Highlights: Stanford Cardinal 16-14 Notre Dame in NCAAF
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With the win, Stanford reached his second win of the season. Notre Dame reached the third defeat.
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Notre Dame 14-16 Stanford.
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Unsuccessfully. Notre Dame with just 15 yards forward on six attacks. Come punt over there.
9:48 PM2 months ago


In eight downs and 44 yards forward, Stanford will punt. The ball goes back to Notre Dame who will have just over two minutes to score and win the game.
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Karty landed a shot from the 43-yard line and scored a field goal for Stanford.
9:17 PM2 months ago


Grupe converted the extra point.
9:16 PM2 months ago


Fast and early in the fourth period. 60-yard forward play on six downs in two minutes and 40 seconds. Touchdown for Notre Dame.
9:05 PM2 months ago


Notre Dame 7-13 Stanford.
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Casey tried to play for Rubio, but there was only one yard forward. Campaign ended at 36 yards on nine downs. Come punt over there.
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Grupe converted the extra point.
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Estima ran for 10 yards and scored a touchdown, Notre Dame's first points of the game. 75-yard offensive campaign in two minutes and 22 seconds.
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Karty hit a field goal from the 43-yard line and widened for Stanford.
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The defense of both teams is doing well in the game. Three-play down and just eight yards forward from Notre Dame. Come punt over there.
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Down with Stanford's five plays and 30 yards to no avail.
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Notre Dame 0-10 Stanford.
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Karty hit a field goal from the 33-yard line and scored another three points for Stanford.
8:07 PM2 months ago


Stanford's offensive campaign lasted four minutes and advanced 54 yards, but ended without success.
7:38 PM2 months ago


Notre Dame down with two yards on three downs. No advance and punt will be released.
7:37 PM2 months ago


Stanford with just eight yards on three downs. Come punt over there.
7:37 PM2 months ago


Notre Dame offensive campaign with few forward yards and more punt to come.
7:23 PM2 months ago


No success for Stanford. Five downs, 19 yards forward, and another punt to come.
7:23 PM2 months ago


Notre Dame 0-7 Stanford.
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Stanford's long offensive campaign ended without success. The team advanced 53 yards on 14 downs in seven minutes and 11 seconds. Come punt over there.
7:21 PM2 months ago


Unsuccessful descent from Notre Dame. It was 21 yards in two minutes and six seconds. Come punt over there.
6:55 PM2 months ago


Karty converted the extra point.
6:54 PM2 months ago


Three-minute, 38-second offensive campaign for 66 yards and the game's first touchdown is Stanford's.
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Speak up, Marcus Freeman!

"I hope we are guided by the O line, by the D line. What does that mean? Youê é a team that can run the ball with some consistency which, hopefully, involves the ability to throw it and the ability to make the defense aggressive in stopping the run and opening up some zones in passing play. Defensively, it still starts with stopping the race. No é a yard or how many yards the offense gains by running the ball. É a mindset that we can't leave a team é only throw the ball down his throat. We have to stop the race and make them throw the ball to succeed against us."

"He isá continuously improving. He's improving. He é very charismatic and has a great personality. On the football field, he has all the characteristics you would need. looking to become a great player. Highly recruited kid and been here before Got here but he keeps getting better and é what youê want to see."

“Bo estará out during the year. He suffered a knee injury in training on Tuesday, which é devastating just because it é captain and provides much more than just production. Only the energy, the ability to motivate our players, will be; a tremendous loss for us. So he is; out for the year.”

"I think for sure youê would see more Prince Kollie, who played very well in the last game. He é a guy that we want to continue to get on the field more. Junior (Tuihalamaka), I think we'll see more Junior too. I think we're going to see him play in a few different packages and increase his role as well. As far as Jaylen (Sneed) is concerned, it's still there. to be determined. He continued to improve. I don't see him now being part of the defensive package for this game, but he will have; the opportunity throughout the year to try to play a little more."

“It would still be questionable for the game. Trained yesterday and again, I think he will. I hope he can go, but how long and how much is left? to be determined."

"We don't have to make a four-player pass. If youê have to have the guts to put pressure on the quarterback, so you will put your defense at a disadvantage. Are we getting better? Yup. Are we at the standard or level we need to be? No. We have to keep improving. I know the Washington technician is; working tirelessly to put these guys in positions where we can create more pass rush. Let's move on? different games and stunts? Who é our best pass rusher? Just continually evaluating will put guys in a position to succeed in rushing the quarterback.

"We have to keep preaching this. We have to practice more in the hope that, in return, you will have some pass deviations. This é an important part of the defense game - being able to get in the way of the ball. If youê are not able to fire the quarterback or actually hit him, you will not be able to fire the quarterback. have to try to hit some balls. This é an area in which we have to improve."

"The dilemmas it presents é that if youê is á in the coverage zone, the minute youê acts as a linebacker to stop the race, youê is á opening space behind you; so they can pull and throw. They're creating space and putting their linebackers in a run/pass conflict. If youê going to play man, now youê is á playing man to man cover without help from underneath because supporters need to respect the racing game. Youê you need to do a few different things up front to try so you can make your supporters play with a little more patience. Youê have to play man-to-man coverage against some big, long, tall wideout. É a very nice scheme and they did a good job of being able to run in games. It will be a great challenge for us."

"É very contagious. Drew Pyne never lacked confidence. Now that youê is á adding execution to it, that confidence can be contagious to the entire team. Youê know, é even more contagious when things go wrong and things don't go your way. The confident quarterback everyone believes in now é the one who says everything will be fine. When youê succeeds, it é the only one that says to continue and é so we play. É very nice to see. Now youê it has a little bit of the execution and production to go along with the confidence that Drew Pyne has always had. É what youê wants from your quarterback."

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Notre Dame has scored 128 points this season, an average of 25 points per game.
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How does Notre Dame arrive?

Notre Dame has a positive but uneven campaign. The team played five games in the season, with three wins in a row in the last matches, after starting with two losses in a row in the NCAAF.
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Speak up, David Shaw!

"On the offensive side, I know they stuttered a little at first. The quarterback had to leave, but they found their efficiency. They are taking the ball to their athletes. I think they are running well with the ball. Keeping her off balance with your game call. They've found their stride and are on a good run."

"On the defensive side, they are big and physical. They have some important players in front of seven. Long and athletic at this high school. They pressure youê in two different ways. The four-man race é Lots of press, man-to-man coverage. They will mix the toppings. They will mix the pressures. Inside linebackers are big and physical when they put pressure on you. ”

“One thing that means to me é that there were many exciting games that we played there; and we were lucky enough to win several times in that stadium. Tight games, difficult games, games with a lot of good football players. I'm excited to see this group. I mean we also have some famous players who want to come and have a chance to play extremely well on national TV. Há a lot of emotion, there is; a lot of fire. I know we have some guys out there, but at the same time we have to fill in the guys and give ourselves a chance to go there; and play our best football and hopefully our best football game of the year," said the head coach.

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The  Stanford Cardinal scored 147 points this season, an average of 29 points per game.
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How does the Stanford Cardinal arrive?

The team at  Stanford Cardinal does not have a good season. In five games at this point, he has lost four and only; won a game against Colgate Raiders 41-10.
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Photo: Disclosure / NCAAF
Photo: Disclosure / NCAAF
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The game will be played at Notre Dame Stadium

The game Stanford Cardinal vs Notre Dame  will be played at the Notre Dame Stadium with a capacity for 77.622 people.
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