Live Tennessee Titans - Indianapolis Colts NFL Score and Result
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Colts punt. Titans throw a pick on the first pass of the drive. That'll be it for the game. Indy should take a knee from here. Final score will be 41-17 Colts win it. 

Hassleback is under center for the Colts now. 

Quick 3 and out though and the Titans will punt. Mettenberger went 1-3 on that short series. 

Zach Mettenberger comes into the game for the Titans. Good practice for the rookie here in the closing minutes. 

Colts punt a huge kick and the Titans are inside their own 10. 7:26 to go in the game. 

Titans have a quick series but it's to no avail. Titans to punt. The game is just about over now. Still have 9:20 left but the Colts are using backups now. 

Colts Bradshaw takes a short pass into the end zone. It's getting ugly now. He walked right in. 41-17 Colts leading now. Luck has 4 TD passes today. 

Colts marching right back down the field now. The passing game has been working for them the entire game. They can do whatever they want and the Titans haven't been able to do anything about it. 

Bishop Sankey trots right in and it's 34-17 Colts lead. 35 seconds left in the 3rd quarter. 

Good looking pass to Wright and a roughing the passer call. Titans have a first and goal inside the Colts 5 yard line. 

Sankey has touched the ball every play of this drive so far. Titans are getting downfield some now. 

Bishop Sankey is starting to see a lot of playing time now for the Titans. Not much else is happening for them. 

The third TD pass for Andrew luck. This game is getting out of hand now. 34-10 for the Colts. 4:02 remaining in the third. 

Great catch and it's 1st and goal from the 2 for the Colts. 

Colts continue to run it well and it's another first down. 

Colts sack Whitehurst on 3rd down and the Titans will punt. Very quick 3 and out. 

Titans start the drive on their own 20. 

Wayne catches another pass for a touchdown. 27-10 Colts leading. Wayne had 3 great catches on this drive that started from inside the Colts own 10. 8:15 remaining in the 3rd quarter. 

Wayne has a big catch and they're near midfield now. 

Richardson is running well for the Colts now. 

Titans come up short and they have to punt. Colts ball within their own 15. 

Whitehurst fumbled a handoff but recovered his fumble. HE scrambled out of the pocket for a first down. Unnecessary roughness called on the Colts to move the ball even further. 

Titans have the ball to start the second half. 

Colts try to take a knee to end the game but the Titans had 12 men on the field. They take a knee on the second try and the half is over. 20-10 Colts lead. Titans finally got something going. Whitehurst looks good so far. Colts secondary looks like they can be beat but the Titans defense does as well. Should be a good second half and might turn into a shootout! 

Touchdown to Walker! It's 20-10 Colts with 13 seconds left in the half. 

Big grab for Denalie Walker. 17 seconds left. 2nd and goal for the Titans. No timeouts remaining. 

Titans get an interception! Woodyard gets it. 1 timeout remaining with the ball on the Colts 25. 

Colts stat the drive on the 17. 1:17 in the game. 1 timeout left. 

Huge sack for the Colts and it's 3rd and 19. 

Colts get a penalty and it's a first down for the Titans. 

Colts get a field goal out of the drive. 1:53 remaining in the game. Titans have 1 timeout remaining. 20-3 Colts. 

A few more good passes and Colts are in the red zone. 

Richardson takes a short pass and breaks a tackle for 24 yards. Colts are at midfield. 

Third straight endzone try but all were incomplete. Titans to attempt the field goal. 36 yarder. It's good. 17-3 Cols 6:24 to go in the half. 

Colts call timeout right before the ball is snapped. Back to back timeouts. 

2 endzone tries aren't good and it's 3rd and 10. Titans on the 18 yard line. Titans take their first timeout. 

Another big play 21 yards for Nate Washington and the Titans are rolling quickly. 

Walker catches a pass and runs for 31 yards. Best play of the day for the Titans. 

Holding on the Colts for the punt. That gives the Titans decent field position. 8:04 remaining in the second quarter still 17-0 Colts ahead. 

Titans defense finally holds and the Colts have to punt. 

Another unsucessful drive and the Titans have to Punt. 

17-0 now for the Colts. 10:25 remaining in the second quarter. 

An absolutely amazing catch by Reggie Wayne and it's a first down. Unbelievable. 

Pass tipped off the fingertips of Hunter and it's intercepted. Second turnover of the game on the second posession for the Titans. 

End of the first quarter Colts lead it 14-0. This game isn't close right now Colts dominating every aspect. 

Whitehurst runs for 23 yards on a scramble. That's a good start for the drive. Titans need more of that in a hurry. 

Dwayne Allen catches the TD pass and it's 14-0 early for the Colts. 52 seconds left in the first quarter. 

Big run for the Colts gets it to the 2 but another false start makes it 3rd and 7. 

False start backs the Colts up a bit. 

Big pass to Reggie Wayne and it's first and goal for Indy. Their receivers are wide open on almost every pass. 

Wide open receiver on the 5 wide set and it's a first down. Colts are passing at will so far. 

Colts have a few short plays but aren't being nearly as explosive on this drive. 3rd and 8. 

Colts go for an onside kick and they get it! Great playcalling and it caught everyone off guard. No flags on the play. Tremendous playcalling and execution. 

Richardson runs it in and just like that the Colts take 2 plays to make Tennessee pay for the turnover. 7-0 Colts leading 7:06 remaining in the first quarter. 

First play after the turnover, and Indy makes a huge 37 yard pass to the Titans 1 yard line. 

The fumble stands as called on the field. Indy ball in good field position. Big hit for the Titans. 

Wright makes a catch and a few moves but looks to have fumbled the ball. 

Titans started the drive from their own 7. Quick pass to Wright for a first down. 

3rd and 16 but the pass was tipped at the line and the Colts are to punt. Titans defense bends but doesn't break. 

Another holding call on the Colts. incomplete pass and it's 2nd and 20.

Corner blitz on third down but an 18 yard pass and it's another first down for the Colts. Titans bringing pressure on a few plays but the Colts have protected well. 

Pass interference on 3rd and 3 converts the 3rd down for the Colts. 

First play of the game and Titans get great pressure on Luck. Holding on the play. 

Alright it's game time. Colts to get the ball first. 

Pregame: Indy has dominated this series in recent games. They have a 5 game winning streak, winning 10 of the last 11 as well as 10 of the last 11 at home. All signs point to another Colts win in today's game but division matchups are always tough. Andrew Luck has not lost to the Titans since he joined the Colts

Pregame: Key potential injuries so far are Jake Locker, Delanie Walker, and Taylor Thompson. All are questionable but Locker is the only one who will probably not see any playing time. 

Pregame: The bottom line of this game is at the end one team will be 1-3 while the other is 2-2. That's a huge difference for the team's mindsets. 2-2 is like a fresh start, while 1-3 is getting close to your season is over numbers. Divisional games are always tough matches so the numbers or stats of previous games don't mean much now. Kickoff is as 1 eastern, 12 central time. It should be a good one! 

Pregame: After a slow start, the Colts and Andrew Luck look to be back in their game form. Andrew Luck went off against Jacksonville going 31-39 for 370 yards. For the Colts to win he doesn't have to hit those numbers again, just simply not play as poorly as in the first few games. Luck has all the talent in the world to light up the Titans look to see him use it. The backfield tandom of Ahmad Bradshaw and Trent Richardson need to get going early and have their way with the Titans' D. Look for some good tough running early in the game to set up some good intermediate to deep throws.

Pregame: Tennessee is in trouble on pretty much every aspect of the game. Jake Locker will not play today still suffering from an injury suffered in previous game. Charlie Whitehurst will get the start over Titans' rookie Zach Mettenburger. The Titans have not been able to establish any sort of running game in most of their matchups to get the pressure of the quarterback to throw for the whole game. Shonn Greene is still projected as the starter but rookie Bishop Sankey looks to be solidified as the second string running back, at least for now. He needs a great game to breakout and take the starting job which seems to be wide open. The Titans will need to establish the run quickly and hope to use short passes and play action to keep the descision making out of backup Whitehurst's hands. It will be a stretch but the Titans have a shot.

Pregame: This will be an important AFC South divisional game between the Indianapolis Colts and Tennessee Titans. Both teams come into today's game with identical records of 1-2 but the two teams are in far different mind sets. Tennessee had a great win on the road at Kansas City in week one, but has played dismally since the opening week. Indy started off very slowly but the week last week over Jacksonville looks to have the Colts back on the right track. Let's look at a few of the keys for the game for each team.