Highlights and touchdowns: SMU Mustang 24-59 Tulane Green Wave
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11:14 PM17 days ago


The Green Wave exploited the SMU Mustangs offensively and handed the Mustangs a very comfortable defeat, the home team based their game on the skills of Michael Pratt, who was involved in several scoring plays. In the end, Tulane, with a record of 9-2 and 6-1 in the ACC, remains at the top. 
11:07 PM17 days ago

End of the Match

SMU 24- 59 Tulane 


11:04 PM17 days ago

4Q | 0.51

Touchdown, Roderick Daniells Jr. runs 2 yds for TD. Collins Rogers scores extra point.
10:58 PM17 days ago

4Q | 3.40

Field goal, Valentino Ambrosio makes a 33 yd field goal. 
10:42 PM17 days ago

4Q | 7.55

Field goal, Collin Rogers makes a 30-yard field goal.
10:31 PM17 days ago

4Q | 12.34

Touchdown, Michael Pratt runs 1 yd for a TD. Valentino Ambrosio scores extra point.
10:23 PM17 days ago

Beginning of the 4th Quarter

SMU 14-49 Tulane
10:15 PM17 days ago

3Q | 1.53

Touchdown, Tanner Mordecai pass complete to RJ Maryland for 13 yards for a TD. Collin Rogers scores extra point.
10:07 PM17 days ago

3Q | 4.37

Touchdown, Michael Pratt pass complete to Shae Wyatt for 48 yards for a TD. Valentino Ambrosio scores extra point.
10:05 PM17 days ago

3Q | 4.46

Interception, pass intercepted to Tanner Mordecai. 
9:57 PM17 days ago

3Q | 7.35

Touchdown, Tyjae Spears runs 12 yards for a TD. Valentino Ambrosio scores extra point.
9:55 PM17 days ago

3Q | 8.04

Fumble, loose ball by Mordecai, Tulane recovers.
9:52 PM17 days ago

3Q | 8.45

Tulane gives up possession.
9:47 PM17 days ago

3Q | 9.36

SMU gives up possession.
9:38 PM17 days ago

3Q | 13.32

Touchdown, Michael Pratt throws 26 yd pass to Shae Wyatt for TD. Valentino Ambrosio scores extra point.
9:33 PM17 days ago


The third quarter of this game is already played.
9:13 PM17 days ago

Half Time

SMU 7-28 Tulane
9:12 PM17 days ago

2Q | 0.10

Collin Rogers misses field goal.
9:03 PM17 days ago

2Q | 2.50

Tulane gives up possession. 
9:01 PM17 days ago

2Q | 3.59

Fumble, Tyler Lavine rush for 2 yds to the Tulan 25 Tyler Lavine fumble, forced by Larry Brooks, recovered by Tulan Patrick Jenkins.
8:59 PM17 days ago

2Q | 4.12

Tanner Mordecai rushes for no gain to the Tulane 27. Tanner Mordecai fumbles, forced fumble by Dorian Williams, recovered by SMU Justin Osborne.
8:45 PM17 days ago

2Q | 9.52

Tulane gives up possession.
8:42 PM17 days ago

2Q | 11.54

Interception, pass intercepted to Tanner Mordecai.
8:37 PM17 days ago

2Q | 12.26

Touchdown, Michael Pratt runs 26 yds for TD. Valentino Ambrosio scores extra point.
8:31 PM17 days ago

2Q | 13.54

Touchdown, Tanner Mordecai throws 17 yd pass to RJ Maryland for TD. Collin Rogers scores extra point.
8:21 PM17 days ago

1Q | 0.00

Touchdown, Michael Pratt throws 7 yds pass to Tyjae Spears for TD. Valentino Ambrosio scores extra point.
8:16 PM17 days ago

1Q | 2.21

SMU gives up possession.
8:10 PM17 days ago

1Q | 5.06

Touchdown, Tyjae Spears runs 2 yds for TD. Valentino Ambrosio scores extra point.
8:04 PM17 days ago

1Q | 6.13

SMU gives up possession. 
7:58 PM17 days ago

1Q | 7.01

Touchdown, Michael Pratt runs 6 yds for TD. Valentino Ambrosio scores extra point.
7:41 PM17 days ago

1Q | 12.29

SMU gives up possession.
7:37 PM17 days ago


Play is underway at Yulman Stadium.
7:17 PM17 days ago

The green wave wants to stay on top

Tulane University sits atop the AAC standings at 5-1 in duals against ACC opponents (8-2 overall). AAC's lone loss of the season came last week at the hands of UCF (38-31). Tulane has won five of its last six. 
7:05 PM17 days ago

Team statistics

Points per game: SMU 40.3- TUL 32.7
Points allowed per game: SMU 32.6- TUL 19.0
Total yards: SMU 486.4- TUL 415.9
Passing yards: SMU 325.9- TUL 238.2
Rushing yards: SMU 160.5- TUL 177.7
Yards allowed: SMU 446.2- TUL 323.4
Pass Yards Allowed: SMU 248.6- TUL 175.5
Running Yards Allowed: SMU 197.6- TUL 147.9
6:48 PM17 days ago

Start of coverage

We have already started the coverage of this game, corresponding to the NCAA Football College regular season. 
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Stay tuned to follow SMU Mustangs vs Tulane Green Wave live on VAVEL

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for SMU Mustangs vs Tulane Green Wave live, as well as the latest information from Yulman Stadium. Stay tuned to VAVEL's live online live stream of the game. 
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Where and how to watch SMU Mustangs vs Tulane Green Wave online and live NCAAF 2022

This is the start time for the SMU Mustangs vs Tulane Green Wave game on November 17 in various countries:
Argentina: 9:30 PM  
Bolivia: 8:30 PM  
Brazil: 9:30 PM  
Chile: 9:30 PM  
Colombia: 7:30 PM  
Ecuador: 7:30 PM  
United States (ET): 7:30 PM on ESPN
Spain: 2:30 AM (Friday, November 18)
Mexico: 6:30 PM  
Paraguay: 9:30 PM  
Peru: 7:30 PM  
Uruguay: 9:30 PM  
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Key Player - Tulane

Michael Pratt is the quarterback of the Tulane Green Wave. The Tulane QB is facing his third season in College Football, having in this campaign a considerable improvement, in the season he has 252 pass attempts, of which, 165 have been complete, with a percentage of 65.5%, the best in his career in the NCAA. 

He has completed 2079 yards, 17 touchdowns and 4 interceptions so far. 

10:13 PM18 days ago

Key Player- SMU

Tanner Mordecai, is the quarterback for the SMU Mustangs. The experienced QB is entering his fifth season in college football and has 327 pass attempts on the season, 207 of which have been completions. 

He has completed 2780 yards, 27 touchdowns and 7 interceptions so far. 

10:07 PM18 days ago

Head to Head: SMU vs Tulane

These two universities have a short head-to-head history, it is the 29th between SMU and Tulane, while the Mustangs hold the 15-13 all-time advantage. SMU has won seven straight games dating back to 2015, winning the 2021 showdown, 55-26. The Mustangs won 37-34 in overtime their last time out in New Orleans (2020). SMU is undefeated against Tulane as a member of The American (7-0).
10:03 PM18 days ago

Tulane wants a win to stay in the top 25

The home team will be looking for a win this Thursday night against a tough conference opponent, Tulane is ranked in the top 25, so a win at home would allow them to stay in a good position.
10:02 PM18 days ago

Mustangs to maintain hegemony in New Orleans

The Mustangs travel to New Orleans in search of maintaining their winning streak this season, and facing an opponent with whom they have totally favorable numbers. If they win, they take a breath of fresh air into their jerseys for the end of the season.
9:58 PM18 days ago

College Football action continues

This afternoon kicks off week 12 of the 2022 NCAAF season, this time we'll have all the action from SMU Mustangs vs Tulane Green Wave, two teams from the ACC conference that will fight to improve their position in the national ranking. 
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Good afternoon VAVEL friends!

Welcome to the live broadcast of the SMU Mustangs vs Tulane Green Wave match, corresponding to Week 12 of the NCAAF. The match will take place at Yulman Stadium, at 7:30 pm.