Prosecutors Seek To Arrest Vikings' Adrian Peterson For Admitted Drug Use

Just a day after Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson's trial was set for December 1, it was announced he is on the verge of being arrested again after he admitted to using drugs. That was a violation of his bond.

Court records provided by ESPN show that, while submitting a urine sample Wednesday, Peterson admitted he had "smoked a little weed" before the test.

The Montgomery County district attorney asked the judge involved in Peterson's case to set aside his $15,000 bond and arrest him again. But the bond can not be revoked at this time. This is because of the motions filed to attempt to get that judge to recuse himself from the case as seen below.

Recent comments made by Montgomery County District Judge Kelly Case, allegedly referring to the prosecution and Peterson's attorney as "whores" or "media whores," motivated the prosecution to file a motion Wednesday for the judge to recuse himself from the proceedings, USA Today reports.

Case insisted that his remarks were "meant as a humorous joke," but District Attorney Brett Ligon said the comment could be "biased toward us in the state of Texas" and that there was "very little humor" between the judge's court and the district attorney's office.

Peterson has been involved in tons of media hype. It is only getting worse. More and more information about his personal life has been revealed. These instances only hurt his chances of playing for the Vikings and for the NFL ever again in his career.