NFL To Panthers DE Greg Hardy: Face Paint Is A Uniform Violation

The "Kraken" is well know if you are a Carolina Panthers fan. If not, let yours truly explain it. The "Kraken" is a mythical sea monster. Greg Hardy explains more about the "Kraken" below.

"The Kraken is a giant monster that just demolishes everything that moves," Hardy said in 2011. "On Wednesday or Thursday, I go down in my subconscious. I find him, and I unlock the cage. About Saturday he usually comes out. Then he's always out on Sunday. I don't control him then. What he does when I'm not there, I don't know."

The National Football League has confirmerd that face paint has been a violation for quite some time now, it was just never enforced. However, there have been a few notable "dress code" fines last season such as quarterback Cam Newton was fined $10,000 because the clips that affix the visor to his helmet had an Under Armour logo. Hardy was fined $5,000 for wearing gold cleats in a game. Detroit safety Louis Delmas was fined $5,250 for wearing the wrong colored socks. This has caused them to clamp down on the ruling and start enforcing it.

Hardy better get his face paint under control or else it will end up costing him serious money the more he goes against the NFL's policy.