Highlights: Porto vs Famalicao in Primeira Liga
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Victory of Porto against Famalicão!
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End of the game!
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Taremi finishes and the ball goes out. Dangerous kick!
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Pepê finishes for the goal without success.
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Santi Colombatto commits a foul.
5:05 PM2 months ago


Despite the disadvantage on the scoreboard, Famalicão does not give up looking for Diogo Costa's goal.
4:59 PM2 months ago


Otávio kicks and the ball goes out. Goal kick!
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Yellow Card to Luiz Junior
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Yellow Card to Marcano
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Diogo Costa tries to head in, fails and Rui Fonte takes the opportunity to reduce the score. Goal for Famalicao!
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João Mário crosses into the area and Taremi heads in to score Porto's fourth goal.
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The second half begins.
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End of first half.
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Yellow Card to Wendell
4:21 PM2 months ago


Porto goal! Galeno shoots from the left and plays for Otávio to score!
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Yellow Card to Galeno
4:09 PM2 months ago


Otávio kicks and the ball goes out. Goal kick!
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One more from him! Galeno finishes for the goal and hits. Porto goal!
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Iván Jaime kicks out. Goal kick!
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After exchanging passes, Galeno finishes, the ball hits the post and enters. Porto goal!
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Toni Martinez kicks and the ball goes wide. Goal kick!
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Starts the game
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Dragão Stadium

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Porto day!

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How and where to watch the Porto vs Famalicão match live?

If you want to watch the game Porto vs Arouca live on TV, your options is: ESPN

If you want to directly stream it: Star+

If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL US is your best option!

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What time is Porto vs Famalicão match for Primeira Liga?

This is the start time of the game Porto vs Famalicão of 15th  January 2023 in several countries:


Argentina 4:45 pm: Star+

Bolivia 3:45 pm: Star+

Brazil 4:45 pm: Star+

Chile 3:45 pm: Star+

Colombia 2:45 pm: Star+

Ecuador 2:45 pm: Star+

USA 2:45 pm ET: Star+

Spain 8:45 pm: Star+

Mexico 2:45 pm: Star+

Paraguay 3:45 pm: Star+

Peru 2:45 pm: Star+

Uruguay 4:45 pm: Star+

Venezuela 3:45 pm: Star+

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Head to Head

As well as occupying the 3rd position with 33 points, Porto continues in the quest for the title, even with a distance of seven points from the leader and rival Benfica. In addition, it comes from a rout and classification over Arouca in the Portuguese Cup, winning 4-0. On the other hand, Famalicão is only in 13th place with 17 points, five above the first within the relegation zone. In this sense, he also arrives for the game classified in the Taça de Portugal, having beaten Leixões by 2 x 1 in extra time. Finally, they beat Vizela by 2 x 1 and Chaves by 2 x 0 in the championship.
9:40 AM2 months ago


Famalicão also managed to secure a place in the quarterfinals of the Portuguese Cup. However, for that, it had much more work than Porto. On Tuesday, January 10, it was tied, by 1 to 1, against Leixões, from the Second Division, in the regular period. Acting out of his domains, he opened up an advantage in the 34th minute of the second half through Penetra's attempt, who received a pass from Rodrigues before finishing. Victory seemed assured, however, in the 53rd minute of the extended period of stoppage time, they conceded the equalizing goal on a penalty kick taken by Thalis. In extra time, they won 1-0. The ending, however, was dramatic. Cadiz was expelled in the ninth minute. Thus, he had to defend himself with one player less in the final moments of extra time. In the Portuguese Championship, he won the last two matches. They beat Chaves (2 to 0) and Vizela (2 to 1). It advanced, in this way, to 17 points (five wins, two draws and eight defeats), rising to the thirteenth position in the leaderboard. As a visitor, it has slightly underperformed. It is the fourteenth placed in the ranking in this regard of Liga Portugal. Of the 24 points he played as column two, he won five (one win, two draws and five defeats). He scored five goals and conceded 11.
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Interview (Conceição)

"The trust is total, there will be no management, because the exact same team that played in Jamor [with Casa Pia] will play except for the goalkeeper, who is Cláudio Ramos. I do it for the first time

"I hope Arouca has accustomed us, competently, to making an excellent journey. At the very least we will have to be the same team."

"I also do this exam, I look at situations that have not been normal, after good games sometimes things go less well – after the 3-0 against Sporting we lost Vila do Conde, after the great victory in the Champions League against Brugge we drew in the Santa Clara. These are games in which we have to give a different type of response to go back, for example, to having a season with only one defeat like last year."

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Possible starting line-up for Porto

Costa; Pepe, Cardoso, Marcano, Wendell; Otavio, Grujic, Uribe, Galeno; Evanilson, Taremi.
9:25 AM2 months ago


Current champion of the tournament, Porto comes in a sequence of 12 games of invincibility. However, in the last round of the Portuguese Championship, coach Sérgio Conceição's team did not come out 0-0 with Casa Pia. In this Wednesday's match, the blue and white players will have the Brazilians Gabriel Veron, formerly of Palmeiras, and Wanderson Galeno as starters. Otávio, born in Brazil and naturalized Portuguese, will also start the game. To reach the round of 16, Porto had to defeat Mafra by 3-0.
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Eye on the Game

Porto x Famalicão live this Sunday (15), at Estádio do Dragão, at 3:30 pm, for the Primeira Liga. The match is valid for the 16 round of the competition.
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