Summary and highlights of the New Mexico State 24-19 Bowling Green at NCAAF
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Thank you all.

Thank you all for joining us in this intense duel with an exciting ending, it has been a pleasure to be with all of you. See you all again!
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C2 2:57

Last minutes and everything still to be decided
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4C 6:27

Tyrone Broden scores with a touchdown to close the gap
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4C 7:10

Davion Daniels blocks the clearance and gets a safety for Bowling Green.
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4C 10:48

The loose ball goes to Syrus and New Mexico State has possession again.
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4C 12:02

Bowling Green's defense forces a New Mexico State clearance so once again Bowling Green will have possession.
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4C 14:55

Lawler punts from 49 yards and makes a field goal to close the gap.
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3C 00:00


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3C 3:26

Watkins goes 45 yards to extend the lead for New Mexico State.
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3C 4:19

Bowling Green forces a New Mexico State punt and again has possession;
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3C 6:52

Pavia finds Jonathan Brady for 11 yards
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This was Keith's touchdown


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3C 11:02

Bowling Green cut the deficit after Ta'ron Keith takes the short kickoff 75 yards to the house.
Β . Lawler also scores the extra point
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3C 11:15

Ethan Albertson's field goal to increase New Mexico State's lead.
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C3 15:00

The third quarter begins with the New Mexico State offense
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C2 00:00

Half time
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C2 4:19

The Bowling Green failed to score after the field goal attempt and again it was New Mexico State's turn for possession.
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C2 5:06

Bowling Green offense where Camden Orth finds Ta'ron Keith for a 28-yard reception.
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Marsh's touchdown reception


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2C 7:36

Pavia to Marsh for a 2-yard TD reception to extend New Mexico State's lead. Albertson also kicked the extra point;
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Some images of the first quarter


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C2 15:00

The second quarter begins 
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C1 00:00 End of first quarter


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Here's Thomas' touchdown reception to put New Mexico in front


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C1 4:07

Bowling Green missed a 49-yard field goal attempt and would have given New Mexico State possession.
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C1 9:39

Pavia to Thomas for a 15-yard TD reception.
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C1 11:58

Trevor Brohard interception and there will be possession for New Mesico State.
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1C 15:00

Bowling Green have the first possession of the game.
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And so the Bowling Green Falcons


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This is how New Mexico State came out to the stadium


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All set

Both teams finalize their preparations before the start of the match
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Arrival of New Mexico State

This is how they arrived at the stadium just minutes before kickoff.


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More NCAAF games tomorrow

These are the games to be played this Tuesday, December 27th

Memphis vs Utah State

Coastal Carolina vs East Carolina

Wisconsin vs Oklahoma State

Georgia Southern vs Buffalo

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Bowling Green as home

They are the fifth best home team in the Mid-American Conference with three wins and three losses. In their last home game they were defeated by 6-40 against Kent State.
2:03 PMa month ago

New Mexico State as visitors

They are the fourth best visitors in the conference with two wins and four losses away from home, although they won their last away game.
1:58 PMa month ago

Bowling Green Falcons already at the stadium

This is how he arrived at Ford Field.


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1 hour

In 1 hour the match between New Mexico State and Bowling Green will start, both the preview and the minute by minute of the match can be followed here on VAVEL
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Stay tuned to follow New Mexico State vs Bowling Green live

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for New Mexico State vs Bowling Green live, as well as the latest information coming out of Ford Field. Don't miss any details of the game with VAVEL's minute by minute live online coverage.
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How to watch New Mexico State vs Bowling Green in NCAAF?

If you want to watch New Mexico State vs Bowling Green live on TV, your option is ESPN.

If you want to watch it on the internet,VAVEL;is your best option.

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What time is the New Mexico State vs Bowling Green game in NCAAF?

This is the time the match starts in several countries:
Argentina: 14:30 AM
Bolivia: 14:30 AM
Brazil: 15:30 AM
Chile: 14:30 AM
Colombia: 13:30 AM
Ecuador: 13:30 AM
USA (ET): 14:30 AM
Spain: 20:30 PM
Mexico: 13:30 AM
Paraguay: 14:30 AM
Peru: 14:30 AM
Uruguay: 14:30 AM
Venezuela: 14:30 AM
England : 19.30 AM
Australia : 04:30 AM
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Watch out for this Bowling Green player.

Matthew McDonald, who plays in the backfield at the quarterback position, stands out. The California native has a 61% pass completion percentage this season for 2639 yards plus 22 assists for touchdowns and eight interceptions.
Photo: Bowling Green
Photo: Bowling Green
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Watch out for this New Mexico State player.

Diego Paví, who plays quarterback, has a 52% pass completion percentage this season for 1283 yards. He also has 11 touchdown assists and five interceptions.
Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images
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How do the Bowling Greens get there?

Bowling Green fell in their most recent meeting 38-14 to Ohio. They have won four of their last six games. They are in fourth place in the Mid-American standings with a record of six wins and six losses.
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How are New Mexico State coming along?

New Mexico State is coming off two consecutive victories. In their last game they defeated Valparaiso 65-3 at home. In the Independets Conference standings they are in fifth place with six wins and six losses.
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These are the results of the last five games played between New Mexico State and Bowling Green

New Mexico State has won four of their last five meetings, while Bowling Green has won three. Here are the results. 
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Venue: The match will be played at Ford Field, located in the city of Detroit. It was inaugurated in August 2002 and has a capacity for 65,000 spectators.

Photo: Stadiums of Pro Football
Photo: Stadiums of Pro Football
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Preview of the match

New Mexico State and Bowling Green meet in the NCAAF Bowl
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