Touchdowns and Highlights: BYU 202-8 Notre Dame in NCAAF
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Notre Dame's last TD

9:36 PM2 months ago


Thank you for following the telecast of the game between Notre Dame and BYU for the 2022 NCAAF season.
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4Q 01:54

Audric Estime with the 4-yard carry to move the chains and with that the game is over.
9:21 PM2 months ago

4Q 03:37

Logan Diggs with the 30-plus yard carry and Notre Dame close to the win.
9:16 PM2 months ago

4Q 03:37

Christopher Brooks with the carry on fourth down that he doesn't make and BYU leaves empty-handed.
9:11 PM2 months ago

4Q 05:26

Epps with the great reception to set up in the opponent's field.
9:06 PM2 months ago

4Q 06:07


Blake Grupe 28-yarder extends the lead to eight points.

9:01 PM2 months ago

4Q 06:40

Short pass from Pyne to Michael Mayer and it will be fourth and goal.
8:56 PM2 months ago

4Q 08:51

Audric Estime scampers 46 yards on the ground to the end zone for the home side.
8:51 PM2 months ago

4Q 09:13

Drew Pyne with the personal carry to move the chains near midfield for Notre Dame.
8:46 PM2 months ago

4Q 11:05

Jaren Hall with the incomplete pass and BYU to clear.
8:41 PM2 months ago

4Q 11:42

Pyne was intercepted and Notre Dame leaves empty-handed.
8:36 PM2 months ago

4Q 12:19

Pyne hangs on and tucks the completed pass to Jayden Thomas to keep the offense alive.
8:31 PM2 months ago

4Q 13:30

Jayden Thomas with the reception to set up in the opponent's backfield.
8:26 PM2 months ago

4Q 14:18


Christopher Brooks scampers 28 yards from the pistol formation to get into the promised zone.

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8:16 PM2 months ago

3Q 02:30

Lopini Katoa escapes 20 yards on the ground for first and ten and out of the commitment zone.
8:11 PM2 months ago

3Q 03:59

Drew Pyne with the incomplete pass and Notre Dame to clear.
8:06 PM2 months ago

3Q 05:03


Hall's 53-yard bomb to Kody Epps for the touchdown to get into the game.

8:01 PM2 months ago

3Q 08:05


Michael Mayer with the 19-yard reception to increase the lead on the night.

7:56 PM2 months ago

3Q 09:59

Audric Estime's spectacular leap for a first-and-ten inside the opponent's 25-yard line.
7:51 PM2 months ago

3Q 13:50

Chris Tyree with the carry for first and ten.
7:46 PM2 months ago

3Q 15:00

Second half begins. Notre Dame on the offensive.
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7:36 PM2 months ago

2Q 01:03


Jayden Thomas with the 30-yard reception that beats the defender to increase the difference, but they miss the conversion.

7:31 PM2 months ago

2Q 02:32

Holden Staes with the reception for a first-and-10 to the opponent's 38-yard line.
7:26 PM2 months ago

2Q 04:42

Logan Diggs dashes up the middle for a 4-yard gain to move the chains near midfield.
7:21 PM2 months ago

2Q 06:36

Audric Estime exploits the hole up the middle and gains 12 more yards.
7:16 PM2 months ago

2Q 06:50


Hall is caught in his end zone and the safety for Notre Dame has been made good.

7:11 PM2 months ago

2Q 06:57

Audric Estime falls short of the mark on fourth down and Notre Dame walks away empty-handed.
7:06 PM2 months ago

2Q 07:20

Logan Diggs with the carry and a one-yard run. Fourth down.
7:01 PM2 months ago

2Q 09:06

Michael Mayer with the reception to set up in the goal zone.
6:56 PM2 months ago

2Q 12:51

Braden Lenzy with the reception for another first and ten for Notre Dame.
6:51 PM2 months ago

2Q 12:42

Pyne's bomb and Notre Dame is already in the opponent's field.
6:46 PM2 months ago

2Q 12:52

Jaren Hall with the pass incomplete and almost intercepted. To clear BYU.
6:41 PM2 months ago

2Q 14:19


Pyne finds his tight end, Michael Mayer, for the touchdown to regain the lead.

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6:31 PM2 months ago

1Q 00:30

Drew Pyne holds contact and pulls out the completed pass for first and ten.
6:26 PM2 months ago

2Q 02:31

Great two-handed reception by Michael Mayer to move the chains on third down.
6:21 PM2 months ago

1Q 03:50

Audric Estime with center hauling to move the chains.
6:16 PM2 months ago

1Q 04:32


De Halls to Epps in the red zone on fourth down to take a 7-3 lead.

6:11 PM2 months ago

3Q 05:08

One yard for a touchdown but Christopher Brooks missed it on a third-down carry.
6:06 PM2 months ago

1Q 07:23

Hall with the carry on option option deception for the first and ten to enter the red zone.
6:01 PM2 months ago

1Q 08:46

Drew Pyne lengthens the play, but throws incomplete and Notre Dame clears out of the commitment zone.
5:56 PM2 months ago

1Q 11:25

Jaren Hall with the incomplete pass and BYU to clear.
5:51 PM2 months ago

1Q 11:20

Christopher Brooks with the 11-yard carry to move the chains in the game.
5:46 PM2 months ago

1Q 11:25


Blake Grupe for 26 yards opens the scoring.

5:41 PM2 months ago

1Q 11:32

Drew Pyne is pressured and throws incomplete. Fourth and goal within yards of scoring.
5:36 PM2 months ago

1Q 14:20

Chris Tyree turns the corner and gets first and ten.
5:31 PM2 months ago

1Q 14:51

First offensive play of the game and Jaren Hall is intercepted.
5:26 PM2 months ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins. BYU on the offensive.
5:21 PM2 months ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the NCAAF game between BYU and Notre Dame.
5:16 PM2 months ago


BYU motivated to play in Las Vegas and is looking for one more win in the campaign.
5:11 PM2 months ago

BYU's next game

BYU's next game will be a fierce clash hosting Arkansas.
5:06 PM2 months ago

Notre Dame's next game

Notre Dame's next game will be the following Saturday hosting Stanford.
5:01 PM2 months ago

They wear white

Notre Dame will jump into its uniform in white for this afternoon:
4:56 PM2 months ago

Last Notre Dame game

While two weeks ago Notre Dame played away and pulled out a 45-32 win over North Carolina as a visitor.
4:51 PM2 months ago

Last BYU game

BYU's last game was hosting Utah State and pulled out a 38-26 win in emphatic fashion.
4:46 PM2 months ago


Combined, both teams are expected to score 51 points, so expect a close game with the prediction at 28-24 in favor of Notre Dame.
4:41 PM2 months ago

The favorite

According to the bookmakers in Las Vegas, Notre Dame is the favorite to take the win this Saturday as they host BYU by four points.
4:36 PM2 months ago


BYU Cougars will have a tough test against the always tough Notre Dame. We start with the coverage of the sixth week of the NCAAF through VAVEL.
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Tune in here BYU Cougars vs Notre Dame Fighting Irish Live Score in NCAAF 2022

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this BYU Cougars vs Notre Dame Fighting Irish match for the NCAAF 2022 on VAVEL US.
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What time is BYU Cougars vs Notre Dame Fighting Irish match for NCAAF 2022?

This is the start time of the game BYU Cougars vs Notre Dame Fighting Irish of October 8th in several countries:

Argentina: 8:30 PM on ESPN and Star Plus

Bolivia: 7:30 PM on ESPN and Star Plus

Brazil: 8:30 PM on ESPN and Star Plus

Chile: 8:30 PM on ESPN and Star Plus

Colombia: 6:30 PM on ESPN and Star Plus

Ecuador: 6:30 PM on ESPN and Star Plus

United States (ET): 7:30 PM on NBC

Spain: 1:30 AM

Mexico: 6:30 PM on Star Plus

Paraguay: 8:30 PM on ESPN and Star Plus

Peru: 6:30 PM on ESPN and Star Plus

Uruguay: 8:30 PM on ESPN and Star Plus

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Last games BYU Cougars vs Notre Dame Fighting Irish

This will be the ninth time these teams have met since they first met in 1992. The Fighting Irish have the edge in the head-to-head record at six wins to two losses and, for that reason, Notre Dame is a 68.9% favorite this Saturday.
4:16 PM2 months ago

Key Player Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Audric Estime will be the key player in Notre Dame's offense, who will try to establish the ground attack that has been one of the best things in the offense. He has 54 carries for 264 yards, 4 touchdowns and averages 4.9 yards per carry on the ground.
4:11 PM2 months ago

Key player BYU Cougars

Through the first five weeks, QB Jaren Hall has the third most yards in the nation with 1,438 yards, 12 touchdowns and only one interception, where he has shown he has a strong arm to throw powerfully and has avoided mistakes through the first few weeks of action.
Image: Agency
Image: Agency
4:06 PM2 months ago

Notre Dame Fighting Irish: getting back on track

After a complicated start with two losses in a row, Notre Dame has gradually got back on track and evened its record to 2-2, remembering that the week they had no activity because it was their bye time, which is why they had to tighten the screws, especially with an offense that still does not work well.
4:01 PM2 months ago

BYU Cougars: keep the level

With three wins in a row, BYU Cougars come into this game as the favorites after a 4-1 record, which includes a 38-26 win over Utah State and a crushing defeat at the hands of Oregon. Their strength lies in their aerial game and in their defense both through the air and on the ground.
3:56 PM2 months ago

The Kick-off

The BYU Cougars vs Notre Dame Fighting Irish match will be played at the Allegiant Stadium, in Las Vegas, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 19:30 pm ET.
3:51 PM2 months ago

Welcome to’s LIVE coverage of the NCAAF 2022: BYU Cougars vs Notre Dame Fighting Irish!

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