Florida State Seminoles vs Oklahoma State Cowboys Live of 2014 College Football

Florida State Seminoles
37 31
Oklahoma State Cowboys
Florida State Seminoles: 1st Quarter 8:51 remaining--Roberto Aguayo with a 36 yard field goal. Seminoles lead 3-0 1st Quarter 8:41 remaining--Williams tips a pass from Walsh for an interception and returns it 10 yards for a touchdown. 2nd Quarter 8:19 remaining--Pender rushes 11 yards for a touchdown. Seminoles lead 17-0. 3rd Quarter 11:54 remaining--Roberto Aguayo hits a 27 yard field goal and the Seminoles have a 20-10 lead. 3rd Quarter 5:26 remaining--Winston rushes for a 28 yard touchdown and the Seminoles have a 27-17 lead. 4th Quarter 5:17 remaining--Roberto Aguayo hits a 38 yard field goal. Seminoles lead 30-24. 4 Quarter 4:08--Green receives the pass from Winston for a 50 yard touchdown. PAT good. Seminoles lead 37-24.
Oklahoma State Cowboys: 2nd Quarter 3:58 remaining--Desmond Roland takes the ball 1 yard on a rush for a touchdown. PAT is good. OSU trails 7-17. 2nd Quarter 0:02--Ben Grogan hits a 37 yard field goal. OSU trails 10-17. 3rd Quarter 10:45 remaining--David Glidden takes a 55 yard reception from Walsh for a touchdown. PAT good. OSU trails 17-20. 4th Quarter 11:59 remaining--J.W. Walsh rushes for 25 yards for a touchdown. PAT Good. OSU trails 24-27. 4th Quarter 1:55 remaining--J.W. Walsh gets another rushing touchdown. This one from 3 yards. PAT good. OSU trails 31-37.

End of Game: That's everything for this game tonight my friends, but be sure to check in to VAVEL for your daily sports needs. Our content is always fresh and honest.

End of Game: The VAVEL USA player of the game award for the Cowboy Classic goes to Rashad Greene. He had 11 catches for 203 yards. He had the game winning touchdown. He was the only reliable receiver all game for the Seminoles. No one else even had 6 catches on the team.

End of Game: Florida State looks like they are going to struggle a bit to return to the National Championship in Dallas in January. But a win is a win, and the Seminoles have that win tonight.

End of Game: The Play of the Game tonight definitely belonged to cornerback PJ Williams. OSU was moving the ball from the second quarter and on, forcing the fumble on JW Walsh that led to the additional touchdown was absolutely necessary.

4th Quarter 0:06--Winston lobs the ball high with 3 seconds left. Comes down out the back of the end zone with no time left.

4th Quarter 0:06--Not quite enough to completely run it out. Fisher looks like he will take a delay of game penalty with no time left.

4th Quarter 0:46--Williams rushes for 2 more yards. This should be enough to run out the clock.

4th Quarter 1:31--Williams rushes for two more yards, holds onto the ball tightly.

4th Quarter 1:35--Williams rushes for one yard on first and 10. OSU takes their final timeout.

4th Quarter 1:41--Williams rushes just past a first down marker. The ball is at the OSU 36. OSU takes another timeout. Not much of a chance at hope left for the Cowboys. FSU has a great field goal kicker, so even if they don't get a first down, they could tack on 3 more points.

4th Quarter 1:47--Winston overthrows Rashad Green but Lampkin gets called for defensive holding again. Play action is a gutsy call, but it was worth the risk with Green being outstanding tonight.

4th Quarter 1:53--Williams rushes for no gain. OSU takes their first timeout. 2 timeouts left.

4th Quarter 1:53--FSU ball on the FSU 44 when they offside kick goes out of bounds behind the primary hands team for the Seminoles.

4th Quarter 1:55--OSU has a false start on the extra point, but it is still good. OSU trails 31-37. OSU has never led, but they are fighting very hard tonight.

4th Quarter 1:59--Walsh rushes to the left with 3 receievers to the right. Gets into the end zone.

4th Quarter 2:05--Fade to the back corner on the right. Incomplete. 3rd and goal.

4th Quarter 2:38--Childs rushes on first and goal to the FSU 3. No gain.

4th Quarter 2:50--Childs rushes for 10 yards for another first down.

4th Quarter 3:00--Walsh rushes all the way to the FSU 14.

4th Quarter 3:20--Childs rushes for another 1.

4th Quarter 3:48--Childs rushes for 6 to the FSU 32.

4th Quarter 3:58--Tyreke Hill takes the kickoff at the OSU 15 and returns it over to the FSU 39. Start looking for youtube videos of this kids after the game.

4th Quarter 3:58--PJ Williams forced that fumble and it is the play of the game right now for the Seminoles.

4th Quarter 4:08--Rashad Green takes the ball and turns upfield and put on the Jets. 50 yard touchdown reception. Over 200 yards receiving for Green. Seminoles now lead 37-24. This should wrap the game up quite a bit.

4th Quarter 4:40--Williams with a 2 yard carry to midfield.

4th Quarter 4:48--Walsh gets flipped upside down on a carry, loses the football. FSU ball on the recovery. FSU recovered at the FSU 48.

4th Quarter 5:08--A quick pass from Walsh to the outside to Lacy. Gain of 5.

4th Quarter 5:13--OSU has the upman catch the ball at the 25, and he runs it back for 19 more yards. It will be a first down at the OSU 44.

4th Quarter 5:17--Roberto Aguayo hits a 38 yard field goal to give the Seminoles a 6 point lead. Seminoles are up 30-24.

4th Quarter 5:53--Winston hits Green again, who keeps going to the side and trying to turn the corner. Gets to the OSU 21, 4th down and the field goal unit is on the field.

4th Quarter 6:28--Karlos Williams picks up 2 on the ground. 3rd and 18 plays are not easy to find.

4th Quarter 6:35--Rashad Green has it hit his hands but the pass is incomplete, and it would only have been around a 4 yard gain.

4th Quarter 6:40--Winston overthrows O'Leary. But holding on Barron on the offensive. 1st and 20.

4th Quarter 7:01--Winston hits Karlos Williams who is absolutlely wide open. Runs into the end zone, but stepped out back at the OSU 25.

4th Quarter 7:14--Another bad punt snap. He picked it up off the goal line and squibs it to the OSU 45.

4th Quarter 7:21--Walsh tries to hit Seals right near the first down marker. Hunter tried to pick the ball off, but no one gets it.

4th Quarter 7:25--Walsh found a man but threw back against his body and threw it short by about 5 yards. 3rd and 24.

4th Quarter 7:33--J.W. Walsh gets flagged for intentional grounding. 2nd and 24 upcoming.

4th Quarter 7:50--Hill probably should have called fair catch, but gets 3 extra yards to the OSU 28. There is not much time left. OSU will need to take advantage of this opportunity.

4th Quarter 8:31--There was a 7 yard rush, then an false start by FSU, and then Winston got sacked by Ogbah way back to force 3rd and 26. They got 11 yards back to the FSU 4o before they punted.

4th Quarter 10:30--Winston gets a reception to Whitfield and the ball is at the FSU 45. Florida State first down.

4th Quarter 11:15--Winston tries to run but is tackled in the backfield. Loss of one. 3rd down.

4th Quarter 11:47--Short slant to Williams. FSU gains 6 on the reception. Ball at the FSU 35.

4th Quarter 11:52--Another short kickoff. Williams returns it to the FSU 3o yard line.

4th Quarter 11:59--Zoom. J.W. Walsh gets the desinged quarterback run and goes 25 yards and may not have even been touched. He has some speed. PAT is good. OSU trails 24-27. Hang on to your hats folks.

4th Quarter 12:39--Childs with a 0 yard run. 3rd and 9 from the FSU 25.

4th Quarter 13:15--Childs with a 1 yard run. 2nd and 9.

4th Quarter 13:30--Childs with a run to the left side of the line. Gets a good burst and the ball is at the FSU 27.

4th Quarter 14:11--Roland walked off grabbing his ribs. Childs will take his place on third and 1. Tyreke Hill gets the ball to the outside though and gets it to the FSU 45.

4th Quarter 14:11--It appears cramping is an issue for the FSU safeties. Roland was rolled out of bounds on that play and it appears it may have knocked the wind out of him as he is down on the sideline, leading to a commercial break.

4th Quarter 14:19--Roland takes a swing pass to the left and it is a gain of 8 or 9. 3rd and short is upcoming.

4th Quarter 14:51--Roland with a rush for no gain. 2nd and 10

4th Quarter 15:00--OSU gets a fair catch at the OSU 25.

End of Third: The west coast games have now begun. #25 Washington is on the road in Hawaii, and #3 Oregon is hosting South Dakota.

End of Third: The Oklahoma Sooners and Kansas State Wildcats are now officially winners on the opening weekend of college football as well.

End of Third: Score update: Wisconsin is now up on LSU by a score of 17-7 with around 1 minute left in the first half.

End of Third: Looks like we will start with a FSU punt in the beginning of the fourth quarter, but this game is not over by any measure, the Cowboys are hanging around, which always counts as a threat of an upset.

3rd Quarter 0:40--Green reaches for the first down marker on a reception, but he lost the ball as he tries to extend and they are half a yard short of the first down.

3rd Quarter 1:11--Pass complete to Rashad Green. 3rd and 5 coming up from the 34.

3rd Quarter 1:19--Winston throws incomplete to the outside. Correction. They are at the FSU 29.

3rd Quarter 1:50--Williams gets 11 as they rush to the FSU 31. Florida State first down.

3rd Quarter 2:29--Williams rushes for a half a yard. 3rd and a half upcoming.

3rd Quarter 3:06--OSU punts to the FSU 11 to Green. Williams starts the drive with a 9 yard run.

3rd Quarter 3:23--Walsh with a incompletion on 3rd and 4, OSU will punt.

3rd Quarter 4:11--Roland rushes for a gain of 1.

3rd Quarter 4:51--Hill rushes to the FSU 47 for a gain of 13.

3rd Quarter 5:22--Walsh to Shephard on play action to the OSU 40.

3rd Quarter 5:26--Aguayo kicks it off to Hill again, ran back to the OSU 24. The Cowboys need to bounce back from that bad snap on special teams.

3rd Quarter 5:26--The ruling on the field stands. Aguayo hits the extra point. Seminoles lead 27-17. Not confirmed, but it stands. Not enough on the video.

3rd Quarter 5:39--Ball on the OSU 28. Winston on a designed run takes the ball all the way to the end zone. Career long run for Winston. But the play is under review.

3rd Quarter 6:15--Winston runs for a gain of 6, but there is a flag on the play. Defensive holding on Lampkin. Automatic first down for FSU.

3rd Quarter 7:00--Winston hits Pender out of the backfield for no gain. 3rd and 11 upcoming.

3rd Quarter 7:25--Looks like FSU ran the same play, Williams hit in the backfield for a loss of 1.

3rd Quarter 7:55--Williams with his best carry of the game, getting the ball to the OSU 42 for a gain of 14.

3rd Quarter 8:00--Winston takes a shot as he throws deep and the ball goes over the receiver.

3rd Quarter 8:05--Oklahoma State has a horrible snap on the punt, hitting an upback and FSU will get the ball at the FSU 44.

3rd Quarter 8:05--Florida State takes a final timeout with OSU lined up in punt formation. Doesn't really make much sense, but it's an odd spot to punt as well. Maybe they should have alerted them for a potential fake before they took the field. 23 minutes with no timeouts will be tough for Fisher and his staff.

3rd Quarter 8:13--Seals drops a deep pass from Walsh in the end zone.

3rd Quarter 8:46--Hill rushes for 1, 3rd and 9 upcoming.

3rd Quarter 8:50--The screen is busted and Walsh throws it at Hill's feet.

3rd Quarter 9:10--Walsh flips to a receiever on a jet sweep and the ball goes to the FSU 36 for a gain of 13.

3rd Quarter 9:38--Walsh hits Seals on play action to get the ball to the FSU 49.

3rd Quarter 9:43--Ogbah walked off the field. The punter gets a punt off under pressure. Hill calls for a fair catch at the OSU 39. OSU ball.

3rd Quarter 9:43--Ogbah looks to have hurt himself during a celebration of the play. They are closely examining his right knee. It's never good to see anyone get hurt, hopefully he will be able to return to the game tonight if the injury is not too serious.

3rd Quarter 9:48--Winston tries to throw it to Green. Ogbah drops into coverage and the ball just goes through his hands as OSU misses another potential interception, but FSU should punt on fourth down anyway.

3rd Quarter 9:48--Jimbo Fisher takes his second timeout of the half to avoid a delay of game. Again Jameis Winston went to audible with 5 seconds on the play clock.

3rd Quarter 10:35--Rashard Green with a 7 yard reception to make it 3rd and 3.

3rd Quarter 10:40--Play action. Winston misses the fullback and is fortunate that there was not a third interception for him on that play.

3rd Quarter 10:45--Strange kickoff, fielded at the FSU 17 by the fullback, ran back 6 yards to the FSU 23.

3rd Quarter 10:45--Walsh hits David Glidden for a 55 yard touchdown and it was completly busted coverage. No one within 10 yards of the man. PAT is good. OSU trails 17-20.

3rd Quarter 11:23--Childs runs it to the left for two yards.

3rd Quarter 11:43--Oklahoma State hits a man on the slant for 19 yards to the OSU 43.

3rd Quarter 11:50--Aguayo with the kickoff. Hill returns it from 3 yards deep in the end zone to the OSU 24.

3rd Quarter 11:54--Roberto Aguayo hits the 27 yard field goal and Extends the lead back to 10 points for Florida State.

3rd Quarter 12:31--FSU runs a draw to Williams for 6 yards. Field goal unit goes on the field.

3rd Quarter 12:41--It appeared to be a screen, but a defensive lineman knocks the ball down and Winston gets hit. 3rd and goal.

3rd Quarter 12:41--The next play will be 2nd and goal from the OSU 16.

3rd Quarter 12:41--Play clock was running down and Jimbo Fisher takes a timeout from the sideline. Winston tried to audible too late into the play clock.

3rd Quarter 13:26--Williams tackled in the backfield for a loss of 5. 2nd and goal.

3rd Quarter 13:56--Winston hits Rashad Green down the middle and the ball is at the OSU 11. Big gain of 36 yards.

3rd Quarter 13:56--Winston threw deep but Lampkin gets called for pass interference and the ball goes to the OSU 47.

3rd Quarter 14:32--Winston hits Whitfield to the FSU 37 for a first down.

3rd Quarter 14:52--Apparently the 25 is right, Williams ran off the left for 2 quick ones.

3rd Quarter 15:00--OSU kicks off deep. Whitfield returns the ball to about the 23 yard line for FSU.

Halftime: Unless Mike Gundy takes a page out of Sean Payton's playbook and does a surprise onside kick and the Cowboys could recover.

Halftime: Just to be clear, the Florida State Seminoles will get the ball first to start the third quarter.

Halftime: In the Big 12, the teams that have lost so far are West Virginia, to Alabama, and Iowa State, to FCS school North Dakota State.

Halftime: From Florida State's conference, the ACC, the only two teams to lose so far were Clemson, to Georgia, and Wake Forest, to Louisiana Monroe.

Halftime: Michigan finally avenged their loss to Appalachian State from 7 years ago. The Wolverines won 52-7.

Halftime: Final games from earlier today. Auburn beat Arkansas 45-21. UCLA struggled to beat Virginia 28-20 with 3 defensive touchdowns. Stanford shutout UC Davis 45-0. Notre Dame beat Rice 48-17. North Carolina beat Liberty 56-29. Missouri beat South Dakota State 35-13. Arizona State beat Weber State 45-14. Michigan State beat Jacksonville State 45-7. Penn State beat Central Florida in Dublin, Ireland 26-24.

Halftime: Current games in progress. Oklahoma is up on Louisiana Tech 41-3 in the 3rd Quarter. USC is up 31-13 on Fresno State in the 3rd. Kansas State is up 42-16 on Stephen F Austin in the third.

Halftime: Wisconsin is up 10-0 on LSU in Houston, Texas in the 1st Quarter.

Halftime: Todd Gurley has been great. Georgia beat Clemson 45-21.

Halftime: The Alabama Crimson Tide beat The West Virginia Mountaineers 33-23.

Halftime: Scores and updates will happen here too my friends. Be prepared.

2nd Quarter 0:02--Ben Grogan is much better on the 37 yard field goal, as he puts the Cowboys with 7 at the half. Oklahoma State trails 10-17.

2nd Quarter 0:14--After a Jimbo Fisher timeout also, OSU handsoff to Roland for no gain. Call a timeout with 2 seconds left.

2nd Quarter 0:14--OSU is going to take a timeout to take full advantage of the opportunity that they have here. It will be good to see what play they come out with.

2nd Quarter 0:14--Unsportsmanlike Conduct for FSU lineman Eddie Goldman. This puts OSU in field goal range and the ball at the FSU 20.

2nd Quarter 0:23--Walsh competes it to Juwan Seals to the FSU 35. OSU spikes it right away and there is a flag.

2nd Quarter 0:29--Play Action pass for Walsh, incomplete over the middle.

2nd Quarter 0:35--Winston throws another pick as Lumpkin catches it right at midfield for the OSU interception.

2nd Quarter 0:57--Pender with a 10 yard run to the FSU 29. This guy has a burst and will be a major factor for FSU this season.

2nd Quarter 1:40--Williams takes a small run from the FSU 17 to the 19. Looks like they will run out the clock if OSU will let them.

2nd Quarter 1:53--Walsh throws it directly to a FSU player who drops it directly down. A big missed opportunity for FSU, but OSU will punt instead.

2nd Quarter 2:00--Walsh takes a designed run to the right, no room, out of bounds for no gain.

2nd Quarter 2:26--Walsh with a 4 yard completion to Hill on a swing pass.

2nd Quarter 2:33--OSU will have a fair catch at the OSU 42 yard line as they look to score and make it a closer game at the half.

2nd Quarter 2:39--Winston throws incomplete over the middle of the field. Probably should have been a call for defensive penalty, but there is none and it's a 3 and out.

2nd Quarter 3:24--Winston is destroyed in the backfield by Ogbah. Loss of 5-6 yards.

2nd Quarter 3:57--Green with a catch on a Winston PA. They get 8 yards and it's 2nd and 2.

2nd Quarter 3:57--FSU muffs the kickoff in the end zone and takes a knee to get the ball at the 25.

2nd Quarter 3:58--OSU goes no huddle very quickly. Roland takes back to back runs. One for 7.5 yards to get a first down, and then a quick run to the right side to get OSU on the board. Extra point is good. OSU trails 7-17.

2nd Quarter 4:50--Walsh runs up the middle for a 3 yard gain. 2nd and 7 from the FSU 8.

2nd Quarter 5:24--Hill gets a route out of the backfield and scampers up the middle to the FSU 11.

2nd Quarter 5:33--Walsh throws deep on play action. It's an incompletion and 3rd and 5 is coming.

2nd Quarter 5:54--Another handoff to Tyreke Hill. This guy has some electiricity and ran for 5 when there was nothing.

2nd Quarter 6:01--Walsh throws it deep to Roland on a wheel route, but there was defensive holding to move the ball to the FSU 39.

2nd Quarter 6:22--Roland rushes it for 5 yards to get to the FSU 49. His best run of the night.

2nd Quarter 6:22--Oklahoma State takes a timeout to make sure they can convert this third down near midfield.

2nd Quarter 7:13--After three runs by Hill including a first down. Walsh hits a receiver while running out of the pocket, 3rd and 2 upcoming.

2nd Quarter 8:19--Kickoff goes for a touchback.

2nd Quarter 8:19--Florida State subs in a second running back for his first action. Mario Pender with a 11 yard touchdown run on his first career carry. Agauyo hits the extra point. Seminoles up 17-0 midway through the second.

2nd Quarter 9:07--Winston to O'Leary for a gain of 9 yards. 2nd and one upcoming.

2nd Quarter 9:13--Winston to Green again, Long crossing route and the ball is at the 20 yard line of OSU.

2nd Quarter 9:48--Green with a quick slant and FSU picks up 12 yards for antoher first down, ball at the FSU 29.

2nd Quarter 9:54--Incomplete pass thrown from Winston to Whitfield.

2nd Quarter 10:30--Winston throws for a 10 yard gain to O'Leary for a first down.

2nd Quarter 11:09--Karlos Williams with a 3 yard run. 3rd and 7.

2nd Quarter 11:14--Ball on the FSU 6. Winston almost throws another pick. OSU jumped the out and it's an incompletion.

2nd Quarter--A few technical difficulties on the OSU possession. They were able to drive the ball out to the OSU 38, and they punt it deep and it's returned to the FSU 23 and there is a flag on the play. Illegal block in the back twice on the same FSU player. That is fairly odd. FSU ball after a commercial.

2nd Quarter 14:49--Winston is picked off by Seth Jenkins. Tipped it to himself, just like Andrews did for FSU earlier. Cowboys ball, returned it to the OSU 20.

2nd Quarter 14:55--Another incompletion from Winston on a slant. 3rd and 10 upcoming.

2nd Quarter 15:00--Winston tries a short throw to the fullback from the OSU 13. Incomplete.

End of First--The Seminoles should be concerned at their lack of a running game. Karlos Williams has 6 carries for 7 total yards at this point. That is not going to cut it.

End of First--No offensive touchdowns between two good offenses. Have to be surprised by that. Winston looking great so far, 9 completions on 1o attempts for 117 yards.

1st Quarter 0:04--Winston goes deep. Christian Green with a major gain. From the FSU 32 to the red zone. Big gain to bring it into the 2nd Quarter.

1st Quarter 0:09--42 yard attempt for Ben Grogan. But he misses it wide left. One more play before the quarter is over.

1st Quarter 0:14--Walsh throws an incompletion on 3rd and 8. They should settle for a field goal here to get on the board.

1st Quarter 0:48--Cowboys using a lot of backs. Desmond Roland tackled at the line of scrimmage.

1st Quarter 1:15--Walsh with another short throw to a tight end for a gain of 2 yards.

1st Quarter 1:30--First and 5, Walsh takes a shot down the field. Looks like another flag on the incompletion. Andrews gets an Unsportsmanlike Conduct. Another Cowboys first down. Ball at the FSU 27.

1st Quarter 2:00--Wlahs with a completion to Hill. Gets the ball on the Florida State side of the field. First and 10 from the FSU 47. Illegal substitution for Florida State, 12 men on the field.

1st Quarter 2:33--Another run, this time they get some postive yards. 9 yards in fact. 3rd and 5 upcoming.

1st Quarter 3:03--No first downs for the Cowboys so far, maybe on this drive? Ball on the OSU 32. Another run tackled in the backfield. Loss of four. 2nd and 14 coming up.

1st Quarter 3:20--The ball is punted to Hill, he catches it at the OSU 20, and returns it back to the OSU 43. There is a flag on the field though. Unsportsmanlike Conduct against Oklahoma State. That is going to be difficult.

1st Quarter 3:42--Williams running it to the right, stuffed at the line of scrimmage, the ball pops out but his forward progress already stopped. Florida State will actually punt in the first quarter.

1st Quarter 4:20--Winston throws short again for a gain of 9.

1st Quarter 4:59--Williams takes yet another handoff on this drive. They tackle him near the line of scrimmage, but a loss of one.

1st Quarter 5:27--Winston takes a sack. Coverage sack though for the Cowboys. Looks like it could be a loss of 10, but there is a flag. Defensive holding on the Cowboys. Automatic first down. Ball on the 34 yard line.

1st Quarter 6:00--Williams takes the handoff and they pick up a yard. 2nd and 9 upcoming.

1st Quarter 6:34--Winston throws it to Williams in the backfield. Goes forward to the FSU 22. First down.

1st Quarter 7:07--Winston from the 10. Throws it to Rashard Green for 9 yards.

1st Quarter 7:16--The Cowboys punt for the second time tonight. They are at least making a long drive for the Seminoles to score this time. Kip Smith putting the ball back at the Florida State 9 yard line.

1st Quarter 7:21--The ball is tipped at the line of scrimmage. Oklahoma State will punt again. Mario Edwards Jr. with the deflection.

1st Quarter 7:57--Walsh thorws sideways to Hill, loss of two yards and 3rd and 11 is coming up for the Cowboys.

1st Quarter 8:32--Walsh throws to Hill but they only gain one. 2nd and 9 upcoming.

1st Quarter 8:37-Aguayo kicks off deep again for the Noles. Hill makes up for some of his mistakes by taking the ball back 40 yards.

1st Quarter 8:41--Walsh throws a pick six to Nate Andrews of the defense. He tipped the ball to himself and takes the short run in. Agauyo nails the extra point. Seminoles are now up 10-0.

1st Quarter 8:51--Disaster on the return. There is a muffed kick return for the Cowboys. They get the ball on the three yard line. 97 to go to the end zone.

1st Quarter 8:57--36 yard field goal is good for the Seminoles to take an early 3-0 lead. Roberto Aguayo with the points.

1st Quarter 9:22--the pass is complete but the Seminoles are tackled shy of the first down marker. Offensive Penalty for illegal shift declined. Field goal unit will take the field.

1st Quarter 10:08--Short pass to Nick O'Leary the tight end to bring up 3rd down and 3.

1st Quarter 10:40--Williams had a short gain, but the ball popped out and went backward and out of bounds for a 2 yard loss.

1st Quarter 10:58--Winston tosses it to Whitfield. Extends his arms past the first down Marker, ball all the way to the 26.

1st Quarter 11:41--Williams takes another carry picking up 3 yards. An early third down for the Noles Offense.

1st Quarter 11:45--An incompletion on an out route on the right side of the field. 2nd and 10 upcoming.

1st Quarter 12:11--A quick handoff up the middle to Williams. He gets 6 for another first down.

1st Quarter 12:36--Another quick throw. Winston gets it out fast and the Seminoles pick up 5 yards.

1st Quarter 13:03--Florida State takes a first and ten at the Florida State 42 yard line. Winston completes a pass to Christian Green for 10 yards and another first down.

1st Quarter 13:36--JW Walsh scrambles and is short of the first down. Punting unit takes the field.

1st Quarter 14:14--Another quick option handoff, this time to Hill. Gets 3 yards. 3rd and 6 upcoming for the Cowboys.

1st Quarter 14:54--Ball at the OSU 18 yard line. The Cowboys are wearing black. Handoff to Desmond Roland. Tackled near the line of scrimmage. Gain of one.

1st Quarter 15:00--Florida State kicksoff to start the game. Hill brings it out but steps out of bounds around the 17 yard line.

8:13 PM EST--Heather Cox is going to be on the sideline tonight, and she did a quick interview with Jimbo Fisher, who had his usual coachspeak.

8:12 PM EST--Still waiting for kickoff, Now they are having Adam Levine sing some sort of entry song. It's so tough to wait for the game to finally be here.

8:06 PM EST--They still haven't shown any Oklahoma State Cowboys on the sideline. So it's currently uncertain if they will be wearing Orange, Black, Gray, or any other assortment of random colors like teams do in recent years.

8:03 PM EST--The Florida State Seminoles are wearing White uniforms with gold number and gold helmets this evening.

8:02 PM EST--Still waiting for kickoff to finally happen. Kirk Herbstreet and Chris Fowler are in the broadcasting booth.

8:00 PM EST--The game that is partial to your truly was the #22 Nebraska Cornhuskers scoring the final 48 points in Lincoln, Nebraska to rout the Florida Atlantic Owls.

7:58 PM EST--#5 Ohio State played the Navy Midshipmen in Baltimore, Maryland in one of the early games on the day. Despite a struggle without Braxton Miller, the Buckeyes pulled out a win by a score of 34-17.

7:54 PM EST--Just a couple more score recaps from the top 25 before the game starts. #2 Alabama Crimson Tide beat the West Virginia Mountaineers in Atlanta, Georgia by a score of 33-23.

7:52 PM EST--Sorry for the delay there my friends. There was some technical difficulties with the television that needed to be fixed.

7:25 PM EST--One more defensive player to look for Florida State is Junior defensive end Mario Edwards Jr. He is 6'3" and 294 lbs. Against Auburn he had 6 tackles, 3 for loss, and a sack. He is very disruptive and a player that opposing offense have to game plan specifically against. He wears number 15 for the Seminoles.

7:20 PM EST--Don't forget about his left tackle on the offensive line, redshirt Senior Cameron Erving. He is a candidate for the Outland trophy, and at 6'6" and 308 lbs. He could be other player the Seminoles have taken in the first round. It is very interesting to note that when he was a redshirt Freshman, he played no offensive line but was a defensive tackle instead. The big man wears number 75 for the Seminoles.

7:15 PM EST--Everyone knows that the Heisman trophy winner, redshirt Sophomore Jameis Winston could make the early leap to the NFL after this season. He is 6'4" and 230 lbs, which is almost an ideal size for an NFL quarterback. Expect to see him go in the first round when the draft rolls around in May.

7:10 PM EST--On the other side of the field is Jim Thorpe candidate, Junior cornerback Ronald Darby. He has great size as well at 5'11" and 195 lbs. This should make it very difficult for Oklahoma State to pass in this game, with two excellent cornerbacks on the field for the Seminoles.

7:05 PM EST--Some of the players to look from an NFL perspective for the draft begin with Junior Cornerback P.J. Williams from Florida State. He wears number 26 for the Seminoles and at 6'0" and 196 lbs. He has great measurables for the NFL. He should be remembered as the Defensive MVP of the National Championship game against Auburn, after he had recorded 7 tackles and an interception.

7:00 PM EST--Florida State is also ranked number one in the AP Preseason Top 25. Oklahoma State was outside the top 25 but received several votes, placing themselves at 33rd in the rankings.

6:57 PM EST--The writers of VAVEL USA placed Florida State as their preseason number one. Oklahoma State was ranked as well, in a tie for 25th.

6:54 PM EST--The big game on Thursday night was the Top 25 matchup in Columbia, South Carolina. Texas A&M had a shocking upset win over the South Carolina Gamecocks, with a final score of 52-28. It was such a surprise victory that an Ashley Furniture store in Houston gave away over a million dollars worth of furniture, through one of their promotions. 

6:50 PM EST--The FBS opened up this week on Wednesday when the Georgia State Panthers beat the Abilene Christian Wildcats for their first win since joining the FBS last season. The final score was 38-37.

6:45 PM EST--Mike Gundy is entering his 10th season as the Head Coach of the Oklahoma State Cowboys. Himself being a former OSU Quarterback, he was hired as the Offensive Coordinator at Oklahoma State when Les Miles was brought in as their head coach back in 2001. When Les would head to LSU, Gundy became the head coach. After a few rough seasons, Mike now has a 77-38 record at Oklahoma State, going 45-30 in the Big 12. He has one Conference title and holds a 5-3 record in bowl games.

6:40 PM EST--John James "Jimbo" Fisher Jr., is now entering his fifth season coaching the Florida State Seminoles. He was previously a Offensive Coordinator for LSU under both coaches Nick Saban and Les Miles, before being the Florida State Offensive Coordinator and Head Coach in waiting under Bobby Bowden. He has a 45-10 record as a Head Coach, all the games from Florida State. He has a 26-6 record in the Atlantic Coast Conference, winning the Conference the last two seasons and winning all four bowl games that he has coached in so far.

6:35 PM EST--Florida State has a 3-1 All-Time record against Oklahoma State. They haven't played each other for quite some time though, with their last game played on December 30, 1985 in the Gator Bowl. Florida State won 34-23 and has actually won the last 3 matchups in this series.

6:30 PM EST--Last year the 2013 Cowboy Classic featured two returning teams when the #12 Louisiana State Tigers and #20 Texas Christian Horned Frogs would meet up, and the Tigers would win another one by a score of 37-27.

6:27 PM EST--The 2012 Cowboy Classic was a highly hyped but was a major disappointment as the #2 Alabama Crimson Tide would crush the #8 Michigan Wolverines by a final score of 41-14.

6:23 PM EST--The 2011 Cowboy Classic was a major game between the #3 Louisiana State Tigers and #4 Oregon Ducks. This game was the game that would introduce the honey badger, Tyrann Mathieu to the nation. The Tigers would win the game 40-27.

6:19 PM EST--In the 2010 Cowboy Classic, the #6  Texas Christian Horned Frogs knocked off the #20 Oregon State Beavers by a score of 30-21. This game featured current Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton.

6:14 PM EST--This season will mark the 6th annual edition of the Cowboy Classic in AT&T Stadium. In 2009, the #20 Brigham Young Cougars upset the #3 Oklahoma Sooners by a score of 14-13. This is the game when Sam Bradford was hurt initially in the 2009 season before he would end up getting drafted by the Saint Louis Rams.

6:10 PM EST--Mike Gundy and the Oklahoma State Cowboys are riding a 2 game losing streak after falling to the Oklahoma Sooners in the well known Bedlam rivalry and then losing to the Missouri Tigers in the Cotton Bowl, which is also in AT&T Stadium.

6:05 PM EST--Everyone knows that Florida State won the national title and the Heisman last year. The pressure is on Head Coach Jimbo Fisher and the redshirt Sophomore quarterback Jameis Winston if they are going to even come close to repeating again in 2014.

6:00 PM EST--Welcome to VAVEL USA's live coverage of the first game of the defending National Champions in their quest for a repeat, as the Florida State Seminoles take on the Oklahoma State Cowboys in a virtual Cowboy home game in Dallas, Texas.