Is There A Quarterback Controversy In Miami?
Rhona Wise/Associated Press

The skies over South Florida are grey and as rain continues to fall to the disappointment of tourists and and vacationers alike, few miles inland and far away from the beach, in Davie, Florida, a different storm may be brewing... a storm of controversy. Local sports radio airways have been saturated with the loud and disgruntled voices of fed up fans who are calling for a change. Some of fans are blaming the collapse of what once seemed to finally be the promise of a winning team, on everything from the quarterback to the head coach, with some going to the extreme of suggesting that Sun Life Stadium is cursed, because it was built on ancient Native American burial grounds. Whatever the reason, for desperate fans, change can not come soon enough.

Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin tried to field questions from the media on Monday, regarding the possibilities of changes at the quarterback position, but the 3rd year head coach when asked if Ryan Tannehill would be benched in favor of veteran back up Matt Moore, simply said "...we're going to go with the 46 best players.." according to Miami Herald reporter Armando Salguero. It is apparent, judging by the way in which some local reporters and on-air sports radio personalities are fueling fan anger, that the media is looking for a story, and the embattled head coach is bullishly determined on not giving them one. Fans want to see a change now, and the obvious target would be a player, hence most of the frustration has gone in Ryan Tannehill's direction.

The question of whether a change at QB would be better for Miami isn't a simple one. Tannehill is the more athletic of the Dolphins 2 signal callers, while Moore is the marginally better passer, but the type of offense Miami runs is more suited for an athletic QB. Tannehill, who played wide receiver for 2 years at Texas A&M, can run the read option better and more credibly than Moore could, however, Tannehill's passes are low in trajectory and lack the arc necessary to get over the reach of defending linemen which has had disastrous results with many of his passes being batted down at the line. On the other hand, Tannehill's struggles in connecting with speedy wide receiver Mike Wallace in stride with the deep over the shoulder pass, takes credibility away from Miami as a deep threat, and much like last year, defense coordinators around the league, continually stack the box and take away the underneath timing routes, and send their corners or safeties after the QB, which continues to disrupt Miami's timing resulting in shorter drives and an exhausted defense.

There is plenty of blame to go around in Miami these days, a natural consequence of poor play on both sides of the ball and a losing streak, but just as the rains ushering in South Florida's version of autumn continue to fall, so will the voices of enraged fans until the Dolphins win. The question then becomes whether or not Dolphins' owner Stephen Ross will try to step in and in an attempt at calming the blood thirsty mob calling for ousting of the QB or public decapitation of the head coach, impose public relations changes which have little football logic.