Indianapolis Colts - Denver Broncos Live Score
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Let the Peyton Manning retirement look begin

Final Colts 24 - Broncos 13

4Q :00- D.Thomas tries to reach the endzone after a few negative plays and fails. Colts advance to face the New England Patriots

4Q :55-  Anderson gets the first to the 45 of Indy

4Q 1:17- Manning throws to J.Thomas for short gain

4Q 1:42- Manning gets 2 throwing to Anderson

4Q 1:52- Manning throws to D.Thomas for a first down to the 36 yard line

4Q 2:00- Manning has 80 yards and onside kick to win this game

2 minute warning

4Q 2:39- Herron is tackled in the back field. Denver still has a small chance

4Q 2:45- Herron gains 3 on second down, 2 yards away from icing the game. time out Denver

4Q 2:50- Herron gains 5 on first down, Time out Denver

4Q 2:50- Denver loses challenge, one first down will end the game

4Q 2:50-Denver challenges the ruling, no other option. If this stands the game is all but over

4Q 2:50- Anderson comes up an inch short, Colts ball

4Q 3:04- Anderson on 4th and 8 gets to the line to gain, measuring to see where he was

4Q 3:09- Manning throws the pass into the field, not sure who he was targeting 4th and 8

4Q 3:14- Manning gets a break and has a interception dropped

4Q 3:39- Anderson gets 2 on a short pass

4Q 4:02- Welker gets a good chunk of yardarge down to the 44

4Q 4:06- J.Thomas gets 4 on first

4Q 4:12- Vinatieri strikes gold from 30 yars out!!!!

4Q 4:52-Herron gets stopped behind the line of scrimmage, Colts will settle for chewing a whole lot of clock and making it a 2 possesion game with a field goal

4Q 5:39- Luck finds Doyle for another few yards and another clock chewing play

4Q 6;22- Herron gets it again but can only find 2, the clock is still winding down on the Denver season

4Q 7:01- Herron bullies his way up the middle to get a first down

4Q 7:46- Herron is held up after a gain of 1, 3rd and 1 coming from the Denver 15

4Q 8:24- Luck finds Doyle who does a ballancing act to gain 9 yards after getting hit

4Q 9:06- Herron gets 3 yards for a first down at the Denver 24

4Q 9:43- Tipton gets another big gain up the middle for 9

4Q 10:22- Tipton gets the first down up the middle for 5

4Q 10:59- Herron hits the left side for a gain of 6

4Q 11:37- Hitlon makes a catch for a first down

4Q 12:20- Herron only gets 1

4Q 12:30- Denver's punt only travels 30 yards and sets up the Colts on their own 34

4Q 12:34- Manning misses Sanders who is rode by Davis

4Q 13:16- Sanders catches a screen and is dropped by an amazing open field tackler for only 2 yards gained

4Q 13:21- Manning has his pass also knocked down by the defense

4Q 13:30- Welker is hit hard where he catches the punt, Broncos ball on the Denver 33

4Q 13:36- Denver's secondary knocks down the 3rd pass in a row to force a punt

4Q 13:41- Talib takes his turn knocking down a pass, 3rd and 10

4Q 13:45- Luck has his pass knocked down by Harris 2nd and 10

4Q 13:50- Cribbs brings the first kickoff of the game out of the endzone and reaches the 23

4Q 13:55- Barth good for 3 from 41 yards out!!!!

4Q 14:00-Manning throws into double coverage and its broken up on 3rd down. Field goal coming

4Q 14:30- Manning hits Sanders short for a few yards

4Q 15:00-Anderson only able to find one yard

That run by Anderson will be on SC top ten plays.

End of 3 quarter

3Q :39- Anderson broke a tackle from everyone on the Colts front 7 to pick up a huge 1st down

3Q 1:36- Manning throws to D.Thomas and is short by a yard of the line to gain, 4th and 1

3Q 1:41- Manning throws incomplete

3Q 2:04- Anderson gets a yard

3Q 2:33- Manning hits D.Thomas after a first down play for another first

3Q 3:22- Manning find J.Thomas for a 6 yard gain on first down

3Q 3:49-Anderson needed a foot for a first down and picked up 2 feet on the rush

3Q 4:05- Colts give up 5 to make it a short 3rd down

3Q 4:40- J.Thomas picks up a few

3Q 5:13- Sanders finds one after the catch behind the line of scrimmage

3Q 5:23- Luck makes another poor decision like the one before the half ended. Intereception will kill the Colts drive and Moore has set up Denver with some momentum at the Denver 24

3Q 5:27-Luck is off rythm with his wide out and misses badly

3Q 6:04- Herron is mobbed in the back field for a lost of 3. Colts forgot how to block for a play

3Q 6:37- Luck hits Hilton for a first down to the 44 yard line

3Q 7:04- Hilton takes the end around for a gain of 1

3Q 7:04- Time added back to the clock

3Q 6:58-Colts ball

3Q 6:58- Refs taking another look under the hood at this one. Should go back to the Colts as it appears Cribbs hit the ground with the ball still in his possesion

3Q 7:10- Cribbs trying to field a fair catch gets leveled and fumbles the ball Broncos will get the ball back if this holds up

3Q 7:15- 3rd and 6 and Manning cant find an open reciever. Broncos go 3 and out once again

3Q 7:55- Anderson stopped after a yard

3Q 8:21- Sanders gets stopped after a 3 yard gain

3Q 8:21- Another touchback will set up Manning with 1st and 10 from his 20 yard line

Colts make a 11 play 72 yard drive to open the second half after forcing a 3 and out for Denver. Game may be shifting

3Q 8:30- Luck finds Nicks open on the right side of the endzone for a Touchdown!!

3Q 9:14- Herron catches a screen and gains 3 to the 15 yard line of Denver

3Q 9:20- Luck keeps the ball and scores but it is negated by a holding call

3Q 10:05-Luck finds his old roomate Fleener for a huge first down to the 8

3Q 10:12- Hilton gets hit while trying to make the catch 3rd and 16 coming up

3Q 10:16- Luck passes to high to nicks, Penalty called on offense 10 yards back them up. 2nd and 16

3Q 10:55- Herron gets the short catch and gains 4 to the 30

3Q 11:35- Luck gets another first down pass out to his wide out

3Q 11:40- Luck has his reciever fall down, 3rd and 6 coming up

3Q 12:14- Herron gains four to Denver 46

3Q 12:56- Tipton makes the short catch and lowers his pads to pick up 12 and another first down

3Q 13:00- Luck has his pass fall to the turf 2nd and 10

3Q 13:37- Allen gains 12 for a first down

3Q 13:45- Colquitt punts into Colts territory, Luck will lead the first drive for his offense from his own 33

3Q 13:53- Manning finds Sanders on 3rd and 5 but only 1 foot gets down,

3Q 15:00-Anderson gains 1

Broncos first half stat leaders: Passing- Manning (7/18, 71 yards, 1 TD) Rushing- Anderson (12 for 66 yards) Receiving- Sanders (3 rec for 34 yards)

Colts first half stat leaders: Passing- Luck (16/24, 137 yards, 1 TD 1 INT) Rushing- Herron (11 for 43 yards, 1 TD) Receiving- Hilton (2 rec for 43 yards)

End of Half

2Q :02- Colts takes the kickoff and time expires

2Q :07- Barth makes the 45 yard field goal!

2Q :13- Manning misses in the endzone Broncos will kick a field goal

2Q :19- Manning has his pass fall out of bounds

2Q :41- Anderson only gains 2 on a short pass

2Q :50- Manning finally hooks up with Sanders for 17 yards down to the Colts 28 yard line

2Q 1:24- Anderson gains 6 up the middle

2Q 1:28- D.Thomas again drops the ball

2Q 1:36- Luck makes a poor decision and forces the ball deep and is interecepted around mid field

2Q 1:44- Herron has to earn 5 the hard way, time out called by Denver, Colts have to convert a 3rd and long or give the ball back on a short field

2Q 1:47- Luck throws a very very dangerous ball that was almost a walk in touchdown for the defense. 2nd and 17

2Q 1:54- Herron catches the screen for a gain of 2, penalty agaisnt the offense for a hold moves it back

2Q 2:00- Herron finds the edge for a gain of 8, gets some breathing room for offense

2 minute warning

2Q 2:32- Luck finds Herron short for 3

2Q 2:42- Colquitt pins the Colts deep down on their own 3 yard line.

2Q 2:47- Manning once again misses Sanders who was open, Broncos will be forced to punt

2Q 2:50- D.Thomas drops a pass from Manning , 3rd and 10

2Q 2:56- Manning pass incomplete, 2nd and 1o from Colts 39

2Q 3:02- After another Anderson rush, Manning misses Welker a holding call will give them the first anyways

2Q 4:08- Anderson gets another 5

2Q 4:33- Anderson takes it up the gut for 14

2Q 4:33- Broncos will take over on their own 34 after the missed try

2Q 4:38- Vinatieri does something you never see, misses wide right on a 44 yard attempt

2Q 4:43- Luck throws to far wide of Fleener, Colts will kick a field goal

2Q 5:16- Herron slips after taking the hand off, no gain

2Q 5:52 Herron gains 6

2Q 6:18- Luck rushes for a 20 yard gain. a hold on the defense will tack on 5 more

2Q 6:18- a falst start cost the Colts 5 yards before the first play of the drive can happen

2Q 6:28- Cribbs takes the punt back to the Colts 49 yard line.

2Q 6:33- Manning tries to find Sanders deep again and this one is also a little to far infront.

2Q 7:17- Anderson gets popped up the middle and can only find 1 yard

2Q 7:23- Manning throws deep to Sanders but it is a little to long, 2nd and 10 from the 20

2Q 7:28- Luck hits Allen for the Touchdown!! Colts get their first lead of the game

2Q 7:34- Luck throws it away, 2nd and goal from the 3

2Q 7:42- Luck evades pressure in the pocket and misses Hitlon, Holding call against Denver sets up a first down

2Q 7:49- Luck gets the ball off a micro second before his knee hits for a sack, 3rd and goal from the 6

2Q 8:33- Herron gains 2 down to the 6 yard line

2Q 8:56- Luck completes the pass deep, 1st and goal

2Q 9:39- Herron gets another touch and gains 3, 2nd and 12 from the 32 yard line

2Q 9:52- False start called against the Colts

2Q 10:25- Luck finds Herron for a pick up of 10 to the 28

2Q 11:04- Luck has to dump it off short for 3, after a flea flicker doesnt cause anyone to bite

2Q 11:12- Manning gets hit and fumbles Colts cover it up and will take over on the Denver 45 yard line. Broncos are 0/3 on third down

2Q 11:19- Manning tries to find J.Thomas and misses, 3rd and 11 coming up

2Q 11:49- Hillman loses 1, 2nd and 11

2Q 12:55- Colts jump and give up 5, Hillman gains 10 on next play

2Q 13:19- Anderson gain of 2 on rec

2Q 13:42- Sanders picks up the first down with a nice run after the catch

2Q 14:14- Anderson takes it to the right for a gain of 1

2Q 14:14- another touchback on a kickoff and the Broncos will start at their 20

2Q 14:20- Herron to the left on a counter play for a Touchdown

2Q 15:00- Herron up the middle 3rd and 1

End of 1st- Colts 0 Denver 7

1Q :49- Herron gets a gain of 6

1Q 1:28- after a quick play on first for a loss, Luck finds Hilton deep down the middle to the 15 of Denver

1Q 2:25- Luck finds Fleener for another 1st down

1Q 3:01- Heron for 3 off the right side

1Q 3:41- Hilton gets a huge gain up the seam on the right side for 20

1Q 4:19- Herron has to fight hard up the middle for a small gain, 2nd and 9

1Q 4:27- Cribbs gets leveled right away when making the catch holds onto the ball, 1st and 10 Colts from thier own 27

1Q 4:33- Manning can not link up with his wide out, Broncos will punt from thier own 22

1Q 4:39- Manning throws a dangerous pass towards Sanders, lucky he didnt get that one intercepted, 3rd and 13

1Q 5:14- Anderson loses 3, 2nd and 13

1Q 5:47- Anderson breaks up the middle for a gain of 21 to the 25 yard line

1Q 5:59- McAfee pins the Broncos inside the 5, a running into the kicker penalty is declined by the Colts, 1st and 10 Broncos

1Q 6:00- Luck misses the screen throw and a punt is coming up

1Q 6:47- Luck throws a screen to Herron for a lost of 2, 3rd and 12 coming up

1Q 6:53- Luck passes incomplete, 2nd and 10

1Q 7:37- Nicks cayches a pass down the middle for the first down

1Q 8:13- Luck finds Herron for 2

1Q 8:50- Luck finds Allen for a 18 yard completion to get the first 1st down of the game for the Colts

1Q 9:19- Fleener gets the catch and breaks a tackle for a 3 yard gain

1Q 10:00- after another touchback on the kickoff, Luck checks down again for a 4 yard completion

1Q 10:00- Manning hits Thomas for a Touchdown in the left corner of the endzone

1Q 10:00- Manning misses but hold call should get a frist and goal

1Q 10:40- Manning goes deep for Thomas and is caught to set up 1st and goal from the 2

1Q 11:23- Anderson again up the middle for a first down

1Q 12:00- Aderson looks fine rushing for 9 up the middle

1Q 12:30- Manning passes to Sanders for a short gain, Roughing the passer called on the Colts. 1st down Broncos

1Q 12:30- Anderson has to fall to one knee after lining up for the play, Injury time out by Refs. 3rd and 5 faced by the Broncos when play resumes

1Q 13:08- Anderson rushes to the right side for no gain

1Q 13:37- Manning hands off to Anderson for a gain of 5, 2nd down

1Q 13:43- Broncos will take over after a 39 yard punt

1Q 14:24- Luck is sacked for no gain, Colts will punt after going 3 and out to start the game

1Q 14:30- Lucks second down pass is to wide for Fleener  3rd and 2

1Q 15:00- After a touchback on the opening kick off, Luck checks down the pass for a quick 8 yards

1Q 15:00: Colts will recieve the opening kick off from the Broncos

No listed Injuries holding any players out for either team for this game. Should allow for a great matchup

Update: The Green Bay Packers hold off the Dallas Cowboys after a controversial reversed call that led to a turn over on downs to give the ball back to the Packers. Seattle and Green Bay will play for the NFC Championship

The game live Indianapolis Colts - Denver Broncos is strongly in the Broncos’ favor but they play the games every Sunday for a reason. If they Colts can get some big plays from players on the defensive side of the ball then they could turn the tide of this game in their favor. If they can get an early lead and force Manning to put the ball in the air and rely on his arm to win the game. This game should go in the Broncos favor but hey, it’s like they say on any given Sunday.

The biggest key to this game will rest in the hands of the Colts’ defense, if they can stop the Broncos on offense enough times to give Luck some opportunities it could lead to an upset. The secondary for the Colts will face a huge challenge trying to keep tabs on all the weapons on the Broncos’ offense. If they can step up and play huge in a big game and get a few turnovers it could change the fate for this Colts team.

The Colts will only find success if they can establish a reasonable attack and keep up with the Broncos’ offense scoring. Without much for a running game the Colts will have to find a way to protect Luck from the Broncos pass rush long enough to find open targets down the field.  If the Colts can dominate in the passing attack early it may open the field up for a rushing attack in the latter part of the game.


Denver also must establish the running game earlier on if they want to move past the Colts. Manning is an all-time great, but father time is undefeated and his arm is starting to show his age. If the Broncos cannot establish a run threat to pull people into the box Manning could be facing a long day trying to fit the ball into tight windows. With weapons like Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders at Manning’s disposal even a lack of a run threat may not slow the offense down. However, Manning has struggled this season in certain games and rolling the dice on his arm is not the comfort it once was.

Denver must find a way to contain the league leading passing offense and keep the big plays to a minimum. Denver brought in Aqib Talib and Demarcus Ware in during the off-season for exactly this reason. To keep this game from becoming a shootout Talib will have to lock down T.Y. Hilton and the other Colt wide receivers who pose a threat to take it deep on every play. If Ware can find his way to Luck and at least pressure the young quarterback it will make the Bronco secondary’s job much easier.


Keys to the game Indianapolis Colts - Denver Broncos

If the Colts want to have any chance to move on to the AFC Championship Game they will need to find a way to get their former leader Peyton Manning and the Broncos’ offense off the field.

Luck and the Colts will have to rely on a defense that has struggled throughout the season to stop opposing offenses.  This has not been helped by the Colts’ lack of a rushing attack, the defense ranks in the top half of the league but has given up yards and points in crucial games.

Manning’s arm has shown some signs of fatigue late in the season and the cold climate slowed him down in last year’s Super Bowl against the Seattle Seahawks. Having a running game to rely on during harsh weather games may be the difference in hoisting the Lombardi Trophy and looking someone else do the honors from the comfort of the house. 

While the game will showcase two of the greats playing the game currently, it will likely be the play at other phases of the game that will decide the outcome. Denver has relied heavily on its running game in the final part of the 2014 season; most of the work in the final games fell to C.J. Anderson. Anderson finished the final three games with 60 touches and 275 yards for 4 touchdowns. Keeping this running game going will be important if Denver wants to reach the Super Bowl for a second consecutive year.

Luck has had a slightly different view on him since entering the league in 2012. When Luck left Stanford many heralded him as the greatest pro prospect at quarterback that anyone had ever seen. With an intelligence and understanding of the game helped by his father, Oliver Luck, Andrew Luck has enjoyed success early in his career. Making the playoffs each of his first three seasons, Luck has earned the title from analysis has the next great quarterback and superstar of the NFL.

Manning has been one of the greatest quarterbacks in the NFL since he made his debut in 1998, but he has always had one small monkey on his back. People have claimed that in the biggest moments Manning has sometimes failed to play up to is level. That sentiment was eased by Manning’s championship victory with the Indianapolis Colts, but his failure to ever return has raised many of the concerns back to the top.

Leading Manning’s former team is his successor, Andrew Luck; Luck has held the torch in Indianapolis for three seasons now and is quickly filling the huge shoes left behind by Manning. This Sunday’s game will be one of the final chapters for one quarterback and the opening act for another.

Welcome to the Indianapolis Colts vs Denver Broncos live score in the AFC Divisional Round of the playoffs. This will be the third game that Colts’ legend, Peyton Manning, has suited up for the Broncos and taken the field against the team where so much of his legacy was formed.