Result Virginia Cavaliers 20-27 Wake Forest Demon Deacons in NCAA Football

Result Virginia Cavaliers 20-27 Wake Forest Demon Deacons in NCAA Football
Jason O. Watson/ Jason O. Watson Photography
Virginia Cavaliers
20 27
Wake Forest Demon Deacons

0:00 A kneel down wins it for the Deacons

0:05 Benkert is sacked. Wake Forest will win

0:13 Pass incomplete brings up 4th and 4

0:19 Pass to Mizzell makes it 3rd and 4 from the 28

0:27 Spiked ball. 2nd and 10

0:30 First down with the pass to Dowling at the UVA 22

0:37 Maggio's punt may have been blocked, but rolls to the Virginia 12

0:50 Timeout #1 Wake Forest

1:30 Carney stopped again for only 1 yard. 4th and 7

2:18 Carney rushes for 2 yards. 3rd and 8 for Wake

Virginia uses their final timeout

2:25 Wolford rushes for no gain. 2nd and 10

One more first down should win this for Wake Forest.

Virginia Timeout #2

2:30 Wolford keeps the ball and runs for another WF first down. They now are at their own 47.

3:09 A QB sneak for Wolford gets the first down.

3:53 Carney gains 2 more. 3rd and 1

4:37 Carney runs up the middle for a gain of 7. 2nd and 3

4:46 Wake starts at the 23 following a 56 yard punt

5:30 Benkert scrambles, but has nowhere to go. 4th and 9. Virginia will punt

5:56 Mizzell stopped by Banks in the backfield immediately. 3rd and 10 now. Mizzell seems to be hurt after the play

6:32 Mizzell gains 4. 2nd and 6

6:39 Good kick coverage. UVA starts at the 20

That was Jessie Bates' fifth interception of the year. His 2nd interception return for a touchdown

6:47 Benkert scrambles, but throws an interception again, Bates takes it back and dives into the endzone for a Demon Deacon touchdown! Wake Forest takes a 27-20 lead.

7:38 Benkert sacked for an 11 yard loss. 3rd and 21

7:45 Pass deep to Dowling falls incomplete. 2nd and 10

7:51 Touchback. UVA starts at the 25

7:51 Weaver hits the game tying field goal. 20-20

7:56 Wolford throws the ball, it is batted back to him and he throws again, which is a penalty. Wake will have to kick

Referees rule that Carney's knee was down at the 7. 3rd and 6 now for Wake

8:17 Carney with the carry and doesn't stop. He scores, but no one seemed to notice. The play will be reviewed

8:40 Carney runs for a gain of 1. 2nd and 9

8:45 pass is tipped in the air and intercepted by Glenn! He returns the interception to the Virginia 11. 1st and 10 Wake Forest with a huge opportunity

9:29 Mizzell catches the swing pass to gain 8. 3rd and 8

10:07 Lee sacks Benkert. 2nd and 16

10:15 Pass broken up but a pass interference penalty on Wake. 1st and 1o UVA at their own 35

10:50 Reid gets to the 31. 3rd and 4

11:34 Mizzell with the carry. 2nd and 8

12:04 Mizzell with another catch. 1st and 10 UVA

12:32 DuBois with the catch to the 45. Ineligible receiver brings the ball back. 2nd and 10 from the 16

13:08 Mizzell gains 5. 2nd and 5

13:15 Punt returned. Penalty on Virginia for illegal block in the back. 1st and 10 from the 16

13:58 Kiser stops the play well short of the first and Wake will punt

14:09 A beautiful pass to Lewis completed, but holding on WF brings it back. 3rd and 23

Timeout #1 Virginia 

14:30 Wolford with a designed run, but it fails. 3rd and 13

14:54 Wolford stopped for a loss of 2 and a sack. 2nd and 12

0:00 Wolford gets the first with an 11 yard pass to Bachman. The 3rd quarter ends.

0:16 Armstrong returns the kick to the 24. 1st and 10 Wake

0:23 Benkert throws deep and finds Mizzell for a 45 yard touchdown! Virginia takes the lead 20-17

0:52 Johnson with the first down catch. 1st and 10 at the WF 45

1:22 Dowling with the catch for 9

1:50 Mizzell gets 11 and a first

1:58 Weaver's 48 yard attempt in no good. 1st and 10 UVA at the 30

2:40 Carney rushes right for no gain. 4th and 3

Injury Timeout Bradshaw down for UVA

2:55 Carney stopped for no gain. 3rd and 3

3:24 Pass complete to Hines for 7. 2nd and 3

3:43 Play is under review. Ball now at the UVA 38

3:43 Wolford stopped in the backfield, but a facemask on UVA keeps the drive alive. 1st and 10 WF at the UVA 41

4:03 Pass complete to Bachman for 6 yards. 3rd and 1

4:35 Another short run for WF. 2nd and 9

5:00 After a Carney run and a Wolford scramble it's 1st and 10 at the WF 39

6:41 Colburn stopped for no gain. 3rd and 1

7:16 Colburn pushes the pile forward and gains 9. 2nd and 1

7:23 Bates fair catches the punt. Wake starts at their own 14. Virginia winning the field position battle. 1st and 10

7:31 Pass deep to Dowling nearly intercepted. Virginia's momentum stopped with a forced punt

8:08 Benkert is sacked again, this time by Dunn. 3rd and 20

Wake Forest has had a few injuries now on their defense

8:40 A sack by Stewart for Wake Forest. 2nd and 17

9:08 Dowling with the first down catch. 1st and 10 at WF 32

9:15 Deep pass incomplete. 2nd and 10

9:29 Reid runs up the middle for the first at the WF 42

9:35 Zaccheaus drops the deep throw. 2nd and 10

9:42 A clever onside kick for Virginia pays off! 1st and 10 at their 47

Another strong start to open a half by Virginia.

9:43 An amazing one-handed catch by Dowling on the fade route for the touchdown. Extra point is good. WF leads 17-13

10:15 Mizzell stopped for no gain. 2nd and goal

10:51 Dowling on the slant gets down to the WF 2. 1st and goal

10:57 Another incompletion. 2nd and 10

11:14 Nice pass by Benkert on a broken play to the WF 17

11:24 Miscommunication and another incompletion. 3rd and 10

11:27 Pass rush hits Benkert. Pass incomplete 2nd and 10

11:42 Dowling with the catch for another first. UVA at WF 33

12:04 Pass complete to Zaccheaus for the first

12:33 Mizzell catches the pass for 2 yards. 2nd and 8

12:39 Maggio's punt returned to the 47. 1st and 10 UVA

13:22 Wolford scrambles and is sacked by Kiser. 4th and 9

14:04 Carney stopped for just 2 yards. 3rd and 5

14:43 Wolford runs right for 3 yards. 2nd and 7

14:50 Armstrong returns the kickoff to the 23. 1st and 10 Wake Forest

Halftime Like I said earlier, Wake is 5-0 when rushing for more than 150 yards. Thanks to Wolford's long run. They are already over that number. They lead by 11

Halftime Virginia has not had much success since their opening drive. Benkert is now 6-15 for just 34 yards passing. 

Halftime Wake Forest will start with the ball in the 2nd half with the lead 17-6

0:00 Benkert scrambles and tries to throw a Hail Mary pass, but the Deacons break it up to end the half. 

0:07 Timeout #3 Virginia

0:07 Benkert keeps it and gets another first at the UVA 48

0:17 Timeout #2 Virginia

0:17 Mizzell runs to the right for 14 yards to the 39

0:23 Touchback. UVA will start at the 25 with very little time to get points

0:23 Wolford finds Serigne wide open at the goal line and he scores another touchdown for Wake Forest. PAT is good and Wake pushes the lead to 17-6

0:27 Timeout #1 Virginia

0:39 Wolford keeps the ball on the option. 3rd and goal from the 3

0:46 Pass incomplete to Wade. 2nd and goal

0:59 Wake gets the first on a Colburn run. 1st and goal from the 9

1:24 Carney rushes for 8 and it's 2nd and 2 from the 12

1:42 Another completion to Serigne and WF is in the redzone.

1:48 Pass to Lewis complete for a first. 

1:56 Benkert fumbles on the exchange! Wake takes over at their own 48. 1st and 10

2:20 Dowling with the reception. 4th and 1. UVA will go for it

2:54 Zacchaeaus stopped by Bates for no gain on the reception. 3rd and 10

3:03 Pass intended for Zaccheaus incomplete. 2nd and 10

3:07 UVA will start in Wake territory. 1st and 10 from the 47

3:53 Wolford stopped behind the line for a loss of 2. 4th and 5

4:39 Colburn again. Gains 4. 3rd and 4

5:17 Colburn runs up the middle for 2. 2nd and 8

5:25 Bates catches the punt, but is stopped quickly. Wake starts at their 8

5:36 Another drop for UVA and they'll have to punt again. 4th and 7

6;10 A good tackle by Okonye and it is now 3rd and 7 for UVA

6:20 Benkert misses his receiver 2nd and 10

6:24 Good kick coverage for Wake, but UVA will still have good field position. 1st and 10 from the UVA 45

6:54 A tough run for Carney and he seems to be stopped just short. 4th and inches

7:33 Carney runs again but is stopped for just 2. 3rd and 7

8:09 Carney gains 2. 2nd and 9

8:15 False start WF. 1st and 11

8:15 Fantastic punt by Conte and UVA downs it at the 2 yard line. 1st and 10 WF with a lot of field to make up

8:44 Gain of ten by Benkert. 4th and 3

Game clock has been reset to 9:03 as the pass was ruled incomplete

There will be a review on the previous play

9:04 Benkert throws it away on the scramble. 3rd and 13

9:40 Mizzell stopped for a loss by Banks. Loss of 3

10:06 Pass to Dowling complet for 11 yards. 1st and 10 UVA at their 39

10:35 Play action pass complete by Benkert. 2nd and 7

10:41 Touchback. UVA ball at the 25

10:41 Weaver hits the 46 yard field goal to increase the WF lead to 10-6. 

10:47 Timeout #1 Wake Forest

11:14 Carney gains 5. 4th and 3 from the 28

11:55 Carney tackled by Wright for just 1 yard. 3rd and 8

12:35 Wolford hit hard. 2nd and 9 from the UVA 34

13:07 Carney with the reception for another WF first

13:34 Wolford makes his first pass count with a first down completion to Hines

14:14 Colburn breaks outside but is hit for a loss of 3. 3rd and 13

14:53 A bobbled snap and no gain for Wake

Wake Forest already has 130 yards rushing. They however have yet to record a passing yard

0:00 Colburn gets the first as the quarter ends. 1st and 10 WF at the 39 yard line. 

0:33 Colburn gains 6 more. 2nd and 4

0:57 Injury Timeout. Center Josh Harris seems to have a leg injury

0:57 Colburn breaks a tackle and gains 13. 1st and 10 WF at the 29

1:05 A solid punt by Conte. WF starts at their own 16 with the lead

1:30 Benkert scrambles but is stopped short. 4th and 4

2:15 Mizzell stopped for a loss by Dawson. 3rd and 11

2:22 Benkert's pass to Mizzell incomplete

2:54 Reid gets the 1st down

3:30 Mizzell gains 5. 2nd and 5

3:38 Another touchback. UVA takes over.

The touchdown run is Wolford's second longest of his career at Wake. He had a 70 yard run against Elon last season

3:38 Wolford finds a running lane and scrambles for a 64 yard touchdown run! Wake Forest hits the extra point and takes a 7-6 lead

4:22 Wolford stopped for just 1. 3rd and 9

4:54 Carney gains 5. 2nd and 10

5:16 False start. 1st and 15 from the 30

5:32 Carney runs for the first down. UVA called for offsides, but Wake declines the penalty. 1st and 10 at the WF 35

6:08 Carney stopped for just 1. 3rd and 6

6:40 Wolford runs on the option for 3

6:49 Conte's punt hits the goal line and it results in a touchback. WF ball at their 20

6:57 Benkert overthrows his target. 4th and 7

7:33 Great open field tackle by Strnad. 3rd and 7

7:58 Benkert scrambles for 2 yards. 2nd and 8

8:06 Big return for UVA by Hamm. UVA starts at the 44. 1st and 10

8:55 Carney's draw play is stopped for no gain. Wake will punt

9:32 Wolford sacked for a 3 yard loss. 3rd and 12

10:10 Carney stopped for just 1 yard. 2nd and 9

10:46 Another strong run for Carney. He gets the first and more. Ball at WF 48

11:23 Carney gains 5. 2nd and 5

11:31 Touchback. WF starts at the 25

11:31 Touchdown Virginia. Jordan Ellis runs left and finishes an impressive UVA drive. Their 2 point conversion attempt fails. Virginia 6 Wake Forest 0

11:41 Mizzell gains 10 again

12:12 Mizzell gets another first. UVA now at the 16

12:44 Reid gets the first. UVA ball at WF 27

13:17 Mizzell gains 9 

13:25 Pass nearly intercepted by Watson. Penalty on Watson for pass interference. 1st and 10 UVA at the WF 44

13:30 Pass dropped by Zaccheaus. 2nd and 10

13:51 Pass complete to Mizzell for a UVA first at their own 48

13:57 Benkert's pass a little outside. 3rd and 8

14:30 Mizzell stopped by Marquel Lee for just 2

14:53 Mizzell with a long 13 yard run for the first

15:00 Touchback. UVA starts at the 25

Wake Forest wins the toss and defers. Virginia will start with the ball

2:58 PM Around the ACC: 7 Louisville 52 BC 7, GT 20 UNC 27, PITT 21 Miami 34

2:50 PM Bronco Mendenhall and Clawson have turned around programs. Mendenhall had success at BYU and Clawson at Bowling Green. Mendenhall just took over this season at UVA. Clawson is trying to get Wake's first bowl appearance in his third year as head coach

2:45 PM Wake Forest is 5-0 when rushing over 150 yards. They are 0-3 when they don't reach that mark

2:30 PM Bronco Mendenhall is 12th among active FBS coaches in FBS Winning Percentage. He is 101-49 (.673)

2:25 PM Virginia has not beaten Wake Forest in Winston-Salem since September 28, 2002. They won the game 38-34

Virginia plays Miami next so they also could be looking ahead, but with Bronco Mendenhall and Dave Clawson coaching, it is unlikely these teams will look past this game. It will be close as both teams are evenly matched, but with the home field advantage and the bad taste in their mouths after being upset last week, Wake Forest has the edge. As long as Wolford protects the ball and their run game can get going, Wake Forest will win. Wake Forest 28 Virginia 20

Wake Forest will be heading to Louisville next week, but the team should just focus on this week as it could be their best chance to guarantee a .500 record and a spot in a bowl game. The possibility of a trap game here should concern the Wake coaching staff. They will instill in their team the idea to just play one game at a time to avoid a slow start against the Cavaliers.

This series is now 127 years old and Virginia has a commanding 34-14 lead over Wake all-time. However, Wake Forest has won the last two contests against the Cavaliers. These two teams have a lot of history between them, but with Bronco Mendenhall in his first season as Virginia head coach, this is a new Virginia era that could turn the tide in this series. Coach Clawson will want to push the Wake Forest winning streak against Virginia to three games.

Kurt Benkert will need to be safe with the ball and make good decisions. Wake Forest can be opportunistic with turnovers. He will have to be composed under pressure with Duke Ejiofor providing a good pass rush for the Demon Deacons. Benkert already has over 2000 yards, but also has nine interceptions. He will have to protect the ball to give Virginia a chance to win this game.

Defensively, it will be up to Wake Forest’s front seven to make the difference. Marquel Lee and Jaboree Williams will need to make sure the Virginia running backs don’t get long runs. They will need to stop the Virginia offense at the point of attack to force third and long situations. Virginia may turn it over if they are put in that spot.

Virginia’s top two running backs will need to find success against Wake Forest. Taquan Mizzell and Albert Reid have combined for nearly 900 yards and 10 touchdowns. Both are averaging over four yards a carry. Wake Forest struggled late in the game with Army’s rush offense and Virginia could cause a lot of problems for the Wake Forest defense. If the Cavaliers can establish the run, Wake Forest will have a tough time getting off the field.

Wake Forest’s offensive player to watch has to be John Wolford as Kendall Hinton may still not be ready to go. Wolford struggled in the Army game to find receivers down the field and had some bad turnovers that proved costly for the Deacons. Whether or not the Deacons win will most likely be decided by Wolford’s performance. He has the ability to make plays with both his arm and his feet. Wolford can make some big plays for Wake Forest. He may need to for Wake to win this game.

Virginia is also trying to recover from heartbreak. A Doni Dowling touchdown reception from Kurt Benkert and a gutsy two point conversion to take the lead 25-24 gave Cavaliers fans hope for an upset at home against Louisville. However, Heisman contender Lamar Jackson had other plans. After a fourth down conversion kept the Cardinals alive, Jackson found Jaylen Smith in the end zone to take the lead again with only 13 seconds left in the game. The Cavaliers fell to 2-6 on the year and 1-3 in ACC play with the loss. Virginia should be disappointed in the loss and will be ready to get a win back in Winston-Salem.

Wake Forest is trying to recover from a very disappointing home loss to the Army Black Knights last weekend. Army’s option attack wore the Deacons down in the second half on their way to a 21-13 win. Wake Forest fell to 5-3 on the year, but still maintain a 2-2 ACC record. They will need to win at least one of their final four games to earn a bowl berth for the first time since 2011 and Virginia might be their best opportunity. Their following three matchups are at Louisville, home against Clemson and home against Boston College.

Welcome to VAVEL USA’s LIVE coverage of this week in college football as the Wake Forest Demon Deacons host the Virginia Cavaliers. My name is Jordan Hansgen and I will be providing minute-by-minute updates, commentary and results of this game. Kickoff will be at 3:00 PM ET on Saturday November 5. There will be coverage pregame, during the game and postgame live from BB&T Field in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.