Tigers offense, the Auburn running back has 69 carries on the season, with 326 yards gained and 4 Touchdowns on the current season.

Photo: Auburn Athletics
Photo: Auburn Athletics
9:39 PM2 months ago

Head to Head: Tigers vs Bulldogs

These two teams between 2017 to 2021 have met 5 times, all have been Bulldogs victories. To record Auburn's last win, you have to go all the way back to November 2017, when they defeated Georgia 40-17 at home. 

Overall, that's 62 wins for Georgia, and 56 wins for Auburn

9:34 PM2 months ago

Champion exposes its undefeated record

Georgia with a perfect record remains in first place in the SEC-East, the Bulldogs had a splendid start in the first three weeks, however, they have shown defensive weaknesses in their last two outings. 

The trident of Stetson Bennett, Kendall Milton and Brock Bowers will be key for the team to maintain its winning ways. 

9:29 PM2 months ago

Tigers to improve

After losing a 17-point spread in their last game and finishing with a loss, the Auburn Tigers face a tough visit to the national champions. 

Auburn will need to be effective on offense, as Georgia has been outscored by 22 points in the last two meetings, yet they have come away with the win, so not only can they focus on stopping the opposing offense, but they will need to score a lot of points to win.

9:24 PM2 months ago

College Football action continues

This afternoon continues week 6 of the 2022 NCAAF season, this time we will have all the incidents of the duel between Auburn Tigers vs Georgia Bulldogs, the local and reigning national champion arrives with perfect performance and receives the Tigers who come from unexpectedly falling in the last day at home.
9:19 PM2 months ago

Good afternoon VAVEL friends!

Welcome to the live broadcast of the Auburn Tigers vs Georgia Bulldogs match, corresponding to Week 6 of the NCAAF. The match will take place at Sanford Stadium, at 3:30 pm.