NFL Season Starts With Fail Mary Rematch

It's the day of the 2014 NFL Regular Season Kickoff. It's become a ritual that the defending winner of the Super Bowl hosts the opening season of the game on Thursday night (with the exception of Baltimore traveling to Denver last season). With that being said, the Seattle Seahawks will open up their Super Bowl defense tour in front of the 12th Man against the Green Bay Packers.

Last season the Seattle Seahawks went 13-3 in the regular season which paved their way to the first seed in the NFC. The Seahawks would ride the first seed all the way to the Super Bowl where they would smash the #1 seed in the AFC, the Denver Broncos. 

Last season the Green Bay Packers made the playoffs by way of a week 17 victory against their division foe, the Chicago Bears. Green Bay was hindered by missing Aaron Rodgers for seven games last season. But with his return, he launched Green Bay to the playoffs, to only be eliminated a week later by the San Francisco 49ers.

At stake tonight for Seattle is their dominance. They claim they're the best and they proved it last year. But that was last year. Tonight, the Seahawks, and most specfically the "Legion of Boom" face a high octane aerial attack from the Packers offense. Richard Sherman has the nost on the line tonight with his rant of being the self claimed "best corner in the game". Whether he is matched up against Jordie Nelson or Randal Cobb, he will have his hands full.

On the other sideline, every member of the Green Bay Packers will have the deck stacked against them. They have the thought in mind to take out the Seahawks menacing defense and put a strangle hold on their stingy offense. But most of all, they want revenge for the "Fail Mary" play from two seasons ago that led Seattle to a fluke victory. For Green bay, this game will help lead them back to the top of the mountain and show they are immediate contenders.

Predictions: Aaron Rodgers throws two touchdown passes, but neither of them will be in the area of Richard Sherman. Despite that, Seattle has an offense too. Once you mess with the bull, you get the horns. Marshawn Lynch will have a monstrous game with over 150 yards, not because of a weak Packer defense, but because he and the Seattle offense is that good. 

Final score: Seattle 30, Green Bay 20.