Highlights and Touchdowns: TCU 7-65 Georgia in CFP National Championship
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Thank you for following the TCU-Georgia game webcast.
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4Q 05:56

Chandler Morris with the short 4-yard carry and TCU to clear.
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4Q 07:23


Branson Robinson turns the corner and scampers 19 yards for another touchdown.

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4Q 07:59

Max Duggan is caught on fourth down and Georgia will return on offense.
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4Q 09:24


Branson Robinson with the 1-yard run and widens the gap.

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4Q 10:25

Carson Beck with the completed pass to move the chains in the red zone.
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4Q 12:15

Kearis Jackson with the 22-yard reception to again get downfield.
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4Q 11:44

TCU fumbles on fourth and Max Duggan sends the pass incomplete. They leave empty-handed.
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3Q 01:25

Derius Davis with the 25-yard reception to set up in the opponent's backfield.
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3Q 02:17


Bennett now connects with Ladd McConkey to surpass the 50-point mark and make this final a real thrashing.

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3Q 04:18

Darnell Washington with the 28-yard reception to set up again in the red zone.
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3Q 06:00

Incomplete pass by Bennett, but a pass interference gives them first and 10.
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3Q 06:33

Ladd McConkey with the 13-yard carry to move the chains.
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3Q 08:02

Duggan is captured for the fifth time in the game.
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3Q 10:06

Duggan turns the corner and takes first and 10.
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3Q 10:56


Bennett connects with Brock Bowers for the touchdown to put this with an irretrievable difference.

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3Q 11:48

Brock Bowers with the 20-plus yard reception to be in the red zone.
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3Q 12:18

Duggan with a high pass and TCU clears.
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3Q 13:42

Stetson Bennett with the incomplete pass and Georgia to clear.
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3Q 15:00

The second half begins. Georgia on the offensive.
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2Q 00:26


Bennett connects with Adonai Mitchell for yet another touchdown.

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2Q 00:36

Duggan makes a mistake and is again intercepted.
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2Q 01:19


Short carry by Kendall Milton to extend the lead to 24.

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2Q 01:31

Kendall Milton with the carry to set up in the goal zone.
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2Q 02:14

Brock Bowers with the 21-yard reception to set up in the red zone.
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2Q 3:34

Kenny McIntosh with the 13-yard carry to set up inside the opponent's 40-yard line.
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2Q 04:30

Smith with the short reception, but enough to move the chains.
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2Q 06:34

Duggan misses the deep pass and is intercepted.
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2Q 08:30


Bennett with the carry around the corner for another touchdown.

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2Q 09:33

Daijun Edwards with the 7-yard carry for first and ten.
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2Q 11:34

Bennett with the 13-yard carry to move the chains.
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2Q 12:40

Stetson Bennett with Bowers in shipping to midfield.
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2Q 14:26

Duggan with the short pass to Derius Davis and TCU to clear.
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1Q 01:21

Jared Wiley with the 12-yard reception to move the chains.
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1Q 02:43


Bennett with the 37-yard bomb that finds a lone Ladd McConkey to regain their 10-point lead.

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1Q 03:36

Kenny McIntosh with the 11-yard carry to get into the opponent's backfield.
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1Q 04:45


Duggan keeps it and makes the personal carry for the touchdown.

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1Q 05:58

Big play by TCU from Duggan to Derius Davis for 66 yards to set up in red zone.
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1Q 06:51


Jack Podlesny 24-yard field goal to increase the score 10-0.

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1Q 07:!5

Short pass from Bennett and it will be fourth down.
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1Q 08:47

Ladd McConkey with the reception and they're already in the red zone.
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1Q 09:30

Big play by the Georgia defense that recovers the ball at the opponent's 33-yard line.
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1Q 09:40

Holding defensively and TCU manages to move the chains.
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1Q 11:01


QB Stetson Bennett scampers 21 yards to the diagonals for the first TD.

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1Q 11:29

Brock Bowers with the 12-yard reception to keep moving the chains.
6:37 PMa year ago

1Q 13:17

Benette with the complete pass to his closed wing to move the chains already in the opponent's field.
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1Q 14:05

Max Duggan with the incomplete pass and TCU quick to clear.
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1Q 15:00

The game begins. TCU on the offensive.
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Arrival of Georgia

While the Bulldogs arrived this way:
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Thus they arrived

This is how TCU arrived for Monday's national title game:
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These were the yards allowed defensively both through the air and on the ground:

TCU Georgia

Pass Yards Allowed 235.6 215.1

Rush Yards Allowed 149.5 77.0

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Yards per game

This was the offensive production on both the ground and through the air for both teams:

TCU Georgia

Total Yards 474.1 494.9

Yards Passing 269.6 293.0

Yards Rushing 204.5 201.9

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These were both points scored and points allowed:

TCU Gerogia

Points Per Game 41.1 39.4

Points Allowed Per Game 25.0 12.8

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The favorite

Although TCU is seeking its third national championship, it has not been a champion in the United States since the 1930s, almost a century ago.
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The favorite

Georgia is the favorite by a wide margin in this game with a 13.5-point spread over TCU.
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College soccer in the United States says goodbye today with the Grand Final Championship game between TCU and Georgia. We begin with the coverage of the game through VAVEL.
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Tune in here TCU Horned Frogs vs Georgia Bulldogs Live Score in NCAAF CFP National Championship 2023

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What time is TCU Horned Frogs vs Georgia Bulldogs match for 2023 NCAAF CFP National Championship?

This is the start time of the game TCU Horned Frogs vs Georgia Bulldogs of January 9th in several countries:

Argentina: 10:00 PM on ESPN and Star Plus

Bolivia: 9:00 PM on ESPN and Star Plus

Brazil: 10:00 PM on ESPN and Star Plus

Chile: 10:00 PM on ESPN and Star Plus

Colombia: 8:00 PM on ESPN and Star Plus

Ecuador: 8:00 PM on ESPN and Star Plus

United States (ET): 8:00 PM on ESPN and ESPN +

Spain: 2:00 AM on ESPN and Star Plus

Mexico: 7:00 PM on ESPN and Star Plus

Paraguay: 10:00 PM on ESPN and Star Plus

Peru: 8:00 PM on ESPN and Star Plus

Uruguay: 10:00 PM on ESPN and Star Plus

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Last games TCU Horned Frogs vs Georgia Bulldogs

Four times these two teams have faced each other throughout history where Georgia has maintained a clear dominance and in the fifth meeting they will look for this trend to continue in the same way.

TCU Horned Forgs 21-31 Georgia Bulldogs, Liberty Bowl 2016

TCU Horned Forgs 10-38 Georgia Bulldogs, 1988

TCU Horned Forgs 3-34 Georgia Bulldogs, 1980

TCU Horned Forgs 26-40 Georgia Bulldogs, Orange Bowl 1940

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Key player Georgia Bulldogs

Possibly Georgia has had better quarterbacks in its history, but there is no doubt that Stetson Bennett has been one of the best in recent years and he already took the pressure off with the win in the Semifinals, so he could come into this game looser and it could benefit him. In the tournament he has completed 68.1% of his completions, for 3,823 yards, 23 touchdowns and only 7 interceptions.
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Image: Agency
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Key player TCU Horned Frogs

The key for TCU to keep the game and keep opponents off the field longer is the ground attack and mainly with Kendre Miller, who has carried the ball 224 times this season for 1,399 yards and 17 touchdowns.
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The Stadium

It is worth mentioning that the stadium that will host this game for the first time in its history will be SoFi Stadium, which already hosted the 2022 Super Bowl and now will host the ultimate game of the U.S. college soccer final.
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Georgia Bulldogs: prove they are the best in the nation.

It is worth remembering that last season the Georgia Bulldogs were the champions of college football after defeating the Alabama Crimson Tide in the Grand Final by a score of 33 to 18. Now they finished the regular season undefeated with 13 wins and in the Semifinal they came from behind to come back 13 points and beat in the last minute 42-41 an Ohio State that missed a field goal in the last seconds of the game. They are double-digit favorites and should not be overconfident as they were in the December 31 game.
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TCU Horned Frogs: to pull off the upset

If there is a team that has been a surprise this season, it is TCU Horned Frogs, which was not ranked in the top 25 in the nation at the beginning of the season and, based on effort and dedication, in addition to polishing offensive and defensive details, they made a surprise by getting into the third best of the classification and, in the semifinal, their defense was a vital piece to get the victory in a crazy game with a 51-46 victory over the Michigan Wolverines. Now they do not start as the favorites, but just like the semifinals it could help them in their favor.
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The Kick-off

The TCU Horned Frogs vs Georgia Bulldogs match will be played at the SoFi Stadium, in Los Angeles, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 20:00 pm ET.
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