San Francisco 49ers Pull Out A Win Over The Kansas City Chiefs

Colin Kaepernick, Phil Dawson, and Frank Gore led the 49ers in a grind-out win over the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. Kaepernick threw for 201 yards, Dawson kicked 5 field goals, and Frank Gore led the game with 107 yards rushing as the 49ers won 22-17. 

"Frank Gore is the most consistent player I've ever been around," said Bruce Miller.

The 49ers also converted a fake punt play on 4th and 1 to get them a first down. It seemed every running play they ran was working. Hyde and Gore combined for 28 rush attempts and Brandon Lloyd made two downfield catches to help the 49ers run an even game on passing and rushing. 

"There is no expiration date on Mr. Phil Dawson... He made some really strong, important kicks today," said Harbaugh.

Mr. Reliable Frank Gore showed everyone he can still run for 100 yards on a consistent basis.

The Chiefs should have some cause for concern soon. Now sitting at 2-3, and with the Broncos and Chargers winning today, the Chiefs need to pick it up quickly or they won't have a say on playoff implications. 

The 49ers are still in the hunt for the NFC West. This win puts them at 3-2 and on the right track for success. The 49ers solved some communication issues with play-calling and had significantly less penalties on Sunday. These two things are small but key things to turning a team into a real contender. The 49ers head over to St. Louis next week in a matchup against the Rams.