Highlights and touchdowns: UAB Blazers 10-41 LSU Tigers in NCAAF
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12:17 AM19 days ago

Game summary

Daniels led LSU to another win, moving to a 9-2 record on the season, LSU will remain in the top 10 of the National Rankings for another week. The UAB Blazers were subdued from start to finish, and could do nothing against the Tigers.
12:14 AM19 days ago

End of the Match

Blazers 10-41 Tigers
12:13 AM19 days ago

4Q | 0.50

Blazers give up possession.
12:09 AM19 days ago

4Q | 3.33

Tigers give up possession.
12:00 AM19 days ago

4Q | 8.38

Blazers give up possession.
11:51 PM19 days ago

4Q | 9.46

Touchdown, Bryan Thomas Jr. catches yds pass from Jayden Daniels for TD. Damian Ramos scores extra point.
11:46 PM19 days ago

4Q | 13.20

LSU regains possession.
11:41 PM19 days ago

4Q | 14.51

Fumble, loose ball by LSU, Blazers regain possession.
11:32 PM19 days ago

End of 3rd Quarter

UAB 10-34 LSU
11:31 PM19 days ago

3Q | 0.56

Blazers give up possession on fourth down.
11:16 PM19 days ago

3Q | 6.50

Touchdown, Jayden Daniels runs 2 yds for TD. Damian Ramos misses the extra point.
11:07 PM19 days ago

3Q | 9.10

Blazers give up possession.
11:02 PM19 days ago

3Q | 10.44

Tigers give up possession.
10:59 PM19 days ago

3Q | 14.39

Blazers give up possession.
10:52 PM19 days ago


UAB 10-28 LSU
10:32 PM19 days ago

Half Time

UAB 10-28 LSU
10:27 PM19 days ago

2Q | 0.40

Touchdown, Noah Cain runs 1 yd for TD. Damian Ramos scores extra point.
10:22 PM19 days ago

2Q | 1.18

UAB gives up possession.
10:08 PM19 days ago

2Q | 5.20

Touchdown, Noan Cain runs 1 yard for the TD. Damian Ramos scores an extra point
9:59 PM19 days ago

2Q | 10.36

UAB gives up possession.
9:54 PM19 days ago

2Q | 12.29

Fumble, loose ball by LSU, possession for UAB.
9:42 PM19 days ago

2Q | 14.57

Field goal, Matt Quinn makes a 29-yard field goal.
9:37 PM19 days ago

End of 1st Quarter

UAB 7-14 LSU
9:26 PM19 days ago

1Q | 5.59

Touchdown, Noan Cain runs 5 yards for the TD. Damian Ramos scores an extra point.
9:21 PM19 days ago

1Q | 9.19

Touchdown, DeWayne McBride runs 5 yards for the TD. Matt Quinn scores an extra point.
9:14 PM19 days ago

1Q | 10.44

Touchdown, John Emery Jr. runs 2 yds for the TD. Damian Ramos scores an extra point.
9:06 PM19 days ago


The match is underway at Tiger Stadium.
8:18 PM19 days ago

Coverage begins

As we kick off our NCAAF game this afternoon, we will be bringing you minute-by-minute coverage of everything that happens at Tiger Stadium. 
12:31 AM20 days ago

Stay tuned to follow UAB Blazers vs LSU Tigers live on VAVEL

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for UAB Blazers vs LSU Tigers live, as well as the latest information coming out of Tigers Stadium. Stay tuned to VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage of the game. 
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Where and how to watch UAB Blazers vs LSU Tigers online and live NCAAF 2022

This is the start time for the UAB Blazers vs LSU Tigers game on November 19 in various countries:
Argentina: 11.00 PM  
Bolivia: 10:00 PM  
Brazil: 11:00 PM  
Chile: 11:00 PM  
Colombia: 9:00 PM  
Ecuador: 9:00 PM  
United States (ET): 9:00 PM on ESPN2
Spain: 4:00 AM
Mexico: 8:00 PM  
Paraguay: 11:00 PM  
Peru: 9:00 PM  
Uruguay: 11:00 PM  
12:21 AM20 days ago

Key Player- LSU

Jayden Daniells is a candidate for MVP of the season, he is a player who can shoot and run, his numbers back him up. He has a 195-283 passing record, accumulating 2080 yards through the air, for a total of 14 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. While, at the moment of carrying, he is also highly effective, he has 150 carries, with 629 yards gained and 10 touchdowns. 
12:16 AM20 days ago

Key Player- UAB

It hasn't been the best of years for UAB QB Dylan Hopkins, however, he is the team's key player. 

He has accumulated 1467 yards, thrown 148 passes, of which, 99 have been completions, has 8 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. 

12:11 AM20 days ago

Head to Head: Blazers vs Tigers

These two teams have met only twice, has 1-1 all-time record: the Blazers won 13-10 in 2000 and the Tigers won 56-17 in 2013.
12:06 AM20 days ago

Tigers look to stay in top 10

The LSU Tigers have had a commendable season in the NCAA, led by Jayden Daniells, and are looking to get into bowl contention. 

For this Saturday, a win at home is really important, so the Tigers will have to show their power at home.

12:01 AM20 days ago

Blazers with even record, aim for upset in LA

Although nothing is set in stone, it seems unthinkable that the Blazers will have a good result this Saturday. The Blazers will play to their strengths to try to stop LSU, a win on the road would be a real feat.
11:56 PM20 days ago

Week 12 action ends

Tonight ends week 12 of the 2022 NCAAF season, this time we will have all the incidents of the duel between UAB Blazers vs LSU Tigers, the local must win against an opponent that proves to be inferior. The Tigers with a victory would stay in the top 10 of the National Ranking, so, for them the victory is really important.
11:51 PM20 days ago

Welcome to our readers

Welcome to the UAB Blazers vs LSU Tigers live stream of the NCAAF Week 12 game. The game will take place at Tiger Stadium at 9:00 pm.