Tebow Time Is Coming To The City Of Brotherly Love

He is the man, the myth, the legend, the broadcaster, the former Heisman trophy winner, the incredible and unbelievable comeback maker, and he just signed a new deal with the Philadelphia Eagles for one year.

He was last on an NFL roster for the New England Patriots back during the 2013 NFL preseason. He did not make the 53 man roster for Bill Belichick, but Belichick is a mentor to a certain young coach in the NFL called Chip Kelly.

This moves comes as a bit of a surprise as they had previously brought him in for a workout last month, but they did not make any type of a contract with the quarterback that had been out of work for over a year. But when it comes down to x's and o's and the fact that Chip Kelly does have an offense that is atypical to most NFL offenses, this really shouldn't be much of a surprise to anyone.

Right now the quarterbacks on their roster include two men picked higher than Tim Tebow in the draft, including his former teammate on the New York Jets, Mark Sanchez. Three first round picks for quarterbacks on the roster is pretty impressive, since this is a quarterback driven league. Matt Barkley could still be ahead of Tim Tebow on the depth chart, but there is an ESPN report stating they were trying to trade Barkley before signing Tebow. The other remaining quarterback on the roster is a little known man from the University of Tulsa named G.J. Kinne.

Tebow is often maligned as an NFL quarterback because of his poor passing abilities. He has a 48% completion percentage in the NFL and has thrown for 2,422 yards and has a 17:9 touchdown to interception ratio. That would be leaving out the fact that he has run for 989 rushing yards and 12 rushing touchdowns. But is Chip Kelly really expecting Tim Tebow to line up under center and do 3, 5, or 7 step drops?

Of course he isn't. He is running his spread offense that involves the read option and short quick passes. Why not put Tim Tebow back on the field as a receiver on a reverse option or place him next to Sam Bradford in the backfield? Why not install a goal line package just for him similar to the one that the Oklahoma Sooners did for Blake Bell? He's a big guy (6'3", 245 lbs) and all he needs to do is throw well occasionally in Chip Kelly's system. They are all about getting first downs, and getting to the line of scrimmage quickly. Those are both things that Tim Tebow is able to do.

Sam Bradford currently should be the number one option on the depth chart, he's a quality quarterback that has done very well when healthy. Mark Sanchez could have performed quite a bit better than he did last year when given an opportunity to see the field due to Nick Foles being hurt. Tim Tebow simply gives them an option to push Mark Sanchez, again, and this writer is certain he is excited to regain the opportunity to live out his dream as a NFL quarterback.

While there could be outside concerns about the media frenzy that signing a player like Tim Tebow will do, he hasn't started an NFL game since the 2011 season and hasn't been on an NFL roster for over 2 NFL seasons. Chip Kelly and the Eagles brass will make sure to keep off the field issues to a minimum and Tim Tebow wants to do whatever he can to make it in the NFL, even if he has to dial back some of his interviews and off the field presence. Plus, Tim Tebow really didn't draw that much attention when he was on the New England Patriots under Bill Belichick.

If nothing else, this simply makes sense for the Philadelphia Eagles, and probably not most other teams. Chip Kelly has certainly been unconventional but he has been in the NFL playoffs and if Nick Foles had not gotten hurt last year they probably would have been in the NFL playoffs last year too. It's definitely tough to argue with a mad genius, but if Chip Kelly keeps proving his doubters wrong, then maybe he will end up holding a special trophy in his future, which is certainly what he wants to do with the Philadelphia Eagles.